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  1. Yep Defenently broken, this explains why everytime I combat stance a door, the weapon will just bounce of it. Could be hit boxes left over from deleted map's, and if it is. Then that needs fixed ASAP. This is pretty ridiculous tbh. 8 months in and the hit boxes are still broken.
  2. I won't be on later, maybe tomorrow?
  3. What about me? PS4, @Rev_Bartholomew.
  4. You already know who I am, darling!

    Welcome to the Forum's Freddie.
  5. YES! Been waiting so long for this! I can't wait to play as Roy with a Machete.
  6. Reporting every single one now.

    Leaving is not a bannable offence. So.. You'd be pretty much wasting your time. Do you just like too whine about things? All your recent topics are you bitching about the game.If your not going to provide helpful discussions, then just leave.. Go and play another game.
  7. Gun media have already said that programming a Jason AI would be "too hard". So it's probably not going too happen. It's still a good idea tho.
  8. @BLOODYFISHTACOThere's already been topics on this. Just remember.. The search bar is your best friend.
  9. Throwing knives.

    I love the extra knives, I don't think they should change it. Thats the function of throwing knives, too kill counselor's from a distance.
  10. Jason needs a buff

    Jason just got buffed... So no he's fine. As for chain stunning.. Wish they'd get rid of it. It's just more of an annoyance for the Jason player.
  11. Fear and composure do play a part in the hiding mechanics, if a counselor has low composure. Then the more likely they are to breath more while hiding. You are right about Counselor's talking while their hiding they say stuff like "Please don't come over here" or "Hope he doesn't see me" which when it happens 90% of the time that counselor dies because of it. you're right/wrong, the only way to know where a counselor is hiding(apart from rage mode), is when they speak. But there's also the breathing mechanic which is tied in with the fear mechanic. Hell! Maybe I'm completely wrong and I just have no idea what I'm talking about.
  12. Yes they could sit in a hiding spot for the whole match without being detected if the hasn't cut the power. Other ways to counter this, is too. Check every place where the counselor's could hide(This includes spots like door ways and small rooms). Listen out for the counselor's breathing while looking for them. Stalk and wait for them to leave that spot. Break all the beds/closet's in each cabin. That's all I can really suggest tbh, it's hard to tell if a counselor's hiding in a cabin or not.. Sometimes you just have to guess.