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  1. Double XP ain't working

    Guess we gonna learn today? Class is now in session. Miss @J.J.. What is today's Subject? Is it going to be a HARD one?
  2. Favourite DC hero?

    Its Batman for me, although i do like wonder woman and flash as well. I'd have to go with Batman as my favorite tho.
  3. will the weekly news continue

    Emotes? Really? So disappointing...
  4. I've been thinking about leaving for quite a while now, not permanently. But I won't be on here for a few months. I haven't been enjoying the game much recently and I've not really been the guy to give much discussion or make any helpful and useful topics on here. I'm a bit of an asshole from time to time, yes I know I am. But I just feel like I've been more of an asshole to the forum members, than actually being helpful towards the forums. What I'm trying to say is that. I've had enough of the game, not because of illfonic or gun, but because. It's just become unenjoyable to play for me. Maybe I'll come back here every so often and leave comments here and there, but as far as making new threads go, I'm pretty much done. Who now's, maybe I'll take a nice, long vacation to Hawaii. If I can some how convince my boss to give me a raise and a few weeks Holiday's . Anyways... Goodbye everybody, maybe we'll meet someday. Or maybe we won't meet at all, guess we'll have to find out... "Soon". - Rev.
  5. Wait?!? How do you know that R34 has Friday the 13th "pics" freddie? Watch have you been up to Mr Bad Guy? I guess no good judging by one of your nickname's.
  6. Voorhees' Overhaul 4.0, With Stat Screens

    This is awesome! Really love Jason's with 4 stats. I'm not sure about part 3 with + throwing knifes, I think he would be better with +hit points. Seeing as though his mask didn't come off in the film. I like that you changed Roy's overalls from blue to green, always want this game to be film accurate. Both Roy and part 6 Jason are very inaccurate when compared to their film counterparts. Loving the fear stat. Really makes counselor's like Mich and Jenny useful to play with this.
  7. Yep Defenently broken, this explains why everytime I combat stance a door, the weapon will just bounce of it. Could be hit boxes left over from deleted map's, and if it is. Then that needs fixed ASAP. This is pretty ridiculous tbh. 8 months in and the hit boxes are still broken.
  8. I won't be on later, maybe tomorrow?
  9. What about me? PS4, @Rev_Bartholomew.
  10. You already know who I am, darling!

    Welcome to the Forum's Freddie.
  11. YES! Been waiting so long for this! I can't wait to play as Roy with a Machete.
  12. Reporting every single one now.

    Leaving is not a bannable offence. So.. You'd be pretty much wasting your time. Do you just like too whine about things? All your recent topics are you bitching about the game.If your not going to provide helpful discussions, then just leave.. Go and play another game.