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  1. You should report it to http://www.jasonkillsbugs.com to help Illfonic *Clears throat* "Fix" the problem.
  2. Friday bug

    Just close the game and start it up again. If it still show's the screen when trying to find game's, delete it and reinstall it. Report the bug at http://www.jasonkillsbugs.com to help fix this bug faster.
  3. I'm just wondering why the forums colouring is now much darker than before? I mean it's not bad, but I prefered the previous colouring scheme, were it was brighter with a hint of blue(my favourite colour) rather than the current darker with a hint of red. I mean does make sense with Friday the 13th logo having a dark background with bloody splattered logo, but I preferred the previous look. (I couldn't find any previous topics on this, so I decided to make one).
  4. Tiffany cox or mitch floyd

    Obviously Mitch, he has better repair, He's stronger than her and he has higher composure. Sure Tiffany's Faster and is a lot more stealthy, but I'd rather play as a counselor who can repair well. Then play as one that can't repair to save their life.
  5. Whenever he went to heal himself, just throw a knife to stop the animation or when he's standing still, try to shift-grab him. Don't relay on slashing all the time, if you're fighting a good counselor be smart, play the "bitchy Jason" who just throw's knives and grabs counselors. Also use combat stance to block the hit's, then exit and slash.
  6. Totally disagree with randy on this one, They have been buffing the counselor's and needing jason, since around about the august patch(I think?) So I expected them to nerf jason and buff the counselor's in some way. BUT MAN! I didn't expect them to give the counselor's such a huge buff, being able to see the part's on the map is completely overpowered, it would've been fine if they made it so the part's only appear on the mini-map. That way communication between each player on where the parts were was still needed. Now it's just " Oh Jason's at the phone box, guess I'll just leave the fuss in this cabin. So that somebody else can put it in after he's left." I don't know why they felt like Jason needed his grab range and traps nerfed, they said " It'll give the newer players more of a chance to escape." But doesn't that mean that the newer players are going to have a hard time playing as Jason now? Think about it. Them nerfing Jason to make it easier for newer players, has just made it harder for newer players to play as Jason. If they really wanted to make it easier,they should've just buffed the counselor's, and left Jason how he was post patch. At least then the newer players could've stood more of a chance against the counselors while playing playing as Jason. Anyways you don't nerf the killer in these type's of games, has DBD ever nerfed any of there killer's? Well they did nerf Freddy... But you get my point, they don't because the survivors already have enough tools to deal with the killer's. Plus the killer's in DBD have a lot of weaknesses, like each time they swing at you. They have to check there weapon, so it gives the survivors time to get away. (I've never played DBD btw, so if I got some thing's wrong, then my mistake).
  7. He's one of the executive producers\Director's at Gun media? At least I think he is? I'm not sure, Google it.
  8. Plus you still haven't made an introduction post, so you should go and make one. I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, it's just the rule's and everybody has to follow them. http://forum.f13game.com/forum/5-introduce-yourself/
  9. You already posted two topics on this, So one of the mod's is going to probably close this one. All I can say is look at the roadmap.
  10. Summer's been over

    It is getting a bit frustrating that single player still isn't here, but it takes time to develop working AI that don't get stuck running into walls. Just wait, be paitence, they should be coming "Soon™". Copyright disclaimer: Under section 107 of the copyright Act 1976, Allowance is made for " Fair use" of the word "Soon™" for purposes such as Opinionated feedback, Criticism, Comment, Hateful speech, news, Reporting bugs, Research and Teaching. "Fair use" is a use permitted by copyright statute that might oversize be infringing. Duplicate topic threads, Same questions asked over and over again Tips the balance in favor of "fair use". copyright owners: Gun media and Illfonic.
  11. You were kicked

    It's happened to me a few times while I was playing as Jason, The worst was were I was chosen to be Jason(part 8), on packanack. I collected my knives and said " Bet I'm gonna get kicked". Then two seconds later game freeze's " Connection to host lost" Me:
  12. Story mode please

    That would be the funniest/saddest thing to see. I mean. Would that even be possible? I don't think nobody's that bad, but we'll have to find out when they arrive "Soon™".
  13. Oh, I thought it meant have your skills as jason improved since the recent patch. God I'm dumb I voted yes because I thought it meant have your skills improved, but now that I find out that it means do you still enjoy playing as jason then no. With the counselor's being buffed and Jason being nerfed(Again) I find that it is harder(For the newer players, not me) to play as Jason. Sure it's made playing as a counselor a bit easier for them, but for experienced players they've made it too easy(unless your playing against a skilled Jason) And now that they've nerfed poor Jason, it's even harder for the newer players to play as him. So really all the newer players who complained that he was too "OP". you've just kinda fucked yourself haven't ya?
  14. Toxic 101 players?

    Here's what I do If someone's being a dick/annoying I'll turn my mic on, wait 5 seconds, the dude/girl will say "hi or hello" and I'll just say: *Sigh* "Muted" and I mute them. If their being a dick, be a dick back to them. Works everytime, trust me:) (Well I've mostly done it to kids who just bombarded me with message's saying "kys"). My face after I've read them:
  15. I think the change to tommy is fine, I mean it was pretty stupid that he only spawned in with a one shot shotgun and nothing else. I think that giving him a pocket knife was unnecessary, maybe if they changed it to two med sprays and firecrackers it would balance it out more( seeing as though he no longer gets scared by dead bodies and he almost almost guarantees a stun on Jason every time he hit's him). This combined with a pocket knife, Jason stands no chance against a skilled tommy player.