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  1. On 10/27/2017 at 7:28 PM, MASKOAA said:

    I'm copying a post I made on Steam.(Although I will say these forums seem less whiny)

    Listen I get it....its easy to look at a DLC of a few kills and go... thats not worth 3 dollars...

    Of course thats not worth 3 dollars but you are however leaving out the fact they aren't dividing the community with DLC, if this were a shooter the DLC would be 4 maps that come out every 3 months that you have to pay for....

    We get the maps for free here...we get the new Jason's for free....we get the new counselors for free....hell we even got some emotes for free.....

    The way they are doing DLC is how it should be done.....they give us the important stuff for free that way the community is not divided and then they offer up something small and non consequential to bring in some profit.

    There dlc has been a band aid for this rip off of a game buying there crap dlc just cause “hey it something right?” Is no excuse if you are buying the poor excuse for dlc!! I feel SO sorry for you

  2. On 10/25/2017 at 10:20 PM, Tommy86 said:

    By far the best change. This is an important one that I'm happy to see finally added. Good work. Also happy to see the scoreboard restored to Up as it should be. 

    I won't be able to play for a couple days to try the patch myself, but sounds like there's a lot of good additions and fixes. I particularly like the updates to Jarvis. For now though, I will only offer some thoughts on changes I'm concerned about, and hopefully you guys can enlighten me a bit -

    How is this change working out for everyone? Any issues?

    Also to Courier - did you guys playtest this with variable latency? If the range is significantly shorter, I imagine ping will be a more crucial factor whether or not a grab succeeds, and a potentially serious issue. I'm glad you said you'll be keeping a close eye on feedback and willing to adjust it if necessary though. Regarding the cone size, has inverting the cone itself been a consideration at all? 

    This one is particularly concerning.

    I don't support the trap stacking exploit, but I do hope I can still place multiple traps at an objective in an effective formation to block it off. There is nothing wrong with doing this, it's merely strategy. Placing only 1 trap is such a weak defense that it would cause balance issues if traps could not be placed in clusters, where the counselor is forced to disengage each one to gain access. As traps are a limited resource, we should be free to do as we wish with them.

    Very interested to read how this change has worked out for people.

    Game is trash now worse then when it came out I WANT MY MONEY BACK FOR this ripoff money grab!!! 


    I hope this shit hole dies like franchise!!!

  3. On 10/14/2017 at 7:54 PM, matisangry said:

    I've been trying to give the noobs a few pointers along the way... not that I'm very good, but I think i'm good enough to point out the basics. 

    i've heard a lot of pretty nasty shit being tossed at the new players in-game and i can't help but feel kinda bad...  for them coming so late to the party and all. 

    also... if we don't wanna be playing in toxic lobbies, we probably shouldn't be contributing to them, eh? 

    This survival of fittest something the developers forget!!! I don’t throw shade they can learn on there own like I did!! 

  4. Um I know when I talk private matchs it mostly team killing, and team killing SHOULD be a choice not a penalty.

    Anyway, the ability to map select so that way you wanna do all small maps you can select them for rotation. (Side note) ways to escape need to be less on smaller maps make it harder for the campers. 

    Bots would be on this list but they are coming to private match, being able to select the time for the match. Idk private match needs to be more the hosts choice that why I am so mad about team killing!!!

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  5. On 10/7/2017 at 0:14 PM, Tiffany said:

    Pro-tip: If it’s YOUR Private Match, make yourself Jason and then you can kill as many people as you want and actually GAIN XP for it! ;)

    Pro-tip it hard enough to find a private match as it is, and most wont play unless Jason is random. 

    2nd you fail to realize how valuable team killing is, it added unpredictability game to game, it’s what really separated it from Dead by Daylight that unpredictability and the brutality of the game!

  6. On 10/8/2017 at 6:19 AM, BeautyNumber2 said:

    There should be more options for the host.

    Time Limit: 30, 20, and 15 minutes


    Friendly Damage: yes/no

    Item Spawn: High/Normal/Low

    None of this is asking much but would add incredible challenge and variation.

    Image trying to survive 30 minutes with a master Jason, or 15 minutes forcing players to refine their Jason skills. 

    Also, with low item spawn counselor's will have to be more resourceful. No 2 pocket knives, several weapons, multiple sprays. Good counselors get the police called and a car done in 3 minutes even while a master Jason is butchering half the counselors. There needs to be more challenge. It's become rare that I die, even with a really good Jason. 

    I agree ? it my hosted game and it doesn’t feel like it, it just feel they try to baby the wussy’s!!!

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