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  1. There dlc has been a band aid for this rip off of a game buying there crap dlc just cause “hey it something right?” Is no excuse if you are buying the poor excuse for dlc!! I feel SO sorry for you
  2. Game is trash now worse then when it came out I WANT MY MONEY BACK FOR this ripoff money grab!!! I hope this shit hole dies like franchise!!!
  3. These fuck head developers who I can’t get my money back for there fucking rip off game still have not fixed private match!!! Instead they add hole other bunch of shit in new patch that don’t mean absolutely SHIT!!!!
  4. Who I contact to get money back on PS4?? Game is still massively broken so who do I contact from the developers to get my money back???
  5. This survival of fittest something the developers forget!!! I don’t throw shade they can learn on there own like I did!!
  6. The new players are out lol and man is it funny as hell watching them hide in the funniest spots!!! Lmao Trying stuff they think is new but it old as hell!!!! Lmao
  7. Um I know when I talk private matchs it mostly team killing, and team killing SHOULD be a choice not a penalty. Anyway, the ability to map select so that way you wanna do all small maps you can select them for rotation. (Side note) ways to escape need to be less on smaller maps make it harder for the campers. Bots would be on this list but they are coming to private match, being able to select the time for the match. Idk private match needs to be more the hosts choice that why I am so mad about team killing!!!
  8. Ok, so I got on to play FT13 to try new content and not going to lie the Tommy Jarvis House is probably my fav map!!
  9. New update and yet private match is still broken!!! *remove xp loss for team kill * bring back option of team kill off and on check box ??Boring quick match!!!
  10. If you could read jack*** we talking about private match ?? that fine if all the p*ssy’s wanna play in the safe relam of quick match, how ever those not wearing dippers likes some unpredictability game to game NOT run,run, repair, death, escape!! If I wanted that I play Dead by Daylight!!
  11. Pro-tip it hard enough to find a private match as it is, and most wont play unless Jason is random. 2nd you fail to realize how valuable team killing is, it added unpredictability game to game, it’s what really separated it from Dead by Daylight that unpredictability and the brutality of the game!
  12. I agree ? it my hosted game and it doesn’t feel like it, it just feel they try to baby the wussy’s!!!
  13. Team killing should not be penalized in private match, By penalized I am mean you still loose xp for doing so. If it MY private match should be MY choice it should of stayed a choice in private match like it was were you could turn it off or on by checking the box, NO Just cause ppl are wusses everyone gets penalized!!!! THAT’S SO TRASH!!!
  14. This feels like a AA meeting lol but make sense considering the bad choices the devs made for this game!!!
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