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  1. lordgoregore

    Offline Bot AI Improvements

    I still need Boats for my Bots .
  2. Sounds like fun but I think it will just CRASH and be down most of the day
  3. Remember the good old days when we had Hope : Attached is an infographic giving a basic heads up on the changes to the game, with an updated timeline. Roughly as follows: Late 2016: Beta Release including 4 additional keys for friends Early 2017: Multiplayer Release with Tommy Jarvis and Packanack Lodge as the third playable map Summer 2017: Single Player Release and AI Bots 3D !?! Hmm Lies lies lies
  4. I got this JUST for the 3D .... what a ripoff I also got this game for the single player .
  5. the only thing better then 3D is VR and I don't think my heart could take this game in VR !
  6. sorry I'm new here I looked for a post about this and nothing showed so I made one till Ghostboy 20 got it locked ! it looks like everything about this game that I liked is an Oversight .
  7. So this IS just more BS from the new - No Mans Sky !
  8. lordgoregore


    it's listed as - 3D Display with compatible 3D glasses (sold separately) required for 3D features. Network Players 2-8 - Full game requires PlayStation®Plus membership to access online multiplayer 11MB minimum save size DUALSHOCK®4 3D Game - I don't see anything in 3D ! and YES I do have a 3D TV and the glasses and they are on my face and the PS4 has 3d as well .... SO ?