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  1. put in the same people till it gets up to 30 people and move the time to 1 hour
  2. What about us PS4 players? Yeah, it's me again   How about an apology and I'm not talking about in a message/email etc I'm talking about putting Savini Jason BACK on the store for sale! Yes I did see it on there but at the time I had already spent over $160.00 for him and was waiting to get him!...... I'm still waiting! 🤬 I should have just paid again? 🤬 And how about a 50% off on the rest of the Developer LOCKED Content for this mess of a game. That you'll never FIX! Just to say sorry and keep sending money to us for future games! Because As of now I'll never send you anything again! With everything going on now in the world Just do the right thing.
  3. First! GREAT glad this finally got fixed! Now the BAD NEWS! Jason keeps spinning around. I've tried three different controllers and four different games, All are fine Except Friday the 13th! Jason is now unplayable especially in OFFLINE! 😭
  4. And SAVINI JASON? Come on the only way you can get money for this game now is if you put him up for sale! 😁 I'll buy him... again.
  5. The ONLY difference from Easy to Hard is how many knifes they carry
  6. You guys are lucky, mine don't. I even tried re downloading it
  7. They used to but for the past few weeks they have stopped. Try playing again.
  8. The last update On PS4 messed up the BOTS! BOTS no longer: use Boats Hide in Tents Hide under beds Hide in Outhouses Try to fix anything and 50% of the time are stuck in place doing nothing
  9. Sounds like fun but I think it will just CRASH and be down most of the day
  10. Remember the good old days when we had Hope : Attached is an infographic giving a basic heads up on the changes to the game, with an updated timeline. Roughly as follows: Late 2016: Beta Release including 4 additional keys for friends Early 2017: Multiplayer Release with Tommy Jarvis and Packanack Lodge as the third playable map Summer 2017: Single Player Release and AI Bots 3D !?! Hmm Lies lies lies
  11. I got this JUST for the 3D .... what a ripoff I also got this game for the single player .
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