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  1. super excited and even more excited for whats to come this christmas!
  2. Has anyone brought up the topic of being able to mount over fences thought it was a pretty cool idea but idk if there is a reason not to thought it would make running away from Jason a bit easier jijiji
  3. that would be a nice mix to the game actually really clever idea a new weapon that lets you shoot would be nice i'm not asking for 100 new weapons but like 1 shooting weapon and like 3 new melee weapons would really spicen up the game oh and a new stun tool as well pocket knives and fire crackers are nice but would also be cool to stun Jason with something new i love pissing off Jason's hehehe
  4. his grab i think has to do a little bit with internet connection but traps should be able to be de activated even if i don't have a pocket knife
  5. they seriously gotta make it so you can deactivate traps without pocket knives https://clips.twitch.tv/BetterFineDelicataWoofer
  6. his grab is probably fine but sometimes his grab is like triple his arm haha but i think its a lag thing i've one time gotten face to face with a jason and i kept avoiding his grab and i was literally right on his face and i was just moving left to right avoiding his grab really funny and hilarious but there are times when i'm running and i know for a FACT he won't grab me and he just grabs me with a super extension lol but i'm sure its like a lag thing FeelsBadMan
  7. ok i understand you now lol i've had that happen i just laugh and get on to the next thing no need to cry over spilt milk there isn't a end game reward for killing everyone well not that i'm aware of :/
  8. strange i haven't been Jason lately i set my thing to counselor preference but the times that i am Jason i have killed someone and they left and it still counted as kill
  9. yeah i understand it usually does count i've killed people and they leave and it still counts as me killing them i did an entire team kill with 1 or 2 people leaving and i still got the PSN trophy so i think it was just a rare occurance might be happening alot i don't usually sweat my balls off to kill everyone like every jason feels like they have to but i get what you're getting at
  10. i think there might be a little bug a tiny one because i had a game where everyone was alive but jason had 2/7 kills it was a bit weird and i was wondering what was going on might have been a little bug but i think you might of had that happen to you as well its super rare but it just happened
  11. like that one time i downloaded Bloodborne and it said it installed then i left to work and came home to find out it never downloaded
  12. yeah i heard Xbox got the short end of the stick might be your region had a friend have the same problem telling me that he can't get into a game without it crashing or kicking him out of the game due to connection issues :/
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