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  1. why not open the game to the modders or change the game name, maybe a map editor maybe a petition all this things can bring back the game to life, let us revive the game, the community as the power to do that, we are fan we are loyal to you illfonic and gunmedia, Jason can't be dead, he always revive himself and the game should be the same, thanks to you illfonic and gunmedia
  2. There are some other issues like: trophies doens't complete when you play in offline bots mode, like the number of counselors you have kill stay the same the parameters for graphics doens't save everytime you quit the game they are gone the textures doens't charge correctly except if you put texture on epic , even if you put high jason is like a plastic figurines no details, i try all the things possible in the parameters setting for graphics nothing works except put on texture on epic the grab is far too difficult to make 80% of the time , it miss the survivor in offline bots escape the grab to easily even if you put body all over the place and shut down the lights they don't freak out , and they escape your grab in 5 foot steps of jason, even with the part 3 who has a plus grab strengh , i dont talk about tommy who's free in 2 or 3 steps, but every counselor except chad for a reason , escaping way too fast the number of pocket knife seems rather high i count 7 pocket knife on the offline bots in medium difficulty in one match including the one of tommy , and i didn't try the hard difficulty some maybe more pocket knife in the map
  3. Im a little dissapointed with no + trap for Roy hé should have that too for making him more reliable stalk + trap + run is a great combo why not add 4 positives attributes to all jason for make them much stronger and of course Roy could run because is human even if he dont do it in the movie he should be faster than the other jasons because is slim and athletic
  4. i'm glad to see we are more to thing that jason grab should be reverted or rearranged, i remember someone saying the no was more in percentage but he forgot to bring the one that wants to be rearranged or modified a little to that, for me i voted yes but rearranged works for me either, just not the same as now , that's no way fun as counselors or jason, when you repairing all the boat by yourself, repairing the fuse box and call the cops and after that escape with the cops and one other with the boat you left to other survivors and just one counselors die two time because i came back as tommy jarvis that's a problem, it's too easy no more challenge exept when you are with noob players or when you face a uberjason player, who rely only on the punch head kill, i dont blame him, he has no choice to do that kill for hoping do multiple kill, before this patch with have the possibilty to do environnement kill, kill every counselors with a different way, now we just do the same kill again again we have or smack them 4 time in a row and play part 2 3 and 4 because for the most of us the others jasons are no longer playable, before that my main jason were part 9 part 3 part 6 part 2 and part 4 i never liked part 7 and 8
  5. i think this teabag trend is a thing that come from new players and by that i mean former dead by daylight player, this game is know for the teabagging the killer all the time, is almost deposed trademark ^^ but maybe i'm wrong
  6. for me it seems that this patch was more of a test patch , to see if the community like the changes or not, if they don't maybe they change it again , and also the hotfix for me was a disaster , even if it fix some minor things in the games it's seems to bring a lot of problem, before with the fox patch, i never encountered so much bug there was minor bug at least after this one, i've encountered some many bugs that never happen to me, like blocked on the boat on the start, cant move at all, or with jason blocked after trying to break the toilet window as the tommy jarvis pass trough this window, i cant do anything after just the grab and the speel, i cant swing my weapon and cant use the a fonction on the windows and that's are just some example happen to me i cant remember all the problem, but devs please do something the game is almost unplayable right now, it freezes it bug, it has framerate drop with no explanation, and your adjustement goes wrong, i regret the mitch patch that was hell of a patch barely no problem at all, it was so freaking awesome to play, now it's just buggy as hell; the car flip herself on the roof without jason stop the car, that's never happen before
  7. i forgot to say he was level 101 but was a terrible player beside that, dont know how is up to this level , he crash the first car and made it destroyed without the help of jason, and crash the second car 5 times on barricade on 5 meters long xd and he never help the only other survivor alive after killing me what a tommy jarvis you could say ^^ oh i forgot to mention i repaired the entire car before i kill me with it when i think of me repairing the entire boat with aj mason and then left it for the others to survive and after repairing the phone and call the police and wait for everybody to being out because of me just one or two counselors are dead and i was no tommy jarvis i even call him, and i'm only level 68 some players are good players helping others and the others are just scumbag selfish
  8. we can say the same about some counselors, i was confront to one like that name the dark knight and off course two time in a row, he was tommy jarvis, it seems he die pretty fast to be tommy jarvis, i was a 12 year old kid obviously , at first he was the only survivor to be alive so i say to myself, yeah be gentle with him, i want to do a specific kill not as easy one, that why he can leave my grab, and after he started to sound cocky as hell, and i cant mute him, i say some like oh you love to be teabag by me dont you? you take my trap i set once again , he started to laugh and scream after every escape, finally i said to myself m'okay i want to be gentle with you, let you do some objective but you take it like that okay and after that my only point was to kill him the most easiest way by hurting him, tommy jarvis for me is a real problem i stun you every times he hit you the first time so when they are two you cant kill them by grab because tommy keep stun you by behind and so now mostly players want be him they suicide themself even for that at the second play when i be counselors he was again tommy jarvis and kill me with the car not an accident he just rage that i kill him before but i cant find to report him unfortunately it was on steam and my steam overlay are deactivate but i dont like talking jason neither, for me jason cant talk, it ruins the experience and the fear of everyone when you heard jason say come here little piggy piggy, and after he make some pig sound, the game become a joke and i disturb you from what you are doing, they should mute jason mic by default, jason doenst say a word in every movie so why can he talk that's not accurate, and the ones who really love the game, love it because it's accuracy to the movies and we should keep that accuracy more and more i think
  9. i'm okay with the range it was too much but for me the cone of grab is a must have seriously i teleport right in front of a counselors and cant grab him because he crouch that should not happen , make that come back please playing jason is not fun anymore, and playing against him neither i see noob who escape and tea bag jason with no worries to be kill, when you teabag before there was a risk to die not anymore, jason is not some killer of dbd that you can make fun off it make me sad to see that happen in 8 match out of 10, or at least give all jason 2 trap more than they have actually or maybe more knive to throw because with this grab now knives have never more needed but we dont have any of that, so a plus two or three knive to all jason seems fine to me and it seems the shift is much worse than before it seems hard to control and to stop at the right have you do something on the shift or that was not intended? ps: at first i think the jasons i crossed where noob due to the double xp event and the huge update but no there wasnt all noob, even me with 150 hours of game with part 9 i was doing 6/8 to 8/8 easily and now 2/8 without the disconnecting problem , if you can escape 75 % of all match, it's wrong your chance should be 25% escaping and not much you want challenge as a jason play with friend in a private party with a good coordination it's hard to win
  10. Im totally agréé with you we have the same point of view about that, they should do something about it, and fix the jason music for jason and we player should help them pinpoint those bugs hope thé community of friday13 keep growing we need more fan player who help thé game expand By the way if you are on steam you can add me, i search player for doing privates matches, cant stand public matches anymore My steam id is Elric14 alias eldiablo maeglin
  11. hello i know this topic is old but i search for private matches, to be the host or the one who invited whatever My steam id is : elric14 or Elric14 try the two of us my other name is eldiablo maeglin because there is two Elric14 right now, the one that's not me came from italy http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197982390040/ i have 32 years old and i live in belgium, i can speak english and i think everyone easy understand what i said, i have a headset with a good mic i love playing jason but i like playing counselors sometimes too i think i'm not bad either as counselors or jason , i have 109 hours of game and i'm level 44 i heavily search private matches because i cant stand public matches anymore ^^ the kids, the troll, the friendly killer, the people who scream on their mics, or who doens't talk at all sometime i ask myself if emotes and mic are really usefull with these people, and the fact that i have to wait 10 match to be jason and have just 4 people in the game to kill i play a lot in the morning and in the night so i basically i'm here at all timelines even for people who are not in the same country as me and not the same timeline so just add me if you want some fun gameplay and serious behaviours who do the objective of the games and help the much he can, no need to pm me for asking me, i accept right away
  12. Yeah of course i know, it's the point of this topic afterall the first page said that i cant imagine not reading the first page before posting, but with the ps4 and xbox leak of savini, can they say is for backers only anymore? it doens't seem right to me that way so give us the possibilities to buy him even at higher price like 10 dollars or remove it on xbox and ps4 but dont say is for backers only to say after sorry we cant do anything , there more than one solution to this problem i think, even if it's not their fault they should think about doing something for resolve that on their side too , is not fair for backer's for those who have the game on steam and can't have savini jason and sometimes with some good reason , i think anyone who buy the game before the end of the funding should have savini jason , okay i just pay the 40 dollar edition but the beta was not out when i do that so i support us the same all the backer does, with the risk of never see the game or have a broken game , some of my entourages was not too confident about that so i wait to be sure of myself 40 dollars is not much for some but i cant afford throw money away, even 6 dollars should be think before spend my bad it's seem my english is not good enough, i said as a counselors i heard the new music added by the last patch , but when i'm jason i do not hear this music at all , i just hear the basic music of all jason, they should do make possible to hear the same music that the counselors hear when we are jason, that would be pretty epic, is just some ideas throwing away ^^
  13. M'y bad that's right i was not often confronted to him so i didn't notice the changes in the music, it's too bad we cant hear the same music that counselors hear when we are jason like the jason part 9 i played him and it was not same as counselors or jason, i really hope we can buy it someday maybe with a way of flames that follow him on the ground that would be nice
  14. I Just see this thread I think they should sell it once and for all to stop with this non sens this is the most easy way to solve that and the backers should have one future dlc for free or give it to everybody for free or with another paid dlc, the possibilities to solve that are endless, take it back enhance him like create his own music for him, more effect, etc and sell it to all and offer it to the backers it Will be amazing to see that even his own map and hell clothing for counselors, this is the only thing that disappointement me with your game and i love your game so much You should have shown savini jason much early within the time limit because of that i was not sure of myself for buying it i dont even know his weakness and strengh and then my connection was broken by the time it's came back online too late you can buy it anymore but you know everything about him by now, do you understand the frustration that i feel that day? and when i tweeted you on your official twitter you never reply to me not a single Word when you answer to everybody else, how should i feel after that when i supported your project? It seems 40 dollars is not worth of your attention every customers should be treated as equal even if they spend much less than others, i hope an answer from you this time
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