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  1. Yo! My fastest escape time is 3 minutes and 24s. Can you beat it? If so I wanna see proof! I've linked up one of my YouTube vids as my proof. I even put a fancy ass timer in it so you can see there's no edits. "Show me what you got!" Rick and Morty style! Lol Beat me an I will cower in a corner and relinquish bragging rights! See ya!
  2. Whats up my fellow gaming nerds?! I'm a YouTuber and I go by the name of Napcitycell. I'm pretty new at it but I've learned a lot and I'm pretty damn good. Currently all of my content focuses on Friday the 13th of course! There I share my character builds and funny moments. I play exclusively on PS4 and my gamer tag is... you guessed it Napcitycell. Lol Drop me a shout out in my channel comments or reply here if you wanna get down on some escape action together! See ya!
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