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  1. I am online in 2 hours.....DavidTB78
  2. Why the hatred for slashers?

    I only slash Vanessa, because of her Usain-Bolt-Stamina.
  3. I want to create my own Jason, Mask from Splatterhouse, dressed in black, Special weapon is a sharpened Bone Like in Bone Tomahawk, or a dagger. I would pay for IT.
  4. Had 2 good Games until my I-net crashed, with the Viking, the HansonGoon and Alkavian, was funny.
  5. DavidTB78 Xbox1 A invite to the good Sportsmanship Club would be cool. GhostwolfViking can invite ne๐Ÿ˜
  6. Havince is funny๐Ÿšบi played with him and he teamed with Jason too, hmm, Karma For your memory, this Jason was 1 from your Friends list.
  7. I buy that for 3 bucks
  8. Too hard to escape?

    I Like the lone wolf tactic, and pre Patch from 10 Games i escaped 8.. today i played 10 and died 5 Times.... Now you have to stay focused all the time...i like IT.
  9. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    summer or spring?
  10. Idea for kids

    i buy that for a $
  11. all works...well done.๐Ÿ‘โฑ๐Ÿ‘
  12. so, is that bug fixed???i can tell in 5 Minutes
  13. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    gimme a screenshot man...my. xbox is. working hard , 66%