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  1. Buggzy with the Berserker Perk, 2 Hits with the Axe and the Mask is gone
  2. Where is everybody from...

    Malaga in Spain, now in Köln in Germany
  3. Nice Signature. Btw, the insignificant sentence from the cigar guy is the most boldfaced statement i have heard in many years.
  4. i never. got. killed on my 100 % bug account....playing with my sisters account i got killed. once......i swallowed 8. pocket knives, 3 boomsticks and the other shit....keep placing more items.........btw, who is a fake gun acc?
  5. Jason Taunt Pack?

    of course not....in jeepers creepers was 1 scene
  6. yeah....but what was the cause of the issue??
  7. Pssss..it is the secret PS 4
  8. Yeah, because it is not mentioned in the first posting.....loool...keep waitin'
  9. Looool...... Lil boys with big mouth... Watch my gamertag SpanishDeluxe 82, i record a kill.i have this fuckin' kill pack since 25/12 Btw, Mole, Hallo, Vielen Dank für Ihren Einkauf im Montag, 25. Dezember 2017. Alle erworbenen Downloads sind jetzt verfügbar. Bestellung 8540468242 Jason Part 7 Machete Kill Pack Menge 1 2,51 € Zwischensumme 2,51 € MwSt. 0,48 € Summe 2,99 € Zahlungsmethode Microsoft-Kontosaldo
  10. i am. in. germany, i. have it
  11. yeah, we will see.....
  12. after. i. demasked jason 6. his face. was completely different....a mix between 6 and jason X....his clothing was different too