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  1. Rubber banding extreme... Packanack small>Jason catched us in the car at the main road, Chad, Jenny and my buggzy...I run to the next cabin, trz to open the door and like a lightning from God i swallow 3 machete slashes and crippling.... Pinehurst>A strange clap noise while i am running or walking and a strange @aah@ scream
  2. I want to create my own Jason, Mask from Splatterhouse, dressed in black, Special weapon is a sharpened Bone Like in Bone Tomahawk, or a dagger. I would pay for IT.
  3. Had 2 good Games until my I-net crashed, with the Viking, the HansonGoon and Alkavian, was funny.
  4. DavidTB78 Xbox1 A invite to the good Sportsmanship Club would be cool. GhostwolfViking can invite ne?
  5. Havince is funny?i played with him and he teamed with Jason too, hmm, Karma For your memory, this Jason was 1 from your Friends list.
  6. I Like the lone wolf tactic, and pre Patch from 10 Games i escaped 8.. today i played 10 and died 5 Times.... Now you have to stay focused all the time...i like IT.
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