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  1. maybe your right. but id really like to see a deep story mode with very deep expanded detailed maps and geographic locations dinner,grocery store,manhattan,camp forest green,abandoned run down camp blood.thats alot of stuff just to be an extra dlc map.
  2. Id like to see a huge story mode.why make the maps now for this game when you can fund them and expand them even further with funds for a new game. I Do agree that the next project should be a full John carpenters Halloween before some other company takes the idea and rights.but i still think funding a sequal game to this one with an expanded story mode is a good idea.
  3. Yes but to do all that stuff with extra maps would be equal to a new game.
  4. Why not just fund a HUGE new game sequal right after this game releases.Instead of the company GUN MEDIA,ILLFONIC Creating huge maps dlc.why not just use the funds to start a new backer campaign for a huge story mode game that will be funded for 2 years. A Manhattan map would be a full game in its self. Include in the story mode the abandoned run down part of crystal lake called camp blood the part thats off limits.The Diner and grocery store From part 3,a Biker gang from part 3,The Hospital from the final chapter movie,the psychiatric care farm in part 5,camp forest green in part 6,manhattan map part 8 with the huge cruise liner ship with disco and steam room,new york city etc.
  5. sorry about the caps. i try to highlight what im saying.croudfunding a whole new huge game with story mode is a better option.after this game releases,open the backer campaign back up to fund a huge game with story mode and camp blood abandoned camp,hospital manhattan etc.maybe have cars or vehichles you can unlock to venture to diffrent camp grounds. like the camaro in 1986 f13th part 6 movie.trans am etc.
  6. Funding a story mode part2 HUGE GAME Would make more sense.than asking Gunmedia and illfonic to create free extra levels and add ons.after this game releases,why not right awat start funding a HUGE WHOLE ANOTHER GAME WITH A HUGE STORY MODE.WITH THE MANHATTAN MAP AND ALL THE OTHER MAPS MENTIONED.
  7. I Think we need to focus on Funding a whole New game after this one releases early 2017.instead of funding dlc maps we just need to fund the heck out of a whole new game project.fund it through the backer campaign for a whole year and a half for a huge game with story mode,carsmanhattan all the extra camp grounds,the town,diner,grocery store,bar etc
  8. I Think Extra maps should be available for purchase.doing extra maps for free is nonsense.were going to have to raise the funds just like we did in the Kickstarter and Backer kit.to have a Manhattan map dlc would be almost like another game all togeather.in fact as we are funding more DLC ADD ON MAPS CONTENT.I Wouldnt be suprised if They just ask us to go ahead and fund a whole new game. I Want The Abandoned part of crystal lake called camp blood with creepy run down cabins,basments with sparking electric boxes with tube fuses.The Grocery store from part 3.Id Like To See Jason In The Hospital like the one in the begining of part 4.I Want to see the Small psychiatric care farm thats in part 5.Id Like To see Camp Forest Green from part 6,Manhattan Map. but like i said after the game releases we should just start croud funding The second full game with all the maps mentioned above. that way we could have a year and some time to fund a huge F13TH GAME With all the extras we want to see.
  9. OK its time to get an official word. Jpops is single player jason in 1st person perspective or 3rd person.
  10. I Think it would be cool to have to fight Members of the biker gang from F13TH Part 3 in the game.or get them to help you fight jason.maybe even get one of their bikes to ride.
  11. IVE SEEN GAMES THAT HAVE WEED FEILDS IN THE GAME LIKE CALL OF JUAREZ.maybe there could be a marijuana hidden feild in the game.
  12. everyone has their own opinions on how occultism works.but ive read alot of books about the occult. your right about conjuring to influence or for divination.alot of black magic religons like PALO MAYOMBE OR KINDOKI the operator goes to the cemetery to work with and get to know the spirits of a particular cemetary.evocation of the dead using a circle and triangle is more of a european kind of necromancy.i think it would be cool to see jason doing supernatural things making effigies of people.working with dark shadow yamaduta spirits.
  13. ok well i was told repeatedly by others on the forum and facebook page that single player jason will only be available in first person perspective.i wasnt sure if a 1989 8 bit nes style f13 game strech goal had been reached or moved down.because i havent been keeping up with the news on the forum.i usually get blocked because people complain about my posts.
  14. i think it would be scary to hear random screams of someone saying help me from wodded areas and flipped over vehichles.maybe a huge fire ball torch could be used as a weapon against jason and pamela voorhees.is their a way to lure jason into the barn loft where the rope is in a slipknot to hang jason like in part 3.maybe there could be an option to set up a lure for jason in the game.
  15. NOT ME I WANT TO PLAY AS A THIRD PERSON PERSPECTIVE JASON.WHERE YOU CAN SEE THE JASON CHARACHTER MOVE AS YOU CONTROL THE CHARACHTER WITH YOUR CONTROL PADDLE.id love to see a story mode with an unlockable 8 or 16 bit NES STYLE GAME that has been talked about in another thread months ago.can a moderator pull that old thread up as an example.i think im the first one that suggested an unlockable Nes style game.
  16. necromany has to do with going to a cemetery and evoking spirits into a dead body.i agree that friday the 13th should have an occultic supernatural twist.jason makes an altar in his run down cabin in friday the 13th part 2.it would be cool to see the darker elementals keep him alive.maybe jason learned some low elemental magick witchcraft from his mother.hes not that retarted because he cleverly kills people.maybe demons in the waters of crystal lake raised him up to stay alive and bring blood offerings to them.real dark black magic occult groups like THE ORDER OF NINE ANGLES.really kill other people to spirits.during an evocation of a GOETIA DEMON in old times people would be offered.MOLOCH Worship.or its called RAJO WITCHCRAFT.When i was in jail there was a black pastor that said he went to prison for murder and got out.but while he was in prison there was a man that had been killing people to spirits and in his cell he was sticking pins or something in his finger tips and causing things to move and causing the other prisoners to get scared.
  18. well it would be cool if there could be occultism like necromancy without jason goes to hell constantly being refrenced.if jason turned into an occultic serial killer it would make the franchise more creepy and crystal lake more cryptic.pamela voorhees i could see her being involved in witchcraft,it fits her personality.
  19. yes having crazy ralph in the game would be awesome. also his ten speed bicycle
  20. I would love to hear Sean Cunningham and Peter Bracke awnser questions and maybe another interview with developers of the game.how about letting us watch you guys play the game also. just something special for Halloween night for forum members.if you can jpops talk to the team about it.it would be so awesome.
  21. I imagine Jason being energized by the powers of darkness so that he doesent go down so easily.jason is like a dark head hunting shaman.jason calls and works with darker elemental spirit beings.
  22. Is it possiable to do something special Halloween night for forum members. moderators if you can,could get us questions and awnsers from the new director and writer of the scheduled October 2017 Friday the 13th movie.can you also get us questions and awnsers with Sean Cunningham And Peter M. Bracke. one of the questions id like to submit to all the people mentioned is the subject of supernaturalism,occult,jasons mothers head and altar.
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