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  1. no if you think my forum post ideas are not good. just ignore them. im not trying to cause problems. i just want to share my ideas.
  2. floating decaying crying human heads would be awesome. but its not in the original movies. so i understand why people dont like it.but a tommy jarvis mode that gets unlockedwould be cool. a mode where tommy jarvis goes insane hallucinates at a farmhouse and drives him to dig up jasons grave and put jasons mask on.while you must fight jason and miss voorhees in a blood curdiling nightmare.
  3. yes it would be creepier and more scary for people to squirm in pain when they are dying,convulse and whimper.where you can hear the pain.maybe add sounds of chains rattling and people moaning in the graveyard with no one there.
  4. NO im just sharing my ideas. things i like. i can tell you guys cant see it. but i can.the vision of cool horror.a blooding curdling insanity mode with hallucination Tommy jarvis.caves under the cemetery etc.its just an idea. if you dont like it ignore it. a tommy jarvis hallucinary mode would be awesome.
  5. Id like to see execuions that are dramatic. if someone gets hit in the head with an object they should shake violently and go into a seizure or shock,brain bleeding.if a counselor gets their throat slashed there should be gurgling noises and sounds like Hause in the graveyard in the begining of friday the 13th part 6 when jason rams his arm and fist through his stomach.
  6. jason in a hospital killing doctors and nurses would be awesome. floating heads
  7. Wish jason would have spent more time in the local crystal lake hospital.it would have been really cool.the part where jasons mask comes off and reveals hes a ghoul is awesome.
  8. another cool dlc map idea that i would pay for is a huge cemetery map with mosoleums.creepy cabins.etc maybe there is a secret entrance in a cemetery mosoleum to enter dark caves under crystal lake.
  9. im trying to share ideas and be serious.insulting my idea is silly and rude. tommy jarvis did have extreme hallucinations.
  10. well id like to have a secret level that opens after you win so many games.you play as Tommy Jarvis and you see hallucinary Jasons and the real jason.you find dead bodies in cabins which makes you hold your head and scream and your rage level gets high to where you can hurt jason with your bare fists and the weapons you use in rage mode do twice the damage.in Tommy hallucinary level you see and hear strange things.maybe you see a hallucinary old guy on a bike like ralph talking.
  11. Id like the option to fund a huge story mode map pack patch dlc.with missions to other parts of crystal lake and town.grocery store,diner,hospital thats in part 4,etc
  12. in part 3 chris finds the bloody bath water over flowing.when she hides in the closet debbies dead body falls over with a knife in the back ohf her skull. as chris is running to the barn to hide from jason,bodies fall from trees. its in part 2,3,4 same style.
  13. i wish they would add a strong windstorm like it shows in the movie on the lake .thunderstorm with strong winds.furious crackling lightning that strikes graves in the cemeteries.maybe the storm causes the electric to go out.
  14. you wouldnt like a bloody nightmare mode where you can play as tommy jarvis and hallucinate.
  15. well in the movies there was bloody bath water and overflowing tubs,bodies falling out of closets trees etc. thats what made the movies scary.
  16. Id like to see a strange hidden friday the 13th level maybe call it scream and bleed mode. where if you win so many trophies and youve been terrorized so much that a secret nightmare level begins with strange hallucinary images and manifestations like when Tommy jarvis started seeing a bloody jason every where and he went crazy.In this dlc you can hear screams and see hallucinary jasons and you cant tell if its the real jason.the walls of cabins bleed,ceilings bleed,floating decapitated heads swollen with rigor mortis appear and float through the air screaming for help.this secret bloody hallucinary mode would be awesome. bodies fall from trees and miss voorhees appears in this level with a machete and you must cut her head off and put on her sweater.
  17. well others have said they liked my idea for story mode. but i was just thinking to have such an expansion of the game might be more costly to add all the maps extra stuff.
  18. yes.it would be cool to see it rain blood after jason has killed so many people. lightning flashing with bodies falling out of trees.story mode would work great with this.
  19. what about the abandoned off limits camp blood in part 2.interaction and missions with charachters from town.running from Miss Voorhees green jeep while your cruising to diffrent camps.
  20. Id like to see abandoned cob webbed cabins with decaying cob webbed bodies hidden in the attic and basement of the cabins.electric boxes with tube fuses that spark.ceilings dripping water and blood with no source easily found.skulls that fall out of hidden places.
  21. id also like to see story mode with the town and rural diners and grocery stores that are simmilar to the movies.missions and story mode.travel to diffrent camps,fight off forest rangers from camp forest green,fight off bikers that are simmilar to part 3 bikers,play as jason inside of a hospital like part 4 the final chapter hospital.
  22. well id like to know an official word of how far we are from getting story mode. jpops what do we have to do for story mode.also is the team in negotiations to get john carpenters halloween yet.
  23. If they get the rights to Halloween from john carpenter then id say that we should just worry about this game.but if they can make expanded maps with the funds they have then great.id like to see story mode for sure.
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