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  1. im simply participating because im a huge fan of friday the 13th. my ideas can be expressed as long as i follow the rules. But Back to my position on hidden maps,books,secret info. maybe there is books that when read give you the recipe to make an amulet or talisman to stop jason from seeing you. or stop him from going around you.maybe there could be books that show you the direction of the forest rangers station.reading the diary of other campers could also help. these ideas could fit with story mode.
  2. I Think there should be two options like most games. Story Mode Campaign Or Multiplayer. In the story mode campaign you meet other counselors in the day time at a cabin.the rules are gone over and your duties include helping the college kids campers whenever they need help.theres diffrent maps and camp locations.you are given a walkie talkie radio to be called when the college kids need help.if jason attacks their cabin you must go there and help. during the day all is calm.as you go into town to get camping food or to the diner.jason generally does not come out during day time,so you have time to gather items and prepare for dark.searching through hidden cabins reaveals books and journals where you can gain knowledge of crystal lake and jason. another good adventure is that a counselor or camper must go to the cemetery and dig up a body and remove the head,
  3. Well im sure that there is alot of funds for maps,as the backer kit campaign continues to roll in the cash.
  4. Finally someone who has their thinking cap on.this is one of the best ideas and decisions that i have read on here. yes if story mode becomes a reality.maybe the campers find an old ouija board in the cabins and do a group session of awnsers and quesations. maybe a radio picks up a dead spirit and it begins to tell secrets from beyond the grave. maybe theres a hidden book of Necromancy in one of the cabins where you can go to the cemetery and call a spirit from a grave for advice. just think guys. we dont need just a regular boring story.we need a cool adventure thar also feels like you were there. like the first call of duty black opps. having an interestingly cool story in this game could influence the franchise.
  5. your trying to make it sound stupid,because your brain cant imagine the creativity and coolnees that could actually happen with this story.
  6. it would be nice to be able to find books with spells to war against jason.just because it wasnt in an 80s movie doesent make it stupid.
  7. i belive in staying true to the 80s movies. but id like to see some new weird haunting stuff added.
  8. the occult is something that belongs in friday the 13th. fans are tired of supposedly real life scientific stuff.horror movie goth culture people just can not relate to a college progressive writer or people who go to see movies for the science and special effects.
  9. think outside the box. in the 1989 NES F13TH GAME there was dogs that attacked. you have to think.
  10. NO Were trying to be serious here. a deranged hospital structure,there was some full built houses on crystal lake.
  11. NO this is a great idea. actually 3rd person is more likely to be compatiable with sonys v irtual reality.
  12. yes.but they can show us their plans with a graph chart and interview. I CANT BELIVE IM THE ONLY ONE ASKING FOR STORY MODE.
  13. Illfonic and Gunmedia should show fans why its worth the wait. show us maps that are planned to acccompany the game. show us story mode.show us Manhattan Map. show us Pamela Voorhees.The Abandoned run down part of crystal lake.secret cabins,the town. story mode.
  14. i wouldnt be surprised if this game needs more work and wont be released till early 2018. jpops said in another post,that everytime you add anything extra theres tons of bugs that need to be worked out.jpops also said that this team is very small.so hes basically saying in it and wording it in a diffrent way.but basically hes saying this game is not near ready.id rather buy the game with the best quality it can be instead of having to download patches to fix problems all the time.if gunmedia and illfonic put there reputation on the line like that it would make them look unprofessional.belive it or not gaming fans pay attention to the studios written on the gaming cartridge that created the game.hopefully the nintendo switch will be compatiable also with this game.
  15. the big question is how will this game be compatiable with playstations virtual reality.id like to step into crystal lake in 3d.something tells me this game is going to have to really get worked on.but yes your right nintendo switch hasnt even been mentioned yet.
  16. i just wish we could hear more about extra maps and financial goals as the backer campaign is still taking orders.this game finished up pretty much and the orders are still rolling in.what kind of maps could we get with all the extra dough rolling in from the backer campaign. my estimate is this game wont be approved by sony and mirosoft untill may or june.then it probably wont ship untill october or november.
  17. yes it would be cool to see an 8 bit style or 16 bit style unlockable friday the 13th game. that is like a sequal to the NES Version. id like to see the cabins with notes hidden messages found on the ground.hidden cabin with the sweater and jasons mothers head. id also like to see pamela voorhees as a charachter you must fight.have we reached this goal with the extra money rolling in from the backer kit.
  18. id like to be able to use cemetery fence bar spikes to hurt jason. maybe you can remove bars from the cemetery fence.alsoid like to see hidden books that when you open to read the books your safe. just like in resident evil 1
  19. im just happy that the Gunmedia team got a whole another year to fund this game,when its all ready finished. the backet kit campaign is still been going for months now after the game has finished.i was hoping that Illfonic and Gunnmedia could fund story mode or another big project with all the extra money rolling inn.im estimating that this game wont get approved til may or june so it probably wont ship till late september early october.that gives the Gunn team a whole extra year almost of still keeping the backer kit campaign open.why cant we discuss how us fans would like to spend that extra funds on a story mode patch ,really cool maps like the hospital,abandoned camp blood.a canoe escape rout in the streams and backwoods of crystal lake. pamela voorhees.
  20. im just saying,that Gunn media has snuck by with funding this game for almost 2 years now.the game is finished.why cant they use all that extra money thats rolling inn to fund a new project and extra friday maps.this game will probably ship out in october.that gives the Gunn team awhole bunch of extra cash as people are still buying stuff on the backer kit.if the game gets approved in may or june,it probably wont ship till october and the GUNN team will probably keep the backer funding campaign open till the end of october.why not add story mode or fund a HALLOWEEN game with all the extra money rolling inn.
  21. ok forget floating heads. i just thought it would make the game more creepy and scary. in the nes 1989 f13th game jasons moms head floated and protected the sweater. also one of my favoriate horror movies with vincent price called HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL Speaks of decapitated chopped up people that there heads float around at night and they whisper to eachother and then cry.
  22. yes this is amazing idea. but the sweater will be located in jasons shack.you must foght ghoulish miss voorhees and jason to get the sweater.when you got to the altar with miss voorhees head.you must fight her floating head.other counselors that are killed.there heads will instantly float around scream and cry and cheer you on as you fight jason.
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