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  1. well in all seriousness,trying to make the game more scary. example hearing moans from another room or thuds like a repeated mounting noise that a wash machine makes or a wooden bed makes during intercourse. maybe thuds on the ground or someone screaming please help me.maybe you hear blood curdling screams from the wall in the room nest to you. i think it would be funny and cool to have people that smoke some hallucigenic weed to start moaning in the next room and screaming for help. id like to hear unexplainable  ass smacking noises coming from the walls.or sounds of a body hitting the floor. what about when jason hits a counselor they whimper and begin to go into convulsions or seizures. like the scene in rob zombies halloween when michaels sisters judiths boyfreind gets hit with a baseball bat.jason3.jpg

  2. id like to see the counselors be more of a help to the college kids fighting jason. COME ON GUYS,PLEASE JUST LISTEN. If Pamela Voorhees is going to be in the game stalking the camp the same time as jason,then we are going to need some extra charachters to even things out. why not put 8 college kids inn that must be protected.while jason is chasing the college kids,it will give extra time to find a canoe or a secret book,weapon.22790_773444869421098_155284756483179234

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