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  1. if your an atheist you shouldnt make fun of others for beliving in the spiritual. also making fun of someone elses sexual orientation is uncalled for. i simply tried to keep the conversation going about journals and books that could be found in crystal lake cabins.i understand thats not in the movies.sometimes branching out in a new story adds to the franchise.
  2. ok im done posting for a long time. im just going to awnser small questions. or just check in once in awhile. i apologize if you all fell that im being spammy. i dont want to get everyone upset.im done. i wont be posting.
  3. BUT the backer campaign has still been collecting sales and money is rolling inn. im with you,i want to hear about maps.the backer campaign has been going on for months since the game finished.
  4. well in all seriousness,trying to make the game more scary. example hearing moans from another room or thuds like a repeated mounting noise that a wash machine makes or a wooden bed makes during intercourse. maybe thuds on the ground or someone screaming please help me.maybe you hear blood curdling screams from the wall in the room nest to you. i think it would be funny and cool to have people that smoke some hallucigenic weed to start moaning in the next room and screaming for help. id like to hear unexplainable ass smacking noises coming from the walls.or sounds of a body hitting the floor. what about when jason hits a counselor they whimper and begin to go into convulsions or seizures. like the scene in rob zombies halloween when michaels sisters judiths boyfreind gets hit with a baseball bat.
  5. A Big part of The Friday the 13th story is sex and screams of people getting killed. id like to hear strange audible noises coming from walls in the cabin.maybe counselors are making love or jason is stabbing someone.
  6. in Friday the 13th part 6 we see Camp forest Green has a Forest ranger station with jail.wouldnt it be nice if we were older and we didnt have to wait so long. forget that outburst.what i meant was wouldnt be nice to have forest rangers.
  7. pretending is no fun. im being serious here.we need a scenario where jason goes after the college kids and the counselors must help them.
  8. THIS TOPIc IS About The Game Friday the 13th and hidden books in the cabin camp ground. where does HEMAN TOYS Fit in for this topic.
  9. id like to see the counselors be more of a help to the college kids fighting jason. COME ON GUYS,PLEASE JUST LISTEN. If Pamela Voorhees is going to be in the game stalking the camp the same time as jason,then we are going to need some extra charachters to even things out. why not put 8 college kids inn that must be protected.while jason is chasing the college kids,it will give extra time to find a canoe or a secret book,weapon.
  10. what about a hidden voorhees family book of shadows hidden in jasons shack.the voorhees book contains incantations to embalm heads to be oracles.NOTICE THE CORPSE THAT HAS DECAYED BEYOND RECOGNITION BESIDE THE OTHER BODIES ON JASONS ALTAR.
  11. your getting off topic. this subject is about hidden books in cabins at crystal lake camp in friday the 13th.
  12. the books could have hidden info from journals that describe where hidden rooms are with valuble weapons.the notes and books you find could describe where you can find a torch. THERE IS A TORCH HIDDEN IN THE CABIN BY THE LAKE.
  13. because the college kids are on a bus that has not arrived yet.maybe the college kids are on the other side of crystal lake at CAMP FOREST GREEN Getting their room and bunk ready.
  14. yeah but there is supposed to be young adults and the older adult counselors help the younger adults.id like to see a map where you must protect the younger college kids and help them from jason.
  15. i cant understand why there is only counselors.there should be college kid campers that the counselors must help.id like to see more charachters added as college campers.maybe about 12 more charachters.
  16. Another great option to hide from jason would be secret doors that open in walls that are concealed from plain view.maybe if you get a hidden map inside of a book it will show you a secret passage way that opens by moving a certain book from a shelf.the passage way could lead to the basment,there was houses built on crystal lake in the movies.
  17. the books could give strategies on how to cause storms or raise the dead.there could be books left from other campers journals with valuable info.
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