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  1. I love the manhunt series also,big fan of that game .
  2. Your right i was just thinking of different stories that could happen.The grocery store may be kind of silly.I was thinking of story scenarios.Like the game Skyrim and Rage.
  3. Will there be Hometown diner,bar,grocery store like in Friday the 13th part 1,2,3 part 3 starts out at a small town grocery store .Im told by the old timers in real life every small village had their own small towne grocery store and bakery in the 1970s and 80s.Will the diners,grocery store s be in the game.
  4. Hey glad your hear and welcome to the forum.
  5. Friday the 13th and House by the Cemetery are two of the best movies for creepy old basements and Graveyards .Please make the atmosphere of Friday the 13th the game hair raising and scary.Id recommend the team to watch the movie House by the cemetery.That old creepy cabin basements with rats and dead bodies,cob webs,lanterns,if you guys can create this creepy atmospher.Flooded showers and bathtubs with bodies of campers.Creepy,crawl spaces to hide from Jason,attics with old dead bodies and old maps.Bodies hanging from trees.A Barn that has hay,pitchforks and roap,why not have the counselors fight a local bike gang like in Friday the 13th pt3 .Creepy moonlit lake with jason in the water.
  6. In Friday the 13th part 2 paul and jenny go into a basement that is located in one of the cabins and Jason pops out in the basement of the cabin where the fuse electric box is.Can you guys make Creepy cob webbed basements with dark closets that have chainsaws and,knives.Can you also put a couple of Graveyards in the camp.Can you put Jason Voorhees grave in one of the graveyards,showing Jasons grave is open,why not make Jasons grave an open moseleum with cob webs candles,dark demons and bodies.Dark windy,lightning flashing in graveyards as miss voorhees haunts the graveyards .
  7. If your able to find the sweater in the forbidden camp blood where jasons cabin is.Then Jason wont attack you for a short time.This would be awesome for game play.
  8. Id like to see Pamela voorhees as a decaying banshee like in Friday the 13th pt3 at the end of the movie chris in the boat and the banshee spirit of miss voorhees pops out of the water and attacks .Id like to see both a alive playable charachter miss voorhees and the dead banshee miss voorhees that appears in the crystal lake camp graveyard and around Jasons hidden Camp Blood cabin where his mothers decapitated head altar shrine is.Please put Pamela voorhees as a playable charachter and a banshee spirit.
  9. Well Paramount got the rights back for Friday the 13th like two years ago.Out of all these companies Lionsgate films takes horror seriously.
  10. Awesome thanks for the welcome you guys.I remember the USA up all night marathons of Friday the 13th ,some of the best memories.Thanks again to you all for the welcome.
  11. Im a fan of Halloween it would be great if Paramount got the rights.But years ago paramount sold Friday the 13th to another Company.It would be cool in my opinion for Halloween and Friday the 13th to be on Lionsgate films.Look how long its taking paramount to make a new Friday the 13th movie.
  12. It probably would be better to make the side game available for purchase as a downloadable code anything to help the backer campaign.Since we never got F13 game on sega,it would be bad ass to have a 16 bit F13 game that goes with F13 the game.
  13. Ive been fascinated by Jason and Friday the 13th since i was 6 years old and seen my cousin watching it at my grandmas and i was told to leave the room.I used to sneak and watch the Usa tv specials of Friday the 13th sometimes hosted by Gilbert godfree.Im a huge fan and collect everythin on Friday the 13th .
  14. Id like to see a hidden unlockable 16 bit sega style game inside Friday the 13th the game .It would be cool to get a sega style jason .Make the side game simmilar to the nes version.Please add a side f13 game available for purchase or an unlockable game you can earn during game play.
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