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  1. Your not a moderator so please leave me alone.
  2. This is a good topic it covers the subject of different areas of the camp know one has mentioned .
  3. Dlc extra map packs on the backer campaign.Like camp blood or camp forest green
  4. Make a torch,family size jumbo chainsaw Machete,meat cleaver,meat cutting kitchen knives.Axe
  5. This is awesome news cant wait for the camp blood map.
  6. THERE IS NO OFFICIAL DECISION ON MISS Voorhees quit chasing my posts down and trying to correct it.
  7. Im just suggesting ideas.You dont have to agree.If you dont like someone stay away from them and leave them alone.
  8. These are all new shocking revelations of the game not explained yet.
  9. I think if we get single player,the player who finds the silver jason mask in the camp blood area will get super strenghth against Jason.The silver Jason mask should be hidden in the dark abonded swamps and run down cabins and abandoned lake.I also think campers should be able to fight eachother.
  10. I think Pamela should be a playable Character but she should also be a decaying screaching banshee that floats in the air and protects the steel silver jason mask and grey sweater .
  11. NO there can be only one jason.Pamelas head should be like a screaming banshee that floats in the air and protects the steel silver jason mask and grey sweater
  12. Maybe the next instalment of Friday the 13th the game part 2 will have all the add on camps grocery,diner and bar.
  13. Ok This game will be better than sex with Beverly Mitchell and Denise Austin naked togeather with cherries and whip cream if they add the maps for different camp grounds.I may have gone too far this time with Denise Austin ,she would be hard to resist.
  14. Id love to be able to cruise the dark forest roads and country side in 86 camaro .Drive to different camps and do different missions .
  15. It would be cool to be able to drive to different camps on camp crystal lake including camp Forest Green .
  16. Forest rangers were the police in 1986 Friday the 13th part 6 Jason Lives .I think Miss Voorhees should chase people with her green jeep if they are flagging people down for help or they are driving a vehicle .
  17. What can you do in the game besides run from Jason in the woods.
  18. Third person sounds different from the video example that was released of Jason chasing that girl.
  19. Shirts ive been wanting a shirt,i love the art for this game.Esp on a shirt
  20. Yeah having a seperate expansion downloadable code for Camp Forest Green would be awesome .The 1986 Friday the 13th part 6 Jason Lives Camp ground.It would be awesome fighting park rangers,miss Voorhees and Jason
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