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  1. Other villains id like to see in the game 1. Pamela voorhees  2. camp forest green park rangers 3.outlaw bikers simmilar to the ones in part 3 4. poisinous snakes 5.counselors can find a book to perform necromancy on a dead body to spring it back to life to fight jason.6 dead underwater pamela voorhees with seaweed and moss zombie mrs voorhees that attacks kris in part 3friday-the-13th-part-3-jasons-mother.jpg

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  2. First im told by Ben one of the moderators that i can post my ideas that are occult related. but jpops says no. who is right in this. why cant i start a thread about friday the 13th and the occult and how it goes togeather.why cant jpops and other moderators punish the people who harass me and call me names.im going to start a group on facebook and tell everyone how the employess of this team favor bullying against people of a certain faith or sexual orientation. please let me post in moderation my ideas that are occult related.

  3. I think Bane's venom should be in the game, found in barrels leaking into the lake you can swim there and swim, making your character's strength more powerful than ever, allowing you to do a Bane backbreaker on Jason which kills him. This will also buy you time to read a book on dark magic, allowing you to summon hell-hounds that can attack Jason.

    your getting off topic of the thread. jpops can you inform these guys not to stray from the topic.

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