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  1. Definitely the walking ones because they work on more than one level. Not only is their threat physical, but their unstoppable natures slowly wears you down psychologicaly and emotionally until you break
  2. Pretty good video. That story is pretty flawed-but-fun, and really doesn't offer much outside of over-the-top gore every other page. I'm surprised you didn't touch on the main premise more, which is why the 2 Jasons are fighting in the first place. For those wondering, it's basically that Uber Jason was reconstituted with only partial memories due to that chunk of his head being blown off. When the OG Jason of these books gets reconstituted, he's got those missing pieces of memories, but nothing else, so one Jason keeps having flashes of a woman he can't recall, and the other Jason keeps hearing Pamela's voice but has no idea what she looks like. When Uber Jason rips out OG's brains and puts them back into his own skull, his memories of Pamela become whole.
  3. I agree about the mo-cap part, but how is going out of the barn that way any different than jumping out a 2nd floor window in one of the houses? Yet we still have those in the game and they're not a game breaker.
  4. I killed 3 in a row that were just standing in Violet's room. None of them even acknowledged my presence while I was doing it. Turning on Stalk seems to sometimes make you invisible to bots, even if you're standing right in front of them. Weapons grabbed by bots sometimes turn invisible. The first time this happened, I thought the devs had added a punching attack in the game. The AI is somehow smarter and dumber than before, at the same time.
  5. Any thoughts on how the Grendel's layout might affect shifting?
  6. Again, the argument is moot because by definition, going AFK means that they're not playing the game. Which is exactly why I said it'd be better for the OP to just grind XP with bots, because that way he doesn't have to deal with trolls, rage-quitters, Jason-helpers, etc. and he still gets the XP he wants without annoying anyone in return. What's wrong with that exactly? And it's absolutely priceless how you're chastising me for daring to tell the OP "how he should play the game", and then you follow it up by telling me to stop bitching, adapt and overcome. kind of hypocritical of you, don't you think?
  7. You'd have a point here, except that going AFK doesn't involve actually playing the game. In fact, it's the opposite of actually playing the game. If he wants his lvl 150 so badly, he should just grind XP with bots. That'll give him exactly what he wants without having to be a douche to anyone else.
  8. Let's cut the retard a little slack, it's not his fault that his game was off a bit. He had just lost him home, his mom, his sack, and got a machete buried in his shoulder just the previous night.
  9. @deathbat96777 some of your ideas have some merit (Jason-specific deaths, looting and throwing bodies, popping tires, etc.) But making every Jason run, shift, and break doors exactly the same would seriously reduce any incentive to pick one Jason over another.
  10. If the only means for counselors to survive a match was to go the distance and last the entire 20 mins, then, maybe removing shift and morph would be a viable option. As it stands now, though, this is such an absurd notion that I'm not quite sure whether to laugh or facepalm in response.
  11. Basically it boils down to this: The issue isn't the mechanics of playing Tommy, but how some people choose to play as Tommy. So, it's really a people issue, not a game issue. Yet your solution is to make changes to the game in order to fix a people issue. ok...
  12. So, what happens when Tommy's driving the last few survivors out? The car just stalls at the exit?
  13. walkie talkie

    @JasonWhorehees Sounds like you and everyone else in your match might be using party chat rather than game chat, in which case, yeah... walkie talkies become useless. Otherwise, you'd only hear players that are close by without the walkies.
  14. Yeah, I'm with you on that one. If I get any, cool. If I don't, no biggy.