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  1. How do you know for a fact the reason they nerfed Jason was because of the forums and not because he was just initially broken ? Gut feeling ?
  2. You know how to read , that’s a good skill p.s “grain of salt”
  3. With over 2 million copies sold as of August ( I’m sure it’s way more now) you should take the input of these forums with a grain of salt when considering what is the next course of action for the next patch. I’m sure only about 2%-4% of the total player base are actively posting/even aware this forum exists. I admittedly am one to bitch on forums about the state of the game , but it’s more for cathartic purposes as I’m sure the rest of the bitching posts are. Just do you, to do me good (no homo)
  4. Exactly , shift grab still works just be in front of them when coming off the shift with something called prediction or just be really close to them . Easy as that the people bitching are more than likely those no skilled Jason’s that shifted a mile behind you and still did the grab action and got kills , now they’re pissed because they need some skill. ( and I’m sure they’re like under 15 years of age )
  5. Been playing as Jason get 8/8 still please cry more or get good?
  6. Jason’s grab was op as hell before , I would grab people from a mile away knowing how broken it was. Seems like you enjoyed the easy killing with little skill involved. My preference is and always will be Jason tl;dr get gud
  7. Yeah OP, whats the point of forums if you are bringing up faults within the game
  8. I am sure it takes an equal amount of work and time to create new clothes that contort with every characters actions and not be buggy and glitchy, so they worked hard in that aspect. same retort, they took resources and time to animate and develop bikinis and emotes that no one asked for, but we got it for a fixed price on top of the $40 we payed to get fed, this hand doesn't feed for free, we paid for the meal and it was a rancid one at that. You guys can continue to defend illfonic, I am just stating the truth, which sometimes hurts. I love the game by the way......if it was without its massive bugs.
  9. No, I like looking at the female butts to be honest. I just hate where the companies priorities are, which it currently is in making more money not stabilizing the game.
  10. Game has been out for some time and major bugs are still present, I already got too frustrated to keep playing. Is it that big of a surprise?
  11. At least we got bikinis and emotes before any fixes....amiright #burnthegreed