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  1. Agree with everything in this post !! When Gun media released the game one of the things Randy Greenback said was “ get ready to die... a lot.” This is Jason’s game it should be rewarding to escape him... not easy. I played 8 counselor matches last night escaped every one, cops for 4 matches 4 seater for 2 and the group teamed up and killed Jason the other 2. it was ridiculous watching Jason run away from the group... as of right know Jason doesn’t have the tools at his disposal to deal with everything the counselors throw at him.. and that’s the issues with balance. no trap stacking is fine ( never used it.) fix grab! adjust hit box/ collision on melee swing / combat stance stike, he should be able to counter strike ( so should counselors.) and add a power swing to deal with groups of counselors. fix windows ( back to before prompt.) when you could hit counselors going or out of windows. give him stalk first ... for surprise kills. Then sense. the least amount of traps Jason should have is 5 not 3... melee attacks should also damage the car and if it crashed 4 to 5 Times should disable it..... keep items on the map if counselors is killed with it in hand. Adjust trap placement indicator on map to be more clearly distinguishable.
  2. It would be nice since counselors can see items very clearly on the map that the indicator of a trap that has gone off could be easier to distinguish on Jason’s map. Maybe a different color purple for placed red for a trap that has been tripped?
  3. Jason needs a ability to break up a group,( it used to be fear but those days are long gone, counselors used to never engage Jason openly in a fight but since he can’t grab anything anymore that’s over!) but first his melee contact needs tweaked so when he swings his weapon it doesn’t go through counselors. His combat as of now with the changes that favor counselors play is very clunky he doesn’t lock on with combat stance in a way where you connect with your melee attacks, free swing and you will never hit them ... his inability to strike at windows as a counselor is going through them is ridiculously... it seriously hinders Jason game play, I don’t think perks are the answer for him. Allowing the character to do what he should is the solution.... a group of counselors are trying to stun you holding down The attack button should give Jason a much stronger swing that can strike multiple counselors in the direction you swing in! Counselor climbing through window free swing the window to hit them! And if they are in mid animation it should cause damage !!!!!
  4. Jason can be OP one on one that doesn’t happen anymore... Be gets beat up by a group for 20 minuets a match now.
  5. The balance issue is now counselors are Op compared to Jason .. all you need to do is group together tank his traps, call the cops and walk on out , Jason can barely do anything to a group if he grabs one of you .... if possible because right now he couldn’t if even if a counselor was the size of an elephant.... slash you sure if his weapon could make contact.... and in the mean time he is getting stunned by every melee weapon in the game in one hit! In my lobbies Jason has been kill 2 to 3 counselors a match most escape with ease and I have seen 2 over 90 good Jason players killed just tonight. where is the balance in that.
  6. Jason is completely handicapped against a group of counselors at this time. something needs to be done about it whether it’s adjust his grab or allow a more powerful melee attack on groups as it stand he can’t even hit one counselor in front of him let alone 4 or 5.
  7. He shouldn’t be able to be stunned when smashing through doors or walls in rage mode! No counselor would be able to hit him harder than him face first smashing into a wood wall or door!
  8. Obviously this is called “Friday the 13th the game” and will not be exactly like the movies ? and needs to be balanced so that both side have fun while playing the game, however some things should be consistent across the board for both: 1) counselors in the game/ in the movies fear Jason... (not actively engage him!) 2) In all the movies engaging Jason in a fight = dead ? ( not stun him with any melee weapon used!) 3) defending yourself when being attacked = possible escape. (In the movies most of the time Jason was stunned or put down he did not see the attack coming...examples part 3 jason is walking out of higgins haven and Chris hit him in the back of the head with tree trunk....Jason is hacking biker in barn and Chris whacks him in the head with axe as he turns around...part 4 Tommy hits Jason in the face with Machete after getting his attention away from Trish. This last patch broke Jason game play, I like a lot of the new perks to Tommy, the non trap stacking... but having items appear on the map and neutering Jason just sucks. Plus they have never fixed window mechanics that Jason needs more then ever now with all the counselor perks available to them. (also I have never watched a Friday the 13th were Jason gets his ass beat for 19 minuets straight.)
  9. I agree counter slash would be a good way to help give Jason a buff, also giving the player the ability to chose sense or stalk for his first ability I think since Jason doesn’t have shift in the beginning of the match stealthily moving from objective to objective trapping or hiding in a cabin/ main house for a possible kill or two in the process would help balance the gameplay out right now. (P.S. adjust the grab cone.)
  10. Agree with you...the nerfs on Jason have completely unbalanced the game play, counselors gang up on Jason completely unafraid of his melee strikes or useless grab... at least his pre patch grab made you second guess attempting to engage Jason in a fight that we all know none of these counselors would survive against. It put some fear of Jason’s abilities in the counselors heads.
  11. If the developers added an ability to grab/ stab a counselor when tea bagging or standing over Jason. They could give the player the control of when Jason sits up as well picture this : Jason is stunned and drops to the ground on his back ... dick bag counselors start spamming the crouch button over your prone face.... you press the x button to fill the rise prompt once filled a new prompt appears grab, stab or sit up.....you chose to lay prone and since you haven’t sat up yet and a counselor is continuing to have a tea bag party all over Jason’s hockey mask ..you engage the prompt button stabbing or slashing them... or better yet grabbing them by the throat and standing up...possibility performing a grab kill!
  12. I have an idea... how about every time a counselor swings a weapon it uses 20 - 30 % of their stamina. ( this would force counselors to really chose what is the best course of action swinging on Jason for a stun or jogging or sprinting away! Hopefully bringing back the feeling of survival horror instead of beat the Jason piñata that the game has become.)
  13. Agree 100% I have seen lobbies full of great Jason players struggling with the new grab nerf. ( but still kill half or most of the lobby because of new players.)
  14. Stunning Jason while in rage is fine...however I agree that when smashing through a door or wall he should be Immune to a stun. You can stun him as he is walking or running up to you or swinging at you...... (I mean he just face first smashed through a wall or door you think a counselor can hit him harder then he just did to himself .) lol ?
  15. Rant : From the last few games I have been able to play as Jason after the patch.... Playing as Jason has become quite stressful and not fun at all not because I am trying to achieve 8/8 (I am happy if I can just kill most 5/8 ) or anything but because Jason feels clunker after the patch, he can’t hit counselors climbing through windows or with a swinging weapon when they are right next to him. Just attempting to grab and preform a few of the awesome kills the game has in its arsenal is incredibly difficult to accomplish, it may be the ping but I feel like it’s the nerf to his grab and so do all the people I play with, each person who played him the other night complained about not grabbing even when on top of a counselor. I do hope some middle ground will be made with it because Jason has become a giant undead piñata in his own game, counselors attack him with little fear since his melee attack is nearly useless hitting everything but a counselor. (And I don’t even want to talk about how he glitches during a free swing when the window prompt appears and can no longer swing a weapon. ) Jason needs the player base to fear engaging him! That is what the pre patch grab gave him fear that you would die if you get to close to him !! You know if you saw Jason in real life you would try to avoid him like the plague. Not openly run towards him and stun him with a shot to the face with a frying pan.....? Having a weapon as a counselor should make you feel like you could get way with a stun on him not Guaranteeing a stun tea bag party ? with every swing of their weapon. “lets make F 13 game great again” revert the grab to pre patch, with all the perks counselors have now item placement on maps, Tommy buff, non trap stacking... Jason’s reach shouldn’t be one of them!
  16. After the last patch beating down Jason is the norm in the game unfortunately.
  17. First time post, sort of an introduction.... I am a huge f13 fan and love the game...I always check the website and forums for updates and really love all the great suggestions all the members come up with..... You can really tell all of you are super fans and are enjoying the game as much as I do..... With that I think it would really be cool if during spectating after escaping or more likely being killled... lol (me). it would be cool if you could switch views to a first person perspective of all the counselors.... what do you guys think?
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