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  1. Agree 100% I figure if Mommy can use a bow I don’t see any reason her disfigured Mongoloid son couldn’t either.....he had nothing but time on his hands after his “drowning” living off the land and hunting in the woods using a bow doesn’t seem out of character to me...... Jason used the spear gun in part 3 part 4 and part 8......soooooo yeah that’s badass and definitely something he’s comfortable using......
  2. I wonder if Roy is behind the wheel of that ambulance......the OP and Roy could have a nice chat about all the things that make them so sad.
  3. I finally got a chance to watch this this weekend..... I thought it was fantastic.... they need to just bring this crew on board to make an official film......
  4. Looking good!!! can’t wait to see the completed outfit!! And I really want to see your version of parts 8 and 9.
  5. Oh man!!!! This makes my Heart super happy!! You nailed the Idea! This is definitely what they should have done!!!! Many more options for A Retro Jason than just part 3
  6. That’s because the idiots on twitch are the same ones who think all we post about on here is “Jason is weak he needs a buff....” Funny I haven’t seen one of those posts in a long while too. Fuck all those assholes it was their constant complaining about the game being too hard for Counselors in the beginning that brought many many many Buffs to counselors gameplay that required any Buffs to Jason........they don’t know SHIT....all they want is the game to go back to the Stun lock /teabaging /dance parties of old....they blame us for the Rage buff and not one person on the forums asked for the Rage buff we got.
  7. I agree. There is major Butthurt-age-ness going on. A-lot of was people claim is teaming is subjective.......what seems like teaming to one person is actually the opposite..... At this point it doesn’t matter trolls troll bro and he has shown what kind of character he has.
  8. Finally you say something that makes sense.........not only is it an option it is also not a guarantee even when all the requirements for the kill are meet you still need to out play/smart /set up Jason for it......not expect them to stand there and take it or come at you head on to make it easier for you either.
  9. Just when you think you know all there is to know about this franchise @Somethin Cool pops up to educate lol Thanks for posting this I have never seen it nor would have thought to look for it if not for you fine masters of Retro lore!!
  10. I didn’t know about a Japanese poster being inspiration for Retro Jason. I thought the Game developers went with Part 3 because that is what Neca had used for their NES Jason figure. If that is the case it is quite an Obscure trivia fact......even so at this point the relationship to Retro and NES goes hand and hand.....which is why they are considered the same character. My point was if it was supposed to be the NES version of the character they should have used the design from the cover and gave us a purple and Turquoise part 7.... I still think a Retro skin for all Jason’s would have been the best way to go.
  11. Because you cry foul and want others to grab one of your imaginary pitchforks and attack a forum member who has more posts and videos that indicate the exact opposite of what you suggest. You have provided nothing but speculation and declare players should play how you want........practically the definition of a sore loser. He didn’t say his buddy he said if the player wants to practice driving who cares it’s the Jason players prerogative on how they manage the time and who to go after and attempt to kill. Do you not hear how you sound???? You literally are upset because he won’t play to the Advantage of the Kill squad it’s your job to kill Jason you have the tools to do it......if he so chooses to avoid you he can only do it for so long..... And you are the one accusing him of cheating if there is proof it is your job to provide it....... @HaHaTrumpWon doesn’t have to prove he isn’t a cheater he’s done that already on numerous occasions.
  12. Wow that’s a lot of issues..... I know Shout factory had only one sound issue on Halloween 4 for their Deluxe Box set..... and they sent out replacement discs if you contacted them with the issue.....there was a limited amount of time to check on your copy and let them know but they definitely took care of the issue on my end. They usually have quite high quality control I am confident they will come through on taking care of the issues. @Dogmatic https://bloody-disgusting.com/home-video/3637150/heres-get-friday-13th-blu-ray-collection-replacement-discs-scream-factory/ Here is what you need to do to get your replacement discs!!!!
  13. Thanks!! You are a man with much knowledge....I appreciate you passing it along!
  14. Well, some Zombies can run just watch the Zombies from Dawn of the Dead Remake lol This could have been even cooler than what we got...... Actually now that I think about it more what they should have done was just gave us a retro skin for all the Jason models and when you use it, it plays the retro theme for all of them...... They could have called it Retro Night Skin pack.......a dlc for all Jason’s and counselors and should have come with the yellow Camp Crystal Lake shirt and shorts for all the counselors......I would have gladly bought that as DLC.
  15. I really feel like NES Jason was the original Ghost Jason before Never Hike Alone came along..... I voted Zombie because he has supernatural abilities in the NES game. The cover of the Nintendo game even features Jason from The New Blood and I always thought that that should have been his base look but purple and teal.........I think it would have stood out more than using part 3 as the base.
  16. @Ih8teamers Ok your 15 minutes of fame are over now. Your whining complaining topic doesn’t deserve the amount of attention it is even getting. You have come off a a sore loser and someone who can’t handle playing a game that you don’t automatically win.......And you Attacked a long standing member of the forums who has by all accounts always tried to help others be better players. Cheaters don’t care who see them cheat if he was one there would be video of it........you provided nothing but speculation and finger pointing.......run along home to mommy now.
  17. If you have some type of proof than do something with it..... coming on the forums and acting like a victim and pointing fingers makes you come off as a real sore loser like you can’t handle someone out playing you....... @HaHaTrumpWon has many many videos on YouTube and I have never seen him teaming in any of them........
  18. Exactly. Well said. it’s not out of the realm of what the character can do..... its not like we are saying “it would be badass if Jason just got like two submachine guns and just wiped some counselors out man!!” That would just be wrong.
  19. Yes those singles player challenges the ones that have been implemented into the game since 2018......yep that 2018 the one from 2 years ago. great sarcasm by the way..... You might not be a fan of Jason using a bow but it doesn’t change my opinion that the way the game and remake implemented it looks cool and badass. As for Michael and the Shotgun Halloween 4 definitely amplified the kills in that movie..... That kill was supposed to Homage the originals kill of Bob but in a more gruesome and violent way.....just like the Thumb through the forehead set the tone for the next over the top kill ...... and though they are over the top they are also still badass.
  20. Well He did in the remake.... and the Game in the single player challenge ......both times were Badass
  21. If you are interested in dating and or Girls.... finding ones with the same interests as yourself is the first step. (plenty of women like comics and possibly toys my friend.)( well I know quite a few who really love their toys. 😉)
  22. Very cool bro! Unfortunately the images link isn’t working for me.
  23. Thanks for posting!! I am not surprised with the current state of things today that they have to delay the release of these figures.
  24. @RetroJason89 Very extensive my friend!! And very well put together!! As fans we definitely pull out all the stops to make all the inconsistencies of the franchise as cohesive as possible.....there are some big Retcons from Adam and other creators in your timeline that the films don’t give you in order to make it all work...... either way we can all Enjoy the franchise however we want whether they feel connected or not.
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