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  1. For sure!!! His latest script ideas sound fantastic!!! I would be all in to get him back making a new Friday film, whether it acknowledges other films in the Series or not.
  2. Quoting myself because I think you may have missed my question @mattshotcha From a few posts ago. I know you have a-lot on your plate and stuff gets missed sometimes.
  3. Well said my friend.( as usual.) Words and sentiments we both share thank you for all the good threads/ topics/ times they will be missed. hope to see you on @Jason Todd Voorhees forum. And unfortunately your connection has been shit I still hope to run into you in camp one day as well. I want to try to get some games in this weekend as I haven’t been able to play for several weeks now a lot going on since the loss in our family. User name ps4: OCT 31 79
  4. Happy f13th!!!! Fantastic as usual @Jason Todd Voorhees
  5. I would have loved this as well. @mattshotcha thanks for the transparency as usual. This is one of the most important issues for end of the line for this Game Matt. Please don’t let all the work that was done on Gun and our part be lost to videos on YouTube and screen shots .... we need.....need....need the ability to use and play all the Jason’s and counselors, clothing, items, weapons that we have unlocked and Gun and Illfonic spent all that time and effort on. I can understand an AI for Jason was going to be a huge undertaking....and it’s unfortunate that it didn’t become a reality. Quick question about off-line bots....why do boats never spawn in on the maps for them to escape with? was it deliberately programmed that way? or something that can be looked into? thanks again
  6. Matt has always been transparent with us he may have missed your post. @mattshotcha I know you are up to your neck in messages and tags about the “last” patch but if you get a minute to check out Friday-fan-88 question about off-line that would be awesome.
  7. It’s been a hell of a ride!!! love this forum and Game!! take care everyone!
  8. I don’t have any social media this forum is one of the only online interaction I do. no Twitter/ Facebook/ MySpace etc. just don’t have the time or energy to manage all that .....not to mention too old lol.
  9. 1st counselor : Kenny killed by J3 by the door slam. 1st Jason : J3 killed everyone in the lobby Tommy was never called .....the very first kill was on a Vanessa at a campfire with the skewers down the throat......still one of my absolute favorite kills 1st escape: By car as a Chad found the keys someone else put in the gas and Battery and rode it out like I stole it......( because I did. Got the Chad is a dick trophy that match too.) 1st Jason kill as Tommy was on a Part 2 on Higgins.....it was super intense we fought hard and smart sticking and moving between the cabins at Stillwater....finally knocking his mask of and getting the kill it was very early in the games life and felt earned at that time. 1st Death as Jason: I was a part 4 during the first month of his release got into a lobby with a very coordinated Kill squad on Higgins Haven ....they Beat my ass all over the map.... knocking my mask off and putting me on the defensive very early.... this was were I really learned how important stalk is for Jason.... I was able to pick two of them off morphing behind cabins a little ways from the group and putting stalk on to this day..... it is my favorite stalk kill I have ever done..... one of them left the group to repair the generator that was attached to the cabin I was hiding behind... he bent down to repair it as I came around the corner grabbed him and slit his throat he screams so loud when I grabbed him I was smiling ear to ear.....not long after the group of 3 then corner me and I pressed my luck feeling confident in my skills to battle them off after two epic kills.......to my surprise sweater girl came up behind me ( I didn’t even know they had got the sweater.) hit me with the stun and Tommy gave me the Jarvis and that all she wrote.....
  10. Agreed. @mattshotcha The final final patch needs to fix any and all off-line play/ save issues for the game that will be the only option to play when peer 2 peer isn’t an option. please see what you and the team can come up with for it all audio sink issues for off-line single player challenges and path ways for vs bots is a priority.
  11. Thanks very much @Jason Todd Voorhees I have recently been selling a few variants to my Jason customs on eBay I have sold 2 Jason part 8’s and 1 Jason goes to Hell and in a few weeks another JGTH will be up on the site and a pre-Uber Jason.
  12. @mattshotcha This 👆🏻 audio intro sync? Bots tweaks? Tommy intro lines added back in?
  13. Yeah, They have said no mods will be allowed for the game because of needing approval from the IP.
  14. thanks hope to see the list soon. Is there a plan in place for when these servers need to be shut down so we get our saved data? I know there is a lot of moving parts right now with the End of the line coming..... but eventually when the Data saved servers are shut down I don’t want to lose all the Jason’s and counselors/ unlocks.....this is a must for the End of the line.
  15. Exactly I got more than my money’s worth out of this game hours and hours of game time fun friendships and an enormous community of fans who like me love the movies the merchandise The franchise and all its quirks and and the game. much love goes out to the game the developers and this community!
  16. @Slasher_Clone you said it buddy this community and Game mean a-lot to me and you are 100% right the game was everything I ever hoped to get out of a F13 game, a dream come true it was and still is the only online multiplayer game I play..... I will continue to play the game and hope to run into everyone again. ps4 username OCT 3179 hit me up anytime you are on!! I will definitely jump on your forum buddy!@Jason Todd Voorhees
  17. It is called Precedence.....it establishes something earlier on to make what Happens later more accurate or acceptable. Him being able to speak as a child makes what happened in JGTH more I won’t say “believable” because that’s definitely not the case but more acceptable might work. There is a ton of stuff in JGTH that many find questionable.....my point was if Jason can body swap in the movie him speaking hardly shocked me or pulled me out of the movie anymore than accepting the body swapping pill. And Thanks @Somethin Cool for the reminder that Adult Jason spoke at the End of Part 8 I think I purposely repressed the memory of that....lol. I agree, both adult Michael and Jason speaking breaks the character for me and many others and shouldn’t be in any film... But others wanted to include it so here we are.....I am not trying to sway anyone’s opinions of JGTH I know it is very much hated by the fan base......I am just pointing out that this film wasn’t the first iteration of a speaking Jason....it just made a little more sense to me since he wasn’t in his own body and was using someone else’s vocal cords... to me that makes it a little more acceptable.
  18. @Jason Todd Voorhees Thanks for posting!!! I can’t wait to watch this!
  19. Happy belated Halloween!! 🎃
  20. Which part? I provided facts.....from the top of my post to the bottom. Like is said I don’t disagree with you here I don’t want Jason or Michael talking in any film...... But my point was that it was established way back in the very first Friday the 13th that Jason can speak......and if we are to believe he can body hop as JGTH show us all parts of the body he is currently inhabiting is Fair game.
  21. He did use it correctly in part 3 and proves he is a very good shot at a distance. In part 4 he stabbed Paul with it and then pulled the trigger...... Part 8 he loads the speargun and fires it......he misses which proves he isn’t always 100 percent accurate with ranged weapons....or his aim has gotten worse with his injuries or deteriorating from being dead alive and dead again. That kill is definitely not dumb you might not like it but it is one of the best kills in the series..... Jason walks out in his hockey mask for the first time and bullseye 🎯 blasts Vera drops the spear gun and walks off like a boss. Jason is shown several times throughout the series that he is not limited to just melee weapons..... Just because Jason is shown using them and using them successfully doesn’t mean it is his Preferred method of killing..... he is quite creative and uses whatever means does the job. well they Establish that he is a good shot the first time he uses a ranged weapon in Part 3..... that is pretty early in the Series. I Don’t disagree with you here JGTH is quite Polarizing for the fan base.... but if you can believe he can bounce from body to body and using it like a suit..... what’s the difference if he uses their vocal cords too...... Jason understands the English language Mommy used to talk to him and in the Original Friday the 13th when Pamela is telling Alice about him Drowning he calls for her to help him.......”Mommy help!” He shouts as he is drowning showing us that he used to speak. Mrs. Voorhees even speaks for him “kill her Mommy kill her.”......I get that from that point on in the Series he doesn’t speak but it proves that he has the comprehensive skills enough that he probably could speak as long as his vocal cords are working properly.
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