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  1. http://f13game.com/news/end-of-content/ even after it’s settled, they will no longer be developing content for the game. There are a ton of threads already about what people would have liked the developers to add to the game....but at this point in its life we need to worry about whether they will be able to fix the remaining bugs in game and provide us with our save data and the ability to play as counselors after they are done providing support for the game.
  2. Because of one simple reason........ NO NEW CONTENT. all of this would fall under that.
  3. The entire sequel trilogy is Underwhelming...... And you are definitely right Ruin Johnson definitely did try to do something different with Star Wars....and he succeeded he made a Very Terrible Star Wars movie.....something that was rare up until These 3 films which got worse and worse as they went along.
  4. You know the game has been out for 2 + years.....what took you so long to say something....and if you backed the game you would have received via email the code to unlock him when the game launched....
  5. I am 100% certain This is Robert attempting to deflect the casting and save Face for New line with the Fans....trying to make it about. “oh they wanted a taller guy.” But I heard a few different stories for why it went down the way it did. http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2016/03/the-saga-of-kane-hodder-not-playing.html Just because he wants a reboot definitely doesn’t mean he’s in the running to play Jason Voorhees lol. The guy wanted to relive his 15 minutes of Fame again at Horror conventions.......and No matter what anyone says he indeed played Unmasked Jason in part 2 for one of if not the most important scene.....”the big reveal” it also sounds like he took a dark turn and I don’t agree with how it all started but at least he eventually came to his senses and apologized........there is plenty of room to fan over all these guys who brought Jason to life........ The character is bigger than any one actor and none of them should take credit away from each other...... what they did will live on long passed their and our own deaths....call it what you want cinema or movie magic.... film lives on forever.
  6. lol Definitely! I would truly have loved to See Kane as Jason in Freddy vs Jason and it’s a shame that they recast him....I also guarantee that it would have been a very different movie than what we got....if he had been a part of it. He deserved to be in that part as he championed the making of that film for a decade while it was in development Hell. I don’t believe the Height and Eyes were the reason he was recast.....I heard a rumor it had to do with some issues with the producers during the filming of Jason X....they apparently took issue with his disputes with the way they wanted him to portray Jason in that film and that they were unhappy with the film and it’s box office and wanted a fresh start with FvsJ. I also enjoyed the performance of those actors as well.... And even though I prefer Jason as an unsympathetic undead killing machine and pure Evil.....I still Enjoy FvsJ and Kens Jason in my opinion he adds another layer to the character.......but I understand it’s not for everyone. You took my statement and stretched it pretty far out of context I didn’t say Lebron James in a Hockey mask or any Big guy would fit the mold of bringing the character to life...... I said being cast as Jason does. ( on paper Jason’s character is not unique....it is the actors that make the performance unique.) We both can agree that a lot more goes into the casting of a character than Just slapping a mask on a basketball player.... Every actor had to audition for the director and producers and had make up tests to determine if they could portray the Character....from there They were cast in the part. He was Jason from Part 2.....at least in that one scene as unmasked Jason.....and he did a good Job in it .....He has all the right in the world to make that claim as long as he is Not trying to Take credit away from Steven Dash who played Jason through out the film and deserves all the credit in the world for playing That part as well.
  7. Yes, because of the Actor portraying Him.......But Jason himself is not that unique big Guy in make up and a Hockey mask who kills teenagers in creative and violent ways......his character can be summed up in a few sentences.... I agree with all your points on the actors Portrayal of Jason.....all brought something to the role that made it more than some guy just killing teens. you are definitely entitled to your opinions, I also heard for Jason in FvJ Frankenstein’s monster was looked at as inspiration basically because Frankenstein’s Monster is a sympathetic villain in the story which is what the director and New Line producers wanted they wanted a Jason that could show weakness and also be a victim.....Ken did show all these things....he fit the bill for what they were attempting to do with the movie......which is why they went with him over Kane..... I am sure Kane would have wanted Jason to be his very evil / unsympathetic self in the film and probably would have pushed back on some choices made in the film like he has in the past saying things like “ Jason wouldn’t do that....he would do this.” And even though Kane is probably right when it comes to his decisions with the character especially being the only actor to portray him 4 times, more than anyone Else his portrayal is iconic .......but it’s that reason Jason was recast. You May not like Kens Jason in FvJ but remember he is doing what the director and producers wanted him to on the screen.... I don’t have a huge problem with what he did in the movie but I understand some choices were made to make him the lesser of the Evil characters in the movie. Actually casting them in the part makes them Jason. Their actions / behaviors are what make each portrayal unique each of the performances making Jason more a living breathing character..... and while some are more goofy/ clumsy/ angry/ menacing/ sympathetic or Evil they are all Jason the big guy in a hockey mask who kills teenagers.
  8. Thanks. I also Happen to like Freddy vs Jason....I can enjoy it for what it is and though they took a few liberties with some things the film Never directly contradicts the events of the F13 films or the Nightmare films.....as a Horror fan I can appreciate respecting the source material and not stripping away any of the continuity. I would have loved Kane as Jason with out a doubt and had this film been made a short time after Jason goes to Hell who knows what it would have been like.....over all the movie is enjoyable and honestly better than a few of of the films in their own franchises..... Freddys Dead and Jason takes Manhattan I am looking at you lol
  9. Lol Jason isn’t the most unique of characters.....he is a very simple character....not entirely a lot needed to portray him. I think every actor that has played Jason has brought something to the role....Ken was meant to be a more sympathetic version of Jason while Kane/CJ brought a more aggressive No fear angry personality.....I definitely couldn’t see Kane’s Jason or CJ version scared of water.
  10. Agreed. And to make them harder don’t add more pockets knifes......make them actively attempt to fix objectives or have some counselors attempt to distract Jason..... Give them Boat escapes and better driving skills!! ASAP.
  11. One more question... ”Why are all of Wes Keltners online preferences set to private?” oh wait we know now.
  12. I don’t have issues finding lobbies on PS4 .....but there is an issues with the game not populating you into a lobby once the search has gone on for longer then 3 minutes.....once the game searches for 2 plus minutes I cancel out of the search and retry.....It will then pop me in rather quickly.....it sucks that this is a thing but at least this work around seems to work every time.
  13. Definitely creepy bro.....hope it gets sorted out.
  14. I am pretty sure this is tied to the environmental kill issue where the kill glitches out and counselors register killed but eventually break out of Jason’s grasp and continue playing...... Matt said this issue is being addressed with this months patch.
  15. Don’t hold the Triangle button.....press and release it if it doesn’t go off repeatedly press triangle.
  16. http://jasonlivessince1980.blogspot.com/2016/08/how-part-3-masks-were-probably-painted.html check our this blog it has some detailed info on the mask for part 3 and what paints and techniques were used by the FX team. Hope this helps.
  17. It always comes down to Lighting. both pictures are in different lighting conditions the first with an over head white lighting, the second in a more harsh Yellow you can tell from the way the clothing looks and even the color of his skin. Your best bet is to use the production stills for reference as those probably don’t have any extra or harsh lighting on them and may even be the most accurate.
  18. I absolutely Hate the new sequel trilogy.....There was an opportunity to make such an epic trilogy bringing back all of the original cast and focusing on Han and Leia’s twin children Training to become Jedi in Luke’s new Jedi order and Admiral Thrawn attempting to restore The Empire to its former Glory with the Help of Darkside user Mara Jade like the Novels did.....or Even used Darth Plagueis as the main Threat.....Revenge of the Sith practically set us up for his return during the Conversation with Anakin about the Wise Darth Plagueis skill with the Darkside. .....But instead Disney Star Wars decided to shit all over the characters the way The Force works and the fan base with these 3 films we get Zombie Palpatine, uninteresting main characters, new characters introduced doing things in the story that old original characters should have....a lame villain and rehashed plots that already had pay offs in the original trilogy..... They made so many mistakes with these sequels....not one cohesive storyline, it was as if no one outlined where the story was going to go for the new Trilogy and they went in with a “Winged it “ attitude for each film. Bringing back Emperor Palpatine was just another mistake attempting to draw back in the older fans after the abomination that was the choices made in The Last Jedi .....thinking it Was what the fans wanted on a very long list of mistakes and missed opportunities in these movies. As far as I am concerned there are only 7 Star Wars movies, 2 animated shows and 1 live action show. I,II, III, Rogue One, IV, V, VI movies clone wars, rebels and Mandalorian for shows
  19. You should be able to hit Triangle on PS4 at any point once you acquire the sweater.....however you have to be close enough to Jason to activate the stun for him to have to resist it.
  20. @mattshotcha Are and When will Beyond streams be returning? any chance the community can get a list of what’s next on the priority list of bug fixes? ( so we can possibly ask or address any “would be nice to add/change” suggestions.)
  21. No prompts to break windows....which once added created an invisible protection barrier that used to not be there. The free swing to break windows .... and hitting counselors jumping into or climbing into was much better before they added the prompt....much more fluid and less clunky.
  22. I understand that you suggest that it should only be for 150 levels......I see a lot of 150 players....so I am sure you would get a ton of all ten characters in lobbies.... Players should be motivated to keep playing for the unlocks not an almost guaranteed win condition..... these all ten stat characters would repair/escape/evade/kill Jason extremely easily....that is why there is only one character maxed out Tommy Jarvis. It is much harder to kill any player that is skilled who knows how to use their characters strengths and manage their stamina correctly......... Tommy has everything in his arsenal to keep Jason at bay indefinitely him dying comes down to the the Tommy’s lack of skill bad luck or the high skill of the Jason player.
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