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  1. There was a Chucky game in development that was Canceled a few years back..... There is an Indy developer making a Game that was originally based on Chucky/ Childs Play.......but it is called Charlie :The Legend.... it looks like Chucky but with dark hair and clothing......with different skins... check out... Charlie the legend.com.....it also has an IndieGoGo as well.
  2. Thank you Slasher!!!! I really appreciate you saying that my friend!!! It’s really weird as I have been doing these figures each one I Finish becomes my new favorite....lol This guy is definitely my favorite one I have done now. I am going to take a Picture of all of them together and post it as well....pretty Stoked to have All of the Jason’s Kane played as Figures.
  3. True, he has lower Hp but I don’t fear those players.....I will bring my A game and they can try their luck.
  4. @RetroJason89 Thanks buddy!! Glad you and Tiff approve! @Fair Play Thank you for the compliments I truly appreciate the kind words Play !!!!
  5. @Jason Todd VoorheesI am a huge fan of Kane’s Jason and definitely wish he was in Freddy vs Jason But not in the story we got it would need to be different because I can’t see Kane’s Jason being afraid of anything let alone being affected by water like he was in FVJ....... The only thing I could see affecting Kane’s Jason would be him stuck in a continuous loop watching his Mom being be-headed and not being able to do anything about it......a type of torture he wouldn’t want to be stuck in again and again.... that’s the only mind fuck game I could see would work that Freddy could use to control or antagonize Kane’s Jason. @Strigoi As for Derek Mears he did great in the reboot and I would love to see him in the role again.......but I also would love to see Kane return for one last Friday as well... I like James Jude Courtney as Myers for now. I wouldn’t want Derek Mears for the role just like I didn’t like Tyler Mane either......Myers is more Frightening when he’s an average sized guy doing Supernaturally powerful things when you have a giant in the role you expect overwhelming strength and Durability it’s not surprising at all that’s one of the things that made Michael in the original films so terrifying......a normal person surviving things he shouldn’t, lifting people up by their necks with ease, suspending nurses up in the air one handed....etc.
  6. Thank you Dragon!!! I saved him for last because I wanted as much practice as possible with the other figures before tackling this Guy!! A No-Prize goes to the first person who guesses the right order of different Original Neca Jason body, Head and mask parts that went into making this BMF...... There is a lot going on with this figure.....lol before I even started sculpting....... The Axe is a complete re-work from A double Sided axe.
  7. Well then, as some of you already know....I have been making Custom Versions of Neca Jason figures that haven’t been able to be released because of the Lawsuit. My hope is one day soon this Thorn in the The Franchise’s side (And Ours) will be over and Neca will eventually be able to release these Guys officially....... But because I am impatient and can’t wait any longer I decided I would make my own versions...... I have already made J8, J9 and JX (pre-Uber).....and the feedback from you guys Has been amazing and extremely positive....... So with this last custom In My Kane Hodder collection I wanted to hit it out of the park...... I knew it would require more sculpting And have More details then any of the other figures I previously did with all the Bones and deteriorated Skin throughout the body....... I also wanted to To give J7 a re-movable mask because he is unmasked for the longest Period of time in this film and for me It is the most Iconic unmasked Look in the entire franchise. So Without further delay......I proudly present.... Jason Voorhees as he Appears in.... (to the best of my ability.) Friday the 13th part 7 : The New Blood. Enjoy the photos!!! Let me know what you guys think!! ” Need a little touch up work my Ass.” @Dragonfire82877, @Fair Play, @Carlso,@Big Daddy J@Jason Lover, @F134Ever86@Jason Todd Voorhees, @DontZzz34, @Dogmatic, @Slasher_Clone , @RetroJason89
  8. You definitely have an imagination that’s for sure....... some might even say An OVER- ACTIVE IMAGINATION. For what Purpose to hold the match hostage from getting your XP instead of moving on to another match..... All the Fun To be hand in the game involves Jason being alive..... once he is dead..... that’s it the rest of the objectives don’t matter.....he is the End all be all of the match. Tommy is the Hero character and though he has fits of rage in the movies it really wouldn’t fit for the game ...... And players Don’t need another Character teaming with Jason and killing counselors... There’s enough teamer’s out there as is...... killing counselors is Jason‘s job it’s his game......
  9. JGTH part 9 always....😃 With the pick axe ⛏ lately. I like Part 9’s look and his + Stalk and + shift...... I like that I can use him both aggressively and stealthily. Whatever the situation requires.
  10. Bet you he has an America Express card! lol @Strigoi Killing Jason is the Ultimate win condition the match should definitely end when there is no threat from Jason any longer......... Repairing and fixing things and driving around Aimlessly Has no point or value once Jason is down for the count.
  11. @aurllcooljay and @hab007GE thanks for the hidden secrets I haven’t played single player challenges in a long while I am going to jump back on them and try a few of these out.
  12. They will listen as long as they can line their pockets up with Cash Because that’s all they care about.
  13. @Strigoi @SirMang @Dragonfire82877 how did the matches go? Dying for some feedback......
  14. Terrible ideas...... And No. and not just No...FUCK NO! Also pretty sure this should be in the suggestion topic thread area.
  15. The game isn’t going anywhere.....but they will definitely not be adding any new content even after the lawsuit is settled... The most important reason Why Gun Won’t release any more content Is because restarting development on 2 year old content isn’t how game development works.......especially when the lawsuit continues to drag on with no end in sight. Not to mention developing content on a licensed Brand is expensive..... They would need to draw up new Licensing fees For all new future content With whoever is finally victorious and has the rights.......There is no telling if their Deal with Cunningham would stay in place....... There are too many variables in place for Gun Media to have to deal with too many hurdles to go through just to possibly restart Content......with no Guarantee that they wouldn’t run into the same problem again.......They are better off not going down that road again....as a fan it breaks my heart to say but It is something that I have come to grips with.
  16. @mattshotcha you tag him like anyone else.
  17. Sounds like my kinda glitch!!!!! Lol...relax it was a joke. Could have Been your internet connection......or possibly a glitch.
  18. The laughter triggers when Jason’s Rage meter has filled up completely and he will no longer be able to be stunned will melee weapons..... He can be stunned with the shotgun bear traps, The last hit that de-masks him and the sweater. The more you know 🌈 ⭐️
  19. I guarantee it’s going to be one of the simplest kills Too...... a head slam, face crush or closet/ locker/ out house. That’s what it was for me.
  20. Still Hunting for the PHD in Murder huh? How are you going about it? Are you using one of the lists here on the forums or just going about your own way?
  21. If he shows up again tomorrow with another uneducated post about it I am blaming you. Lol 😂
  22. Listen, I hate Glitches and bugs just as much as anyone......but you are really acting like a entitled snowflake about this issue....... Yes, it Is annoying but Not game breaking and at the end of the day it doesn’t stop you from enjoying the other features of the game.......especially since you only paid “$5” for this game.... ( others who helped back the game put in way more.....without them you wouldn’t even have a game to complain about.) Single player Vs Bots and Challenges mode and the virtual cabin alone is worth more then the money you spent on the game So far .....if you don’t want to spend any more money on the game because of a randomize bug glitch that’s up to you no one is forcing you to purchase anything. The team working on the game at this time and from the beginning has been a small one......They have always been transparent about this.... And They recently attempted to fix This issue But apparently something slipped through the cracks @mattshotcha has stated that the random bug has been re-opened to be investigated as the issue still persists..... Making statements like “ when they don’t wanna fix known issues.” And “ there is No excuse to not try fix what can be fixed.” Makes you come across as entitled and a fool it is quite apparent you are unwilling to take the time to educate yourself with where the developers are at with this stage of the Games development.
  23. Do you mean when you are playing as Jason? Jason only hears Counselors when they have a mic and it I on and he is close enough to them. If you mean as counselor play to talk you will need a mic to hear them as long as they have mic turned on you should be able to hear them when you get close to them in game or if you or they have picked up a Walkie talkie or are you are running the psychic perk which starts you with a walkie talkie. hope that helped
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