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    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    Glad you are enjoying the game! if you come across players in that unreachable area again send video to Jasonkillsbugs.com. @mattshotcha Can you let the team know about the possible exploit area in front of the vacation house On Jarvis map
  2. @thrawn3054 The issue is ......That they are stunning Jason to the ground........and as the Jason player is mashing the button prompt to get out the ground stun........they then use the sweater.....which then initiates the resist sweater stun bar.....Tommy then hits Jason on the ground to bring him to his knees ........again resetting his stun Bar negating any ability to fight off the sweater stun......it seems like a problem to me....the ability to almost keep him in a stun lock while killing him is definitely not how the game is supposed to work.
  3. OCT 31 1978

    NECA teases an Ultimate Part 5 Roy Burns figure!

    Definitely!!! I totally flipped out excited for that ultimate H2 figure !!! It’s an insane time to be a horror figure collector!!!
  4. OCT 31 1978

    Map/lobby suggestions

    You can raise the gamma setting in game to brighten that map up a bit if it’s too dark for you....I have mine set at 2.5 because I feel all the maps are too dark since the engine upgrade.
  5. OCT 31 1978

    Jason question

    I agree and you are right that the movies don’t usually end with police to the rescue or riding a car or boat out to safety....these were added to the game to give players extra goals/options to survive. All characters definitely have the option to give Jason a fight....the question is? Is it a risky thing to do......as it is in the films....most interactions with Jason = Death especially combat. Also the other escape options were added in because the developers intended the scenario of killing Jason to be much harder....a 1 in 70 to 100 matches type of situation..........that is not the case because of gameplay mechanics that have almost always been geared to making counselor gameplay easier.... he is killed nearly every 3 or 4 matches.... and that is a bit of a problem.
  6. OCT 31 1978

    Jason question

    Well if you want the game to reflect the movies also.....show me one of the films that had counselors gang banging Jason for 20 minutes.......... What do you mean there aren’t???!!!!!! The changes made were not meant to punish players but to bring the game back to its original design....Jason more of a threat with out the appearance of being weak.... and to really combat him when absolutely necessary.....not because he shows up and now it’s time to stomp a muddy hole in his ass. First 10 minutes benefits counselor gameplay the last 10 minutes benefits Jason sounds pretty balanced....But I do stress more tweaks are needed... Correct it is a game developed by Gun and Illfonic / black tower and we will always have to adapt to the design the developers want for the game...... for now at least. The developers didn’t decided to make the changes.... for the “ complainers” or the Jasons that took it personally......just listen to Wes during the Beyond streams he repeatedly says that Jason was easily made to look weak and that was something that needed a drastic change....here we are. at least more is coming and maybe even some that address the combat at the end of the match we will have to wait and see.
  7. OCT 31 1978

    Map/lobby suggestions

    Good call ! That could definitely help with its size.
  8. Just like the Jason goes to Hell ending!! I dig that ! I would have loved a kill condition that involved Tommy and the boat, the rock and the chain ...like the end of Jason lives.... I imagine it could work like this .... Tommy and the sweater girl would gather the rock, and chain and take the boat out to the middle of the lake....as Jason you would need to flip the boat to kill them but if the sweater girl uses the sweater on Jason as he initiates the flip boat animation.....he becomes temporarily stunned in the animation half up on the boat Tommy would then press the action button to wrap the chain around Jasons neck and you both push the Rock off the boat.....and watch as Jason sinks to the bottom!! @Slasher_Clone you responded as I was typing this out lol
  9. OCT 31 1978

    Map/lobby suggestions

    @Slasher_Clone this is an incredible idea ! Way to think outside the box 📦. All maps in single player changes already Have the environmental kills plugged in...and would only need to add the cb radio, escape options and Jasons shack/ sweater.....to most maps....all content already in the game!! This sounds feasible and from what we have been told about new content may very well be able to be included I am over here crossing my fingers!! @mattshotcha this is a great idea posted by slasher_clone what do you think ? What’s the possibility of this happening? I would like to play the strip poker map and the snuggle by the fire map.....however I am pretty sure that one would be too small for a full blown multiplayer match....😜 @Slasher_Clone
  10. I am definitely on the side of keeping Jason OP and stopping the trolling that has been plaguing the game for quite a while and I am glad you are all for the changes too....I am definitely enjoying the patch and Jasons buffs! I Do feel more is needed to balance out more early gameplay....like switching stalk and sense and giving Jason more traps... I only suggested using a little less of a “ in your face cry baby trolls..” style of posting your opinions because we have quite a few new members and some older ones who are unhappy with the changes and on edge....I had just talked another member into looking at some of the changes differently and Didn’t want it to spiral back into a bitch feast...
  11. Any lobbies where players glitch out of the map or on a roof is a toxic lobby for me...the worst was on Pinehurst map 4 chads outside of the map by Franklin Canyon dancing for 20 minutes on some rocks.... I gathered all the knives I could went back threw them at them but it wouldn’t register a hit with them being outside the map..... nothing frustrates Me more than players like those fucktards.
  12. Wow @Slasher_Clone that was pretty heartfelt buddy. I agree with you 100% the forum is nowhere near as toxic as it used to be and more welcoming......you still need to have thick skin and be ready to defend your opinions and suggestion as others passionate opinions can run quite hot...but a lot of the back and forth about what would and wouldn’t work makes most discussion interesting. That said members will come and go it’s their choice to stay and be valued productive members of camp.
  13. OCT 31 1978

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    Definitely agree we are getting the best effort from both sides of gameplay right now.
  14. OCT 31 1978

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    double post sorry 😐
  15. OCT 31 1978

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    I just want to add one thing: opinions will always very on the forums and there is nothing wrong with that. We all can agree to disagree..... and respect were each other’s opinions and suggestions come from since they are all built by the same passion we all have for the game..... A lot of members will defend the developers direction as it was how the developers originally marketed it on Kickstarter...... the new patch does succeed in addressing counselors ability to gang up on Jason and make him look weak....something that never should have happened as it eliminated the feeling that Jason was a real threat. A lot of members will defend the game in the form that they have been used to playing for the last year+ Not wanting changes that they feel take gameplay away from them.....though early gameplay hasn’t changed and counselors have been completeing objectives, escaping and killing Jason in record time....gameplay when Rage is active could use a little adjustments.... like flares stunning Jason in rage.... time will tell what the developers have in mind they have already said more tweaks were coming and in the works. @thrawn3054 I disagree that the patch is a failure....just the fact that Jason can now deal full damage to multiple counselors in one swing arc and is no longer a Piniata for a full 20 minutes is definitely a quality of life fix.... but I do agree earlier match changes are needed....to balance the aggressive objectives pushes and earlier “kill squad” groups....your suggestions among others to give Jason: more traps or reset traps ability and stalk before sense are very good ideas.... P.s. to all members you definitely have to have thick skin here passionate opinions can become aggressive.
  16. OCT 31 1978

    Routine Buffs

    Great suggestions definitely like them!! @mattshotcha these would make for some interesting changes to earlier gameplay. @Urmomsnewman no one is disputing that Jasons players can still mow down counselors and go 8/8. The same can be said for counselors who can escape survive or kill Jason every round... Player skills will determine the outcome....most games... The issue that is being disputed were mechanics that allowed Jason to be “bullied” the entire match especially in group Scenarios this dynamic helped create groups “ kill squads ” that openly hunted Jason. ....the constant stuns gave Jason the appearance of being weak and destroyed any threat/ fear of confronting Jason in the game ...this gameplay mechanic was something the developers have said multiple times that it goes against the premise and design of the game.....the new patch is just one step in many more to fine tune the design the developers have for the game.
  17. OCT 31 1978

    Jason question

    And yet from almost every match I have played since the patch drop, more counselors escape then ever before and seem to be Killing Jason quicker as well. Glad you and your buddy gave it a shot with out judging it yet ....but you say you like to fight Jason and repair and none of that changed....And if you are being tunneled it should obviously be harder.... I believe the word you are looking for is WANT to stun him....I have escaped and survived several matches without hitting him once. Try to avoid Being tunneled and work your way back to objectives sometimes you can’t rely on others to get things done. Perks are being looked at perhaps giving them new meaning. Definitely some interesting ideas here...pretty sure taking a perk away or instant killing in traps would have created a whole other uproar just like Rage mode is now. Matter of opinion...other might say it’s more entertaining. From what I have seen Rage hasn’t changed all that much, it’s still not any harder to kill Jason and fighting him is still a thing....the only difference is he is not on his back for nearly 20 minutes anymore. Well, since day one launch Jasons gameplay has been nerfed and or adjusted in a way that has really only benefited counselors.....the developers saw this and implemented the changes....they felt was necessary....many ideas were shared by members of the forums and none of them suggested the changes the developers went with...with that said any buff to Jason was going to be welcomed .....so to call members hypocrites for not adapting is out of line since Jason gameplay has been the one consistently changing since day one. the patch does succeed no matter how much others don’t like it Jason doesn’t look like a wimp in his game anymore and the more you hit him the faster he will get to that point..... Ok, so what he is stunned for a shorter period. if you plan accordingly and that is the way you are looking to escape bring fire crackers or one of the shotguns with you have some one start the car as someone stuns him problem solved.... These issues you are having seem more because of the lack of other players in your skill set.... In Quick play instead of waiting and relying on them you get objectives done you will probably need to be the one doing them or acting as a guide in showing players how to get them done. Going to agree to disagree here you don’t like that you can no longer get stamina boots from stunning Jason others do...hitting him should come with risks now it truly does. there are other ways to gain stamina to help survive the night if that is the only option left : Run Restfull perk. Hopping in and out of windows gains stamina also. Use traps wisely. Several things could have been done and many are being looked into....still. the best thing we can do is keep playing and giving feedback. the developers keep saying more changes are coming.... I expect to see more options added to stunning items in Rage probably the flare gun....
  18. OCT 31 1978

    Jason is weak

    There is so much in this post to unpack...but it’s like a reverse Christmas present 🎁 once you’ve opened it you wished you could rewrap it and give it back.
  19. OCT 31 1978

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    @HaHaTrumpWon, @Vanessaismymain, Both of you are correct to an extent....and Vanessaismymain, I am glad you are still playing and finding the fun to be had in the game still! Jason has only been given two buffs in nearly 2 years one was a year ago that gave him a slight speed boast and two extra knives in his shack......Every other patch/ update since launch has been a buff to counselors players or a nerf to Jason gameplay.....minus a couple of nerfs to a few perks..... Because of players who thought Jason was too OP....there were a lot of players “complaining”....some enjoyed the op others didn’t so in came the nerfs ...To the grab, to the way Jason swung at windows, climbing in and out of windows, when and how Jason could hit or grab a counselor climbing in and out of said window, more items, items marked on the map, the removal of meat shielding, hit box shortened, grab cones shortening not once but 3 times and changes to how Jason could use traps. so with that I would definitely say Jason gameplay has been a consistent adaptation to get kills .... As his gameplay has changed the most since launch......while counselors gameplay was given more ways to succeed...... Those buff / updates...items and perks given to the counselors are the reason for players outcries for buffs to Jason..... so yes both sides have in there own ways “complained.” the reason the Pendulum was swung as far into Jasons side was because it was necessary to stop Jason from looking very weak and to add a much needed increased threat from his side of gameplay....could it have been done differently? Yes....has it changed the game for most players and especially Experienced players ? No....But it did eliminating the appearance of Jason being on his back for much of the game and made Jason feel more powerful when Rage is active ....which is a success in my book. I can’t wait to see what other changes the developers have in mind.....And as long as it stays in the spirit of how the developers original intended it will be a recipe for success.
  20. OCT 31 1978

    Beyond re-watch?

    @makred78 thanks for posting this!
  21. OCT 31 1978

    Routine Buffs

    Lol.... I happen to enjoy Jason goes to Hell...because of how different it is and the new mythology introduced Jasons look and the kills especially in the unrated edition are top notch ......it is definitely not my favorite film in the franchise as that spot belongs to Jason lives.
  22. New advice for New Jason or any player....dont be a pieeater.🤪
  23. OCT 31 1978

    Child's Play 2019

    I love the child’s play / Chucky films!! Except for seed of Chucky that one was SHIT.... I am excited about this film but more excited about the Tv series as this will have Don Mancini and Brad Dourifs version of the character and continuing the original series.....it is going to be airing on SyFy network I believe later this year or early next year.
  24. OCT 31 1978

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    I watched willow creek also... I did enjoy Exists more.... willow creek had a much slower build up And never shows Sasquatch.....you hear it and see the carnage it can do.....at the end.... over all I thought it was pretty good, the actors really did a good job relaying the fear and suspense in the film... Exists balances what you see of the creature with what you want to see very well.... and I felt for a low budget horror thriller really delivered some strong moments and thrills. edit * just watched a pretty good film on Netflix called : He Is Out There pretty decent movie
  25. Definitely strange I would record a video during these sluggish sprints and window dives / laggy Grabs with your low ping and submit them to Jason kills bugs... maybe the developers can recreate the issue and resolve it...