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  1. Yes and No.......they could release content but then be sued for releasing it as anything new released into the game requires the license holders approval.......and if Victor /Horror Inc can show an increase in sales to the game because of said new content they would have grounds by law to seek their share of those monetary gains. Now that more information has come to light and the courts decision ruled in Victors favor.... The lawsuit affects the game in a few ways... Guns agreement for the license was with Horror inc and Sean Cunningham.....Not Victor Miller so going forward it would require a new agreement with Him and since Sean owns the right to the rest of the franchise outside of the USA his approval would also be needed as well for releasing new content as well since the game is a worldwide release.... Development of new content costs money so if they were to release content for free that would be a very poor business model to use..... paying for more content development without a way to make money from releasing said content could possibly put the game in a place where it is no longer a profitable venture.
  2. Oh there will be stories to tell if I can make it!!!
  3. Definitely!! I also would love to attend Monster mania!! I am in the process of attempting to figure out a way to set up a Family vacation to make this my first one.
  4. https://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3593708/kane-hodder-will-meet-fans-uber-jason-jason-x-first-time-monster-mania-2020/ Very cool news for anyone attending!
  5. Kirby is the same Actress used as Sam in Until Dawn she gets a great final girl chase through out that game !!
  6. I Had a feeling it was going to be the Goth Chick by the end.....today’s shows always go for the Gender bender twist now... Her monologue at the end is really what bothered me a lot.... she basically says “ I love Horror movies of course I am a Sociopath and I got tired of watching Movie killers have all the fun.” The original Scream went out of its way to explain that it’s not Horror movies that make killers....... which is another reason why it’s such a great horror film. That show made me feel like It was trying to say all horror fans could be deranged and become serial killers.........I felt insulted...and it was lazy writing all around......And attempted to be smarter then it was. if you liked it no worries to each their own.
  7. The Roof glitch has been patched out of the game.... for both Jason and Counselors, for all playable platforms if I am not mistaken.
  8. I really hope this isn’t anything like that last Season on VH1...... god that sucked.
  9. Killing Jason Is still available regardless of what steps are involved....or who is playing....the player not accomplishing or screwing up doesn’t negate the fact that Jason can be killed regardless of rage.
  10. It is not Fallacy.....it is in CONTEXT to the quote that I responded to......the Member said that “ Rage Mode “ made Jason invincible........that is false. At any point whether Rage is active or not the tools to kill Jason are available.... Gathering up the items and setting up the Kill Scenario Isn’t a guaranteed situation every match...... (nor should it be it is supposed to be the best Survival / Escape scenario in the game.) .... killing counselors isn’t a guarantee either.....effort must be applied on both sides.... But killing the protagonists and the Antagonist is available at any point regardless of the changes to Jason’s Rage mechanics.....this was my whole point. ps...It’s Tommy Jarvis....not Tomi Karvis
  11. Lol funny that you say that because I have only seen the first one as well! I did enjoy it very much but for some reason just never took the time or spent the money buying or renting the others.
  12. Actually we do know......the developers have said it’s never gonna happen. I am a backer and almost Never use Savini.....it is a very rare occasion when I select him I Main part 9 I like the options I have with his playstyle more.... Just because you don’t See Savini Jason doesn’t mean backers aren’t playing still..
  13. Until Dawn is a great game !! I love how every character can survive or perish depending on how you play the story.
  14. Had my usual Halloween movie Marathon leading up to Halloween.....but, the last couple of years we haven’t gone all out like we usually do. My wife and I took the kiddos around the neighborhood trick or treating. I have several animatronic horror themed characters in my attic, Freddy, zombies, Ghost face ect....that we usually make a trail to the front door with strobe lights and fog machines and spooky music....my nephew and I usually dress up.....me as Michael Myers and him as Jason Voorhees.....we make quite a show of it as we stalk our trick or treaters and neighbors.....lol.....the ones that drive up trick or treating, I usually get in to their vehicle as they are going up to the house and get candy and scare them as they open the car doors and the over head lights in the car come on 😂 Everyone that’s come by has really enjoyed it... next year when Halloween falls on Saturday we will go all out again!
  15. His very own Zombie Puppy to play with forever and ever...... or a pitcher of Koolaid with a bowl of hockey mask shaped Mac and cheese! or counselor shaped chicken nuggets to dismember however he pleases! or Weapon shaped sugar cookies, I love those!!!
  16. Cool poll idea! For me it’s definitely Nerves of Steel I have it on every counselor.
  17. There is a Double XP CP tape drop going on right now. Halloween till November 11th http://forum.f13game.com/topic/27399-halloween-double-event/
  18. We will see what the future hold for the game I don’t see to many changes to the gameplay mechanics coming just “fixes“ to the bugs that are still plaguing the game.
  19. I think you mean Violets Room in Pinehurst..... Across from Tommy’s room.
  20. I actually really like that kill in part 8 especially the way he throws her body to the ground..... “Happy Birthday to the ground..!!! Eva....
  21. Ok since you asked here are some thoughts on your main post: “Beginner Jason players” is not the reason why The Rage mode was adjusted..... It was adjusted because Jason had gradually become a pathetic joke in his own game...... 2 to 3 counselors could easily keep him on his back for the entire 20 minutes of a match because of poor gameplay mechanics it had nothing to do with skill or patience .......a cap to that Needed to be implemented that is all the Rage buff is a time limit to how long it’s possible to lay him out on his back..... His abilities didn’t change with the Rage Buff they were always OP the game is not meant to be balanced for playing against equals.....the 1 v.s. 7 is supposed to be the Over powered one. This is unfortunately a day in the life in the history of all online multiplayer games.... Trolls will troll they find a way..... they will always use Gameplay mechanics against players....... Teaming with Jason has always been a thing, running players down in cars, team killing before it was removed, Hiding parts in the woods before item marking was a thing, taking parts with them through the exits ect. I completely understand this issue and and though I can’t say it’s that big of an issues I wouldn’t be opposed to a tweak here. This a very situational issue that you are blaming the stun invincibility on..... If you were injured and you die regardless of Pre rage or post rage and it was because of the Jason players doing ....good job to the Jason player he or she is playing the right way. At some point you need to ask yourself these questions: what did I do to get injured? Did I trip on a trap? Did Jason knife or slash me? what perks should I be running Was this avoidable? I also like the game more than dead by daylight 😄 But I disagree that the game has become a waiting game for stamina to run out as it is a attribute in the game that you can manage....... And an aspect of the game that I also consider a fun and challenging part of the game. This is a very Interesting suggestion.....I think that I would prefer that it only does this when hitting Jason when he’s holding another counselor and his grab however........not with every hit he receives post Rage. Trolls will find a way to troll and team regardless of the mechanics.... I don’t Think choosing high stamina characters Is proof that the rage buff needs tweaked.... Some players just prefer those characters........I prefer high repair characters that’s just my play style. Most Jason hunter players will use Vanessa and Bugsy to get the mask off quicker and be able to run Jason around the map as needed...... Vanessa has always been considered a high tier counselor...... And a lot of players eyes debatably the “best “character to use. No apology necessary differences of opinion will always be something that happens in all walks of life we can all walk away from here .....agree or disagree Nothing personal about it. Hope you feel the same way. I read all of the posts in the thread....I didn’t originally I meant because other said what I was thinking.... Your main post originally said “Beginning Jason Players” were what you based your opinion on By the rage buff was implemented....... The one I decided to comment on made it seem like all Jason players didn’t have the patience to adapt to the way Counselors Played.... Which is what I did not Agree with. I can totally understand that agree a tweak could be implemented. We both definitely love this game otherwise we wouldn’t be on a forum talking about it two + years in to the games launch...... Friday the 13th is a completely different game than DBD....Even with the rage update I feel there’s still way more that you can do an F13 then in DVD.......Jason can be killed at any point in the game pre- Rage or post Rage.......while in dead by daylight you cannot kill the “killers”...... The game still allows you with specific items to Stun Jason even when in Full Rage giving players though very limited survival tools and options to overcome Jason..... In my opinion I feel it adds to the entertainment factor of the game.
  22. You aren’t supposed to double posts it creates extra work on our moderators.... edit your last post if you were the last one to post in a thread. also.... I feel this statement is a little entitled sounding.... Jason’s gameplay was required to change and adapt with every continuous nerf he got from the launch of this game.....the slight speed boost and 2 knives and Rage mode were his only buffs in two years.... everything else changed and added to the game benefited counselor game play. Both sides need to have patience and “ ride the learning curve ..” as you say but I ask Why do you think it is Jason who should Adapt to the way counselors play?... When the game was initially being developed the developers said Jason would be overpowering and kill you often they even said get ready to die a-lot....This idea of the The Horror movie icon being beaten up and down by as little as two to three counselors was not what the developers had in mind.... hence the Rade mode being introduced.....so saying Jason players didn’t have the patience to learn and adapt isn’t a correct statement....when considering the developers are the ones who decided to implement the change based on witnessing firsthand the issues with Jason Gameplay. From the beginning of this games launch counselor players complained that Jason was too OP these complaints allowed the nerfs to Jason and buffs to counselors that required the rage mode in the first place....... And though I do agree that Rage mode was not the best way to eliminate the Piñata parties of old ....it did do exactly that and some things that have come from it were a Necessity.... 1....Jason being stunned after smashing down a door ......it was ridiculous he hits the door with more impact with his face and body than a counselor can... that makes perfect sense. 2....ganging up and stun locking Jason the moment he comes out of block needed to go..... 3.....Rage mode did not feel like it made Jason more powerful in anyway it just felt like his abilities recharged faster... 4....The threat of Rage mode has significantly increased the amount of objectives repaired in game and that’s a good thing....
  23. Nice kill! lol, I also have been stunned when I was in block before... it hasn’t happened recently but I am sure it is because of Latency....this doesn’t look like it on your side but I think that must be it as well.
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