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  1. Water downed version is right ! Any Ash who isn’t kicking Deadite ass is not really Ash Williams why ever bother putting him in the game? To run away and fix generators....please.. they should have had Him be A killer in the game but the twist for that would be survivors can only chose the other killers to escape or kill Ash with not the regular survivors!! This way Ash is the bad ass killer of “Killers” throwing one liners at the likes of the Nurse and Trapper and Hag as he Boom sticks and saws them in half!
  2. This is all I have to say about this topic and I think it will best describe the game as well... “ You know what your gift is......No matter what they do to you, you cannot DIE, you can never DIE!!” -Mother
  3. I am a huge fan of Both characters....both have strengths and weaknesses and depending on which Jasons and Michaels are fighting each other ..... the end results will definitely vary..... I would say Michael in any of his Films could take Jason or “Jason” from Parts 2-5 and remake Jason...and Jason from 6 - 10 could probably take Any Michael from 1-5, H20, Resurrection, Zombies hobo Myers and 2018’s Michael. ...but...Michael from the Curse of Michael Myers I think would definitely give one hell of a fight the guy was mean and tough a Hell in that movie....I think he could definitely Take Jason from 1-5, Part 9 and Pre-Uber and Remake Jason.
  4. Cool idea! The developers should have been all over this idea from the beginning!
  5. @tyrant666 you come up with some of the best topics buddy !! The Map I feel has some of the most atmosphere is the Jarvis Map I like the 2 homes and fog build up around the exterior cabins and waterways....
  6. I know this wasn’t actually directed to me but I am in agreement that taking the circles away would help actual players and be another thing for teamer/ greifer/trolls to over come... ( yes I know they will find a way to still troll but at least they are dead and forced to watch and attempt to troll instead of actively trolling in game because they see you on the map...) And I totally understand your point.... and I definitely help people but usually I have more success helping others when they communicate via mic better..... I think communication should be pushed a little more heavily in this game telling someone your where-abouts should be the only way to be marked on the map......and using the Walkie-talkie as a means to mark you on the map and make communicating more important seems like a good idea to me. Once again totally understand what you are saying, but if the player chooses not to use the mic and wants to be seen they just need to pick up the walkie-talkie... they don’t have to speak. You are probably very right about this situation....the only thing that makes me still think it would work out better for the real players is because even players who pick up the Walkie- talkies still don’t use their mic to communicate with the lobby most of the time.....so at least if a player is lone wolfing like most quick play player matches go I would rather have the option to be seen or not..... And then the troll... who no one even knows is a troll, simply commits suicide and does the same thing through spectator mode I would rather they spectate and Attempt to troll rather then actively trolling in the match. That could be problematic but the developers could add more walkie-talkies to spawn in all those empty drawers we all open up...lol. I do agree that it can waste precious time hitting a cabin already looted or is in the process of being looted.... but I also can see how this brings in a little more unexpected situations back to the game...a lot of “ I hope this one has something I need..” kind of situations. That makes sense...I guess the only fix for that would be allowing Tommy to see all counselors circles at all times like it is now..... let’s all cross our fingers that the person using him isn’t a troll lol.
  7. Wow ..... both DLC come out to $3.98 ...dude....a BigMac from Mc Donald’s costs more.....🤦‍♂️ If you’re that hard up try Tuning in to the Beyond streams... The developers and the community manager are always giving out free DLC or other goodies.....
  8. Thanks, I thought it would be better to give the player the option to show himself or herself by either picking up a Walkie-talkie or not..... if you don’t pick it up your circle is never shown on the map. I like your idea also.... I also understand why players might want to see other players... but honestly I agree in my opinion it really does assist with more trolling than it is helpful......as an advantage to know where to go.....If you run up to a cabin you will see if someone is in there or you will hear Drawers being opened and closed which will alert you to try a different cabin...if you are wanting to find items. If the car starts moving there are definitely players there.... I think it would add more tension if you are huffing it to the car not knowing if there is even enough room for you since you can’t see how many people are around it .. unless of course you are communicating with a mic 🎤 In this situation where teamers are starting to really grief the actual player base I think adding a little mystery to your fellow counselors where-abouts would bring a little more excitement and spontaneity to gameplay.... possibly add a little more communication to the game as well.
  9. Heavy blood on all of them but usually only use Part 9 and part 6...they are my go to Jason’s
  10. I never called him a Hypocrite I did point out how opinionated his post was and how no actual facts were involved... I also pointed out the real reason for his grief with the patch... since he wanted to start his post explaining how experienced and epic of a Jason “main” player he is and didn’t need a buff to Jason.....when the real reason is he wants to be able to stun Jason for a full 20 minutes again....... sorry not sorry. go back reread it... I will wait.... I am not blind nor Ignorant... as my post actually included facts....the developers made changes because they saw first hand what was going on with the games mechanics since the engine upgrade.... The community never asked for the Rage buff that they decided to implement..... Most forum members asked for a more responsive block or a block outside of combat stance and Meat Shielding back and to make his Grab a little less punishable.....check it out in the Jason is weak topic thread it is like 30 some odd pages long...and guess what He definitely was and to some extent still is weak... Back to my point about the developers decision to make the changes......The First and Second episodes of Gun Media’s Beyond stream express their concerns and why THEY wanted to make the changes... The videos are on YouTube if you doubt this very educational post I am making....Maybe you should go take a look......consider this another “The more you know..” kind of post. I know sometimes it is easier to blame other players because that is what happened before when players complained about Jason being way too Op that’s when all the Nerfs came in......which is why we are where we are now.... The developers had to make a sharp turn to get the balance of Power back on Jason’s side. Let me correct you.....your post should have started with... My ISSUE with the Patch is.....blah blah blah.... What you say here is boarding on assumption just like the last guys....the Buff was meant to fix the never ending piniata Jason /dance parties....which it does very well actually....it does not Guarantee Kills thats Ridiculous......you can’t melee stun Jason in Rage that’s it.....you can still stun him with traps, pockets knives, shot guns, the sweater, the de-mask hit.. ..you can avoid him, escape him, and Kill him....how is this a problem....oh wait I know.... its because he isn’t on his Back anymore after Rage...got it. Wrong.....Getting hit Decreases his health points and will make your mask come off that is definitely not something a Jason players wants especially with how easy it is to Kill him....(this is why he is still weak by the way.) If anything combat is even more important now....since when Jason is in Rage all hits deal out full Damage... Wrong again. ... it doesn’t reward or punish anyone...it simply makes Jason Appear more powerful when Rage is active in reality actually he isn’t.... Counselors can still do everything they could before and are just doing it now before rage activates...... The Match does swing more in Jason’s favor the longer it goes with rage active as it should...and Especially when players don’t get objectives accomplished...but that’s not the updates fault is it? Which film had him Getting his ass beat? Part 2 ? When Ginny kicked him in the dick from behind a bush or attacked him with a machete from behind or when him and Paul were wrestling in the dark ?...Jason was the one who walked way from that Midnight dark room wrestling match if I am not mistaken.... Part 4? When Tommy hit him in the head with a Machete from Behind..? oh maybe you mean part 6 ? When Jason killed Tommy in the lake and Megan Had to give him CPR and Bring him back to life? oh you must mean Part 7 when Tina was Using telekinesis to throw or drop stuff on him.... or you mean Part 8 when he is Rope a Doping Julius before punching his head off... yep I think YOU aren’t watching the same films I am. Slashing is the only viable option to deal with Groups especially the kind that are trying to kill Jason. Now I know we are not watching the same movies that never happened in part 6 or part 3.... sarcasm...just in case you were wondering.... I can only speak for my experiences here but players surviving the night need to do a lot more that run around a table for 5 minutes to survive...... players will need to loop for sure but hiding in unexpected areas (not closets or beds.) will help manage stamina. Yes, he absolutely can be...He can be stunned 5 ways in Rage...shotgun, De-mask strike, pocket knife , bear trap and with the Sweater.....so yep I will stand by my statement... I will say I wish they would add firecrackers or flares as this would give more options for dealing with Raging J. Sorry you are wrong here again 😉Apparently this is a theme in your post. Combat skill is needed now more than ever Jason needs to hold on to his mask otherwise it is bye bye Big J getting fully hit by players will make short work of his Health points .......as for counselors, combat doesn’t change till he gets Rage after that you need more skill to deal with a Raging Jason....jogging briskly will get you killed before you know it. Counselor have always had fight or flight options in the game and that hasn’t changed... now it’s about having the right tool if you are going to fight a Raging Jason...... Fighting Jason in a game like this is very risky and now it’s even more so.
  11. Interesting assumption there, any actually facts to back that statement up? Hmmm, I am sensing a pattern here on assumptions.... but seriously numbers were declining on Pc before the patch dropped... on steam the player base gets higher spikes after each patch and then always seems to drop off. Unless you play offline every game or quit when ever you aren’t chosen to be Jason there really isn’t a Jason main in the game...... and piniata parties/ beat downs were definitely not a “ RARE” incident... Who were these terrible people who asked for god like powers ???? Oh wait ....it wasn’t the player base? It was the developers who wanted Jason to feel/seem more powerful in the game! Oh my god ! (that’s an actual fact...no assumption..) In all the time I have been on the forum I have never seen or read about anyone asking for God like/ insta- kill powers so.... I think you did that thing again with the assuming....😉 So then since you are such an epic Jason “main” player.... And you didn’t need this “god like buff” and were already getting 7/7 or 8/8 kills huh? what did the patch change for you then? I will tell you....Nothing! So what are you complaining about? Since you are a Jason “main” apparently And can Bulldozer these pathetic Counselor ”mains” and go 7/7 or 8/8 still hmmmm? Sounds like there is more to your issues with the patch than this...... ....Oh oh now I see what the real problem for you its that you want to be able to Stun Jason again when he is in rage because that’s what you enjoyed....and now happy time is limited to before Jason’s rage activates.....got it. Now that I understand what kind of player you are all I can say is if you are playing it less that’s a good thing If you can’t understand why the developers wanted to make this change you have missed the entire purpose of this game and how it’s a love letter to The franchise and the character of Jason Voorhees....him getting beat up by teenager stereotypes is not...they aren’t the Stars of the Game. It sounds like the reason you don’t have a chance to survive is because YOU dicked around too much... you have tons or chances and options to survive you are insisting on one.....being able to beat up the star of the game.........thank god that’s not possible anymore.... cheers enjoy camp try not to Ass-ume So much it’s unhealthy. P.s. The Rage Buff is definitely not God like in any way Jason can still be stunned and Killed even in Rage so...... yeah definitely not God like unless I missed him having the ability to create life ? or visiting Noah and told him to build an Ark to save one of each animal inhabiting Crystal Lake during one of the cut scenes or intros ? ....😄
  12. @mattshotcha any word on if we will be able to see patch notes before the patch drops.......😉
  13. I understand your point but playing against NPC controlled by a computer system isn’t the same as a player vs player game...there needs to be an ideal balance ( both sides need to be fun.) Not an even balance.....that’s stupid, it definitely needs to be Skewered in Jason’s favor for sure but counselors need abilities and ways that can counter the Op abilities that Jason’s character brings to gameplay...and not feel completely bulldozed by Jason. Agreed. Agreed. Not necessarily....players don’t automatically change styles of gameplay because of gameplay changes...the rage buff proves that...as for time to land strikes and throwing knives... he still has grab kills in his portfolio... Having the Sweater have Hit points is a cool idea because it’s an added option of dealing with the kill Scenario that is much needed...we just disagree on how much it should take to destroy it...I see it as a useful tactic to deal with players boarding on perk abuse with medic and thick skin.. I see your points and agree In some places I Just think a few Swing the Pendulum A little to far for Jason. Definitely most things should be in Jason’s favor.... Definitely!! I see what you mean, and it would be about time Jason actually had a combat mechanic that put him on equal footing with counselors group combat.
  14. @nerdslayer I can’t tell you what is going on on Pc but on PS4 my experiences are similar to @Dragonfire82877 always full lobby’s a match or two with teamers and griefers but mostly solid matches with competent players..... and the community here will definitely pull you in to play matches with them on pc....
  15. As a counselor you are taking a risk fighting Jason in the first place.... 3 blocks should be a guaranteed broken weapon.... if Jason is in block why are you swinging..lol It would really go a long way to really addressing the problems with combat in this Game.
  16. Wow the someone pissed in my Wheaties posts continue lol... ( this is a joke... don’t take it personally....) QP is definitely full of potatoes 🥔 but you can find matches with plenty of decent players also... I can’t speak for your experiences but from mine plenty of matches I have been in have Jason’s that trap objectives....and attempt to correctly combat kill squads....still killed rather quickly. some members would argue the game was really unplayable during the 20 minute piniata chain stun dance parties more than it is now with a rage buff that really didn’t change the landscape all that much other than Jason not looking like a weak ass bitch in his own game.... 😉 Don’t get me wrong I would have rather have gotten a block outside of combat stance and a huge Stun chance reduction in Rage instead of no melee combat stuns at all but I will take any Buff for Jason after the solid year of nerfs that he received...one thing I do like with the rage buff no more stuns when I rage through a door and that should always have been that way.. I will always lean towards the side of Keeping Jason Op and the Aggressor...do I want nerfs to counselors No but a little yes too I don’t want any gameplay taken away but I do want a perk or two looked at and I do want Jason’s kill to be harder than it is now.... I don’t see why the best way to win a match is able to be accomplished arguably easier than repairing Objectives....I can’t tell you how many matches I have had where I have blocked melee hit after melee hit and was only full on hit one time and lost my mask...WTF to that.... I don’t see anything wrong with wanting more of a challenge for counselors gameplay .......in my opinion it’s Counselor gameplay that should be more challenging anyway.
  17. If more points are added Kill squads will just attempt to double team bum rush Jason sooner... to get that mask off trust me Hit points will not save you from a kill squad Jason needs more options to dispatch these guys..... Two things that will definitely help is a quick block and toggle feature and a severe penalty to weapon durability when Jason Successful blocks an attack... making Weapons break even faster... Avoiding them is easier said than done.... if you attempt to morph away eventually they will bait you in by repairing objectives you will have to combat them.. I agree with you here if you can avoid them long enough to get rage and have the extra hit points at this point.... it could work in your favor just don’t think this situation will be a normal match with a well coordinated team..... it’s a big if.
  18. I don’t disagree with more hit points but that is a Band-Aid on the kill situation. Most kill squads keep the sweater girl away from the fighting till the mask is off...but if SG does get involved and gets slashed more times than not she heals her self or someone else does. ... it’s too easy to kill Jason and most kill squads use thick skin and medic boarding on abuse having a sweater that is damagable is one more way for Jason to battle the kill squads/ kill situation since every time you get a clean hit that gets them limping they either heal up or someone heals them.... no one is suggesting not earning the Kill against any counselor or SG...you would still need to slash or Knife the SG girl enough times to damage the sweater or kill Her either option is still earning it... @HuDawg I definitely think the sweaters hit points should be at least double a normal counselors health hit points......anything less would swing way too much in Jason’s favor... My understanding of this feature was to combat kill squads grouped together as you stalk morph at a distance to either kill SG or damage the Sweater enough to destroy it.... as a way to combat the Squads that abuse Thick skin and Medic....
  19. Killing The SG sometimes is quite difficult when she or her group is running medic perks and Thick skin this last idea isn’t that unbalanced in the current meta of the game.......maybe after the perk rework but we will have to see what that ends up being. But back to HuDawgs idea.....it’s a wear and tear method of dealing with the SG when she has 6 sprays and so does her kill squad buddies.....as long as the durability for the sweater was high and required several slashes and or Knife throws to damage it enough to destroy....I don’t see this as a bad idea at all.... nor in my opinion does it lean heavily in Jason’s favor.... @HuDawg interesting idea not completely sold on no healing....I like the idea of having the mask negate the curse and won’t affect the player nice touch...
  20. That’s a very cool idea too....this way if a player is running thick skin and medic you can damage the sweater enough to take it off the game board even if they keep healing them selves..... I like it HuDawg!!
  21. Thanks!😉 Sort of...I was thinking the risk reward idea to be a bigger part when you pick up the sweater... I definitely think players should be allowed to pick up weapons but not allowed to pick up items like sprays/ crackers/ maps/ or repair items once you have picked up the sweater? Only able to use what you already have in the slots .....Maybe too over the top? I am kinda digging the idea.... really makes it risky if you don’t have items already in your inventory if you are locked into them and now your perks don’t work either...until you use the sweater....... high risk, big reward...
  22. I agree, which is why I hope a change is made to the kill parameters or how Jason can fight back. Well, it’s a game based on the movies and limited to 20 minutes matches with options for both sides of gameplay.... we know what they are and why it’s the way it is... I said the kill is a possibility and I also said it’s definitely easy and shouldn’t happen as often as it does..... we are on the same side about this. It’s an interesting idea....I think being unable to heal is a bit extreme but maybe wearing the Sweater negates any perks on the SG and giving them only the option to use what’s in their inventory....?
  23. What Glitch is going on that allows the Jason player to know where you are and Morph to you.....? that sounds more like a teaming issue to me. @F134Ever86 lol I had to reread that post took a little bit for it to sink in to my thick skull 💀. Apparently I need more sleep. @Big Daddy J totally agree hiding in the Lake is not an exploit definitely cowardly and goes against the Spirit of the character the player is using.. @HuDawg I agree the kill is way to easy to accomplish and using smarter strategy to try to kill a “kill squad” is definitely a good thing....But hiding or constantly morphing away without actively engaging the remaining players in my opinion goes against the spirit of the character....... and any player worried about being killed and would rather hide is taking this game way to seriously and is a poor loser...Jason does get killed/ stoped in the movies I don’t want I see it every other match but Players shouldn’t be afraid of it, it is something that can happen....... Jason should always be applying pressure and engaging the counselors hopefully the developers address how easy the kill is to accomplish and make adjustments in Jason’s favor... so even when all the items and players are in place to get the kill done it’s not a guaranteed thing... @Somethin Cool I totally see what you are trying to Say .....but unfortunately the Ability to get into the lake is not an exploit....it’s a game play mechanic that unfortunately also allows for an unkillable location for Jason, the good thing is as long as he’s hiding in the lake every other location on the map is now a safe zone for counselors lol.......so in theory when a Jason is hiding in the lake Every other area on the map is a unkillable location for counselors...😂 but I do agree that a kill in the lake definitely should have been in the game from the get-go...... and would have been a very awesome way to kill Jason... it could or should have worked like this drive the boat out to the lake with SG stun him with the sweater as he attempts to flip the boat.....if he breaks out of the stun he flips the boat if he doesn’t.....machete/ axe to the face or chain rock drown him.....😉
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