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  1. OCT 31 1978

    New Documentary - Jason Goes To Hell

    I for one am very excited about the Doc though not my favorite film in the series....there are a lot of things to praise about the film... Jasons look, the Kills and special effects in the film, and the size of balls on it to completely flip the mythology of previous films on its head... I can appreciate the the filmmakers trying something new we did get 8 previous installments of camp counselors being killed off one by one. This Friday attempted to create a new mythology and show an evilness No one new Jason had. also that is one cool ass poster!
  2. “ a little touch up work my ass.”
  3. He had stalk on lol! Seriously Though they did put him in cold storage... and technically yes he should have made noise coming out..... but we all know in horror movies the film makers are always trying to add in jump scares....showing Jason coming out of the cold storage case awkwardly would definitely not be scary.
  4. OCT 31 1978

    Question on Savini Jason's Mask

    Great paint apps bro!!! It looks top notch right now and it’s not even finished!! Neca would be proud😁 if I can think of a way to help with the chains I will post something later.
  5. OCT 31 1978

    Is the Return of Michael Myers mask underrated?

    The Halloween 4 hero mask has some creepy qualities. They used several masks in the film some ok others just horrendously painted and converted They all were very poorly converted shatner masks. you can see in this image that the unconverted mask has more Michael Myers features than the final version used in the movie..... the potential was there to be a great mask...
  6. This is the most communication we have gotten in a month.... @ShiftySamurai go annoy anyone and everyone we want some info we deserve it your community is starving!!
  7. Though not 100% movie accurate... he is one of my favorite designed Jasons in the game.... I don’t want them changing any of the models at this point who knows what kind of damage Illfonic would do to the game by screwing around with that code.
  8. OCT 31 1978

    The future of the game

    “Here is SubZero....!!! Now plain zero.!” love that movie has some of the best quotes in movie history!! Great idea for a game !
  9. OCT 31 1978

    The New Halloween 2018

    The novel it self is quite good! A lot of extra character development and the chapters from Michaels perspective are really well done... and creepy.
  10. OCT 31 1978

    This can't be a coincidence..

    Fair enough... you think they are poorly designed because of the way you play the game and how you get enjoyment out of it. I think they provide variety when compared to the others..... and being immersed by atmosphere doesn’t mean afraid of Jason.... just that it creates the slasher movie setting and mood.
  11. OCT 31 1978

    This can't be a coincidence..

    I have advanced just fine, and enjoy the game quite a bit both side of gameplay Jasons and Counselors .....I just don’t have boring experiences transvering from one side of the map to the other.... I still enjoy the immersion process... I don’t have the attention span of a gnat. what you believe is the most effective way to play as a counselor is not how everyone can play the game. what is the most exciting way to play may not be to others. I am a believer of play however you want as long as you enjoy yourself....and are not a burden on others by trolling..... combat is important not the most important. There is nothing wrong with players who Concentrate on combat..... however these are not the people who should be complaining about a maps size or “tree simulator / drawer simulator “ since they are all about confronting Jason and fight him...just make your way to an objective you will then run into him and fight to your hearts content....... the map is large and creates variety between all the Packanak smalls we have to deal with.... I enjoy all of them and appreciate what the developers were going for..... you are not right all the time even though you think you are.
  12. OCT 31 1978

    This can't be a coincidence..

    Okay you got me I can’t watch Resurrection ...... at all. and you are totally right she is not a Badass in it she is a survivor....which sometimes all a victim of something terrible can be...it’s a little more realistic aside from shooting out his eyes and him not dying..lol
  13. OCT 31 1978

    This can't be a coincidence..

    Attention span has everything to do with whether you get bored with..... (Immersion creating atmosphere.) you said immersion = short lived I happen to disagree there are several aspects of immersion in the game happening at the same time...music, ambient sound....your character dialogue, Jasons ki ki ki ma ma ma..... (((((and of course the map design.)))) ..how far a cabin is the fog off the lake where other counselors are where objectives are..... and of course Jason himself. and I agree that combat is important.... just not the most important aspect of gameplay. and yes you did over analyze....you are trying it explains concepts of gameplay in how you feel is should be done...and how you interpret the maps design and .... just because people see things differently it doesn’t make them wrong.
  14. OCT 31 1978

    This can't be a coincidence..

    Jennymyers1984 facts are still rooted in a biased opinion. more content for a more simplistic designed game doesn’t = better. It may be to him/her but not everyone. I am not trying to convince others a to not play DBD if you like it play it.... just refuse to be told a game that I have played and don’t like as much is better than the one I do like better..... since that is all a matter of opinion.
  15. OCT 31 1978

    This can't be a coincidence..

    Even though the script didn’t give Laurie as much to do Jamie lee does very well with the traumatized teenage character.... and Halloween 2 is the very best sequel to Halloween....the tension that builds to the chase through out the empty hospital is amazing!!! I can watch those two and none of the others and be happy.. ps.... I love all of them ( except Zombies)