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  1. I know it’s starting to get ridiculous….. Still no luck finding him … I have hit every Target and Walmart in my area twice now….. 3 Walmart’s and 2 Targets…… fingers crossed eventually I will find him…… or My pre-order ships “soon”
  2. As long as the game is good and fun to play that’s all that matters to me….. Multiple killers…….. more the merrier!!!
  3. That Seems like a lot of work and a waste of money to fake making it look like Leatherfacethegame.com is Gun media next game……. What would anyone gain from faking it?
  4. Definitely, I would think so. I also read the newest Texas Chainsaw movie from Legendary has made a Deal with Netflix and will be dropping soon as well….. it will be a direct sequel to the original…… so I think some TCM news is coming….. good news for this Franchise.
  5. https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/texas-chainsaw-massacre-game-leak-leatherface-gun-media/ @Strigoi @Dragonfire82877 @Fair Play
  6. I am a fan of the original show……I am not a particular fan of the 2005 and 2007 films.
  7. Unfortunately no…… going to my last Local Target this weekend. fingers crossed.
  8. I am celebrating Halloween this year the same as any year with a Halloween movie marathon of the Halloween franchise. but this year we have Halloween Kills to look forward to as well.
  9. Thanks bro! I was just in my local Target yesterday! I will pop into the other one tomorrow.
  10. Thanks buddy!! He looks incredible!! hands down my favorite Neca Jason for sure!! fantastic collection!!
  11. Hey buddy, no worries my comment definitely wasn’t aimed at you or implied anything derogatory to you, your person or your mental state, or faculties. It was a statement about my own opinion on him. Anyone can like whatever they want….. I just don’t seem to get the same kind of enjoyment from “stuff & things” as I used to….. I don’t have the patience or demeanor or sense of humor I once had ….lol.
  12. I watched Pee Wees play house when I was younger…… and Pee Wees Big top adventure. I enjoyed it as a kid but at my age now I am not so sure I could handle his mannerisms and over all annoying character traits anymore.
  13. Thanks for the update! I will be popping onto my two local Walmart’s today. fingers crossed!
  14. That’s awesome!!! I am Glad you found him and in Alabama too thats much closer to me here in Florida so It gives me even more hope that I will find him very soon! ps. Did they have more than one ? I am definitely wanting to pick up a couple when I do find him .
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