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  1. I get the frustration of players abusing the medic perk and sprays. Most Jason players don’t enjoy it when a counselor heals themselves after a perfectly landed crippling knife throw after they have been able to allude you for a while...... ( I know my reaction to it is usually “ you mother fucker !!!... I knew you had a spray.” and then I press them even harder.) .....yet that is part of the enjoyment of the chase and I am sure everyone here has on many occasions gone through that exact scenario.... you want the kill that’s what Jason does it’s not easy especially with the other issues affecting Jasons gameplay... And even abused perks / resources are limited eventually they will be out and Jason will still be going strong....he has the ability to deal with the perks and resources if you keep up the pressure.. unfortunately that’s the only good news because once you catch them they will probably get past your grab and slug you with a frying pan or trade a couple of melee hits with you and then drop Jasons dopey ass to the ground since he can’t block for shit... and doesn’t do enough damage with his melee strikes or do anything to stop counselors from engaging him in combat.... I absolutely hate how combat works in the game... it’s ridiculous to watch you take turns swinging your weapons at each other missing, and then making a 360 degree spin and repeating till one of you land the hit..... it’s garbage..... if the block was out side of combat stance this wouldn’t happen... the real problems in this game for Jason is his melee combat is slow to respond hit box detection is garbage / terrible unresponsive blocking mechanics for both sides....and the grab cone needing to be widened...and rework the recovery time after a missed grab so it is a little less punishable.
  2. I can see how Med sprays can be annoying when used that way, but that really boils down to play style more than it is a game play mechanic issue.. ..... not everyone uses that crutch when playing the game... I wouldn’t want the developers to take away the ability to hold duplicate items. I have in the past needed to heal a fellow counselor and myself before and been grabbed twice while being body blocked by Jason in a tight spot and survived because of having 2 pockets knives.... and at least resources are limited they can’t heal forever....if you don’t kill them....tanking traps and looping broken windows will kill them eventually.... Melee combat/ blocking in combat stance and the grab cone is Jasons true enemy in this game.... not perks or pocket knives or med sprays those are just inconveniences.
  3. Removing Game play perks is not the answer. adjusting combat/ hit damage/ melee swings/ block and Jason’s very punishable Grab are where the developers should look to fix Jason weaknesses
  4. OCT 31 1978

    Pamela's laugh....

    Her laugher and her talking to Jason is in Jasons own psychotic mind it is what he is envisioning his mother’s response to be to his behavior...and actions It works for the context of the game. on a side note killing innocent people would fall under evil not just crazy. ( she seemed quite delighted while beating Alice at the end of the movie while attempting to murder her.) Even though she believes what she is doing is justified in her own mind it is not in the context of the law and what is right or wrong so her actions by definition would be evil.
  5. OCT 31 1978

    Pamela's laugh....

    Mrs. Voorhees may not have seen herself as a bad person.... yet that is exactly what she is, and what makes most villains compelling... she is an Arsonist, Murderer, and psychotic... she speakes to herself in her young sons voice, murders adults/ and teens who were not responsible for her sons death which in all intents and purposes a drowning would be deemed an accident, yet she continually says they killed him, and eventually tells Alice and all her victims “ look what you did to him..” putting all blame on them to justify murdering them. So her laugh in Jasons own psychotic mind is perfectly placed! ( considering Jason sees all teens and adults who had nothing to do with his mother’s death responsibile....showing he has the same psychotic tendencies.)
  6. How about a push back and weapons disarm... I definitely agree trading hits with Jason looks ridiculous, and is a terrible gameplay mechanic....both Counselors and Jason need a combat rework.... and the ability to block out of combat stance would definitely help the situation, but will not be enough to stop the trading hits with Jason.... @HuDawg and @GeneiJin both have good suggestions what if they were combined......Counselors get a slight stamina boost when hit with the push back ( think about it like an adrenaline boost.) and are disarmed stoping the hit trading/ allowing them to flee / prevents the “instant kill” and gives them the ability to get another weapon??
  7. I agree. 20 feet is definitely a ridiculous exaggeration. Jason was definitely op at launch ( in a good way.) but definitely never had that kind of reach.
  8. Use your 🎤 to tell them to leave you alone or emotes to let them know or the sure thing is to lead them to Jason and let him do the rest.
  9. OCT 31 1978

    My 3d Renders and Fan art

    Beautiful work !!! Great job!
  10. Many, many Bugs...... offline and multiplayer.... sound issues/ lighting issues/ game play issues...etc.... and a Known issues post of what is currently being prioritized / worked on or will be worked on would go a very long way.... so that we could add to the list or make known what we think should be prioritized. @ShiftySamurai
  11. OCT 31 1978

    Help !!

  12. OCT 31 1978


    Finally..... after 5 pages of posts with questions. you are the community manager. You have the ability to provide information that will contribute to the continued growth of this community or not communicating which is very damaging ..... allowing it to continually grow frustrated with Gun and the developers. even non informative posts like these are welcome.
  13. OCT 31 1978


    👆This statement is dead on. No info on this will continue to upset the community until it devolves into the mess of negativity/attacks on the developers it was during the no new content posts. If Gun is unable to respond to the officially “Grey” Horror INC statement /or unable to produce new content based on the other films or just completely unwilling to..... just let us know clearly......