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  1. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    Ps4 Offline bots run right into you or back into cabin/ or loop back through windows of cabin you just chased them out of with you still in it. some times in offline Tommy goes AFC at the camp site or graveyard he spawned it at. in multiplayer some times a tree will spawn behind the phone box at higgins house and make putting the fuse in difficult.
  2. I think when in a hiding spot high stealth characters should not light up the cabin/ hiding spot until there fear is up.... lights out alone for to long...etc
  3. PS4 offline bots/multiplayer issues 1)bots continue to run back into or hop back into windows of cabin you have just chased or attacked them in, and right into your hands. 2)No boat spawns for offline still. 3) Jason still gets stuck in window break and can’t do anything but grab morph and shift can’t interact with doors or melee strike. 4) There is lag right after you throw your knife. 5) Jason can’t counter strike still in combat stance after blocking. 6) Counselor Jason hit boxes need work.
  4. Make Roy Green Again

    It is up in the air if @GunMedia will do anything about the incorrect color of Roy’s coveralls. there is more than enough evidence in this thread that show how the color to all Roy related merchandise and in game model coveralls color is incorrect, and at this point there are more important things that Gun and illfonic have to address before this. The point of the thread was to make the art direction/team of the game take notice and hopefully give us fans a more screen accurate version of Roy in the future. ( compared to all the other awesome screen accurate details and models in the game Roy stands out as a rush job.... In my opinion)
  5. How I spent my Double XP Weekend

    Connection to host lost....timed out over and over so dug into offline bots hard went up 8 levels from 110 to 118.
  6. First Look: Single Player Challenges

    Can’t wait looks and sounds fantastic!
  7. Make Roy Green Again

    @Dr. Doodlydoot it is quite fine if you like the blue coveralls, the issue is .....for a game where the developers have put so much effort into having screen accurate items, maps, locations and characters it doesn’t make sense to add a new “Jason character” who’s likeness doesn’t reflect what is show on the film.(my opinion is he looks like he is running around in blue Pajamas.)Fans of the films have been watching these movies for the last 25-30 years and the project has been a dream come true, we are aware that this issue will not be addressed till the unreal engine update but there is nothing wrong with the community letting the developers know when something doesn’t fit in with the rest of the project whether it is a balance issue or visual one. I am also posting one more picture I found of Roy with out any processed lighting on him giving everyone one more look at the color of the coveralls. ( there is no way anyone could Dispute the fact that the in game model coveralls and Roy’s from Friday the 13th part 5 are anywhere close to looking the same and the developers should re-evaluate the in game models final look and tweak it to be more screen accurate.)
  8. Roy's chase theme

    Really wish Jason heard specific chase theme when encountering counselors and when in stalk had the theme he has always had.
  9. Counselor dying more often ....on my god must be the grab!!! maybe it’s the way they play that causes them to die.....?
  10. Make Roy Green Again

    @BeautyNumber2 I circled the area of Roy’s coveralls that are dry in the picture you quoted about and I posted a screen shot of Roy from the game, you can clearly see these colors are not the same or even remotely close his coveralls are a spruce green and the in game coveralls look to be pajama blue! Also if you look at the other picture of Roy busting down the door he is saturated in blue lighting look at his skin and mask color on his face it is also blue giving the coveralls a blue hue.
  11. Make Roy Green Again

    Can’t wait to here what he has to say. fight the good fight !