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  1. @FabrinRodriguez There is plenty to like in ALL the movies.... you will have to be the judge yourself. I happen to love all of them including the Remake... (it’s a mash up of the first 4 films.) and Jason Goes to Hell.... (it definitely goes its own way with the story and changes a lot of what we know or think we know about Jason.) ....come back to this thread and let us know what are your favorites or which ones you didn’t like.
  2. I definitely want to see Your cosplay of Part 9.....his look is one of my all time favorites of the series.
  3. I tried again and they worked this time !!!! Yippie ! great stuff !!! Can’t wait to see it with the Part 6 Hood and mask! on a side note I am so glade the indie go go campaign for Dark Hearts the Jason goes to hell documentary is doing well it is nearly completely funded.
  4. I think it would have eventually happened but once the lawsuit kicked in with Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham any new game modes went out the window.
  5. What do you still not understand about it? It ended stunning Jason down to the ground tea bagging and Dancing on his face for the entire 20 minutes of the match that was its goal and it succeeded......it also gave Jason Rages more of a feeling of being powerful when he rages through a door and wasn’t instantly stunned by the player on the other side. Put up with Jason ?!? you realize this is His game right? You die, escape, survive or kill him....that’s it.....you have to “put up” with him other wise there is no game. On a team good or bad or on your own you have plenty of options for escape or survival......you manage your stamina.....if you run around like an idiot you will run out....and probably Die. Escaping, surviving or killing Jason can be done pre or post Rage...... Fighting Jason should be a last resort option.....and Killing Jason should be the hardest thing to do in the game... (it isn’t.) At some point if you are struggling with the mechanics this much you need to ask yourself what you may be doing wrong. Accept, Adapt and move on.
  6. If you bought the DLC for part 4 and 7 then you bought 3 extra kills each for those specific weapons that those Jason’s start with in the game. And are not in the original games unless you buy them..... I am not sure what is included in the ultimate slasher edition....it may already be included.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving f13 game forum members!!!!
  8. Jason part 7 unlocks when you reach... level 7 Jason part 4 unlocks when you reach... level 44 weapon swapping is unlocked on level 113 hope this helps.
  9. The option to kill Jason is in the game before and post Rage mode the steps to do it hasn’t changed because of it but once Rage is active all hits on Jason cause full damage because he no longer can be stunned by melee weapons....this is why it is easier to kill him because of Rage mode. Exactly! Well said. Rage mode didn’t give Jason any advantages to catch and kill Counselors that is the skill of the Jason player or the lack of skill on the counselors player..... Rage mode was not added to the game because players didn’t want to “learn” how to play it was added to the game because Jason was easily made a joke of for the full 20 minutes of a match....the Developers saw that this was a problem since it was their nerfs of Jason and counselors buffs that caused this and had to put a cap on how ridiculous it had become with laying Jason out and dancing all over him.... hence the Rage mode to limit that type of game play. .....Rage Mode doesn’t Give Jason any advantage in catching and Killing counselors players if you die it’s because you allowed it to happen or the Jason Player out played you....accept, adapt and move on.
  10. If Disney bought the rights to F13 they would never make the films rated R. They would be very comedic and gender swap Jason for Jessica Voorhees or some shit like that and change almost every element till it barely resembles F13 any more......and all the Merchandise movies and shows that they would release wouldn’t be anything any of us fans will even want to see....... That’s the Kind of agenda they have been pushing for the last couple of years..... I hate Disney they ruin everything... Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, 21st Century Fox.....and it’s properties.
  11. Pretty sure Sean Cunningham has a son who will inherit the rights and Horror Inc. So yeah, I am sure they will continue after his death. Also supposedly the summer of 2020 will have some very big Lawsuit news coming according to Bloody disgusting.com and Larry Zerner Twitter news.
  12. Thanks for posting this ! I love Pumpkinhead ! And Pumpkinhead is one of my all time favorite creature / Demon designs!
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