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  1. Good idea ! Clay, and Whitney would be cool ..... from other films Alice , Ginny, Paul and Sheriff Garris
  2. Creighton Duke Composure - 8/10 Luck - 3/10 Repair - 5/10 Speed - 4/10 Stamina - 5/10 Stealth - 5/10 Strength - 5/10
  3. @Slasher_Clone that damn black ooze is no friend of mine either, gave me nightmares for quite a while.....especially when the scenes sexual undertones has your guard completely down! And then Boom melted face girls starts screaming 😱 the ending caught me completely off guard too !!! with the ooze flipping out of the water and landing on that dude.
  4. John Carpenters The Thing is truly an amazing film / the score / special effects and cast are one of a kind!! It is in my top 10 all time Favorite movies.
  5. @Thunder Pushing your incredibly false opinion of the truth is what makes you a troll poster.....you are wrong..... I posted twice telling you why you are wrong, and you have never made any valid points or brought any facts to prove your beliefs about players not adapting to Jasons gameplay....... the real truth is the developers witnessed first hand how easy the mechanics in place were able to be abused.....And made the changes... that is the only truth that matters..... You are triggering Pamela though and you know what happens when she gets upset.....lol p.s. If a game mechanic is not fun that is what makes it boring. Fun gameplay makes for exciting gameplay!
  6. @Fair Play It’s going to be a Camp Crystal Lake Smorgasbord!!! I am in 😋!!
  7. @Fair Play glad I could add a little inspiration lol! You definitely have great ideas for conversations!!! I am also definitely serious about that lasagna!😉 As for my signature dish I make a mean slow roasted Prime rib with Cajun spices!! Soooooo good!
  8. @mattshotcha would this be a possible option to add to offline gameplay?
  9. I am going to hold you to that.....🍟 I will take a XL size fry with my Opinions/Facts and “Truth Hurts....” posts Thank you lol
  10. Yes and they were very close to doing it in the last patch but the code messed something else up so they wanted a little more time to nail it down completely. should be addressed in the next patch.
  11. You keep saying players were too lazy/or not good enough to adapt to the gameplay when that is untrue..... In the First year of the games release and Jason was constantly Nerfed to Make counselors gameplay easier, do you think the players who complained about OP Jason should have adapted instead of changing his gameplay ????? To bad that didn’t happen huh ? Jason gameplay was changed hence having to adapt. In the second year of the games release more nerfs where introduced the Grab shortened and radius changed not once but twice.... counselors gameplay fixes to address troll behavior also came with buffs that made the game even easier....no more meat shielding made combat more heavily in favor to counselors gameplay.....epic and legendary perks introduced making demasking and getting the kill done even easier.... all things to adapt to for Jason...at what point was all this balanced? .....maybe with the slight speed boost and two extra knives.....Nope not then either. Here is some truth for you.....all these buffs/ changes amounted to Jason looking like a fool no matter the options Jason has to combat it. Standing there holding block unable to release it because players are ganged up behind you waiting to stun you to the ground....is not a fun mechanic...playing bait and switch with counselors is also not a fun mechanic...the games combat is simplistic because it was meant to be a last resort option not a full on fighting game..... the truth is this was a gameplay mechanic that evolved into something that never should have been in the game as something to adapt to in the first place. Your opinion of the Truth is wrong Adaptation has been a mainstay of Friday the 13th the game from the beginning.... more so for Jason gameplay than counselor gameplay.....so sorry you’re wrong and the “truth” you keep preaching about is false and invalid.... mechanics that gradually made Jason easier to be made a fool of is not a gameplay mechanic that needs to be learned how to adapt to.... it just shouldn’t be there in the first place....which it wasn’t at launch and now We are almost back to that with the new buffs to Jason and Rage mode.
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