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  1. So far almost every one who has participated in the poll have been long standing members.
  2. The support team will walk you through the problem asap bud. Matt is our community leader he won’t be able to work out the trouble shooting issues like the support team will. be patient you will be running for your life or swinging a machete really soon 😊
  3. Thanks for the clarification Matt! can’t wait to see what the team has come up with...... I agree That making a drastic change doesn’t make sense at the current stage of the games life. Always appreciate the feedback!!
  4. Reach out to Jasonkillsbugs.com /support they should be able to help you.
  5. No it shouldn’t. I am sure most will agree with me here..... It does need to be tweaked as to not be the easiest win condition for counselors however.
  6. Who is this post directed too? If it is to me you might want to re-read that closed topic thread and this time take your time reading and comprehend it As Matt didn’t call me anything. I didn’t get to share my thoughts on Matt’s posts before it was closed either. That last thread did get out of hand..... there are bigger problems in this world going on right now and getting bent out of shape about what Gun Media is going to do about the game is not one of them. The fact that they are still working on the game right now during all this craziness is great news to me and the fact that they have continued to gather information and are working on a solution to what many members feel is a problem is also good news as well. I am very excited About what the team is working on and can’t wait to hear more.
  7. It is entirely based on speculation as usual with your topics!!!!! you make assumptions and blow them completely out of proportion. I am 100% certain that not one member in your last thread asked for the Kill to be removed.......yet you post like you know what the majority of the forum members want....what a joke.
  8. You realize that this thread will be closed too right? ps I love playing as Jason against good and bad players!! I don’t Fear being killed in the game from either side of game play. I will agree with others however that it really is easy to kill Jason especially de masking him.
  9. Thank you @Fair Play those are some talented guys that sculpt these figures for Neca, I just add to their existing work.....without them these customs wouldn’t be anywhere as good as they came out. I agree 1000% with the Jason lives mask it just doesn’t look right on his head I love the sculpt for him without the mask but the rubber mask just isn’t shaped correctly or sized correctly to his head. As for the JGTH custom I did indeed use a Dream sequence Jason for the body....with a re-sculpted Roy burns Head and weathered mask. I resculpted the sleeves on the shirt to make it longer then added the rips in the knees and arms....cut out the torn areas in the shirt added some more sculpted details to the hands to give it that rotted and bone showing Texture. still not 100% sure what I want to do about the Jason lives mask but I know I will probably use the Dream sequence dirty mask and head sculpt somehow.
  10. Thank you sir!!! I appreciate it ! It is definitely my favorite custom I have done at this time!! I am pretty happy with how the figure turned out and a JGTH figure has been on my wish list for quite a while..... ( I just couldn’t wait any longer. Lol) I’m also planning on a 7,8 and pre -Uber eventually... I’m also toying around with my Jason lives figure I am not happy with the mask that comes with the figure I’m thinking about using one of the Dream sequence head sculpts as a replacement.
  11. Thank you sir!! I really appreciate the compliment! I thought about using material or a tuff of hair for him and decided on a sculpted look made from hot Glue. Jason definitely went with a business in the front party in the back look for this movie!! lol
  12. Since Neca has been affected by the lawsuit and is unable to make any new figures in the F13 franchise, I decided to make a custom version of JGTH. I know that this film is hated by many fans, but I happen to really enjoy the movie and love The design for him in the film. Let me know what you guys think! Enjoy the Photo shoot !!! “GO TO HELL!!!”
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