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  1. No... one one knows when the newest patch will hit....in the latest community update we were told soon.
  2. I have been praying to the Video game gods for a long...long time...I know I would be very happy with a Halloween game and with the sequel to 2018 Halloween coming....2020 all I can say is that would be the perfect tie in to the success the franchise has recently had.
  3. Sure... a different titled game, a different killer.... is definitely possible, but I don’t see Horror INC. involved in any form if this is the case.
  4. I would love another game....but being the unofficial forum legal defense team 😉. Appointed to this esteemed position by Judge @Fair Play I have to tell you.... Sean Cunningham will not spend money on this franchise until the ownership of Adult Hockey masked Jason is established which is part of the newest appeal.... Any Derivative work using characters created in the original Film will be subject to the copyright laws that Victor Miller now possesses......he owns Jason Voorhees by name only.... He doesn’t own the Hockey masked Killer that we know as Jason Voorhees but any profits made by a game or Film would be then subject to the copyright laws that Victor has and could than sue Cunningham for using his original character in a Derivative work. So until apparently the end of time I don’t see this happening.... until one of them run out of money or dies.... this franchise is in limbo.
  5. @mattshotcha any plans to add Viki to the cabin eventually?
  6. Yes, they did mention that along with the car knife throw glitch..... however that will not be fixed with the next update..... it is on the list for a future patch.
  7. Unfortunately in the Beyond episode from Tuesday......it boiled down to SOON.... he did say all their extra testing seems to have completely fixed the ability to slingshot onto the Roof....and they are buttoning up a few other areas that appeared to be possible to get on to......
  8. https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3568506/halloween-sequel-reportedly-filming-fall-october-2020-release-planned/ Definitely excited for this!
  9. Definitely! Nothing will be worse than seeing someone on a roof, light pole or outhouse after this newest patch drops. I would rather it take longer but finally eliminate that issue from the game entirely.
  10. I have never heard of this “Soon ™️“ he is speaking of.....😂🤣😂
  11. I accept this highly coveted position. And my first rebuttal to our friend providing misinformation on the Steam discussion boards is....
  12. @DontZzz34 and @TimDuke 01 you are correct the person posting that Bullshit is full of it.... Both games have been affected by the lawsuit... Both had a cut off date pushed on them to get any content that they could into the game by the courts because of the lawsuit.....the puzzle game added some new content that was released after the cut off because it was completed and hidden within the code of the game....this was Ghost Jason and I believe one other Jason skin. Gun also attempted to get as much as they could into the game but unfortunately couldn’t finish the assets or map in time.... this is obviously Jason x and Grendel Map and other weapon kills.... as some of these made it into the code but were never finished... we have all see the kills and Jason x skins by now. it is the reason for no new content and if the developers did attempt a cash grab they wouldn’t bother continuing to address bug fixes or balances adjustments....no proof will be provided by that poster on steam because there isn’t any that contradicts the facts. That poster needs to ask themselves if it was a cash grab why wouldn’t they continue to put out DLC that would obviously make them more money since all they care about is a “cash grab”.......the weapon kills and PJ pack....would be easy money the community would Gobble it right up.... this ridiculous conspiracy theory is null in void by facts.... If they could continue to create new content they would....it’s the unfortunate truth.
  13. No. And I wouldn’t be opposed to a toggle time limit on or off either.
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