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  1. Mobbing Jason shouldn’t be happening for any level Jason whether they are 19...higher or lower! the mechanics to deal with a mob do not reliably work correctly. melee strikes or grab since the last patch both need adjustment to make Jason gameplay fun again.
  2. I also think the perks that allow trap tanking need some tweaks...maybe if you have the perk you can only pick up one med spray until you use the one you have. also I think different types of traps should be included like the slingshot snare trap from Friday the 13th part 2 and the only way to get out of it is for another counselor to release you or to use your pocket knife to cut your self loose. (Jason would only have one of these in his inventory per match).... i just think it would be so cool if you didn’t have a knife and were hoping that the trap that was in front of one of the objects was a bear trap but unfortunately now you are hanging from the rope upside down hoping the foot steps you hear behind you are a fellow counselor... Jason should also have a environmental throat slash kill with it just like part 2.
  3. Let me rephrase the tanking traps portion of the counselors mechanics I mentioned previously.. yes tanking has been apart of the game prepatch and then some.. I should have been more clear that the medic perk is what allows this mechanic to work in a way that it shouldn’t... with that perk I am able to tank 4 of Jason’s traps with 2 med sprays. example typical game as counselor for me: Objective trapped... tank it,heal Jason appears juke or stun till Jason player gives up and morphs away...if trapped again rinse repeat.. till repaired..escape... as far as I am concerned that is a broken mechanic and is Relied on heavily by counselors now. As for better hit detection, yes if you hit anything other than Jason it will not register.. ( same goes for Jason.) however 95% of the time I would say it results in a stun knocking Jason’s head to the side or him on his ass...( this should only work with high strength and most high stun weapons it seem like something changed in the last patch I am stunning Jason with any weapon and with any counselor. (Body block objectives...... How do you body block on your back?) and as Jason you can repeatedly swing through a counselor and cause no damage. As for chain stunning Jason, a better term would be repeatedly stunned one after the other... not a continuous stun that lasts forever...Jason gets up and gets dropped down again... I know what your going to say next “block”... and you are right it works up until you stop holding it... or get hit from behind.. which is fine, he shouldn’t be able to block from behind.... you do get rage faster with every stun but that doesn’t really matter because most of if not everyone has escaped before you get it. I haven’t seen Jason eat firecrackers with his invincible recovery frames that must be a PC issue... I have seen counselor throw them to soon or to far from Jason on multiple occasions. know for the items showing up on the map I understand why it was incorporated to negate trolls and I accept it. ( That doesn’t change the fact that it makes things much easier for counselors to find items and completely removes the suspense aspect of searching for repair items.) another member mentioned that items should only appear on the mini map as you get closer to them and I think it’s a great idea. As for the death sentence for engaging Jason, including while in groups....when his grab was more reliable you were able to break up the groups by grabbing and killing a few of them before getting the player knocked out of your hand or you getting stunned... as the numbers game dwindled they would break up ...now....it’s still possible but very frustrating when you are not able to grab a counselor right next to you....And continue to whiff passed counselors as they run right up to you and ..guess what... you are on your ass again. From an AJ with a pot in her hand no less. Jason may as well have concrete boots on in this Mob Dynamic... I do miss being able to block and counter attack but according to you that’s was a broken mechanic that I relied on. (I guess being unable to melee strike or Reliably grab a counselor or hit them as they are climbing in or out of a window...is not a broken one.)
  4. Sound a bit hypocritical since apparently it’s ok to give the counselors mechanics that they can rely on to escape that make the game much easier than before....(tanking traps, more reliable hit detection, parts appearing on the map after being picked up..) trust me this isn’t because players are getting better because god damn I have got to be the best counselor ever I haven’t died once since the last patch....( i will tell you that I have gotten my ass handed to me by groups of counselors, been chain stunned literally to death as every objective gets completed... also because of broken mechanics that counselors players are able to rely on.) The issue of fearing Jason has every thing to do with his broken mechanics it’s not about horror. Game play was more about It staying away from this over powering monster and surviving. openly engaging Jason was a death sentence even in groups before... now all it’s about is making the Jason player look like a bubbling idiot who can’t even grab or slash a counselors directly in front of them.Those are the truly broken mechanics
  5. You have to do all the hiding kills in all the specific locations...example ( closet, out house and barn locker you must do all three for that kill to be counted as done.) Took me a while to realize this... I thought I had done them all and thought it was glitched still I definitely had done the closet and barn locker on multiple occasions ... then one night I killed a counselor in the out house and the trophy ? finally appeared...
  6. Sounds like we both want the same things, game mechanics to work properly and both side to enjoy playing against each other! ?
  7. maybe we didn’t complain or “keep our mouths shut” because we agreed with the way the mechanics worked before.... Counselors feared getting to close to Jason groups did not completely chain stun him over and over again. And I can also say we don’t play Jason 90% of the time we play counselor 90% of the time.! Gameplay for him was a lot more enjoyable than it is now. I definitely prefer the way the game used to play as a counselor. There are many tools to avoid Jason grab as a counselor... prepatch and now.( with out being able to stun him with any melee weapon as any counselor in one hit.) You complain that Jasons just use the grab to solve everything.... Well I’m not gonna lie ..the grab kill, environmental or otherwise are the better kills compared to hack/knife throw repeat... What other mechanic do you want Jason to use to solve things.... Playing as a counselors now is much easier than playing as Jason (It damn sure is not stressful)... That’s the issue the mechanics don’t properly work as Jason, The grab Nerf just exposed that melee combat is unreliable Add in an unreliable grab..... and it’s just face palm ?‍♂️ terrible. You call the old grab a Jedi power... When at the end of the day it was a faulty animation issue. Jason should always lunge forward as he grabs. the animation only showed him grabbing and pulling the counselor to his position making it look like a vacuum grab ....( incomplete animation).... it should have a step forward with the lunge grab and that would have Alleviated the vacuum/force grab that players complained about. If you watch the animation of Jason’s grab as he misses a grab You can see him walking forward..with the grab animation. i am all for adjusting the grab it doesn’t have to go back to pre patch but it does need more tweaking to make it more reliable.
  8. I like this video, it helps me explain why the pre patch grab was fine the way it was. If you watch this video it will show Jason grab the counselor at the end of the carpet and slide back into his position... ( it is an incomplete animation he should be stepping forward one step to complete the grab!!! Just like when you miss one and it whiff by a counselor now, how often do you stand there and just press grab I am always on the move while using Jason....) the pre grab looks like an over reach because of that lack of added animation of moving forward a step.
  9. Or that other changes to mechanics or perks have not tweaked those mechanics as well.
  10. Well done.... I bow down to the great trademark symbol.
  11. He is not wrong that the newest patch exposed Jason’s poor combat mechanics, making it easier to stun him now.... and yes he was able to be stunned before but pre patch not every counselor could in one hit. stun resistance helps Jason get out of the stun quicker but maybe it should allow him to not be stunned as often. I know when I swing and hit Jason now he gets stunned 95 % of the time. wish that wasn’t the case.
  12. Frighteningicon you have legitimate complaints, I agree with you about the nerfs for grab, but this is not the thread for that topic.
  13. This is a topic about item markings on the map not Jason’s poor mechanics.