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  1. OCT 31 1978

    My wife made me this awesome hoodie...

    That is incredible! Looks nice and cozy too!
  2. OCT 31 1978

    Jason is weak

    Or they could give us back meat shielding to deal with grabbing counselors in groups and a more responsive block.....😃 that would actually help with dealing with “7” counselors...or any number more than one. ...adding hit point won’t. no one asked for invincibly... but it’s funny counselors almost do have that when they are all grouped together....against Jason....and you aren’t complaining about that ????
  3. OCT 31 1978

    Jason is weak

    I don’t think catching counselors is the issue with weak Jason.... The problems are his combat / akward blocking mechanics and his inability to deal with groups of counselors once you’ve caught up with them! Jason should not ever and I repeat EVER beable to be bullied by the counselors regardless of the 7 vs 1 gameplay he should be overpowered.....1 vs 1 Jason works well.... once you throw in a second counselor things get quite irritating.... and if it’s more than than two and they know what they are doing it makes his gameplay very frustrating..... it is one thing to get the timing right and kill Jason when dealing with coordinated teams....however I still feel it is to easy to kill him at this present time. To feel helpless when counselors combat is smoother to accomplish there is something wrong.
  4. OCT 31 1978

    NECA Releasing Zombie Pamela Figure

    That figure looks really cool ! About time worm food Pammy got some love form NECA!
  5. @mattshotcha any insight you could provide? I know this was something the developers said they were looking into at one point.
  6. OCT 31 1978

    Jason is weak

    Sorry your experience was less than ideal the topic you posted has been discussed in length quite often...... yet as you can see by the 10 + pages is quite important to the entire player base.... you need a thick skin to be here but most members are huge fans and welcoming...if you stick around you will see this if not it is what it is ...all the best.
  7. OCT 31 1978

    Jason is weak

    I can see how that would be very frustrating for counselors players. Hopefully I can clarify this I tend to over complicate ideas I have..... I am not talking about the Auto lock on players rotation ... I am talking about how we as players have to use spin bait tactics for combat now. You swing and miss you then spin back 360 degrees and do it again.....It is ridiculous looking. I want to eliminate that form of combat so it is actually skill based.... if block was a one button press instead of go into combat stance then press block..... A Jason player you would be able to block then unblock fluidity to go into attack or grab.... as a counselor you would be able to block then unblock and attack or dodge fluidly with out clicking combat stance first...instead of use the bait spin combat mechanics....so that combat would then feel more natural and realistic... Jason would never spin around in a circle to avoid a counselor attacking him ...lol he would block it or take the hit that’s what looks so ridiculous in combat.... the spin bait combat by Jason during combat. I would want combat stance to be a lock on feature instead of needing it to be used to go into block and dodge.
  8. OCT 31 1978

    Jason is weak

    Definitely don’t want that see my later post for clarification on how I would want it to play out.
  9. OCT 31 1978

    Jason is weak

    I think we were both confused about the block out of combat stance that I am talking about....I want it to work the same way it does now....he can only walk with block up. I don’t want a Jason that can run with block up I just want the block ability without having to go into combat stance....making it more fluid to fight in the game not avoid getting attacked while chasing after counselors.( I can see how that would be ridiculously over powered and way to punishing on counselors gameplay.) the block outside of combat stance and increase to dodge speed for counselors would give us a more fluid combat system making it require more skill blocking attacks and dodging/evading more crucial..... but most importantly no more ridiculous spinning in circles then striking.
  10. OCT 31 1978

    Jason is weak

    I have had similar matches where the experience is just unsatisfying I enjoy a challenge with good players but smoother mechanics to make it fun on both sides
  11. OCT 31 1978

    Jason is weak

    Spamming Block is still a thing now you still have to release block to attack and come out of combat stance to grab and by the time you are out of combat stance counselors have run 20 feet away from you.... running out of stamina has nothing to do with being able to block more fluidly...for either of them. And if the dodge was given a bump in speed it would give counselors the ability to evade Jasons grab/ melee strikes better. block outside of combat stance would give us more fluid back and forth combat... instead of the goofy looking back and forth spinning combat that we have now.
  12. OCT 31 1978

    Jason is weak

    I would call it smoothing out clunky mechanics not skill.... there is nothing skill related in the combat system for f13 the game it’s a game of swing weapon hit or miss turn 360 degrees to either do it again of run off and repeat for counselors.... or swing circle back around and repeat or grab for Jason... this would give you more fluid combat being able to block and then attack or block and then grab..... no more reverse 360 ridiculous spinning for combat.. I would give counselors a bit quicker/ more space making dodge to counter the better mechanics for Jason combat combat stance should be used mainly as a lock on feature.
  13. OCT 31 1978

    Jason is weak

    As long as block was out of combat stance for both Jason and counselors it would be fair to both players..... at the end of the day it would function the same way you can’t attack untill you have released the block same with the grab.... just ditching the extra step of clicking combat stance to get in and out of them.
  14. OCT 31 1978

    Jason is weak

    I agree with the grab cone and meat shields throw in block outside of combat stance and I would be extremely happy!
  15. OCT 31 1978

    Jason is weak

    I have seen this before and I believe you are correct that you took damage while in the grab animation and the close range shot gun blast was enough to take the mask off... ps. Great job on the defense of the sweater! It was a hard round that shows how punishable Jasons mechanics are now.... there were at least two Grabs that look like they should have connected....