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  1. You should have 3 options for off-line Bots, challenges and Virtual Cabin. selecting one of them should work.
  2. Let’s try to keep this thread positive and what it’s supposed to be for questions the community would like to have answered on the next beyond stream. @mattshotcha when will the environmental kills patch be rolling out? Is the team aware of the invisible weapons / floating items that seem to happen every now and then on all maps? Do you think it would be possible to allow Jason to hear the Jason specific chase theme music that counselors hear when being chased by different Jason’s? (each one has a different chase theme that can only be heard when playing as a counselor.) Will audio sync issues for off-line bots be one of the items to be fixed in the next patch? Is the team getting anywhere when it comes to discussing Mask Hit points? ( will Jason be getting any adjustments there soon?)
  3. You can hear it any time you want when you press to see/hear the credits to the game.
  4. Solo wasn’t terrible. But I have read better Han and Chewie stories about their becoming life long friends that blew this film away. the only new Star Wars film I like is Rogue One......it doesn’t completely shit on characters from the original franchise and attempts to add to the existing story elements. I did see Vader : Episode 1!!! I cannot Wait for episode 2!!! It was extremely well done perfectly captures Vader’s tortured psyche....I am looking forward to that upcoming battle! Disney has grown so rich an powerful that they don’t even care about making the fans happy with the movies they make it’s all about P/C and feminism Agendas..... I am all for equality and showing How great / powerful both male and female characters are in these films but not at the expense of making other characters look stupid and sacrificing a good story that it should take Precedence. ps we just Rail road in this thread lol. oh well it was a ridiculous topic thread to start with.......Jason rage mode = Not too over powered.
  5. The Star Wars Novels after Return of the Jedi that are now consider “Legends” and are not part of the Star Wars cannon any more were so much better than the last 2 films we have gotten. (My absolute favorite Star Wars novel is Shadows of the Empire.) I actually walked out of the theater during The Last Jedi. I have since seen the complete movie as my son is a huge Star Wars fan and asked me to purchase the Blu Ray. ( I still wish I didn’t see it.) @Ahab your speculations were definitely very close for My user name and Spot on for Thrawn. Age is definitely hard to narrow down from simple text. thanks for the compliment some days I feel very old lol... I agree with you... that when it comes to Star Wars the original trilogy is the end all be all when it comes to quality and stories....I will say this though....I will take Jar jar Binks and the prequel trilogy over this politically correct social Disney pushed Agenda saga we are currently getting.
  6. Glad to hear it won’t be rolled back as it was a very welcome addition to the game. I am familiar with some of Urmomsnewman posts.... I know exactly what he wants introduced back into the game....And why... I think we all can tell....some people definitely use their username as a way to troll others his is a perfect example. My user name is definitely meant as a reference to the Original John Carpenter Film as it is my favorite film, and though it is not my birth date the year it was released is definitely not far from it. He was referring to Jason wiping out lobbies in 6 minutes.... ( have not seen a Jason in Quick play or especially private matches with all experienced players steam roll players that quickly in a long time.) ....counselors can very easily escape or Kill Jason in that time or less depending on coordination. @Ahab said : Although I am not against "tweaks" to rage... I am opposed to giving the trolls back their toys in ANY way... Pinata parties need to remain on the endangered list... Everything else you said was spot on and 100%... FACTS.... I like facts.. Agreed, especially when it comes to melee combat. Flares are a limited resource in the game...so I don’t see them really interrupting the rage mode mechanics at all....I still think only head shots should stun.... it could be the difference of a counselor having enough time to make it from point A to point B giving them a slight reprieve. Ps Thanks....I am a big fan of Facts. 😉 your assumption is 100% correct.
  7. This is not my idea it was @Slasher_Clone But it is a really good one so I am adding it here. Any chance we will be able to get some of the kills that are in the single player challenges......and their Maps added to the multiplayer portion of the game? (I know some kills are very Cinematic but there are quite a few that could be environmental kills added to multiplayer... the wheel barrel rock and stop sign kill come to mind.) And speaking of perks could it be possible to adjust the randomness of the perk rolls to take into account if you already have the highest leveled of a certain perk and not give you one that is poor or common of the same thing? also this will probably be quite a stretch....what’s the chance we Can give Jason players the option to customize his power load out?...so say you want shift before Sense or Stalk before morph etc..... thanks love this thread already!!
  8. That last reason is very situational and is not something that happens every match..... Teaming is not something the developers would roll back the Rage mode over.....( I hope they never do.) The Rage mode did not given Jason any extra abilities to catch counselors easier.... It made Engaging him in combat riskier without the right weapons, surviving is still very possible and Killing Jason is far easier than it was before. Also of note a Teaming player opening doors doesn’t add any real Advantage for a Rage filled Jason.......He can smash doors down instantly anyway...... Teaming in itself is an issue but all games have those types of players.....and has no Bearing on Rage and is a completely different conversation piece altogether. All I can suggest is make your own team for private matches if this is a real issue for you. As for the reasons you stated at the beginning of your post.... 1) I don’t know if you are a troll....jury is still out(😉) 2) Jason does take more damage with non-stunning hits....this is a fact. 3) I haven’t seen Jason Kill a whole lobby in 6 minutes except against bots on Jarvis map that don’t move .... so I think you might be exaggerating a bit. All in all I am not opposed to a tweak to Rage either with flare gun head shots and possibly fireworks stunning...this is a good compromise that would give counselors players a few more opinions to keep Jason at bay till the end of the match.
  9. You will probably need to reach out to the support team, they can investigate the ban. The forums isn’t the place to resolve this situation.
  10. Thanks for posting this!! I am still looking forward to it!!
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