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  1. I do like some of the ideas suggested here but I thing if If the developers rework the Jason chase music mechanic that starts up once Jason is near a counselor that could achieve a lot of the same jump scares/ ambushing themes the Op suggests counselors should not hear Jason chase music until he is in their direct line of sight. Think about it this way if Jason morphs to a cabin and opens the door from the far side before it’s been locked and a counselor is another room of the cabin the music shouldn’t start up until a singer sound effect is heard as Jason appears in front of them or is in camera view where you can see him behind/ beside your character. if Jason attacks a cabin / shattering window chopping down a door With a counselor in the cabin that should automatically start chase music. these changes would add another level to the over all game that would create a truly terrifying effect!
  2. Jaw rip Kill

    I Agree with Op and also the double arm rip would look even cooler if Jason held onto the arms a second or two then dropped them.
  3. I think they need to increase the spawn rate percent to 513% with multiple tapes per match at this point.
  4. Only found 1 this Friday the 13th weekend also!!! And I didn’t even get it my buddy did. next time they need to increase it by 213 %
  5. I did that with the last double XP weekend. no shame used the bots to boost my levels to unlock some bloody skins!
  6. Over all a pretty good F13 weekend, played Friday night and all day Saturday, Sunday was Family day, had some very entertaining matches with some “good, bad and the ugly “ players. very few rage quitters, but quite a few host quits. only complaint was I never ran into a Jarvis or Pamela tape in every match played and out of over 60 + matches only heard on one being found on the map. definetly excited for the update hope it’s “soon”
  7. All kill references

    Just having the ability to grab a tea bagger would be an amazing feature added in to discourage that terrible gameplay feature, I understand how it’s appealing to some as a “screw you jason you can’t get me “but escaping or juke Jason all match is proving the exact same thing.
  8. To solve the issue they just need to replace all the part icons with a generic repair icon so no one knows what the item is until they get to it. other members have suggested this and it is a great idea. unless they are communicating with a mic and tell people “I just picked up the battery and dropped it at Blair’s cove “etc. this will encourage some more communication.
  9. All kill references

    The back breaker kill is a direct reference to Jason X he kills Azrael with exactly the same snap and spin drop.
  10. Meanwhile... Jason Voorhees is coming in Dead by Daylight!

    “Fake news !”
  11. Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    Great news !! Now we can use him in quick play and private matches!!! Not just against bots!
  12. Roy's Coveralls

    Glad to see the developers have been listening to all the feed back and well done @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow Fighting for the cause. with as much screen accuracy as Friday the 13th the game has this was definitely something that needed to be tweaked. Great job developers can’t wait for the updates!
  13. Friday the 13th "H20 style"

    @bewareofbears I agree the tone and vibe has a very John Carpenter feel to it in IT FOLLOWS with the slow panning shots and building up of tension, but I disagree that it wouldn’t fit well for a new Friday the 13th ( especially since the original Friday was quote unquote a rip off of John Carpenters Halloween.) I would love a new film that uses the the same stylization of the 1980 that doesn’t specifically state what time period it is taking place in so not to disregard what’s come before it while still moving into a new direction and story.
  14. The mask is attached to the statue in a way that the straps don’t matter, it is why it hasn’t been stolen and why it can’t be replaced either. Very cool find and can really appreciate the artists work.
  15. Friday the 13th "H20 style"

    I would love a sequel that didn’t disregard any of the movies just reference that murders have taken place at Crystal Lake, Jason’s Mother was responsible for the original murders and The locals know that Jason came back for revenge of the death of his mother and start there, give it a stylistic 1980 vibe like the movie IT Follows and move forward from there.