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  1. @Wes @ShiftySamurai @Randygbk I don’t know if this has been discussed or mentioned at this point. but I was wondering if the legal disputes will effect the soundtracks and art books. And if not, if there was any news on if and when they would be ready and could possibly be shipped out “soon”
  2. OCT 31 1978

    We're Still Here

    # save crystal lake this game with all its quirks and bugs has been a dream come true, my brother and I would talk about a game just like this for hours when we were kids. I backed this game day one and will continue till the lights go out. I have been a fan of the films for the last 30years I watched them hundreds if not a thousand times.... I love this game and will continue to play daily.... whether it’s a couple of hours, or like last nights 5 hour binge after reading the terrible news about new content, I will continue to hope for a positive and quick courtroom outcome but regardless of that..... #cant stop won’t stop F 13 the game.
  3. This is also an issue on PS4.
  4. Ps4 I have noticed some lighting issues fire places that don’t give off light till you walk up to them also light bulbs above cabin exterior that are off until you get near it.....then flash on.
  5. I believe you get CP with the skull Xp bonus.
  6. I agree with you 100% but you are just baiting him with another 24 pages of : ”this is not a RPG !” “you have to understand I don’t like level up unlocking in games.” “It doesn’t makes sense to me.” ” Would rather pay for new content and have it instantly.” just warning you now.
  7. I will play multiplayer till I get tired of host/ rage quitters....then switch over to single player challenges when I get tired of that I will give those updated Bots a go...
  8. I love your passion bro! I can can see how it would come off that way I thought the same when I watched it also. I also was disappointed. I agree that the community posted and wanted this feature included at some point. however the developers never came out and said “we will eventually add weapon swapping.” So waiting patiently still doesn’t make sense to me I don’t get into the habit of getting my hopes up for things that I want with out it being warranted. The player base has fluctuated ever since the patches that added more weapons and sprays and then took away weapons and sprays for counselors.... not a weapon swap feature and as for animations beta/ alpha there is a thread that explains why they were removed. Something about memory leaks if I recall correctly. and to be honest I think the player base is indeed leaving because of newer games for pc and the lack of dedicated servers on console. You are are right I am not the almighty, but since it’s been over 30 years since a Friday the 13th game has been released I would have to say this is a god send gift with and I will quote myself “ details right out of the movies again.” Way to much to get into sounds like you have lots of gripes about gameplay that don’t belong in this thread. I will only touch on a few, the maps do have a few details missing but overall have to work as a multiplayer game setting....so some discrepancies will occur but I don’t see how anyone could argue that most of of not all the main buildings are really accurate. Jason models and textures are very accurate .....height and bulk are definitely a little wonky but really nitpicking I would have rather got a Jason who looked like the one in the game then the one from the movie for part 2 any day. glad we agree gameplay is fun!
  9. Larger Text doesn’t change the fact that the game has always been a level up unlock rewards system from the beginning you may not like it but this is how it’s been for a year..... I understand it’s a feature everyone wants and that’s why this thread has been going on for 19 pages.
  10. My explanation does make sense you just don’t like it. Then you have nothing to be upset about you have all you need and want in the game as is.
  11. That is not an incentive that is core gameplay. No leveling doesn’t change the core game mechanics leveling up gives you more characters, and cosmetic items and kills to choose from. Agreed You asked for an explanation I fulfilled that so in essence you would owe me the 100 dollars. I understand the issue for lower level players and I sympathize....however I also wouldn’t care if it was a leveling unlock of 150 because it’s worth getting there for this feature.... no matter what I would want it. at least all you have to do is play the game to level up don’t see anything wrong with that.
  12. This is a question best suited for the developers. But I will try, most games have a level up reward system let’s start there. This is a slasher games version of one, the developers knew that most gamers are goal oriented and like to unlock/ progress through a video game they had to create a way for that to work for this game because at the end of the day it’s a video game based on the movies. So with that .... When the developers were designing the game they decided to give players XP for surviving a match killing counselors and repairing objectives. what they realized was most casual players will run around the map not really accomplishing much so they put into place The ability to earn extra XP while doing other things in the game....examples ( fight back, lock doors, repair generator mark Jason with flare ext......) this allows all players to progressively get better at the game and gives them incentive to complete these objectives that give extra XP. So with this system in place the developers then had to give the players a incentive to earn as much Xp as they could. So the only logical reasoning they could go with is to make a level up to unlock rewards system for characters, skins, clothing, kills and know finally weapons. Hope this helps, no need for the 100 dollars I am good.
  13. We all care about the future of the game and have hoped weapon swap would be included into the game at some point but the developers never promised this feature and never gave us any hope through out the year that it would be, so you and others saying you have been waiting for a year for this feature just doesn’t make sense. as for players leaving I think that has to do with new games coming out and people get tired of playing thing after binging for a while, as long as the developers continue to add things that bring them back is what matters. There is a lot to look forward to in this update. Again no one was told weapon swap would be added to the game it is something we hoped would be no one has been waiting for a year for it. the game from the beginning has been designed as a level up to unlock features: characters, costumes, and skins nothing has changed. some will have it on release others will have to continue to play the game that is all it takes to unlock any feature in F13. They brought us the game that no one was going to, With details right out of the movies with game play that is fun and addictive..... these guys care make no mistake. A lot of what you state is what makes the game fun those moments when characters are doing the things that others are Better at I don’t care if some one drives off with out picking me up I have options run the clock, cops or the boat. As far a defending weaker players there are plenty of flares if they can’t find a shot gun. The game has always been based off of working together until it no longer benefits you. The XP for doing those extra things is meant to encourage others to do it as well. The developers aren’t to blame for how others play, all the mechanics to work together are there it’s all in the players choosing to do so.
  14. None of these “fundamental basics “are locked from players the kills and weapons are available to all players once you have leveled up and unlocked that particular Jason. unfortunately the ability to have any Jason perform all the kills with the various weapons is. but why are all of you so surprised this game has from the beginning has had players need to level up just to unlock characters, clothes, skins and Jasons with a locked weapon. Having to level up to swap them shouldn’t be that surprising at this point.
  15. The team did make a game that is fun to play. no one can argue that otherwise why are you even here wanting a feature that will make it even better. the only reason anyone can say the game is not fun is because of trolls ( salt mines may help.) and connection issues (dedicated servers should fix most issues.) that can be with any game and has nothing to do with core gameplay.