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  1. Agreed!!! I really hope this happens in the future as well!! until then at least we have some customizers out there attempting to make them.
  2. Thanks for always being straight forward with us. It always sucks when you hear that something you love is no longer going to worked on or updated....but... ”them’s the Breaks.” as long as we get clients side saves eventually I will be right as rain!
  3. Thanks. Is that something Black Tower can possibly look into or is that a no fly zone at this current time. I know there are a few things you guys might have the team look into still since the final patch hit......just wondering. Thanks again
  4. I would love to see both Kane and CJ Graham return to the Franchise ....... how awesome would it be if Kane played Elias Voorhees and Cj played Jason in a new film!!
  5. For sure!!! His latest script ideas sound fantastic!!! I would be all in to get him back making a new Friday film, whether it acknowledges other films in the Series or not.
  6. Quoting myself because I think you may have missed my question @mattshotcha From a few posts ago. I know you have a-lot on your plate and stuff gets missed sometimes.
  7. Well said my friend.( as usual.) Words and sentiments we both share thank you for all the good threads/ topics/ times they will be missed. hope to see you on @Jason Todd Voorhees forum. And unfortunately your connection has been shit I still hope to run into you in camp one day as well. I want to try to get some games in this weekend as I haven’t been able to play for several weeks now a lot going on since the loss in our family. User name ps4: OCT 31 78
  8. Happy f13th!!!! Fantastic as usual @Jason Todd Voorhees
  9. I would have loved this as well. @mattshotcha thanks for the transparency as usual. This is one of the most important issues for end of the line for this Game Matt. Please don’t let all the work that was done on Gun and our part be lost to videos on YouTube and screen shots .... we need.....need....need the ability to use and play all the Jason’s and counselors, clothing, items, weapons that we have unlocked and Gun and Illfonic spent all that time and effort on. I can understand an AI for Jason was going to be a huge undertaking....and it’s unfortunate that it didn’t become a reality. Quick question about off-line bots....why do boats never spawn in on the maps for them to escape with? was it deliberately programmed that way? or something that can be looked into? thanks again
  10. Matt has always been transparent with us he may have missed your post. @mattshotcha I know you are up to your neck in messages and tags about the “last” patch but if you get a minute to check out Friday-fan-88 question about off-line that would be awesome.
  11. It’s been a hell of a ride!!! love this forum and Game!! take care everyone!
  12. I don’t have any social media this forum is one of the only online interaction I do. no Twitter/ Facebook/ MySpace etc. just don’t have the time or energy to manage all that .....not to mention too old lol.
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