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  1. That’s how all licensed IPs work….it’s not just because Horror INC were being “pains in the asses.” Every owner of an IP that’s licensed out does it that way.
  2. For sure !! can’t wait for more info!! Texas Chainsaw is an awesome property glad Gun is playing in this sandbox I know it will get way more love and fan service than it probably deserves.
  3. Yep acting was pretty terrible…..funny thing still enjoyed it lol
  4. I was right!!! Can’t wait to see more. day one purchase for sure!! ha so much for a simple re-direct huh @JPops
  5. Haven’t watched it yet but I will tonight!! hope it’s good!!
  6. Love me some Ghostbusters!! @Dragonfire82877 I think your Proton Pack looks F***ing phenomenal! You did an outstanding job! When I was a kid I lived in NY in the 80’s and Ghostbusters and Halloween were the biggest things in my life I watched the cartoon bought the toys had the costume you name it!! Afterlife looks like it’s going to be a heck of a ride can’t wait to see it!!
  7. Definitely not Funny…..nothing is worse than busting a brand new figures arm peg or accessories….. absolutely will ruin your day…..I am a firm believer of the hot water your figure especially joints prior to posing and displaying it. Most definitely! hope Neca will do the other Hodder Jason’s as well!!!
  8. Great post!! Neca’s J-7 is by far the best Jason figure they have made yet!!!!
  9. @Dragonfire82877 @Fair Play Looks like Peacock has all the big Horror Franchise movies locked up this year.
  10. You are correct. Names are not covered under copyright laws, Characters are. So a boy named Jason Voorhees that drowned in Camp Crystal Lake or “Camp Blood” who’s Mother named Pam Voorhees went on a murder spree….on his Birthday Friday the 13th. Sean’s “Jason Voorhees” the Adult Hockey masked killer would have to have no elements that link his character to the original film…..that means no Pam, No Crystal Lake, no Camp blood, no drowning in the Lake…… No Friday the 13th…. What Kind of Jason Voorhees does that leave us with? A undead killer who wants revenge for reasons they can’t say anymore? who may or may not stalk camp grounds and kill teenagers anymore? yeah…… this doesn’t sound like Jason to me anymore…….
  11. If Horror Inc. makes any more “Jason Voorhees” movies or “Friday the 13th” movies using elements or characters and locations that are From the original Friday the 13th film…..or calls the Adult Hockey masked Killer in the film “Jason Voorhees” and uses the drowned in “Crystal Lake” “Camp Blood” story etc…….he will have to make a deal with Victor and pay him to use those character names or story elements in the film……. Sean could make more movies but not Call Jason, Jason or use any elements for the original Friday the 13th…..but good lord who would want to watch a movie like that…… Fingers crossed bro…..I just don’t see them ever working this out. They both are very stubborn individuals that want to get paid that’s for sure…..I wish Cunningham would have taken care of Miller Financially originally or made sure he received substantial Royalties from every film Sean made Millions from. But like I said before these two I think are beyond working with each other again………. getting the Rights for the original F13 was the biggest FU to Sean Victor could ever hope to accomplish….and he has succeeded. maybe when they have passed away the heirs to this split Franchise will come together and fix this mess.
  12. The problem is I am Pretty sure Miller hates Sean and will never sell him the Rights to Friday the 13th now…..no matter how much was offered. Maybe a long time ago they could have worked things out but after watching Sean make Millions from the Franchise…..being sued and having to fight for what he created…..Victor wants those millions he feels owed to him……. I expect Victor will attempt to make a remake or original F13 film soon….and with that he has the potential to make more money that Sean would pay for the rights anyway. As for Sean he could easily make more films as well using the adult Hockey masked killer however using Jason, or Pam Voorhees name or Camp Crystal Lake or CampBlood won’t fly…..and he would be sued by Victor for using those characters and elements names from his film….. so we are in a strange place with the possibility of new Friday the 13th films.
  13. Thanks buddy!! I was very close to shelling out the extra dough Ebay sellers are charging for him, especially since my pre-order had been sitting on “shipping soon” for like three months now…… glad I held out got two for the amount one is going for on eBay.
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