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  1. He can prop up whoever he wants......That’s what people do when they admire and look up to someone. And “what’s wrong with America” Today is people without morality..... incase that was too subtle I mean people like you.
  2. Cool thread I definitely want to post some ideas here for you I am at work now so later today I will post some stuff for you. @Slasher_Clone always good to see you pop in buddy. ******Edit******* @Jason Todd Voorhees Ok here Is one of the story ideas that I’ve been throwing around in my head for quite a while.....it’s more Of a Supernatural Story....and Jason doesn’t come into it until the very end but here it goes..... Camp Crystal Lake is run down and has been dormant for years.....quiet.....No missing campers, no killing, no Jason..... All the locals know that Camp Crystal Lake is Haunted by the Vengeful Spirit of Jason Voorhees his legendary 80’s massacres At the lake are still told to Warn any outsiders who come to town.... A group of 4 friends who are Paranormal investors Like The Ghost Hunters decide to investigate the supposedly Haunted Camp......they want to Investigate and debunk the stories of Ghostly apparitions that float above the lake in cabins and around the grounds, the voices in the woods the wailing of a vengeful Mother and of course...... the rumors of an undead killer. Two of the people in the group don’t take the stories as seriously as the other two and are more Interested in investigating each other. As they set up Their equipment: I would have scenes with the group Or each person individually just missing seeing the Ghosts of Past victims around the camp/cabins/ archery range ect.... When setting up at the Lake a ghostly hand comes up from the water reaching for one of the team members.....as they feel the unease building they Turn and see nothing. As the Team conducts EVP sessions in the cabins the team records voices, and warnings..... the past victims tell them they are.... doomed..... This concerns the Two who are taking this investigation seriously but the Two who aren’t believe it’s a set up by the other two they all Agree to continue the investigation..... As they continue they hear voices in the woods......They all decided to follow the sounds.... This leads them to a run down empty shack in the middle of the woods....They continue their EVP session The answers to their question Terrify them to their core... Is there anyone here? Yesssss.... who is this? A victim of Jason Voorhees? Mrssssss Vooooorhees.... Want is it you want? Makkkke youuu sufffffer. The equipment blows out and their flashlights flicker on and off and burn out they scream as one of them scramble to change out the batteries in the flashlight as they click it on Pamela Voorhees’ Zombie face looms over them and screams at the top of her lungs... “Make them pay Jason!!!” The Flashlight bursts......the team screams in the Dark......and we now for the first time hear the classic ......KiKiKiKi MaMaMa.......it repeats KiKiKiKi MaMaMaMa....... The group runs out of the shack, in front of them Stands the giant undead Hockey masked killer.....Jason is back he is real..... the team Screams and scatters.......KiKiKiKi MaMaMaMa... This is where I leave the story idea in your hands......do they live? Do they all die it’s up to you..... Hope you enjoyed it. I will Add more story ideas tomorrow.
  3. Fingers crossed we definitely need more Friday films in our lives!
  4. I always buy duplicates Of figures my wife thinks I am crazy but oh well I don’t judge how many Purses she has lol.... I usually keep in the box and the other to display Pose and or make tweaks too (like painting and customizing.)
  5. Lol, Bro......It is So sad that it needs to be said any year.
  6. It isn’t very pleasant when you’re on the receiving end is it? For the record I Never said you couldn’t dislike anyone you want. You saying....... “You would take a running Ted White as Jason any day because you think Kane is a Nut an Asshole and his Burn accident was the result of his own stupidity.” .........And that you continue to try to justify it when you don’t know the facts about him or what he went through that is what I have a problem with. Sooooo...No, I don’t think I am overreacting.......those are not reasons to not Like Kane’s Performance as Jason that is you passing judgements on him Because you’re either jealous or insecure and are trying to feel less shitty about yourself.
  7. Kane in a comedy would be great. I definitely Enjoy The Butcher of Plainfield it is an under appreciated gem.
  8. So not only are you Heartless and lack Any kind of Human decency.......you apparently lack basic comprehension skills as well. Never said you need to be perfect just grasp the fact that not liking someone’s performance or look doesn’t give you the right to shit talk them personally.
  9. You haven’t watched his Documentary on the subject so your “Facts” mean nothing........so does your Opinion which is what this statement is. Still doesn’t give you the right to call him the shit you did. I can see why no one would feel sorry for you with your out look on life and People. I can’t speak for your experience but How would you feel is someone said your brush with Death was the result of your own stupidity. I couldn’t care Less whether you like Kane’s performance as Jason or if you want to meet him.....as for the love he gets maybe people can relate to his life experiences or Maybe they just love the way he played the character.... ...But if you don’t like his portrayal or look as Jason keep your opinions about it.....based on his acting or look not attacking the guy personally. I have said this multiple times....What do you not understand about that.... it’s Human decency regardless of your Mc Hammer worldview. I am done repeating myself about this... don’t bother responding to this post or any of my posts.
  10. Wow MC Hammer Was your go to huh? Well, I am sure MC Hammer would never be so disrespectful towards anyone who suffered adversity and came back stronger from it....... Especially a near death experience. ......nor do I Think he would put that kind of thing that happened in the same box as Hollywood privileged whining.......But to be honest Who is he to say who’s Hardships matter or don’t he didn’t live through them. (Also Kane is a stuntman/Actor. Stuntman/ women earn there paychecks By literally doing extreme stunts For our Entertainment that could legitimately kill them....There is a huge difference between a regular Hollywood Actor and a Stuntperson.....but even with that I can’t judge them I never lived a day in their shoes either......all walks of life come with their own adversity to overcome. It is completely different to come up in life with no hardships and become famous and have tons of money.....and I am pretty sure that is What MC Hammer meant by his statement. Your post had so much venom in it toward Kane Hodder and You haven’t even watched his documentary on the subject......It was completely uncalled for......you need a reality check.
  11. So what you think that gives you the right to call him stupid a nut and an Asshole?? Wrong. The guy suffered for a long time from that accident.....he was young and made some rookie mistakes it happens......he had performed that same stunt Already and you know when people are young with confidence they think they can do anything.......it’s not stupidity. Yeah adversity is something everyone has to face.....but you Come across with zero tact and respect for Kane or others with the way you post. I couldn’t answer that for you I wasn’t there for the stunt.......If I am not mistaken I believe the problem was the wrong glue was used and the interviewer didn’t realize that anything had gone wrong until it was too late..... You don’t have to buy anything you either believe him or not he isn’t trying to prove it happen to you..... To he honest why would he lie about something like that.....I was bullied Terribly around the same Age as Kane. I was short and heavy when I was younger and as I got older that changed.....It’s a common story in life. Either way his story whether you believe it or not shouldn’t affect the way you post...... You have No respect/empathy/ and trash talk someone you don’t even know. You lack Human Decency, look in the mirror pal and find out what your real problem is.
  12. You apparently like Kane’s portrayal And look from Jason Goes To Hell Enough to use it as your avatar so that is something to point out..... And him behind The Mask is no Accident he earned that role. What was an ACCIDENT.... was the stunt that he attempted to perform for an interviewer when he was still young that went horribly wrong.....bad shit happens sometimes regardless of the precautions taken or not. You should have a little more empathy to what Happened to Kane he was trying to make a name for himself in his Dream career choice as a stuntman he suffered and learned from that experience.....without him and guys like him risking themselves for our entertainment the Movies we watch and love would be a lot less amazing. If you don’t like his version of Jason that’s one thing.....keep your opinions about his performance or look in the films.....not attacking his person by calling him names.
  13. Can’t wait!! ps @glowing ooze I just picked up the retro cloth Halloween 2 Michael Myers 29.99 hell of a deal!! we both know that Michael and the Loomis/ Laurie with blow up in price before you know it.
  14. lol my pleasure!! Back at ya. I definitely dig the retro cloth Snake!.......Funny thing about Mr. Plissken.....I am Currently working on a custom Ultimate Neca version of him using a spare McFarlane head sculpt....I will post it on the forums when I am all set.....it’s an original concept not based on either of the films. I really wish I had been more aggressive in my collecting Earlier.....especially with the retro cloth figures Trying to buy some of them now just seems impossible with the way the prices have spiked....you are a wise man to have picked them up when you did they are a great investment as well. if there is one Jason every Jason fan/collector should have in their collection it should Be Part 4 he is arguably the best and definitive version of our Iconic slasher. my favorites Looks are part 4, 6, and 9. Part 6 is my favorite movie. And Ted White is a badass!! amazing collection!! And I laughed out loud when I read Pamela best details were in her feet....lol. I totally get what your saying though these figures have amazing details. Thanks! Eventually I want to set up a much better display area for it all I want a entertainment room/ collection room to really do it justice.....but that if not going to be anytime soon. Ace Ventura is definitely a hard find now and finding him at.....Walmart...wow. I usually have to order most of my figures online or at my local Comic shop... ( I have found some rare figures there from other people dumping their collections for quick cash.) ....as for the TMNT figures I am always looking for a good deal on eBay for the turtles I am hopeful they will re-release them in more affordable 2 packs. Yeah all the older Neca Halloween collectibles are quite expensive now....But for now I am happy to get their new Figures I believe they are going to be doing A figure line for Halloween Kills.....What I really want Is an ultimate version of Dr. Loomis..... the original Loomis has a great sculpt with very little articulation. Thanks again!! Yeah I do love it, creating something from nothing or making something different from something else is quite gratifying...... as far as sculpting from scratch I haven’t done anything like that in a long time I took a lot of art classes in high school and had originally planned to get into special effects/designing as a career I started off with a few graphic design jobs and then changed my career path when things weren’t steady enough....all in all I am happy with how things played out as art/design became more of a passionate hobby allowing me to enjoy it more. Definitely agree that ultimate part 7 looks absolutely sick!! Keep those action figures Dreams going bro......I know I will. 😎
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