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  1. I love it personally the lightning and thunder adds perfectly to the atmosphere and that’s a must in a Friday the 13th game.
  2. @NickersLarge and @Fair Play Matt has said on multiple occasions now that content for the game will be unlocked for off-line play before they are finishing supporting the game..... Matt has even said the developers will find a way to make sure all content including counselor gameplay will be available to us as well whether that means p2p lobbies or a type of offline counselors mode is yet to be determined......and that this is far down the line of future development.
  3. That was a very funny thread.... those pictures were great !!
  4. The games community is definitely still quite active at least on PS4 I never have issues finding lobbies....or them filling up. I like a lot of those later installments!!!😡lol Jason is not Invincible at any point in the Game he can be killed before and after Rage mode is activated. This is a Game based on a Franchise about an Undead killer in a hockey mask who keeps coming back to the same camps around Crystal lake murdering teens and anyone who gets in his way who apparently don’t mind that several people have been killed near or at the camp they are staying at.........he “dies” several times.... people make exceptionally dumb decisions...... I don’t think realism is exactly what the film makes or the game developers were going for.... They did however perfect capture the 80s vibe from the films and all or the wacky kills Jason has implemented through out the franchise.....while providing fun gameplay for both sides. Jason can still be hit with any Weapon in Rage.....he just won’t be stunned unless you use a shot gun or the sweater or demask hit him.....the machete is definitely not useless it’s the best weapon to de-mask Jason. Unfortunately no new items or weapons can be added to the game ....lawsuit blah, blah, blah... definitely agree with this.... ps welcome to the forums.
  5. The only light in that dark ass tunnel is that Matt said they hope to have environmental kills fixed within that 2 month timeframe but Gun Media doesn’t want to give any kind of time table for patch drops anymore. For them this is the safest bet because of being attacked so many times in the passed when laying out any kind of road map to fixes or content drops...... Any way you look at it waiting is all we can do and it’s what we would be doing if they said a patch will be dropping in Nov. or Dec.... as well... I am just hoping that the news come next month or December is........that the fix for environmental kills was not as deep rooted as originally thought....and we will be getting a Christmas patch after all!!!
  6. I am looking forward to Environmental Kills being fix as much as anyone.....I hope as the team does look into it, it isn’t as complicated a fix as the roof was.... The kills used to work perfectly before they made a few interaction fixes hopefully with some luck it won’t be as long of a stretch that requires waiting till the New Year to be patched out...... I am also curious as to what they may fix and/or adjust based on the community suggestions since Matt mentioned they would be using our feedback as they combed through the issues with enviro kills.
  7. I watched the New Child’s Play in Theaters it was awesome a great throwback to 80s horror films... Yeah, I have to agree with your friends the new child’s play was great, really enjoyable Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky was creepy and well done!
  8. This movie scared the crap out of me as a kid! I actually watched it on dvd it is a very good scary Tv movie that was ahead of its time. @UberJAson45 I just watched killer clowns the other day it been another favorite of mine for forever!! I real love the soundtrack !
  9. @Fair Play Have you ever seen John Carpenters The Thing? It is truly a magnificent film one of my absolute favorite films ever.... if you have not seen it make sure to Watch The Prequel Movie by the Same name The Thing made in 2011..... it tells the story of the Norwegian camp that discovers the Alien before R.J. MacReadys’ group.... it is not as Good as John Carpenters film but very enjoyable if you as a fan of The Thing.
  10. There is also a Jeepers creepers 3! @Fair Play It Follows Us A Quite Place Sinister 1 & 2
  11. 😂🤣😂 that got me good bro!!
  12. @Fair Play The Collector and The Collection are very good horror movies. I recently watched a movie called Head Count on Netflix that keeped me guessing till the very end with what would happen........the creature effects aren’t well done by any means it won’t be held in high regard by anyone but it was entertaining for me.
  13. Cool pix !! The costume looked great!! I liked the one with you and Michael Myers that shot from down low looks especially Menacing!! I am very jealous of how many times you have meet Kane I really need to get my ass to one of these conventions!! Lol
  14. @HaHaTrumpWon @DontZzz34 That moment when Hunting Jason.......strangely turns into a Blairwitch Project game.
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