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  1. @mattshotcha I don’t believe cross platform is in the cards for the game. but Matt might be able to clarify.
  2. Thanks @Dragonfire82877 much appreciated!! I agree with you on the H5’s mask that big ass neck is definitely goofy..... in its own creepy way. I have a few more customs to post but I have to delete and mange my photos first.
  3. Here is my second recent custom figure. I used the ultimate H2 body again repainted the coveralls darker, glued his collar down painted the scars on his hands and completely resculpted the mask, eyes, eyebrows, nose, forehead, neck, and Hair. I then used a spare Jason head and sculpted onto it to make the Brute Mask Michael sports in the film as well. Added a 1/12 scale real wood and metal Scythe. Thanks for looking !! Hope you guys like him!
  4. So I know I haven’t posted in a while it’s been crazy busy with the holidays and in my line of work getting ready for SuperBowl.... but I did want to share a couple of my latest custom figures on here. This is my custom Michael Myers from Halloween 4: the Return of Michael Myers. I used a Neca Ultimate H2 and Ben Tramer Head sculpt I patched in the bullet wounds and resculpted the hair and some features on the mask. Hope you guys like him!!!
  5. Great tiktok video and the music Was on point when it moved in on the full face mask and head!! Ps. I also just received my Ultimate 7 inch Scream figure which is quite awesome. and the ultimate Sam from Trick or treat as well.
  6. My personal opinion is F13 is better. but it will come down to personal preference for everyone and what kind of game do they enjoy more the chase or the kill.
  7. At least he made it thru 2020!!! RIP Mr. Richman “school is out McCulloch....”
  8. First point: Savini was a backer exclusive that was made in conjunction with supporting the development of the game..... taking that away is never going to happen... Second point: one guy complaining about something isn’t new..... with this game. complaints from counselors game play/Jason gameplay runs rampant.....from day one...op this , nerf that. third point: @Fair Play made a good point the final patch has dropped there will be no more changes to game play characters or locations....... So I wouldn’t worry much about Savini being removed or any Jason for that matter.
  9. Thanks @Slasher_Clone and @IcrazyKid855 Happy New Year!! lets kiss this Fucked up year Goodbye!!
  10. Same here buddy fingers crossed that this distancing thing becomes a distant memory in 2021
  11. Lol, Nothing wrong with that..... I say to each their own. I never got into porn video games but I also never bought a playboy magazine to read the articles either😉
  12. Same here..... I definitely want it. I may have to pick it up on my sons steam account.
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