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  1. You might as well start forgetting about the multiplayer now. All they really need to do is focus on that AI and make those bots reasonably challenging. And maybe those other single-player options will be decent. Who knows? Multiplayer is for the birds.
  2. I'd like an option for custom load outs as well as using the load outs for multiplayer, so you don't have to start from scratch.
  3. Jason should not be taking damage while stunned.
  4. Pre-Trapped Objectives

    There is the chance of placing a trap wrong and I like that variable. Also having everything trapped and having the extra traps seems like a lot. In the current state of the game, it feels like a good idea, but considering that Ben said we should be happy with the upcoming adjustments for Jason, it might be unnecessary.
  5. Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    She shapeshifted into Buggzy? I'm gonna have to watch that on a big screen. I have a feeling it was an optical illusion. She might've dipped off to the water while he ran to the house, or she ran all the way into the house while he was running out. Very cool though
  6. Tiffany Cox - Guide Series

    Calm down you. I wouldn't wanna argue with anyone that would choose an avatar like that anyway. I was hoping it would've been locked a while ago. And I am seeking attention. Attention for the order this place needs. But you're all correct. It's not gonna change anything. So forget I said anything and please delete the posts I made in this thread and all subsequent conversation.
  7. Lowering the gamma will also make everything look better overall; more richness. Also, play with the backlight, brightness and contrast settings on your TV. A lot of times TVs are set too bright, and everything looks fine if the source is bright, but once there's a lot of darker visuals it starts to look too milky or foggy, instead of black. On my TV, I reduced the backlight significantly and the brightness just a little for fine-tuning. The picture is now much darker but I can still see everything I need to as a counselor and as Jason.
  8. Next counsellor and map

    It doesn't make sense. Uber Jason is more flashy....I guess in a similar way costumes and emotes are, hmm. It's an obvious choice to have him included. I can't wait to play him. But from a movie standpoint, nearly all the great Jason moments happened with regular Jason. As a fan of the movie I would be much more inclined to use regular Jason X than Uber Jason. Uber Jason was just a punchline and a poster.
  9. Glad my free time isn't wasted.

    My favorites are the ones that leave their speakers on so loud that you hear their horribly delayed and distorted game audio coming back into their mic.
  10. Instead of having 2 counselors die/escape for Tommy to show up, make it 4. Tommy comes in way too early and is capable of way too much trouble. If he came in at 4, Jason would at least have more time to pick off some of the right people, as to help his chances if a kill happens to happen, as well as not having to worry about a quick death or a super-counselor on the scene, with his awesome everything. This won't stop Jason from being killed, but I can see it reducing the likelihood. If the counselors are organized and communicative, Tommy plus 3 can get the job done. AND I think it would be perfect if the repair QTE was added to the sweater, along with Pamela's audio cue for Jason. It's a lot easier to catch and kill a Deborah than a Vanessa, but it takes forever for Vanessa to fix shit. Also, in the movie, she did a whole prep after she put the sweater on anyway. They can add a similar animation during the QTE. Maybe they can delay the audio cue if it ends up making it impossible to pull off even at Deborah's repair level. This way you would also need more manpower to secure the sweater. Going alone would be too risky. Combine these two things and the game will be back to the ratio they originally intended for Jason kills to happen. What was it? 1 in 70?
  11. Glad my free time isn't wasted.

    Mute! It doesn't matter what they're saying because they're obviously too stupid to keep their mouths shut around Jason, so anything they do will be easy to figure out either way. If you insist on hearing them, then lower the voice volume in the game's audio settings. Make it just loud enough to hear what they're saying, but low enough that it's not so painful to listen to.
  12. On PC. So it seems that any Jason with Bloody Skin on (I have 3, 6, and 7) will randomly black-screen/crash on any map under any weather condition. I've seen it with Bots only. I tried to test it online but I couldn't get a Jason round at all yesterday. Earlier in the day, yesterday, the game crashed with every Bloody attempt. But then later in the night, when I went to test it, to see if it's a specific map or weather condition that causes the issue, it wouldn't crashing no matter the situation. Also, Jason 7's shirt gets brighter when he has Bloody Skin on. It messes up his look a bit.
  13. Tiffany Cox - Guide Series

    New things can't be added or edited in old posts? And those threads need to be put in their place too. I've brought that up in the past a bunch of times. And in reality, intentions don't amount to much. To me, making a thread like this where one already exist, comes off as selfish and basically attention-seeking, which is fine, but not when it starts to clutter up the forum with redundancy. Like I said, maybe Ben was right about forums. No one knows how to use them and they refuse to use them as intended because they're so used to the chat-style of social media, and in turn, all these forums become a mess. PS: I'm not against the content, I'm against the execution.
  14. Notice I said to "link" it to Rage; meaning that a hit will make each next stun shorter as well as it getting shorter as time goes by, and then tack on pocket knives to it and he could have the shortest stun times very earlier in the round. Counselors will have to make smarter decisions unless they wanna get wiped out much faster. Also, chain-stunning and Jason taking damage while stunned shouldn't be happening. Fixing those two things alone would make a big difference in killing Jason. And it's tough right now, especially as Jason 7 (whom I use a lot) to control things when everyone is swinging at you, but it's not hopeless. It sucks to have to focus on things that don't feel very Jason-like to not have to worry so much, but unfortunately that's the case now. That's the "meta!" (we need a vomiting emoji) At this point, with the way multiplayer feels now, it would be more fun to beef up Jason than to weaken counselors. That's number 3 on my list of most ruinous aspects of the current state of multiplayer.
  15. Wait, maybe we should continue in this direction instead of scaling it back. Leave the counselors the way they are, with all their extra perks and knives, etc; and just steadily reduce the stun duration for Jason over time. Link it to Rage and once he hits Rage all his stuns will be (arbitrarily speaking) 50% shorter. Or whatever would make enough impact to make it more dangerous to fuck with Jason. It would pick up the pace that way. They also should make it so if you shift grab a counselor that is running/juking and they have a pocket knife; the pocket knife should have a 50% chance of working. They should also make it so long distance knife-throws deal more damage. The farther from Jason, the more damage it deals. These things are the two most difficult (and exciting) moves for Jason to pull off, and when I do pull them off, I wanna feel rewarded and not punished.
  16. You should have heard the tone of voice in my head when I was writing it. It wasn't nasty at all. Maybe adding more emojis would help. We need more though. That's the best one I can think of for "thinking". We need one with a hand scratching its head and one eyebrow raised.
  17. Glad my free time isn't wasted.

    I'd rather have this!
  18. Tiffany Cox - Guide Series

    It hurts anyone that has a sense for organization and orderliness. It also shows disrespect for the forum rules and the endless appeals of the staff to use the search.
  19. Tiffany Cox - Guide Series

    What is going on with these Guide Series threads? Aren't these already part of pinned threads that everyone can easily see? Maybe Ben Media was right about forums being out of style. It's not because they're old, it's because no one knows how to use them.
  20. Glad my free time isn't wasted.

    Good! God's punishing all of you for participating in the embarrassment of Jason. You should all be ashamed for complaining about disconnection when you do things like that!
  21. Yea sorry we do mind. There are plenty of other threads that you could've posted this in that would have been more appropriate than starting your own. You're not mentioning anything new or different to the subject. EDIT: Submitted for your perusal: My message was in response to the fact that the post was originally created as its own thread.
  22. You got some wild ideas Elvis, and they are beyond the structure of this game. Most things in life aren't real, with the exception of the belief in the structures of life. If we don't believe in and take care of the structures, everything falls apart. That's why Pamela's floating-head-boss can never be in . It would violate the concept of this game. People would lose their belief in it. You think people are mad about the game now?
  23. Say slash then. Either way, there's a lot of glitches that look like hacks and hacks that look like hacks. There are known hacks and unknown hacks. The known-unknown and unknown-known hacks.