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  1. Part 7 because he's the best looking And as u know, it's always better to look good than to be good Namaste
  2. Can I be Megatron? With the arm canon? Blasting everybody?!?! Let me take a look at your post first. We're coming back to Megatron though.
  3. Ah HA! But you didn't know I was agile like Bruce Lee, and I sidestepped your attack and blasted you with the Infinity Gauntlet!!!! What are we talking about again?
  4. PC Higgins Haven Large Part Roy Jason and I don't remember the weapon he had It wasn't more than halfway into the round Playing as AJ Drove everybody out in the 4 seater They all escape but I commit suicide About a minute later the round ends with two people left alive. Meds sprays work though. So that's good.
  5. Oh goody. I'm gonna read all this later. I hope it's a romance novel.
  6. Yea so I just drove out a full four seater and committed suicide at the same time, but I gotta say the graphics look great and it's running silky smooth. Great frame rate.
  7. Illfonic is based in Colorado with offices in Washington state....... HOW MUCH WEED ARE THEY SMOKING!?!?! Guys, this job is too technical to be this high when working! I guarantee those offices REEK of weed. It's time to fortify those careers, guys. Put those goddamn bongs down and call that delivery guy and tell him to turn his car around. Starting today, no more weed for 2 months. We'll start with that and take it from there. Then you need to all watch a marathon of that business show The Profit...just one season. C'mon! Let's get it! Let's turn it around. You'll have our support.
  8. @[IllFonic]Courier Why is it that we can't get public betas on Steam, to do real world testing of updates before they're released? Is that not a fair question?
  9. Addressed = "We've implemented some changes that should work, in theory"
  10. I've seen that. When you get close to the house from the outside, the lighting from inside the house takes over and gets applied. It's similar to how when it's raining and you walk close to a wall while inside a cabin and all of a sudden you hear the rain as if you're outside.
  11. That's easy to say when you can't see the console numbers. Seeing as PC sold about the same amount of copies as Xbox (maybe more), the Xbox has a good chance of having the least concurrent players. Any more light-weight anti-PC arguments? Now we're talking. Let's melt those PUNKS!
  12. Oh my lord, now they're giving out alternative trap strategies for Jason. This is getting funny.
  13. None of you know at all what it's like playing on a PC. The only thing you consolers like to bring up, in your terribly misguided arguments, is cheating. Here, let me talk to you from on top of the mountain.... I assure you that cheating (based off hacks) is barely ever seen. I've seen it once in F13 based off 1000+ hours of playing. If consolers had the wherewithal they'd ask their parents to buy them macro controllers and they'd have more cheaters too. But no. That's what happens with run-of-the-mill household appliances; people don't find the need to put much effort into it.
  14. Lookin good! I'm about to check it out in a second. YES! We win again. We always win! We do and we're playing the new patch right now. It's so cool to be first. It always is.
  15. For a couple of reasons the male counselors should remain secondary. One, girls were always the heroes in the movies. Two, #timesup, #MeToo, #2018
  16. There's a lot confusion around the point of this topic. I blame the thread title.
  17. Can we get the thread title changed to "Trapsploitation"? That sounds like something you'd hear on the news.
  18. Why do you take it that far? Countering it is probably no big deal because I regularly use 3 trap Jasons. It's never happened to me though. I've actually never seen it in-game either. It's probably never gonna happen to me too, because I always go straight to the phone. But I don't like it. It's a very dumb way to block him. It's makes me disappointed in the game, in the same way some people are disappointed with the graphics or the glitches, etc. It looks bad, just like everybody thought door combat looked bad. Jason should never have trouble casting aside something that weighs 50lbs. It feels like lazy design. And if it starts spreading and it becomes a regular thing, it's gonna be a pretty lame multiplayer then. I have an alternative though. Bear traps should be fair game. The counselors and Jason should be able to set counselor bear traps, but if Jason sets them they act like a Jason trap regarding disarming them. Jason can't carry them them. As well as counselors can't rearm or pick up Jason's leafy traps. Problem solved. Was door combat bannable? Again, you're going a little too far with this. Personally, I'm level 150 and XP never meant much to me to begin with. I never cared about leaving and missing out on that 500xp. (it's 500, right?) Giant weapons and other bugs are obvious and there's not much to be said about them. But this is a more complex issue on whether something is good or bad for the game. So don't you use those forum cliches on me, thank you very much. I already covered that. PS: I will give a "like" to the first person who can spot the other forum cliche(s) he used in his post.
  19. It's very stupid but I'm gonna give it some real thought here. I don't think Jason would be able to process anything too modern. It'll sound like noise to him and most likely be aggravating. His music would have to be very easy to listen to, so it'll probably be classical and/or maybe some early songs with simple vocals on them. I also think Jason doesn't have any trouble getting hyped up to kill, but he probably has trouble calming down, so he would use the music to soothe his savage beastery. On the other hand, he might be so simple minded that any music is beyond his capacity, so music for him would be the sounds of the forest...which is also very nice.
  20. Yes. Nobody's arguing that. In fact, that's not at all the point. I don't really understand what you're trying to say here. Can you repeat it in a different way? I haven't gotten any salt. I always wait till I escape or die when I leave a match. But, (see, now I'm piqued) salt (meaning: anger) is one of the most influential things on one's thought process. Haven't you ever watched a mafia movie? "Anger clouds judgment!"
  21. As you can see, I quoted someone saying it wasn't an oversight and plenty of times it was said that it's intended, so I would imagine that means they put a lot of thought and deliberation into it.
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