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  1. Oct. 11 Mode

    You're talking about before the prompt/animation? What's wrong with that? Most of the time I don't use the animation and side swipe windows and/or break them in combat stance, even as Part 6 with his light attack. Besides the occasional glitch I don't see anything wrong with windows. What am I missing? Again, with a light combat stance attack, through the window, you can hit them if they're close enough.
  2. It's just something that it does. There's nothing you can do about it.
  3. April 13th

    You, pioneer67 and I have Part 7 avatars. That's all that meant. The rest of the post was directed generally.
  4. Yea, it looks pretty good huh? I think NoOneK is a troll that's gone Ultra Instinct. He's at like some special Zen-Buddhist level of trolling right now. I would have so much respect for him if that was the case.
  5. April 13th

    This post completes the Part 7 Avatar Post Trifecta with @Rexfellis and @pioneer67fkd What's the subject again? Oh, when the update's going to be released? Who cares? Get a job, get a hobby, get laid. Look around the house; I'm sure there's plenty of shit that needs to be taken care of. Keep busy and before you know it you'll have the update....then the next thing you know it's Christmas.....and then before you realize it, you've grown old, your body's weak, your eyes are shot, you haven't played video games in 15 years, your spouse is dead, half your kids hate you and you're now shitting your pants multiple times per week.
  6. What's seen more often?

    On the forum, the devs have been great as of late and you can tell by the reduced animosity towards them. People have been calmer with Shifty's frequent update-threads and [Illfonic]Courier's replies to things. It has also helped pass the time til the engine update so far. The poll question doesn't really match the options. The question really should be "What complaints to you see the most?" But based on the question at hand, I voted Zodiac, as a representation of the not-so-good moderation here. The forum is still sloppy and minimally managed for the most part. @NthnButAGoodTime has been doing great though and is an example to follow.
  7. Oh no, you got it wrong. He's cool. Him and all his sociopathic, jerkoff followers are doing a good service for the game. They're all about having fun. Obviously they're not about getting more viewers or subscribers, because they're all poor. The owl idiot can't even afford a motherboard or reliable internet. So as you can see, there's no reason to be mad at him. He's like the Mother Teresa of F13. There's two things I can think of for why this isn't happening. They don't have enough staff to stay on top of it, or the playerbase is too small and they're afraid of losing too many people. We're just gonna have to suffer through it.
  8. Invisible objective part. Can this be merged with the "glitches" thread?
  9. If this place wasn't filled with so much opinion spouted as fact and misinformation and people being generally full of shit, then maybe NoOneK wouldn't be so bothersome. But the fact that he has no experience with the game but gives seemingly experience based opinions adds insult to injury
  10. Why do you like this game?

    WHAT! You can see the names of the voters? I was hoping to be the only one who voted for that. I of course love this game, and it's because I'm a huge fan of horror. The game actually made more of a fan of Jason.
  11. Better than him doing number 2. Maybe that can be a new way to trap things.
  12. Why do so many people have such a difficult time understanding what cheating is? Circumventing or manipulating the mechanics of the game to gain an unfair advantage is cheating, that's it. There's no need to question anything else. If you're trying to kill Jason and have a reaction like the OP mentioned because you can't get to him, then you're retarded. If he runs away, try to catch him and if you can't, make sure you're prepared to escape or run the clock out. That's the lay of the land so get used to it. We were gonna kill Jason yesterday and the fucker kept going in the water, not that deep, but when I reached them everybody was avoiding him in fear of being drowned. I yelled, "Let's go! We can kill him in the fucking water!" as I ran up to him and stunned him. The sweater girl and Tommy ran up and Jason was sent to Davy Jone's Locker.
  13. Huh? Unless they can see you then there won't be any music if you're in Stalk. And you're supposed to hit Stalk ahead of any action unless you're using it to static out the counselor's screens. -Traps is crippling. -Shift fits snugly into the weakness category. I don't need normal or +Shift to be successful with shifts, I just have to think of the execution differently. I like -Shift the way it is, but I wouldn't be mad at this^^ or making it last a little longer. But I agree, don't make it faster.
  14. Water splashed out of the backside of a counselor when I grabbed them out of the car once. It depends on when you started playing. There are/were so many glitches in this game, it's like asking what the best/worst grain of sand on the beach is.
  15. Jason too easy to kill?

    Ya think? It doesn't take much skill at all. You need one person that knows what to do and another that isn't a complete retard at the game. Obviously you don't even need the mask off, and if someone figures out the number of traps he needs to step in and hits and shots he needs to take, then this wouldn't be much of a risk either.
  16. The only problem with this is the aesthetics. It looks bad to clip through solid objects. And the only reason that it's not considered an exploit is that Jason is fully capable of getting around it. You shouldn't see the point because that makes no sense. In what way is that even close to an exploit? Setting a trap in the doorway and then closing the door is as offensive as the clipping with door combat. It looks really bad and seems pretty dumb that a trap wont set off after a door gets closed on it. But this isn't an exploit because it doesn't give anyone much of an advantage. At best, it's annoying. I'm certainly an immersionist for the most part and I find door combat and alternative trap placements to be a fun, added-extra to the game without going out of bounds and ruining the Jason and F13 motif. It will definitely be a loss if that gets removed. Anyway, exploits are anything that breaks or bypasses the mechanics to gain an unfair advantage. Also anything that puts a counselor out of reach. Anything else that might be considered an exploit is either annoying or ugly or both.
  17. Why part 7 Jason needs a BUFF

    I still really like this idea. Tonight I used only Jason 7 and fully expected to be abused and probably killed at some point, because I was in parties with good players. With lots of patience, blocking, stalking and shift grabs, I ended up getting No Survivors and No Escapes for every round...which weren't a lot, so I'm gonna run a little experiment and use only J7 for my next 20 Jason rounds and record the results...it's gonna get ugly. Anyway.... A lot of people want normal or +Shift, but I have absolutely no problem with -Shift. My knives were shit tonight but my shifting was on point like a motherfather and saved me from a couple close cop escapes. I also like Water Speed. I will use the water to make up for a Morph cool down. I will also use it to catch boats, which a Savini Jason couldn't do earlier tonight. I also like the idea of having unique stats. With the exception of ol' Pay to Win, there are no walking Jasons that have +Weapon Strength. And like J2, have +Morph to balance the -Shift. I used to like the idea of +Destruction until I realized how fast he CS's doors down. In a nutshell, he'd have 5 traps, +Morph and +Weapon Strength. EDIT: I just saw this Oh my lord, what did you do?!? This is good news!!! Regardless of when it's coming out, can we get one of those awesome new, regularly scheduled Shifty posts on this? Can it also be the next one too?
  18. Oct. 11 Mode

    Tonight was a good night. I decided to see how bad it would get if I mained Jason 7 all night. Expecting to get my ass handed to me at some point, I ended up getting all No Survivor rounds against a competent bunch of players; so competent that we were able to get one of these..... That's me with the nice ass on the right. This is what we're talking about @MichaelMemers
  19. I think he was trying to link his videos
  20. Oct. 11 Mode

    We are talking about the mask STAYING ON the whole time during the kill. Let me repeat that: mask STAYING ON the whole time during the kill. Taking his mask off during the sweater stun is still demasking and not at all what we're talking about. Did you just see video of someone doing this that you're so excited about bringing it up? Semantics is when words are different. These are two completely different situations.
  21. AJ and Vanessa have the best asses. Tiffany looks like a girl that has no ass and had to go to the gym and build it up with muscle.
  22. Oct. 11 Mode

    How come you're missing the point so badly?
  23. It seems that you missed the entire main part of the post, involving no one being able to see him block yet he couldn't be stunned. Jumping into a disagreement hot, when the language is too foreign, is like offering your opinion on the gameplay but don't even own or play the game.
  24. This is what's considered a Class 5 Shit-post What most people don't know is that Shit-posting is classified similar to nuclear war, so from 1-5, the lower the number the bigger the problem, so we're not doing too bad, but it's still a shit-post. This might actually be a Class 4 Shit-post because the poster's name look familiar so he should know better to ask a question like this.