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  1. Where the F are the FAQs?

    Cool, well I'm falling asleep, but I'll post some questions and links later tmrw. Wanting Savini Jason would be a top one. Maybe it could also be broken up by posts. Each post would cover a bunch of questions on the same subject, if the subject is broad enough. That would make it easier to have a more narrowed down link to provide
  2. Where the F are the FAQs?

    Yea, I don't know. I'm sure members would help contribute questions and links. Maybe it's a policy thing. I see it making less work for the staff and it being a better experience for the new members that get guided to a wealth of information laid out in the FAQs.
  3. There's a thread that explains how Stealth is useless unless you're playing against a new Jason player. A Jason player that checks his map regularly and spams Sense, completely nullifies the usefulness of Stealth. And I wouldn't get used to using hiding spots either. Unless the game gets patched, these are the two most important things to consider not relying on. I really don't get too deep into counselor stuff, because I lack the patience to roll perks and I play as random counselors. I never think about Stealth, but if you wanna repair shit, La Chappa and Deborah are best and Kenny and Fox are good. I like Buggzy too because his QTE moves pretty slow, so I don't usually make mistakes, but it takes a long time. I think Adam's pretty well rounded. I used to main A.J. and everything improved as soon as I switched to someone else. I'm sure other members will be in here with a lot more educated, detailed info.
  4. Shifty said that the next 2 Jason's on the roadmap are completely new. One of them will not be the standalone Purple Jason. I fear one might be part 5 and the other pre-Uber Jason X. I would prefer they both be the Jason's from Jason X. But, it could possibly be pre Uber X and reboot Jason, so a Trent map could be a real thing. Aren't Uber Jason and reboot Jason controlled by different companies? Either way it's gotta be one of the two though. Or they could do a completely original Jason design ala Savini, but I doubt that. Also, I assume the concept for traps, in the game, came from the reboot. I don't remember there being any Jason traps in Parts 2 - FvJ.
  5. Things from the past always seem creepier...

    I think that when we see people and things from old stuff, we see us, but it's not 100% us. We identify but it's just a little off, or disconnected, so it makes it more creepy and more dramatic. The more modern and understandable something is, the less effective it is. It's the same thing as how modern TVs, with the high refresh rate, make things look so realistic that you feel like you're watching actors on a set instead of characters in a movie. My favorite modern horror is It Follows, Stranger Things and Walking Dead. Zombies are the only thing that transcend time periods for me. It Follows and Stranger Things feel like 70s and 80s movies. Paranormal Activity was good, and that's pretty modern. Also, the low quality of very old horror is the only thing that lets the old-school, over the top theater-style acting not feel silly. As for those picture, I don't find them particularly creepy, but they would lose a lot of their effect if they were taken in color, on a clean, modern camera. In the link, there's a pic with a giant clown in an old 50s or 60s living room, that was pretty creepy
  6. So many rookie jasons

    Jason is not easy for most people to pick up quick. Some low level players can pull off good rounds on a rare occasion, but most of them might as well be afk. It's more common to see competent low level counselors though. I give out advice after the match, if the Jason doesn't quit. Sometimes I'll do it during a game. I'm thinking I might start offering advice to Jason for immunity. I've always been good at convincing Jasons to let me live.
  7. All I want is for the kill to register at the start of the animation and also count towards xp. I just finished a 5/7 round. This time no one quit during the animations, but they quit right after, or 2 of them quit soon enough for it not to count, cause I ended up getting 300 kill xp. The scoreboard said 5/7. It doesn't matter to me really, but that's gotta suck for players that need the xp. For me I guess it's more of an OCD thing. It's slightly less satisfying to see a lower score for what was done. I'd also like to suggest, as a proactive measure, to let Jason get the kill and xp for anyone that quits within the range of his music. Before all the new players started dominating the lobbies, a lot of people started to quit when they knew they had no chance, meaning as Jason breaks a door down, while they're in the cabin with no knife; they wait until the door is fully broken to show Jason that they're leaving.
  8. I'm pretty sure. There's a lot going on in F13. The maps are fairly big, lots of animated trees and grass. The detail shown in the alpha is very high, with lots of post processing. Storage wouldn't be a problem; computing power would be. The Xbox One X is better than a $500 PC when it comes to 4k, but the $500 PC is equal to the Xbox at 1080p. The Xbox is probably worth more like $600 to $800, but console makers under-price their consoles because they make their money on games. This video does a great job at explaining the differences between the platforms. When you say "single player", do you mean that generally? Will single player Offline Bots benefit from this? Will the SP Challenges have a detailed, cinematic look similar to the alpha?
  9. You know what that means? Jason X!!! Please don't be part 5, please don't be part 5! Tell them part 5 is too skinny to be a Jason. I'm predicting pre-Uber Jason and the Grendel for the next Jason and map.
  10. I say remove the bullets and put the health sprays in the shotgun. He can shoot health sprays at counselors like a tee-shirt canon at the ballgame. There should be one less shotgun as a trade off.
  11. Updated unreal engine?

    https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/unreal-engine-4-16-released I looked it over and I don't know what would apply besides the fog feature, but I did see that it supports the Nintendo Switch. Coincidence?......Hmm
  12. @greedlander, you're brand new and you're already coming in with some heat. You gotta forgive some people. I'm not saying the topic is intended as flamebait, but it's so over the top that it functions as such. When you see something like this you gotta leave it alone. The forum has been very agitated. We gotta try to keep things calm. Oh and welcome. You write well
  13. Updated unreal engine?

    Considering that I have no clue how the Unreal Engine works and zero understanding of how to program a 3D videogame, I'm gonna say that I have no idea. All I remember from what (I think) Gertz said was that the Car's physics will be fixed and overall stability will improve.
  14. Counselor perks should be powerful

    Let the Great Perk Nerf Saga begin!! Or at least I hope it's the beginning. Generally speaking, I don't know how much foresight one could have to predict how the public will function in a game. I would imagine early set-ups for any game would have to be considered as trail runs. Right now, the dev's intentions haven't lined up with what the player base became capable of doing. Going back to older version of the game probably won't work out. And I can't imagine much of an increase in depth by adjusting what's already available. Additional interactions between Jason and the counselors, I think, would be the solution.
  15. Full Length Match Videos

    Stoiker's weak! Only noobs, newbs and newbies go for the left knife first, in the shack.