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  1. I don't give a SHIT! Superman III was great

    Yes, All Star Superman was great. I love mostly all of those DC animated movies. They do a really good job.
  2. I don't give a SHIT! Superman III was great

    I read the whole thing! As a comic book fan, a Superman fan, and a fan of characters in general, having a comic book movie that happens to be an overall good movie, is a bonus for me. I've written this before about Jason and Freddy; if they get Superman right and nothing violates that throughout the movie, I'm sold. Now, it can't be crap. Superman IV and Returns are bad on too many levels for me to be satisfied. Kevin Spacey was a terrible Lex Luthor and I'm glad he's getting in trouble now. Karma. Roger Ebert commented that Superman 3's main issue was that it lacked the romance of the 1st two. I think a lot can get lost if something like Superman is looked at from that point of view all the time. I'm used to comic books being so wildly varied conceptually, that I feel trying to always stretch a superhero over a "classic" good movie structure closes off the exploration and acceptance of some of the more imaginative comic booky ideas. The camp and the fun didn't ruin anything for me the way the camp and fun of Thor Ragnorok ruined the Hulk for me. And speaking of modern comic book movies; as far as I know, all those awesome concepts in Superman 3 were original, where almost all of the concepts in the modern comic book movies are taken straight from the comics. When starting this thread, most of my thinking was how Superman 3 compared to modern comic book movies. Besides Logan, Deadpool, The Dark Knight, and Days of Future Past, I can't think of any modern comic book movie that has better concepts than Superman 3.
  3. Disturbing/gory fims - what are your favorites

    Rawhead Rex Donnie Darko Lots of Troma movies The Exorcist May (2002) The original Omen Pet Cemetery Those anime movies where the trees rape the woman
  4. Being trolled after death

    That's my favorite Biggie album. And what do all you mean? Spectating is great. That's when I go grab a smoke. I feel like is was designed for us that way.
  5. Savini Jason on Random?

    Right. That's why they gotta do it 4 times a year. Two specific weekends and two random days in the year and couple it with upcoming DLC. Use Savini Jason as DLC customer bait.
  6. The Implementation of the ‘Repair Part Icons’

    I agree, but what does that have to do with anything?
  7. The Implementation of the ‘Repair Part Icons’

    Saying no one will stay is not the best argument right now seeing as almost no one is playing anymore, even with it being easy for counselors. Reduce Jason in the equation and you end up with Part 5 and Part 9, the two least liked movies in the series. I wouldn't be surprised if the only thing Sean Cunningham knows (or cares) about this game is what his accountant tells him.
  8. You might be ok because your linguistic skills are higher from being raised in the UK. But this game is for 18 year olds and older. You're only halfway through with your brain's development. You're taking a big risk of permanently warping your temperament and personality in a regressive way. No child should be playing this game.
  9. The Implementation of the ‘Repair Part Icons’

    Or make it so dying as a counselor doesn't seem like such a loss. Nobody gives a shit about counselors in the grand scheme of things. And I don't give two flying fucks about the commonalities of asymmetrical horror games. This is a Friday the 13th game and that should be the main focus. Dominance shouldn't massively be on Jason's side, but it needs to be there enough. And it should never be on the side of the counselors. You must pay respect to the franchise and its fans. And if that's not to be the case, then this should have stayed as a generic SummerCamp slasher game.
  10. Savini Jason on Random?

    They should have a Savini weekend, where everybody gets a chance to be Savini Jason when they select random.
  11. The Implementation of the ‘Repair Part Icons’

    No. You don't get it.
  12. That's going a little too deep, don't you think? You must've smoked a few bowls before that one. They can't tell the difference between glitches and good play. The times I hear it are, stalk-shift grabbing, shifting into a house (they think I Morphed into the house), grabbing them and breaking a window at the same time, etc. Most Jason players are pretty basic and that's what you see most of the time. That's all they know. I don't think it means they'll end up being destitute in life for assuming cheating.
  13. The Implementation of the ‘Repair Part Icons’

    @GunMedia_Ben Yes. Give us a hardcore mode. Call it Dead Play. So then we'll have the Quick and the Dead. Start us off with the original grab and a proper melee attack for Jason, and no items on the map for counselors. I don't know if I'm leaving anything off. See how that goes for a bit and make adjustments as needed. What would be wrong with that? Right, but that got me thinking...what happens when Jason becomes a chore? I don't have a problem with items on the map; I'm talking in general. As of right now, in QP on PC, it's about 60/40 in difficulty from lobby to lobby. Most of the time, most of the counselors are too clueless and reckless to survive. But the rest of the time, there's lobbies filled with players that know what they're doing, whether they're high or low level (actually, most of the lower level [40 and up] counselors have been giving me more trouble than 101s). When that happens, the whole thing becomes a chore as Jason. To ensure that the entire lobby doesn't escape and that you don't get killed, there is so much tedious work and effort that has to be put in from the start, that it takes me out of it. I lose that vibe of being Jason. It can be exciting, and I can appreciate the efforts of good counselors, but it ultimately ends up feeling more and more like work than fun. This is only gonna increase as the clueless players start getting more and more of a clue. And low to mid level Jasons have no hope, even against their own levels. The only way those Jasons can get 3 or more kills is when the counselors taunt him at the cops. They haven't gotten that down yet. I could be wrong, but I would think, most people that want to play this game would want to be Jason more than not. And when all things are equal, Jason is far from the dominant force in this game right now. It should be more fun to be the star of the game, I would think.
  14. 100% Standstill

    I have a conspiracy theory! All of these are alt accounts from prominent members of the forum that are pissed at the game's current state. They got together and came up with the perfect fake glitch, sending the devs on a wild goose chase, just to fuck with them.