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  1. 3GB update? (steam)

    It's 3 gigs because this is how they always update and/or patch the game.
  2. Bots

    Tommy doesn't do the drawer loop anymore, at least not for me. But he does still spawn and not move at all. Otherwise he acts pretty much like everybody else in terms of glitches. Other stuff: If they get the car started and make it to the main road, they end up driving very slow. They won't drive backwards. If they drive into something and not crash, they'll continue to drive forwards, spinning the wheels.
  3. The only way to truly balance the game for everybody is to remove Jason and the F13 brand. This is a casual's game due to it being a Jason game. You can't undersell a major iconic character by making him too weak and presenting him too out of character. You'll alienate the majority of the audience. But you can do a lot with an original killer in an original game. A lot more freedom.
  4. You're welcome, but you're on probation.
  5. There is an epidemic of people's "brothers" getting accounts banned. This is easily the 3rd one I've seen this week and it's only Monday. Unfortunately that ban makes you persona non grata
  6. James Why do you have a ban James? We don't play with cheaters James
  7. Why would you link something that makes you look even worse? I remember that thread and it doesn't work in your favor. Obviously not, since you continue to respond to me. You can easily edit out your tag. It'll only help you to show us your gameplay, or you can continue to stay mediocre. It's up to you. I'd have to see it
  8. I don't have PSN and as far as I know those 2 might suck too I'll wait for the videos that you'll be too embarrassed to post Git Realistic
  9. No. I don't care about the other players. Don't change the subject. It sounds like you wanna make it "fair" for you. Show us videos of you not sucking, because right now...we all think you suck
  10. Let's see it then If you're any good, the thought of making it easier shouldn't even cross your mind.
  11. The thread title is misleading Change it to something like, "I'm having a problem with static" or "Is static broken?"
  12. In a world filled with participation trophies, the word "excellent" now stands for "average" In the game's current state you can't, in the same breath, claim that you're any good and also call for things to be easier for counselors.
  13. I'm not gonna tell you how it's done. It's evil and it needs to be patched.
  14. There are definitely ways to reliably chain-stun Jason, with no luck needed and all by yourself.
  15. As a child of the internet you should know that everything on here is over-dramatic. "Perma-Stun" has barely ever been mentioned here. "Stun-locked" is more accurate, but the most accurate is "chain-stunning". Chain-stunning is a broken feature....unless you're cool with sloppy game coding.