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    Favorite Animals?

    Dogs, as you can tell from my avatar. Mer-Dogs, too.
  2. Fox would be a bit odd to introduce DLC for when you consider we only ever saw her wearing leather. Maybe Shelly too in that regard, so I'd say the counselors who are directly based on their film counterparts should probably not receive DLC in order to remain in character. Mitch as well as Victoria aren't the original deals however, so I can definitely support the idea of them getting new DLC in the future. It's basically free money waiting to be made.
  3. Personally I still think the game has potential. What I'm hoping is that patches/hotfixes will be more frequent thanks to the game engine update, and then there's the eventual dedicated servers. For now, I would recommend it when on sale, but when the consoles finally get the dedicated servers that will solve a lot of frustrations.
  4. Dayum bruh, even after all this time you still haven't gotten a tape? Alright, this confirms it: you somehow pissed off RNGesus, and now you ain't collecting. Or you need to start maining Vanessa if you haven't already, and start doing some speed runs.
  5. Trident77

    Jolly's Speed Stat Overhaul

    Not a bad idea, it would definitely help out the the slower speed counselors. Though I wonder how it would affect the meta if suddenly the slow counselors were the same jogging speed as the fast counselors. It could be a legitimate excuse to make running Jasons faster, simulating how he used to outright sprint when he was hunting down a counselor before he turned into a zombie.
  6. Trident77

    This Update is Amazing!

    To be honest, it's entirely possible that the majority of the gamers do in fact like this update, but the ones who hate it are the most vocal. I'm not saying that's the truth, but the truth is that we don't really know how the gaming community as a whole is reacting to it since our forums resemble a small portion of it. I haven't had any issues at all getting into full games lately, and most of the games I've played didn't have people complaining. Anecdotal to be sure, but once again I can't help but wonder if the complaining going on is just a vocal minority with the silent majority not wanting to have crosshairs painted on them for disagreeing. The game has problems, but everyone here knew going into this patch that the game engine update was going to introduce new bugs. That being said, they can be patched out, and I'm assuming the devs are watching closely to hotfix anything that goes wrong.
  7. In real life, baseball bats are actually pretty crappy for self defense. Because of how long they are, they tend to have issues if swung in an enclosed environment (e.g. your room), and metal baseball bats are designed with features that are designed to make them safer in case you accidently hit someone while playing a game of baseball (the majority of the striking impacts is near the tip of the bat rather than the entirety of it). Wood baseball bats are workable, but in self defense you typically want something that doesn't get caught on other things easily, and are properly weighted so that any point of the striking impact delivers the full force of the blow. Honestly, if it were up to me, I never would've made the baseball bat a 4 stun weapon, maybe 3 at most. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely better than nothing in a self-defense situation, but honestly the frying pan would seem to make more sense as a weapon since you could theoretically also use it as a shield against melee weapons. Considering, of course, that you're strong enough to wield it since cast iron is really heavy, but since the pan in-game has a durabiliy of 1 I'm going to assume it's not cast iron.
  8. Let me put it to you this way. First off, since the surroundings are so dark, counselors now have to use flashlights to see their way around a dark forest (like in real life). And since this is a horror survival game, that naturally fits well with the theme of not knowing your surroundings at all times. So Jason now uses Sense in order to find the counselors, it's still spammable, and he can track them down easier when they use a flashlight because otherwise they're running around blindly. This means he still has the tools to find them, and it thematically makes sense when you consider how armies in real life would track down potential enemyh scouts if they had a light source near them (e.g. bonfire). Finally, you can also adjust the gamma too, so in either case it doesn't really matter. Just play around with the settings like you did before the update, and you'll eventually find what's comfortable for you. If anything, a compromise I can see here is making it so that Jason's natural view of his surroundings a bit brighter, but really that's all that would be needed if a change was going to be made.
  9. If the game is too dark for you, then turn on a flashlight. Problem solved.
  10. The bots are mainly there to give Jason players practice before they go into the online mode. From what I've heard so far, the bots on hard mode are far more capable than before of escaping, and now have some bonuses that makes it harder to take them down compared to normal. In a sense, the bots counselors having more pocket knives helps make it more difficult for Jason, therefore forcing the player to improve their skills as well as learn certain practices that are necessary to do well online (e.g. trap the phone box). If you're able to take down the bots on hard mode, you'll be fine in online mode. There's been far too many new Jasons who jump into online mode that are slaughtered quickly by the counselor players since they knew too little about how the game works overall, so dealing with bots who can give players a run for their money isn't a bad training exercise.
  11. Trident77

    Come on guys

    Before the update popped up, I went into it with the mindset that the game engine update was going to introduce new bugs. Overall, I had fun; there are still problems, but the game engine update was a necessity before the consoles could get dedicated servers, and the game looks really good. I especially like how much darker it is now since it makes the flashlight a necessity rather than an accessory. That being said, once the bugs are patched out it'll be time to see what they focus on next other than the dedicated servers.
  12. I put into the mindset beforehand that the patch was probably going to introduce new bugs of some sort. I mean, with something as major as an engine update you just know something was going to happen. That being said, overall I do like the new patch. The game runs really smooth on PS4, so I'm not sure if other people complaining about the game in that retrospect are having issues on the Xbox/PC version. As for people complaining about it being too dark...it's a horror survival game. In dark settings you're supposed to have difficulties seeing your entire environment. It makes you paranoid, something that really sets the mood for a horror survival game, and therefore either makes you ultra cautious or more reckless. If you really have problems with the dark, then use a flashlight. Problem solved.
  13. Trident77

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    New players, perhaps. But those who've been playing FF13th for this entire time will still likely just stay here. Not saying DbD is a bad game, it's just not everyone's cup of tea.
  14. Trident77

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Looking forward to this update. Not sure what bugs will be fixed, but it's always a welcome addition, and according to the devs having a game engine update means having dedicated servers can finally become a reality. Nothing but good things from here on out for us console players.
  15. If I remember correctly, this was once brought up a while back, and a dev even responded to that post. I'll see if I can dig it up once more.
  16. The underlying problem here is that, meta-wise, Vanessa is too good a counselor to not use compared to everyone else. If you had a team filled with nothing but Vanessas, you could still do the following: Demask Jason: It takes roughly 3-4 hits to do with power vertical attacks in combat stance to do with a machete. She can even use an axe for this because her luck is above average. Fix objectives: Jason can't watch all the objectives all at once, meaning a coordinated group can still make repairs. Fight Jason off: She has above average luck, so weapons like a baseball bat still last a good number of swings. This highlights the issues with some of the stats. Repair needs to be treated as an important stat, not something that even someone like Vanessa can make basic repairs so long as she doesn't accidentally tip Jason off. Demasking Jason in general needs to be more difficult in order to make this a more satisfying win condition (as well as not make Jason look like a chump, especially new players). Combined with her excellent athleticism plus the fact she can wear the swetaer, and you've got a counselor who essentially has no equal. The only thing that sucks about her is that people will be overly suspicious if she follows them; Jason teamers like picking her in order to keep up with their intended victim while making more noise than a bull in a china shop.
  17. I'm not being pessimistic, I'm being realistic. PC gamers enjoy modding, so naturally if you crack down on hackers that also gets rid of mods. PC is much easier to hack because they can easily look up the coding for the games, and since many companies will not crack down on online hacking (because, once again, that hurts the modding communities, especially on Steam) you get this scenario. Consoles, on the flip side, are far more difficult to hack because the constant patches from Microsoft/Sony makes it more difficult to hack their games/systems. And even if you did hack them, the new patches usually clamp down on them, making it unrealistic for hackers to try their hands at current gen consoles. Eventually older consoles no longer receive patches, and therefore are hackable, but by then console players will have moved on to better things. Because said games have the resources, time, and money to fight them. A game like League of Legends has to enforce a no-hacking/modding scenario because it would be downright disasterous in ranked gameplay if someone could use hacks to gain an advantage. And here's the thing: people still hack those games anyways. They install things like timers of when objectives spawn; the enemy player's health; when they respawn from dying; you get the idea, they're always looking for new advantages. Riot (the company that owns LoL) does crack down on them, but hackers are always finding new as well as interesting ways to hack the game anyways, providing them advantages over other players who play the game clean. PC games are, once again, very easy to hack. Some companies have the resources to deal with them, and even then hackers are still a major problem because of how easy it is to hack their games.
  18. Hackers on PC will never be fixed; it's a reality for PC gamers everywhere. All current gen consoles do not have this issue because Microsoft/Sony cracks down on them with constant patches that makes it too difficult to hack the game, and even more difficult to hack the game for a long period of time.
  19. Usually, if I see half the lobby filled with Vanessas, I already begin to assume half the lobby is going to be wiped out within the first five minutes. I've been proven wrong on occasion, but still... Personally, I could see see "no duplicates" being installed as a private match option; this could shake things up a bit on that note.
  20. If it were available as a toggle, I'd be down with that idea. But straight up replacing third person view....no.
  21. Trident77


    I'm going to activate my brutally honest card here. The thread in question was the OP bullying the devs by making fun of them, yet doing so in a way that was framed like a simple tease. Except that it was also clearly designed to draw in like-minded people, and even dared the devs/mods to ban them. Years ago, when I used to be one of the moderators of a different forum, those kinds of threads were downright poison. If left alone, they sometimes built up traction that would eventually form a lynch mob, and if anyone on the forums got in their way then they were ostracized. But if moderators stepped in, then people would oftentimes accuse us of not having a sense of humor, which oftentimes sparked up even more trouble in the future. It's basically the equivalent of a school bully: the bully might not always use direct methods like punching their victim, instead using indirect ways to pick on their victim like spreading rumors, or finding cronies that would do the dirty work for them instead. And if the victim pushed back, then the bully would try to downplay their actions and/or try to get the victim into even more trouble by using the retaliation as proof. It's not fun to be on the receiving end of those kinds of threads; they're designed specifically to spite someone under the pretense of joking.
  22. Once again, is something truly off? Or is it people believing something is off? Because there is a difference between the two. All I've seen are people making claims without having actual facts; just anecdotal evidence to support their claims. In fact, on the first page there were people who stated they actually found a tape within this time period, so if they're telling the truth then I can debunk the idea, here and now, that tapes aren't dropping at all. Instead of making claims because of anecdotal evidence, how about we let the devs do their jobs? If they find something wrong, then they'll fix it. And considering they STILL haven't found anything yet, I'm starting to wonder what the reasons are for all these claims. It wouldn't be the first time that people have complained about something in order to potentially get a reward out of it Savini Jason. That to me reeks of dishonesty.
  23. Mmmm...alright, I'll admit I might've been a bit harsh. But to be frank, my points do still stand. Let me put it this way: a thread comes out that talks about how tapes haven't been dropping as much recently. Naturally, if there are people here who have also been unlucky enough to not receive a tape as of recent, they would be interested in this thread. So now we have a thread where some people are talking about not getting tapes as much as they used to, so it would appear at first that it's now a fact the tapes are dropping less than they were before. The problem is there's no actual evidence that tapes are in fact dropping less than usual. Shifty himself said in that thread I linked in my earlier post he communicated with the devs, and they didn't find anything unusual when they checked. Since this is the devs we are talking about, they would have first hand knowledge of whether or not there's a problem, yet they found none. They have also said they will monitor the situation to make sure the tapes are still dropping, despite the fact there might be no problem at all. If the devs found out there was a problem, then sure they'll fix it. But many people have already started blaming the devs for screwing something up when there's no hard evidence other than a few anecdotal posts. To me, that's dangerously close to slander, dragging the dev's reputation through the mud for something they might've not done.
  24. Define "no one." Is that fact, or is that something you want to be fact? Because your evidence is very anecdotal. That being said, Shifty actually mentioned he talked to the devs about this particular topic in this thread recently, but they didn't find any issues. They said they'll continue to monitor it, however, but all I'm really seeing in this thread is a bunch of people who were unlucky to not find tapes as of recent.