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  1. Did you see the original group before the fatal plane accident that killed most of them? Apparently footage of the original group is rare, although I did find a video on them on Youtube playing "Free Bird." Edit: Personally I don't go to many live shows. I did once go to an excision concert though, and that was a blast. There was a point when a robotic raptor went on the stage out of the blue (just because), and the crowd went crazy.
  2. Rubberbanding fixed? Nice, that was one of the big problems. Edit: Ah, nvm, it says they "addressed" it. Might still be there.
  3. Because many people seem to have forgotten that, once upon a time, we depended on hunting animals for necessary survival. Food, kept the neighborhoods safe, clothing, there's a lot behind it. And we'll likely have to go back to that lifestyle when society collapses at some point. The funny thing is there are several cultures in existence that eat mostly meat, yet blood pressure/heart disease problems are virtually unheard of for them despite the cholesterol implications. For example, Eskimos and some Inuit cultures: some of them don't eat anything fiber related year-round because of obvious year-round cold/ice problems making plants a no-go, yet they boast relatively high standards of healthy living regardless. At the end of the day, any diet can succeed so long as it obtains proper nutrition, and as I mentioned before there's more to a healthy life style than just what you eat (e.g. you should really wear sunscreen when the sun's out). These so-called studies discussing how vegans supposedly live longer is because vegans tend to be more health-conscious than the average person, mainly because nutrition deficiency is a very real problem if you're not careful when you limit your food sources. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my venison jerky that my kind neighbor gives me whenever he goes out hunting.
  4. That right there is debatable. The Mediterranean diet has seen people comfortably living well past their 90's, and we're talking about people who regularily eat fish/shrimp/scallops. Asians who ate blue tuna (before it turned expensive) saw similar results. The reason why people live longer isn't just diet, it's about other aspects of their lives like maintaining exercise as well as other healthy conditions. For example, the quality of water you drink can aversely affect your body as you grow up (henceforth why children in third world countries have it so much worse than us sheltered folks). Exposure to sunlight while also properly using sources of sun screen is another part, and what kind of sun screen you use can also affect this. Ultimately, there's so much that goes behind a healthy lifestyle that diet alone cannot attribute for. The main reason why these studies claim veganism works is because vegans can easily screw up their nutrition if they're not careful. Therefore vegans have no choice but to carefully watch their nutrition, and these reasons are why they appear to live healthier than others; they have more to lose if they're not careful. Vegans still have issues with having far more limited sources of nutrition, and I've seen some who have no choice but to buy supplements in order to get the nutrition they need, something that proves the diet isn't what it's cracked up to be. Diet, proper nutrition, and proper exercise are the key ingredients to living well, and even those ideas alone cannot attribute to everything that goes behind a healthy lifestyle.
  5. To be blunt, if I ate however I wanted, I would probably die before the age of 50. I love deep fried food, and honestly I eat vegetables because I have to, not because I want to. It's true you can eat whatever you want, but that rarely ends with a proper diet if you lack the understanding of how nutrition works.
  6. Ok, that right there can be reasonably debunked by health experts (especially the 1 meal a day part, I'll throw the red flag on that idea). In order to live longer, and have fewer health problems, you need the following three: Diet Proper Nutrition Proper Exercise (running on a treadmill constantly is no good, you need to incorporate some forms of lifting weights if you don't want your knees to give out on you before you're 50 years old) For everyone else here, you guys need to understand what a "vegan" is. There are two different types of known diets that focus on mainly vegetables: "vegetarian" and "vegan." Vegetarians focus mainly on vegetables, but they are also known to consume non-red meat food items such as eggs as well as seafood (prominently fish). They also won't mind consuming dairy products since despite the fact milk/cream comes from a meat source (cows, goats), dairy products aren't meat. In this sense, vegetarians have a balanced diet focusing on vegetables with the inclusion of non-red meats to introduce valuable sources of protein that most vegetables will have problems giving you, and they have less restrictions on obtaining nutrition from other food items. Vegans focus on vegetables, similar to vegetarians, but will not consume meat of any kind. They also will not consume food products that came from animals. In other words, they have more difficulties getting the proper nutrition they need, and in some extreme cases are hipsters who look down upon those who eat meat. Diets like the Mediterranean style have been proven to be effective, and this involves eating seafood, many types of which contain high amounts of unsaturated fats, therefore granting access to higher amounts of HDL cholesterol compared to the more dangerous LDL (though you do need both forms, just that you need more HDL as well as need to keep your LDL lower). There's also nothing wrong with consuming meat, even red meat, you just need to keep an eye on what exactly you're eating. Eat two-three small meals a day with consistent snacking every hour or two (e.g. celery stalk with peanut butter) to keep up your metabolism, drink plenty of water, and beware of consuming preservatives as well as high fructose corn syrup. Counting calories, watching fats/carbohydrates, gettings all the vitamins/minerals/protein/etc. your body needs, and making sure you don't treat food as an enemy, all of this is necessary for a proper diet.
  7. This is getting off-topic, so I'll be blunt about this. The whole console vs PC debate is more complicated than just hardware performance. For starters, exclusive titles are a thing. When the company From Software announced they were created a spiritual successor of their famous Dark Souls series, their fans were excited, especially since it involved a Victorian setting with the players using guns. Then the fanbase got even more excited when they learned more official information about the game, such as its true name, Bloodborne. Then said fans discovered that Bloodborne was going to be a PS4 exclusive title; the crushing announcement at that time pretty much speaks for itself. In this case, it doesn't matter if PC performs better than a console because Sony shelled out money for the exclusive rights. Secondly, the cost of a gaming PC is undoubtly much higher than a console if you want one that plays at high specs. There's also the issue that every few years an upgrade pops up, and while they can normally be ignored for a good number of years eventually you have to upgrade. Which means shelling out even more money, whereas a console can last typically 4-8 years before you need to buy a new one. The current gen (Xbox One, PS4, Switch) sold their consoles well below $400 when calculating tax, and that money isn't even close to buying a half-decent PC gaming computer that runs current gen games unless you plan on playing games that don't require a high end computer to play. So in essence, every time a console owner has to "upgrade" they're not looking at a steep bill, whereas PC owners may have to buy new parts every so often in order to continue enjoying high performance (depends on if you cheaped out on certain hardware pieces when you first built your gaming PC). Third, hacking is more promenient on PC since you can easily look up as well as modify the coding of a PC game. For console, that's more difficult to do because of the constant patching they go through. The only real time that consoles will become hacker territory is if it's an older gen that no longer receives support, but by that point most fans will have moved on to something better. On the flip side, if you like modding games, PC is the way to go (albeit it can get you into trouble when it comes to certain games in online play rather than offline). Both have their pros and cons. I don't regret buying a PS4, and honestly I don't really care about graphics/performance either considering I play a lot of indie games to begin with.
  8. To me, what's important is being able to spread power through the perks so that the meta doesn't revolve around Thick Skinned/Medic with a third perk of your choosing (usually another good one like Marathon or Hypochondriac). First off, perks weren't supposed to be powerful, and now we have a limited pool of useful ones that no one deviates from if you don't want to gimp your gameplay. A new perk system would need to accompanied with changes to the counselor's stats as well. Repair/Stealth/Strength are in need of buffs as well as feeling like essential to gameplay, and how the stats are changed would ultimately determine how the perks should accommodate them.
  9. Because a thread talking about numbers like this existed a while back that rustled everyone's jimmys. Everyone here is probably trying to get a handle on things before they blow up again. But yeah, I also don't really have problems getting into lobbies on PS4. I dunno what the console numbers are, but considering FF13th was the third highest selling downloadable game on the PS4 in the US alone, I have to figure the numbers are still rather stable if the devs are continuing to pump time as well as effort into keeping it alive.
  10. I remember an idea pitched a while back that, in order for Jason to break a door down in Rage mode, he no longer needed a button prompt to do this. Instead, when in Rage mode, Jason can just walk/run through the door like normal in order to smash right through. This would allow Jason to block while moving through the now destructable door, and would allow more fluid gameplay as a result.
  11. To be specific, wood that has been dried (the kind you can buy at supermarkets) might still have sap in it. Sap is waterproof, and it still burns in the rain, so it also matters what kind of wood you're burning. Furthermore, if the wood is still green (aka not dried out) then it won't be very effective in starting a fire with to begin with, and if you find kindling you can keep the bonfire going. Pine wood is a good choice. It doesn't take as long as hardwoods like oak to dry out (we're talking 6-12 months depending on conditions for pine, whereas oak takes 2 years roughly), and it burns quickly. Not to mention pinewood smells very nice while burning, and it also makes for excellent kindling to burn.
  12. Was hoping I'd see your take on this matter Alkavian. The major problem with Medic is that, as it is now, it's simply too good to not use in terms of meta perks. Medic does the following when equipped: Grants you effectively a fourth item slot. Makes healing from traps trivial when Jason isn't around. Allows more healing while juking Jason through broken windows. In terms of item efficiency as well as survivability, this perk is a clear winner of a chicken dinner. Combined with the number of increased healing sprays due to the existence of Hypochondriac, and the ability to reduce damage using Thick Skinned, it makes Jason's traps easy to overcome. Jason's biggest weakness is that he cannot be everywhere all at once, so he needs traps to secure other places. But when healing supplies are reasonably abundant, and the ability to increase/strengthen them via perk choice exist as well, it's too easy for coordinated groups to simutaneously push objectives while taking down the traps with little effort. Medic also breaks the dev's promise that perks wouldn't be powerful, and moreso just for flavor, yet Medic still exists.
  13. So, you're going to just ignore everything else I said? I gave clear reasons why Medic is powerful, and your excuse is not being good at throwing knives? You know what, this is a waste of time. You apparently want this game to be an easy mode for counselors where Jason is easy to kite, and getting knived; juking windows repeatedly; and disarming traps has very little consequences. That kind of mentality to not empower Jason in his very own horror survival game (where he's supposed to be the star) is exactly what led to problems like the increased pocket knives/shotguns from a while back. Jason is supposed to be threatening, you yet want counselors to have access to a perk that makes juking him as well as eating his throwing knives trivial. I'm a counselor main, yet I respect the idea that Jason should be threatening. Getting rid of one of the biggest reasons why Jason is easy to kite would be a great start.
  14. The solution would be to give Jason a new way to break through objects like tables, but it wouldn't work with cars since destroying them would effectively break the game in terms of counselors being able to escape. So you're in fact dead wrong: knives are currently the exact way to deal with people who kite you around around objectives. You simply have to git gud, and collect a few knives. And here's the problem: even if you were a world class knife thrower, you still have to deal with Medic. Medic makes it easy to juke Jason through windows, even if he chucks a knife at you. Medic makes it easy to disarm traps, one of the big reasons why three traps Jasons have it rough. Medic gives you a free fourth item slow, helping you free up space for the car keys as well as pocket knife while floating around with just one spray instead of two. Medic solves a lot of problems. Conclusion: Medic is overpowered. If the devs created the system so that all the perks were designed to be strong, then that wouldn't be a problem (albeit I'm assuming Jason would get buffs for the sake of fairness). But Medic is currently too good to not use, and that breaks the philosophy of what the devs promised with perks: they wouldn't be strong. They would be situationally useful so that counselors would have to rely on their own skill as well as make use of whatever they find to survive. That right there is the premise of horror survival: using what meager tools you find to survive against an overwhelmingly dangerous serial murderer. Medic spits in the face of that philosophy, and is a leading contributor to why Jason is so easy to kite in this game as well as easy to bypass his traps.
  15. With Medic, you can easily kite Jason using windows, which is exactly what people with the perk do to make things frustrating for Jason. This game is supposed to be horror survival, yet the survival part is pretty easy to do with the right building as well as this perk, plus a handful of sprays to boot (which you can get one guaranteed when using Hypochondriac). Then there's the part where 3 trap Jasons are in even deeper water because now it's easy to tank the traps. There are many perks I would love to see reworked, or outright removed, all so that the perks can become situationally useful like the devs said they would be. That still doesn't dismiss what counselors can accomplish with Medic. On that note, you can use throwing knives, and there again is the problem: Medic can shrug them off pretty easily.
  16. It's perhaps for this very reason I voted yes. According to the devs, the perks were never intended to be incredibly strong, and I'm going to guess they were supposed to be situationally useful as well under that same umbrella. Instead, Medic is so powerful that virutally every counselor is gimped if they don't have it. Effectively having a fourth item slot is too useful for anyone to pass up, and it makes broken windows a non-issue if you have just one spray. Get rid of Medic, make it so that Hypochondriac only gives increased healing with a spray (and not a free spray to go with it), and we'll see Jason being more difficult to kite than current times. At the very least Thick Skinned, the other major offender, has a crippling negative to go with it (increased stumble chance). Medic's is trivial, especially considering the double heal purpose can easily overcome it.
  17. I created a thread with some ideas discussing this a while back, it's an interesting read for those who talk about buffing Jason's HP.
  18. I agree with this whole heartedly. It sickens me to see people blaming the devs for the problems when the intentional exploiters are the ones who personally commited the crimes themselves. It's nothing more than guilty people refusing to take responsibility for their actions by blaming the system.
  19. Dogs, as you can tell from my avatar. Mer-Dogs, too.
  20. Fox would be a bit odd to introduce DLC for when you consider we only ever saw her wearing leather. Maybe Shelly too in that regard, so I'd say the counselors who are directly based on their film counterparts should probably not receive DLC in order to remain in character. Mitch as well as Victoria aren't the original deals however, so I can definitely support the idea of them getting new DLC in the future. It's basically free money waiting to be made.
  21. Personally I still think the game has potential. What I'm hoping is that patches/hotfixes will be more frequent thanks to the game engine update, and then there's the eventual dedicated servers. For now, I would recommend it when on sale, but when the consoles finally get the dedicated servers that will solve a lot of frustrations.
  22. Dayum bruh, even after all this time you still haven't gotten a tape? Alright, this confirms it: you somehow pissed off RNGesus, and now you ain't collecting. Or you need to start maining Vanessa if you haven't already, and start doing some speed runs.
  23. Not a bad idea, it would definitely help out the the slower speed counselors. Though I wonder how it would affect the meta if suddenly the slow counselors were the same jogging speed as the fast counselors. It could be a legitimate excuse to make running Jasons faster, simulating how he used to outright sprint when he was hunting down a counselor before he turned into a zombie.
  24. To be honest, it's entirely possible that the majority of the gamers do in fact like this update, but the ones who hate it are the most vocal. I'm not saying that's the truth, but the truth is that we don't really know how the gaming community as a whole is reacting to it since our forums resemble a small portion of it. I haven't had any issues at all getting into full games lately, and most of the games I've played didn't have people complaining. Anecdotal to be sure, but once again I can't help but wonder if the complaining going on is just a vocal minority with the silent majority not wanting to have crosshairs painted on them for disagreeing. The game has problems, but everyone here knew going into this patch that the game engine update was going to introduce new bugs. That being said, they can be patched out, and I'm assuming the devs are watching closely to hotfix anything that goes wrong.
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