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  1. I like a lot of these ideas @bewareofbears. If you're interested, I came up with a thread not too long ago that touched on this subject as well. The main things Jason really needs are the following: Increased HP before the mask falls off. Jason no longer taking damage while stunned (apparently this is still kinda buggy, so it works sometimes and other times it doesn't, it's either a recurring bug or the hit boxes are just that wonky sometimes). Mask doesn't fall off immediately when Jason reaches "0 HP." Instead, each hit afterwards has a 1% chance per point in luck/strength up to a maximum of 20% chance of knocking the mask off, and it can only be knocked off using a machete or axe. Credit goes to @Alkavian who introduced me to this idea in particular, although I made a few changes. The first two are important because Jason can be demasked way too quickly against a competent counselor, and even with increased HP Jason would still lose his mask quickly if the counselors beat on him while stunned. As for the third, it makes so that counselors can't really prepare beforehand for the Kill Jason quest because of the sheer difficulty involved. Combined with your idea of Jason only being killable when there are two counselors left (sweater girl and Tommy Jarvis), it would make the objective much more rare, yet far more satisfying when it does actually happen.
  2. You know, after all this, I'm actually interested in whether or not Gun Media/IllFonic is going to retaliate with a burn of their own.
  3. To be frank, if DbD actually went so far as to call out FF13th the Game, it's obvious they see this game as a legitimate threat. FF13th was the third highest selling PS4 game in 2017 for a reason. FF13th isn't as polished, and does need some changes (e.g. Stealth/Strength being more relevant), but given enough time this game could become something special. It's already a reasonable fun game as it is now, so when the game engine update finally comes I have to wonder what kinds of changes we'll see in the future.
  4. It depends on the scenario as well as the counselor's other stats. For example, if Jenny gets tunneled by Jason for three+ minutes straight into full fear panicking, then Jason would have to expect a group of counselors finishing up an objective with ease somewhere. So even if Jenny did reach maxed fear, that's 3+ minutes of distracting Jason well spent. And then there's the part where "No Fear" builds are possible using her. Night Owl, Preparedness, Nerves of Steel, those are solid perks on their own even if not exactly meta picks.
  5. Realistically you could do this kind of role as Vanessa, except better. She has lower stealth so she can pick up Jason's attention faster, her six luck gives her four basball bat swings (which is only one less than Chad), and she has far superior stamina. Not to mention she also has slightly better composure, and therefore can last longer in a fight before panicking. As a bonus, she's also a female counselor, therefore she can wear the sweater if need be. Chad is a good pick, there's no doubting that, and just about anyone can fight in this game if you understand combat stance mechanics. But saying Chad isn't an opportunist is basically a flat out lie. His entire trope is based on self-preservation, and while he's good at fighting he will panic quickly which therefore means the stumble penalty comes into play more often. Edit: Also, Vanessa has better strength. That has to be considered in long, drawn out fights because higher strength lowers the amount of stamina your fighting takes up.
  6. Using Rydog's calculations when he was data mining the game, the composure testing results by @Alkavian, and the weapon durability guide created by @ThePunkPirate (with additional input from @BomberBuddy who did further weapon durability calculation on Alkavian's guide), I would sum the comparisons down to the following: Composure: Jenny's composure is by far much better. Rydog's fear calucations revealed a vanilla build Jenny (no perks) would reach full panic mode when roughly 3:21 minutes/seconds had gone by. At 4 composure, Victoria will start panicking around 0:56 seconds, and unlike Jenny she has no chance of setting herself up with a "No Fear" build. Victoria's stamina regeneration would be heavily penalized more quickly while running from Jason, and even a Jenny who doesn't use a "No Fear" build would still last roughly over 3 minutes before going to panic mode. The deal maker here is the part where counselors stumble more frequently the more terrified they are. Stumbling is dangerous when you're fighting Jason, because a random stumble right when you were about to hit Jason with a melee weapon essentially gives him a free chance to slash/grab you, regardless of your skill level against him. Jenny simply has all the cards here: she is much better at minimalizing her chance to stumble, and since both of these counselors aren't fast, they'll eventually have to fight Jason for the stamina refill, so naturally the person with the less chance to stumble between the two has the clear advantage. And even if Jenny had to contend with a larger fear pool slowing down her chance to recover (while not using a "No Fear" build), it would still take Jason a considerable amount of time before she reached that stage. If Jason allows 3 minutes to go by without checking up on the objectives, many counselors will easily abuse that time to escape and/or prepare for the "Kill Jason" objective, making it well worth it for Jenny to distract Jason that long. Victoria will have many problems if she gets tunneled by Jason, and Jason can even justify it because it doesn't take very long for Victoria to panic. Edge: Jenny, large lead. Luck: No Difference between the two, both are 8. Edge: Neither, both are tied. Repair: Jenny has a 2, Victoria has a 3. Edge: Victoria with slight lead, but ultimately both of them are going to suck at this. At least they have high luck, so they can reset the repair QTEs until the devs finally realize luck shouldn't play a factor at all when repairing an objective. Speed: Jenny has a 3, Victoria has a 4. Jenny can only match a running Jason's speed whereas Victoria can run a wee bit faster. However, because Victoria will panic fast, she will have to worry about stumbling frequently when trying to escape. With enough bad luck, a running Jason could theoretically catch Victoria just by slowly following her (albeit he will probably just go for the Shift/Grab combo as well as chuck knives at her to save on time). Edge: Neither, both have their own issues that affects this stat, and neither of them can really outpace a running Jason. Stamina: Jenny has a 5, Victoria has a 7. A counselor with 5 stamina can jog for roughly 2:00 minutes according to Rydog's calucations, and while a 7 stamina doesn't exist, 8 stamina counselors can jog for 2:16, so Victoria will roughly have stamina between 2:16 and 2:00. The major catch is that Victoria will panic much faster than Jenny, so after being chased for a while Jenny would eventually win in this category due to better stamina regeneration (especially with a "No Fear" build). It really comes down to how long Jason would chase each counselor. Edge: Victoria while not being chased as well as maintaining her fear well enough, "No Fear" Jenny when Jason tunnel visions (either intentionally, or because you're literately the last counselor alive that Jason can find). Stealth: Jenny has a hidden value of 8.5 thanks to Rydog's calculations, Victoria has a 7. Both will not matter because you need at least 9-10 points to jog silently. Edge: Neither, this stat really need more relevance like QTEs directly tied to it. Strength: Jenny has a 1, Victoria has a 2. However, because neither of these counselor are prime picks for demasking Jason, the extra strength Victoria has can actually be a weakness. Dealing more damage with hits further increases Jason's Rage, so if the team isn't coordinated enough to demask Jason then you really want to avoid dealing damage at all costs. And even when demasking Jason, it won't really matter since so many other counselors are better at this, but at that point Victoria's extra strength could help put in a little extra help when she doesn't have access to a shotgun. Edge: Neither. Once again, this stat needs QTEs directly tied to it for better relevance. Conclusion: Both of these counselors have ties as well as slight, unnoticeable leads in a lot of categories. The main difference between the two is that Victoria is more athletic whereas Jenny can handle fear better. Victoria will have roughly a quarter of a minute more time to jog compared to Jenny if we go by Rydog's stats, and she does has a very slight edge in speed. However, Jenny is much better at fighting Jason. A "No Fear" build is very useful for minimalizing your chances to stumble, and as mentioned above stumbling while fighting Jason is effectively a death sentence. While Victoria's athelticism is better, ultimately her low composure will cripple her stamina regeneration, forcing her to fight Jason, and the mere fact she's much more likely to stumble clearly sets the two apart in this category. And even if Jenny didn't use a "No Fear" build, she still would last 2+ minutes longer than Victoria before completely freaking out. Both will have to fight Jason eventually; they're simply not fast enough to outpace a running Jason, and many walking Jasons have advantages to offset their weaknesses, so it doesn't really matter how athletic the two counselors are. But Jenny is the better fighter, and since one of her main goals is to get Jason's attention away from her teammates, her strengths are very helpful to the team, whereas Victoria is nothing more than an opportunist like Chad. Ultimate Edge: Jenny. Edit: Props to @Tommy86 for correcting me on the part about the repair stat. Also, did a bit of proofreading.
  7. Wouldn't surprise me. The OP clearly posted this to get reactions out of people for his amusement, and his posts show him as being egotistical. He even said this, and I quote, "I'm the hero this board needs, but not the one it deserves." Bah, the forums deserve better than that.
  8. Because team killing is toxic, and still continues to be so no matter what game it exists in. People who want team killing back do so because they want one of two things if not both: More realism (for instance, running someone over with a car). The ability to fight back against trolls, slaying them on sight. Point 1 is minor. This is a video game, so not everything will be realistic. Point 2 creates a much more toxic environment because people will have the ability to murder fellow counselors for any reason they deem justifiable, even if it were petty. So people would slay people who they deem "trolls" in their mind, which would piss off the victim, and make them follow suit the next game. I'll say this right here and now: Team Killing is horrible. It undermines the spirit of cooperation, something this game thrives on if you want to succeed in it, and the pros of it are far outweighed by the cons. It's still possible to murder counselors using bear traps as well as cars, so point 1 does exist in many forms. But Point 2 must NEVER be implemented into the game again if the game wants to survive.
  9. Updated forum rules, finally.

    You do realize the moderators could easily just appeal to the admins, who then could use their authority to enforce any rule they desire, right? Just because something doesn't appear on paper doesn't mean the mods cannot enforce the peace. Even the US constitution has the 9th amendment to enforce civil society whenever a law doesn't pop up officially on paper, mainly because the founding fathers realized the futility of automatically having a law for each situation, no matter how strange, which popped up. To be frank, I seriously doubt you care about the rules unless they worked in your advantage. That's why you want something on paper so badly, and resent the idea the moderators have the power to enforce peace through any means necessary. But considering the moderators have never abused this power, I know we're in good hands. Edit: @Cokeyskunk Well said.
  10. It's really hard to say. Personally I voted the flare gun because of its obvious utility purpose; I'm assuming the devs will remove being able to see Jason on the full/mini map unless you flare gun him at some point. There's also the part where it's a long ranged firearm, and it can even stun Jason while not hurting a counselor he grabbed, so you have a chance to save someone from a distance. The shotgun would a close second since it can do damage to Jason, and is therefore useful if you're trying to demask him. But even then, it's still a long range firearm; the damage is instant if you managed to get the crosshairs on him; and public matches don't have any friendly fire to worry about. Since virtually any counselor of any experience level is able to take Jason on using firearms, I believe these weapons to be among the best. It basically highlights the reason why firearms replaced swords in real life: firearms are equalizers.
  11. I disagree, the darker atmosphere really adds to the idea that you shouldn't run around without a flashlight on at all times. Horror games are at their best when you cannot see everything (unless you're playing the part of the murderer), something that really applies to real life human fear of the unknown. Now the devs need to make it so you don't start off with a flashlight, Jason's music is silenced until a counselor reaches full fear, and we'd see a far more intimidating Jason than we currently do.
  12. F13 Furry fanart

    Oh. Well then, nvm.
  13. Religious Study Group

    It's hard to say. The original book of Jasher was lost a long time ago, and many forgeries have popped up in the past, not to mention the book isn't considered an actual part of the bible (rather it was mentioned as a seperate historical documentatioin of things happened in the past, albiet there were presumed to be inconsistencies if God refused to have this book be part of the bible). The book of Enoch is treated as interesting, yet there are inconsistencies with what it says compared to what historically happened. Like the original book of Jasher, it probably was lost with several fakes trying to claim authenticity. Honestly, I only really trust the book of Revelation, being that it's an actual book considered canon to the Bible. And on that subject, I haven't really studied the book of Revelation either. I'll have to do some reading in the future on that subject.
  14. Well, an official statement was made finally. Though it's interesting to hear the actor was interested in having his character appear in-game. If the single player challenges involved movie scenes, I could imagine Reggie making a guest appearance. It's not like a voice actor who sounds like Reggie couldn't be hired. What I find really interesting is the fact the devs have a wish list of their own. If possible, mind sharing a clue or two?
  15. F13 Furry fanart

    Are you sure it's a Taurus .44 magnum? If I remember correctly Taurus' lineup for the .44 magnum is the Raging Bull series, and usually it has the words printed on the side of the barrel. It looks more like a Taurus .357 because of the hollowed holes on top of the barrel. Honestly though, if Jason were an animal, I'd imagine he'd be a dog. Extremely obedience to someone he cares about, and has heightened senses to track someone down.