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  1. Religious Study Group

    Huh....well, as long as the thread doesn't turn into a flamewar, I'll throw my two cents in here. I'm Christian, and a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (in other words, Protestant). One thing I'll say is that I'm really frank when discussing religion, so while I don't want to offend people I also won't lie about what I believe. Also, @deathbat96777, if you're interested in the subject of Christianity, there are two websites I use frequently for answers to questions: GotQuestions - It's technically Calvinist, but most of what it teaches is really indepth when it comes to Christianity in general. Cold Case Christianity - Hosted by a former atheist, it uses hard evidence/fact checking to discuss Christianity. The author also happened to be a homicide detective in the past, so his analytical views are professional.
  2. While this does technically work, you'll have much less health using trap-heal-trap even with Thick Skinned. Depending on the Thick Skinned rarity used, you might be vulnerable to a single throwing knife crippling you after performing the aforementioned combo. It's not bad...it's just not as efficient as Medic, albeit a Medic user who doesn't take Thick Skinned has less peace of mind about whether they can tank a trap or not if they've taken minor damage beforehand (e.g. several instances of window damage). Thick Skinned also has one of the most crippling weaknesses in the game for a perk con: increased chance to stumble. An accidental stumble right when you were about to hit Jason gives him a freebie to slash/grab you, and for 3 speed counselors jogging they can be caught by a running Jason if they stumble too often. Mitch won't really worry about that (as well as Jenny albeit she isn't a fixer), but Eric will. I'm used to the Dark Souls mentality where prevention > reaction. To me, having more stamina means being able to do more things before being forced to fight Jason or stop to catch your breath. I don't have an epic Marathon, but if I did it would be equipped on every counselor if I did. But I also understand people have different opinions, and I'm glad you do articles. We need more information since not a whole lot of concrete information is released by Gun Media/Illfonic. Part of me wants to do a guide on perks, but I'm not sure how it would received by people.
  3. @Alkavian To be honest, I'm sort of 50/50 on slow repair counselors using Thick Skinned. I don't doubt its usefulness for things like taking an additional knife before being crippled (for high-end Epic perk users) or hopping through glass while taking less damage, but at the end of the day it's Medic that is most useful for dealing with traps. Theoretically a counselor with Medic (by itself) is able to disarm traps using the trap-heal-trap-heal-heal combo if you have to deal with a double trapped objective, and Thick Skinned doesn't really improve on that. Where Thick Skinned becomes useful is when the counselor takes damage from things like a throwing knife or broken glass. If you don't know exactly how many times your counselor can deal with broken glass before dying from a trap, then having Thick Skinned is beneficial as a "better to have it and not need it, than need it but not have it" kind of perk. But if I remember correctly, even with maxed Thick Skinned a counselor who gets hit by a throwing knife plus goes through broken glass can still die if they step on a trap, something that Medic users can ignore (you just don't heal twice after the second trap because obviously you use one of the heals before the first trap, but don't step on another trap after the second one without more healing because that will kill you). IMO, things that improve stamina are king on slow repair counselors. Marathon/Restful is especially nice on Eric/Deborah because they suffer the stamina regeneration penalty often due to panicking more quickly than Mitch/A.J. do, and pretty much every repair counselor benefits from Prepardness because it helps seeing parts on the map early (especially since many people in QP have the bad habit of immediately dropping objective parts they find so someone else deals with it). The fear reduction bonus on the Preparedness perk is nice too.
  4. Hmmm...I admit I didn't think about the time frame. It's true, hopefully nine years has changed him for the better. Regardless, good luck with your project.
  5. Damn, a guy misses 48 days; constantly fights hangovers; seems overall incompetent, and he's a project manager? That's almost unheard of in the Midwest. I guess I'm just too used to people having better work ethnics/standards where I currently live.
  6. I like this idea; they could even run specials with them based on various things like a holiday. For example, during October you can potentially find a special pink wrist watch; this would help raise breast cancer awareness in real life (since October is breast cancer awareness month here in America), and would be a collectable alongside spooky themed ones for obvious Halloween reasons. Edit: They could make some of the different designs/color themes/aesthetics locked at first, only findable in drawers similar to the tapes. You start off with a few designs, then keep finding new ones that have different features like radio, games, etc. Once you find one in a drawer, you can choose it as an option before a game starts as a permanent feature.
  7. [Video] Combat Adjustments and Ideas

    These are some pretty cool ideas. You should look up a youtuber named "Skallagrim" for some ideas on weapon techniques; the devs could really benefit from some of the ideas. First off, I don't want to sound nitpicky, but the way you were showing a thrust attack using the machete made me cringe. The amateur way to stab someone with a dagger/sword/etc is bending your wrist forward while thrusting the blade towards the target. That method puts serious strain on the wrist, and if the blade didn't puncture what you were trying to stab, the recoil can cause serious pain or even break your wrist if you're unlucky (and yes, I know about rapiers, but that's a whole discussion on its own). Edit: Here's a video for something better. Small problem aside, what I would like to add is the possibility that some weapon's power attacks could be several strikes at once rather than just one heavy swing. For example, when using the spear, one of the power attacks could be Jason quickly piercing his victim several times in a row (let's say three times, and it does the same amount of damage as the other power attacks). The windup time would be the same, but it would spice things up rather than every weapon's power attack be "Jason just swings his weapon reaaalllly hard at someone." In the spear's case, non-combat stance would be the single handed thrust attack with a multi-strike power attack, whereas combat stance would be two handed thrust attack (with more range than non combat) as well as the horizontal staff bash attack for combat control. Also, I like the idea with a "defensive attack" that you could use directly from blocking animations. I wonder if the devs have considered the possibility of getting rid of block to insert more defensive attacks. For instance, the spear's combat stance power attack I mentioned earlier, and the axe could be used to strike someone in the face with the hilt to momentarily stun them (at the cost of the range being shorter for obvious reasons). It would encourage more offense from Jason, differentiate the weapons more (some weapons being balanced, more offensive strikes, more crowd control, etc.), and really make each Jason feel more different when you factor in the strengths/weaknesses. I hope the devs see this, because quite frankly there's a lot of potential for weapon combat in this game. Jason really needs a way to deal with counselors ganging up on him, and introducing new variations of attacks to go with the different weapons would be nice. Heck, if I remember correctly, one of the devs even compared this game to the Dark Souls series which featured all kinds of different attack animations.
  8. While I'm not against the idea of Sense not being spammable, I don't really buy the idea that switching Stalk with Sense for their unlock times would actually make things better for Jason. For starters, against half-decent counselors Jason won't be able to kill them until he gains Shift at 2:15 into the game, which means that time is spent doing prep work. Things like setting traps, collecting knives, maybe smashing a window or two, you guys get the idea. Having Stalk early on wouldn't really do much during that time, and some Jasons prefer having Sense when they unlock Shift (Part 6 especially since Sense+ is good for hunting down counselors with high precision when throwing knives as well as using Shift+). If anything, some aspects of Stalk should be permanent like Jason not making music while near a counselor unless they have high levels of fear, in which case both the counselor(s) as well as Jason would hear his Part's theme music as an indicator someone is going crazy.
  9. The funny thing is that, despite Vanessa being one of the best, I could imagine that her overall survival rate amongst the playerbase would be terrible in reality. Mainly because the amount of inexperienced people playing the game who are just bad, and therefore pick Vanessa (since she's available from the beginning) without knowing key information that would help them live longer.
  10. Hardest Souls Boss? (POLL)

    I don't see the capra demon from Dark Souls 1 here. A boss that auto-dunks you the second you enter through the fog is still one of the most unexpected things ever, even in a Souls game. Then there's the wide arcs of his swings, the claustrophic room, and his doggie minions who rip your asshole apart if you try to block anything.
  11. Summer Camp.

    An uncle of mine owns a lake resort, and when I was young my family would go there during the summer/winter vacations sometimes. There were beautiful lake cabins; rustic settings; and I especially liked going there in the winter, henceforth why I hope one day a winter camp map will become a DLC complete with normal winter clothing.
  12. Stalk doesn't make music play randomly throughout the course of a game. And you still auto-hear Jason's music whenever he's within the vicinity. And you don't unlock Stalk until a few minutes into the game. AND each Jason part still can't hear his own music throughout the course of a match, and while that shouldn't be on the entire time, it would still be thematically useful to tell Jason if a counselor has reached high levels of fear. My points still stand. Music could definitely be improved.
  13. To be honest, what would really make the game interesting is if music happened somewhat randomly (other than the Jason idea I had above). In horror games, one problem about using horror-themed music is that it tends to tip people off that something bad is about to happen. The first Dead Space game directly screwed with this idea by making it so that music would play all of a sudden in a room where there actually were no enemies, yet the players would become extremely paranoid since they didn't know if something was about to ambush them. Then, while you go into the "safe zone" to go shopping with the music having played its course, you suddenly get mauled by an alien zombie that decided to camp the area. Then you reload, go to kill it, then get caught in a pincer movement because it turns out there's more than one. Music needs to fool the counselors. The only time music should be predictable is if the counselor reaches high levels of fear, in which case they start hearing Jason's theme music depending on the one chosen while he's chasing them. Automatically hearing his music makes it too easy to detect when Jason is nearby, and as a result people aren't afraid of it. Then, when a counselor does reach super high levels of fear, there's always Jason's Stalk ability to trick the counselors. Hmmm...I should really create a new thread for this. Maybe a poll would help popularize the idea.
  14. To be honest, I really don't want KM-14. While it makes sense that she destroyed Pre-Uber Jason, she did so using firearms. Would we really want a Kill Jason quest that involves a robot going Call of Duty to win the game? Furthermore, KM-14 destroyed Pre-Uber Jason, not Uber himself. She got manhandled at that point in the movie. So if there's a hero for the Grendel map, it would have to be either Rowan, Tsunaron, or Brodski since those three were instrumental for killing Jason (albeit KM-14 did help by creating the fake camp hologram, which I'm sure will be the actual Grendel map instead of walking the ship itself). I'd be down for Rowan being the hero since she would be the one who had researched Jason's past, and therefore would know of key weaknesses in his past life before he became a regenerating zombie, or Brodski since he sacrificed himself to stop Uber. Personally, my fav picks would be Megan Garris as well as Duke Creighton. Megan Garris was my favorite Final Girl, and Part 6 was a popular movie. As for the Duke, he researched Jason's past so he would know about how Jason was fooled by the sweater when he was stopped years ago from the Duke's point in time. Therefore the Duke could be an effective Tommy Jarvis replacement if a Part 9 map were ever released, and they wouldn't even need to change any thing. The Duke would answer the call from the radio, he would show up armed with a single barrel break action shotgun with no additional rounds because he would know it wouldn't do much against Jason (but it's better than nothing), and would've brought along some items just in case.
  15. Like others have said, there are maps online with the spawn points. I couldn't find any for the Jarvis/Pinehurst, but they're probably out there too. A trick to remember is that Jason's shack replaces a bonfire each round. If you know the locations of the bonfires, yet one is missing, then you know where the shack will be.