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  1. Personally I have to wonder if there being a slight increase in items will actually matter. I don't think one extra med spray showing up on an extremely reclusive campsite far away from society is going to break things. That being said, if it's just defensive items with no objective items being involved, there still isn't much reason to visit the campsites. It looks like this change was intended to be a stealth/composure counselor buff, but it would only really benefit the athletic ones who'd use the campsites once the cabins have been sabotaged. That ultimately is a counselor buff since bonfires are one of the hugest sources of fear reduction in the game. If anything, the campsites should just be possible locations of objective parts so there's huge risk in going outside, but defensive items are still mostly located inside cabins. Now, as for other places like graveyards, I don't mind seeing a rare med spray or pocket knife showing up in those places. No fear reduction elements, typically dead ends, and currently zero reason to visit any of them except the Higgin's Haven version for an axe/med spray.
  2. The devs need to take this one step further. Have items, including objective parts, appear in places other than cabins. There was a thread a short while ago talking about giving graveyards the same treatment as the campsites since there's basically no reason to head to any of them except on Higgin's Haven. IMO, better weapons should also appear on the campsites whereas the cabins get meager ones. More risk (investigating spots that are sometimes very far away from the safety of cabins) = more reward, a staple of gaming everywhere. Get rid of some weapons in the cabins, make them appear on the campsites, etc. So besides objective parts possibly showing up in remote as well as dangerous places, counselors are moving around a lot more. And when campsites as well as graveyards are visited more often, you start to see some of the coolest yet rarest executions get bumped up in popularity:
  3. In many of the "human Jason" movies, the final girl was roughly on par with Jason's speed. They usually managed to evade/hide from Jason several times as well as actually manage to fight him off for short moments. Zombie Jason movies, on the flip side, were mainly Jason ambushing his targets out of nowhere while also using dead bodies as a way to distract his prey, and he never had issues catching up with the jocks. If anything, jocks tended to panic, doing dumb shit like get into all out brawls with an undead serial murderer who had titanic strength (although props to Julius from Part 8 for actually having the balls to attempt this). So in other words athleticism didn't matter in the movies because Jason always used "Horror Movie Magic" to ambush these archetypes out of nowhere. Staying calm while finding ways to outsmart Jason, on the flip side, worked better. Especially when Jason started teleporting in Part 8. Vanessa would probably die early by virtue of the "black people die quickly in horror movies" meme. It would probably be due to tripping on the ground after freaking out by seeing a dead body, screaming for minutes while Jason just walks up to her. Jenny would defeat Jason, but go bat shit crazy at the end (henceforth why Jenny's high composure means taking much longer to reduce fear if you do reach maxed stages of fear). Gotta love old school slasher flicks. Stereotypes galore, but it made for some hilarious entertainment when you didn't think too hard about it.
  4. Freaking snow in Southern Louisiana!

    Where I live, there's snowfall at least half of the year. I don't mind it though, it tends to keep people honest as well as scare away the riff raff.
  5. Huh, I'll have to try this out with an axe when I get the chance. If Jenny can rip of the mask off with a few vertical hits in combat stance, she might actually be a good candidate for using the axe. Her luck would at least allow the axe to hold out long enough to give back to Tommy Jarvis when he arrives. Solid guide on Jenny, and in general a good job. Though I should mention you're wrong about her being able to tank traps better than most counselors. Either the last patch or the one before it made traps deal the same amount of damage to everyone, regardless of your luck skill. You would need thick skin to reduce damage, and even then you're just better off running Medic on Jenny so you have two other perks to work with (her high luck helps with windows so you wouldn't really need Thick Skinned for that purpose either).
  6. My biggest hope is the bug/glitch/exploit fixes. The devs have had well over a month to continue tackling these, and since they said the majority of the next patch will focus on this, I'm hoping the game will start to run more smooth. I don't expect perfection, but at the very least to see some of the biggest offenders getting axed.
  7. Too Far Broken

    Nah, he'll probably be forced to go on "vacation" again for another week. Then he'll rant some more until the shadow realm's calling becomes too alluring to resist.
  8. Please go read this

    I think it'll get better soon. For starters, we now have information of a few balance changes we'll see in the future, and if the devs start discussing possible game balance changes with the community then it'll solve one of the hugest stigmas in the community: more communication from the people making the game. Couple that with people feeling as if they can make a difference for the better by pitching their ideas, and the mood will probably change from doubtful to hopeful. Not a perfect stance, but at least better. I used to see these kinds of mood swings on the old gaming forum I used to be a part of.
  9. Give graveyards a purpose

    Personally I wouldn't mind seeing graveyards being a possible (but not guaranteed) location of jerry cans. It would be a great nod to Part 6, and it would put the most versatile objective part for vehicles in places that are typically dead ends. Edit: Also, it wouldn't increase the normal number of jerry cans in a map, just that one of them could possibly spawn in a graveyard, making it more difficult for counselors to find parts.
  10. Forum Theme in Progress

    @ShiftySamurai I've come across a new problem. Usually when I copy/paste a thread from this website onto a new one for referencing it, the URL on the link works. Now, if I post a URL from a different thread, it create a strange picture whose link doesn't work. I'll show an example: Not only does it not say what the original thread was, clicking on it doesn't bring me to the URL it's linked to. As of now, the only thing I can do is undo the picture as well as have it show only as a URL.
  11. If I had a wish list, not just the issues listed at the top, it'd look like this: 1. Strength QTEs: The game needs more for strength to work as just a "demask Jason" stat. There's much that could work here like filling gas for instance, but in general this stat needs help. I had ideas for this, but I'll post the thread at the bottom later so I don't break up this list. 2. Extra Security for the Phone Box: Like the first one, I have idea for this I'll post later. 3. Hit Detection: For both counselors as well as Jason. 4. Bug/Glitches/Exploit fixes: Necessary for making the game run like a well-oiled machine. 5. Jason's Grab: We don't need Jason returning to using the force in order to choke grab people from 10+ feet away, but we do need it so he can grab someone who is slightly to his side. I figure widening the cone or make it like a cylinder would work here. For the first two points, I created this thread a while back (it's the first two proposals that show up in the thread): Edit: When I posted the thread, the link doesn't work...I'll just do the URL. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/12499-series-of-reworking-the-counselor-objectives/ Otherwise, I'm glad the developers have to decided to use this next patch to mostly work on bug/glitch/exploit fixes. We need to first see what this game even looks like when it runs like a well-oiled machine, then it'll be easier to figure out from a balance stand point what the devs should do next.
  12. Why is stealth bad?

    The first sentence is true, but the second sentence is false. Every counselor is capable of stumbling, it's just not as noticeable on Jenny because her composure makes it difficult to reach high fear, and she has high luck. I'm a Jenny main, and yet I've come across the occasional stumble while running from Jason.
  13. Why is stealth bad?

    If you guys have the time, what would really help everyone is if there's a way to discover if higher amounts of fear makes it possible for Jason to Sense you at longer distances than normal. From what I understand, there's roughly four stages of fear: Calm. Nervous (indicator that fear is starting to build, and that you need to find a way to clamp down on it). Terrified (Counselor starts to panic; stumbling as well as stamina regeneration penalties will begin, and they mutter outloud if Jason is nearby while they're occupying a hiding spot). Hysterical (Loss of Mini Map; Screen blacks out). I've always been under the impression that Jason can detect people at a longer distance when Counselors hit Stage 3+. It would also be great if we could find out if the stumbling/stamina regeneration penalties get worse if you go from Stage 3 to Stage 4 fear. Stumbling probably can't be measured beause it's pure RNG, but the stamina regeneration penalty is something I've been curious about for a while.
  14. Why is stealth bad?

    A few things on Composure as well as Jason's Sense: When Jason uses Sense, a house will turned red if a counselor is in it while not occupying a hiding spot. The only way to avoid this besides using Sense avoidance perks is by having everyone in a house occupy a hiding spot. However, once Jason gains Rage Mode, the house will light up red regardless of whether or not everyone is occupying a hiding spot. When Jason has Rage Mode activated, he will see Counselors highlighted in red regardless of their position (even hiding spots). Jason's radius of Sense detection continues to expand as the game goes on. According to the devs, by late game it's essentially the entire map. So actually, Part 3 Jason would still be able to sense A.J. or Jenny at max composure in a well lit, barricaded house UNLESS they are both occupying hiding spots while Jason doesn't have Rage Mode activated. But if you camp a closet the entire match, you're not doing anything useful for the team.
  15. Why is stealth bad?

    Well, actually Jason can see you anywhere on the map once he gains Rage Mode. At that point Composure is mainly for keeping a counselor's fear down as long as possible to avoid the stumbling as well as stamina regeneration penalties that occur when you hit higher amounts of it.