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  1. 100% Standstill

    It's hyperbole. As for the people who can't play because of the 100% achievement bug, I do feel bad for them. Hopefully this is one of many glitches/bugs that are fixed coming up soon with the new patch. But this is also a topic that has been covered before, so if the mods let it go, I suppose it's because it helps people vent so they don't start fights elsewhere. As far as I'm concerned, the rules are whatever the mods tell you so long as its fair, justifiable and for the good of the community. Letting go another thread discussing the 100% bug achievement to let people vent? Possibly acceptable, so long as it doesn't devolve into howler monkey madness. That's the way I see it, at least. Rules don't always need to be rigid to be effective, but they do need to be enforced. That's probably why the older version of this thread was axed, and why this one survived.
  2. Part IV Shift

    The boat isn't on every level, 7 traps lets you do fun things like trap the map stand early on, and having Morph+ means you can react quickly to the traps while being able to defend objectives. He's not the best Jason, but he's beast if you enjoy trapping people. Also, you can just combat stance doors down; it makes Destruction+ kinda pointless except for the time when combat stance didn't work very well on the doors (but that has since been patched out). Part 6 is my main though. He's one of the few Jasons who can hit crouching counselors near him with vertical attacks in combat stance, and many counselors seem unaware of this when they approach me. Shift+, no trap weaknesses, and you even have extra flavor with bonus starting knives plus not having a weakness in Stalk. His super Sense allows him to pursue counselors with extreme ease while being able to throw knives at them. Plus he can stop virtually every objective since he doesn't have a Shift weakness nor a water speed weakness. His only crippling weakness is Morph, but when you're able to roughly get in two Shifts that move faster than normal, you aren't really dependant on it. Especially since the meta is fast, noisy counselors who make more than enough noise pings to track them down. Edit: Quick correction, you don't use combat stance to use the vertical attack. That's even better because a counselor can't abuse the combat stance glitch when a counselor strikes a blocking Jason. You just smack them when they get too close, and voila, the counselor panics because they realize crouching isn't going to save them.
  3. Part IV Shift

    Part 2 would like to have a word with you. Especially considering that new update coming up where people can't hop over traps when trying to get into a car door.
  4. 100% Standstill

    Because bumping a topic doesn't add anything useful to it, and people can always use the search feature to find a particular topic they want to discuss. Or, better yet, instead of bumping the topic you can add something that is useful or relevant to the topic at hand. Thread necromancy isn't looked down upon here when it's something that has useful/interesting information. As for your second statement, enforcing rules is important to society. If we didn't bother enforcing rules by using punishments because "we still have the same problems," then that would mean we would stop punishing murderers who executed people in cold blood because thousands of people do this every day regardless of laws. At the end of the day, if laws/punishments aren't enforced, then we start to see the decay of society (or the rise of a crapsack one, depends on what new person/group gains the power to rule). Under that same note, this forum has rules that are obeyed, enforced, and you have to deal with it.
  5. You will not get that because that would limit what the devs could do. If they stuck to the map, but were unable to fullfill a request, then the fanbase becomes disappointed. With how things are now with the snowflake loosely representing winter, the devs are able to accomplish more things without a fanbase breathing down their necks. Furthermore, the map isn't misleading: the devs have accomplished everything on that map as is, and that is the original map that simply revealed what the changes were (Fox, for instance). They certainly don't have to adhere to it though, considering how many people would likely want to see a new map/counselor than anything else.
  6. I don't get what the big deal is. For starters, when they created the map, nowhere did they ever say that the pumpkin resembled Halloween or the snowflake resembled Christmas. The fact they managed to implement stuff before Halloween was likely just a concidence. Furthermore, despite the complaining, the devs have actually managed to follow the roadmap to the tee: Furthermore, they can certainly decide to change the road map whenever they feel like it, but I don't see why people find it necessary ATM. We know the next thing to come out in the update is the Virtual Cabin. If they did something different like release a new map or counselor before other stuff, then sure they will need to update the road map. But until then, there's no reason to do so now. Edit: And quite frankly, I certainly wouldn't spit on the idea of a new map at this point, especially if it were winter themed. Heck, personally I'd rather see a regular winter clothing DLC pack rather than single player offline bots, but that's just me.
  7. Speak for yourself Dmack. For starters, people complained for the longest time that the devs weren't talking with us at all, and now that they do want to communicate you're passing it off as PR? They obviously do care about us considering they implemented the park marking change. Trolls used to hide things in the forest to make sure objectives were never fixed, something that the playerbase hated as a whole because it was toxic gaming. All they need to do now is make it a toggle feature in PMs, and this will become a non-issue. Agreed 100%. While hard games to me are fun, I also recognize that "harder" doesn't always mean "more fun." You could have a group of people playing chess on a boat in the middle of the ocean that has been set on fire, something that definitely amps up the challenge, but that doesn't make it more fun. People who thump difficulty need to remember that if the game reaches points where it becomes nigh impossible for counselors to win, they might decide to spite Jason by trolling him. That way, at the very least they can make Jason's victory as sour as possible.
  8. Animated signatures

    @Kodiak Awesome, thank you for the update!
  9. In a perfect world where trolls didn't exist, we could make do without part marking. But with a community like ours, it became necessary. Honestly, the only thing that's needed at this point is the abliity to toggle it off in private matches.
  10. So....you've asked in the past for "make Jason great again," yet you hate a map that is essentially pro-Jason because counselors have to do more work to get objectives fixed. I don't want to sound mean or nit pick, but that sounds like a complete paradox. Is there something else I'm missing here?
  11. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Oh. So how exactly does this even relate to my original topic where I was talking about the PC as well as consoles getting patches at the same time? Because this sounds like random ranting, and as a console player I couldn't honestly care any less about PC.
  12. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    I don't understand this statement. Are you saying you want the PC version to be fixed, or you want PC to get first dibs on the patches?
  13. To be kinda honest, I actually like seeing the two-seater/boat choices on the Jarvis map. Not only is that the only map I've seen this happen, it's also a "hard mode" map considering the spawn locations for repair items aren't typically near the objectives they work for.
  14. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    For this game, patch releases are simultaneous for all platforms, not just PC.
  15. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Personally I like this upcoming patch. What I wanted to see was a focus on fixing the game's glitches/exploits, and it looks like this patch will deliver.