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  1. GamePlayingGuru

    New Patch Possible Fix?

    Not during the bugged stun. The stun time before that. It was perfectly fine. The pocketknife stun time and weapon stun time were good as they were. The previous bugged time was indeed bad.
  2. Of course this is like all of the other replies, but I'll try to propose ideas to fix these. First off, the Jason stun time. This is worse than it was before. The stun time with pocketknives especially. The pocketknife stun time was perfect. Knives aren't even useful now because of the shortened stun. You'll be grabbed as you pick up your weapon anyway. Another big negative is the weapon stun time, again, especially with the bat. What used to be 6-8 seconds to mash the button to recover from the stun now takes 3-4 seconds to do so without even button mashing. It probably takes an even shorter time if you did mash the button to recover as Jason. It's seriously bad. Revert this change, and this is the first step to making this newest patch a damn good one. Second, the emote/summary problem. I hate that the dedicated button for checking the scoreboard has been removed, now being used for emotes. I like the emote idea, believe me I do, but removing the dedicated button for the scoreboard and changing it to where we have to press start and go to mute players or just hitting the touchpad (on ps4) and hitting L1 is very annoying. Fix it to where the scoreboard and the emote wheel is possibly on the same screen when hitting up on the d-pad. Third, the window deal. They said they'd revert it back to the way it was, but they really didn't. If I'm far from the window as Jason and I don't get the prompt, free swinging my weapon does nothing. Instead, you have to go up to it, and if you press the button to free swing, it puts you into the animation from before anyway. It's really redundant. This also hinders me from hitting counselors as they go through the window as well as breaking it, too. It's just slower, and is horrid. Fourth, weapon durability. How does Chad, a counselor with 10 luck, have only one hit to a baseball bat? It broke in one hit when I hit Jason with it, and when he got back up (in like 3 seconds), I had nothing to attack back with. I died. Lastly, and my biggest beef with this game: Getting stuck in hiding spots if you check the mute players screen. Instead of being able to close out of it by pressing circle, your character's "hold breath" bar gets triggered, and you aren't able to exit the mute players screen. I tried muting Jason and I got stuck, and I was there for a long time. Sitting there doing nothing is so boring, and ruins the game for me. I had to end up messaging the person playing as Jason to come kill me. Keep the trap damage, that new fix is amazing. It's fine with me. Fix everything above, and honestly this patch is golden.
  3. During this new patch, a lot of things were broken. One of these things was the increased damage of Jason's traps. People argue that it's bad and that it's good. I personally think it's better now, but I had an idea. Pocketknives are basically useless in this update due to the stun time Jason's receives. Jason is only stunned until he pulls it out of his neck. He can easily grab you and kill you faster now even though the main point of a pocketknife is to buy you time. This patch completely obliterates this. I can propose an idea that could possibly fix this trap thing. When using a pocketknife to disarm a trap, instead of it breaking immediately with any character, it can either break or not, depending on your character's luck. With Chad or Tommy, the pocketknife can be used twice - maybe 3 times occasionally, due to the highest luck stat of 10. With Jenny, a luck stat of 8, it could be 2 uses every time. And the lower the stat, the smaller the chance it has two uses. This could make pocketknives more useful, but not too overpowered. The stun time cannot be fixed this way, the stun duration of Jason before this patch was perfect. I had no problem with it as Jason or as a counselor. Revert this to how it was, while maybe including the idea I proposed, and this fix could be something. The trap damage is perfect, and other things need to be fixed, which I will definitely follow up with.
  4. GamePlayingGuru

    Am I Unstoppable?

    Level 101, countless days played, extreme experience in playing, 80% of badges completed, 80% of trophies earned, countless escapes against many Jasons, and many perfect 7/7 & 8/8 games as Jason. I think I may be unstoppable in this game. Attempt to humble me, please. Add me on PSN: GamePlayingGuru and challenge me.
  5. GamePlayingGuru

    Welcome me!

    I'm no way near being new to the F13 series, lore, etc, nor am I new to the game, but I am new to the forums. I'm Guru, and GamePlayingGuru on PSN. Welcome me!