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  1. Yeah, it was in September. It was so weird though. Four people escaping in a two seater makes no sense. The moment it happened, I checked the players' status screen (to see who is alive, dead, who escaped) and it said four of them escaped. The match hadn't ended yet either. It said my friend (she was a passenger of the two seater), the driver of the two seater, and two other people in that same car escaped. The four seater had not been repaired yet, only the two seater. There was also still another minute left for the police to arrive; I was still alive hiding somewhere, waiting for the cops. I couldn't make any sense of it.
  2. Oh wow, that's no fun at all! Very weird glitch too. That's the first time I've heard of that. Has it happened to you again?
  3. Thank you very much! That makes a ton of sense. This happened in September but I always wondered how that had happened, I couldn't wrap my head around it, lol.
  4. Awhile back, I played with a friend in a match and we were at the Camp Crystal Lake map. I told her that I left keys at a two seater (yellow car) so she could escape (I was waiting for the police). She ended up escaping with a second player but I noticed on the players screen (where you see who is alive or dead, and who escaped/survived), two other people also escaped with her, as if it were a four seater instead of a two seater. I was hiding out when I was looking on the players screen and noticed that. The game had not ended yet. The four seater had not been fixed and the police hadn't arrived yet. There was no way those two other players could escape with my friend and the other person she was with. There wasn't a boat spawn either, it was just the two cars. It freaked me out because it didn't make any sense to me. Has this happened to anyone before? Do you think it's a glitch? I'm just trying to make sense of it.
  5. If I have a video of a player abusing the cars, can I upload it here to see about this player getting a ban or suspension of some sort? I was just in a public match where I was driving a four seater and noticed a two seater driving towards the car. He was blocking the road in front of me by putting the hood of the car on mine when I started the car. At first, I thought he was trying to help me so Jason wouldn't stop the car from the front so I drove in reverse. I hit a dead end and crashed the car as I tried to make a turn. When I get out of the car, the driver (now with Tommy next to him), drives over me, killing me, and does the same to the two out of the three counselors that were with me. The only one that was left was a Vanessa. Vanessa gets grabbed by Jason but the "two seater killer" drives into Jason's direction, killing Vanessa, with the intent of getting to her first. The game quickly ended after that when the host left the match and I do not blame them, I was very upset by it too. It was my first time learning how to drive and was happy to have helped a little bit for the other players but it was all a waste because of the two seater killer. I know that this can all be prevented in private matches and playing with a group of reliable people but what will this mean for other players in public matches? I don't want to avoid quickplay altogether, I love duo queuing with my friend there. I just wanted to know if anything could be done about this? I'd be happy to upload the clip too. I recorded it the moment after I died and you're able to see what the two seater team killer does in the little bit of time before the host left. Thanks.
  6. That's great! I've tried doing the same with people who claimed to be friendly so I added them but later on as I played with them, they were anything but friendly, more like snarky. I don't have to hear someone making fun of my counselor and Jason gameplay especially when I'm trying to get the hang of the game, even at level 20; you'd think that they'd be mindful of that, like "oh they're probably struggling because they need more practice". I thought that could've been avoided in a private match with them but in comparison to that experience, quickplay has never looked better. But yeah, keep up the good work! Hope you're able to find some Pamela tapes too! It's tough but fun to look for.
  7. Yeah, whatever has happened to you in the game, I'm sure it's happened to all of us also haha. The game is no fun that way but hopefully something can be done about it since they got rid of team killing (yay!).
  8. I hear ya. I don't use my mic because of it, except for a few times when some randoms in QP are actually nice people and just wanna work together. When I use it, I'm just always focusing on the objectives like, "I left keys at the two-seater", short and to the point and only speaking when necessary; it helps! I've noticed that I'm taken more seriously that way. I've been taunted a few too because I'm a girl (ironically, not as Jason but as a counselor) but fortunately, not all the time! One is always bound to run into those kind of people but just do your thing and enjoy the game.
  9. qoulluop


    Thanks, everyone! And thanks so much, Damon!
  10. qoulluop


    Thank you, Jason! Happy hunting!
  11. For the Offline Bots, does that mean I can play as a counselor (any of my choosing) with other counselors that are AI? I hope so!
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