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  1. I had another kid quit while I was killing him. He was the first kill early in the match and it turns out he was the host, which ended the game for everyone. I swear every time this happens I have immediate regret that I didn't screenshot the lobby so I could have his name and send him a message about how much of a little shit head he is. It pisses me off so much, and I don't know if this salt mines thing really does anything.
  2. I don't want the fvj Jason. Never liked his design. Seemed to have a pencil neck, and wore a stupid jacket. Not to mention he's afraid of water. Huh? That's just me.
  3. This was the same for me my first game since the update. I actually left the lobby to return to the main menu to check if my spawn preference wasn't set right. I saw a guy be Jason twice during that time, and I never was. Turns out my spawn preference WAS set right.
  4. The doors and barricade sounds work off and on. Also I can't say for sure, but I recently was Jason and suddenly saw a car silently drive past me. I felt like I never heard it start or driving. But I don't know for sure. There are definitely bugs, but I haven't had many major ones, and I played last night with no rage quits or host quitting I'm game. The biggest adjustment for me was the grab. I totally missed a few times even when they were right beside me. One walked right passed me on a staircase in the Jarvis house. I like the new animation, but the actual grab is different and it will take time to get used to. Shift grab is definitely different than before the update. I use shift grab a lot, but I actually feel like it isn't true to the purpose of shift. Maybe it is better that it doesn't work as easy. Also had lots of councillors shaking in the kill animation.
  5. I agree with this. Biggest thing that's bugged me about him since he came out was his doofus like appearance. He was much more mean and scary looking. His ear sticks out too much and his eyes are way too visible. It should be darker behind the mask, giving a much more intimidating look. He looks like he just had a shower, put on his new clothes, bloody mask and went out to kill. I think if they toned down the ear, darkened the eyes behind the mask, and maybe dirtied or darkened his skin, it would be better. It's hard to judge how he'd look when running since you only get a glimpse of it in the film. I don't really think of the mask Jason's as having hair though. If they do it's very insignificant. I even remember the first time I saw part 9 Jason when the movie came out and was kind of pissed off at how they added all this hair.
  6. Yes, this is another reason I don't really like it. I've heard some stuff in game that kids shouldn't be hearing. Like I'm talking about kids that sound like they are still learning to form sentences. And I'll agree some adults can be jackasses as well. I was in a game with one kid that couldn't do basic math and everyone mocked him and picked on him, as well as teamed up to kill him when he was Jason, followed by more taunting. But in the end, he should never have been playing. I also had to listen to another kid, older though, who was trying to explain to someone else the game. He was trying to explain the characters and back story but clearly hadn't ever seen one movie. He didn't really know who Jason was, couldn't figure out who Tommy was and why he was a hero. Now, as a fan, I was just steaming inside. But that's another story.
  7. This just happened to me in the opposite situation and I just want to say to all the saps that do this, you are little babies and shouldn't even be playing. I killed this guy twice as Jason. Right after I killed him as Tommy sure enough he quits. That's not rage quitting though it's just being a little pussy. You should go play something else. There should be some kind of penalty for leaving a match as host like this.
  8. It SHOULD be hard to find things! We are supposed to be in a horror movie! Few people survive! When you do, or when you find something valuable it should be a big deal. I don't get the few people that think it's bad now because it's more of a challenge to survive being in a camp with one of the most brutal murderers of all time.
  9. I really doubt Jason would be able to throw darts at the tires of a moving car that would cause any damage. What I could see Jason doing is slashing the tires preemptively, but we've already got two things to fix in the car. A battery for some reason removed from it and hidden somewhere in camp probably takes the place of the tire slashing. He should be able to block one of the routes though. Like a log down or something.
  10. I kind of agree here. I don't think Jason would ever fall straight back as though unconscious after being hit with a wrench. They have the stun where he just turns his head and pauses for a bit, which is what it should be, but I'm guessing people with good perks are getting him to fall back? Or did they increase the damage of those hits?
  11. I do that sometimes too if it's really bad, but shouldn't be that way. Communicating in this is a big part of the game. Now when I see a walkie in the drawer I take it, but it feels useless when nobody in the game is talking.
  12. I prefer to play in games with adults rather than prepubescent children. No offence if that's you. You may be great at this game, and maybe you aren't the loud, yapping, insulting, annoying type I am directing this at, but those types have made me post this. So if anyone wants to play with adults only, whether you talk on mic or not, (I talk in game when necessary, but I'm not a big talker otherwise) feel free to add me and let's play.
  13. Its bad enough with some of us that have been playing a while. Imagine a newer player though playing as Jason. They'd be killed before they knew what happened. I don't think it should be that way. Maybe there should be scenarios to practise in offline mode, so people can be aware or prepared for what happens when an experienced mob of councillors are planning on killing Jason.
  14. Actually, that's a good point. All the loud annoying children playing would probably meet up with Jason at his cabin and build up his rage. I still think something can be done for those times when Jason is being swarmed by councillors, because this shouldn't happen.
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