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  1. I'll take an escaping Tommy over a Tommy who hunts the counselors with the car and plows through them like I've had the last few matches.
  2. Car Troll

    I don't mind that, happened a couple times, I got a good laugh, but the below happened:
  3. Bumping this, I love it and there could be a few new badges/achievements/tapes to go along with it.
  4. There's always that one guy... After everyone else repairs the cars, turns out they have the key, head to the four-seater, start the car, and escape with no one else. So... if you're in a match with me, just a warning, I now horde the keys if I find them, so this doesn't happen. I try to coordinate so at least the players repairing at least escape.
  5. Yes, agreed. For me, one part is a time thing. We had a I'm assuming new Jason, no kills and everyone escaped, I thought we, me and two counselors would run together to police but I notice I ran and they proceeded to camp out... for ten minutes of dancing. Jason obviously didn't know about the exit and... dancing. Really, the last ten minutes. We finally messaged Jason, I'm on Xbox and we, the escaped, guided Jason to the exit and once he appeared, the counselors finally bolted to the police. You stun Jason, a quick taunt, I get it. Ten minutes of dancing wasting everyones time, not here for that. There's been a few times where a few players camp out at the exits and start the dance party. I've noticed the trash talking popping up quite a bit lately as well.
  6. I can definitely get behind these, especially the bolded.
  7. I don't mind playing Jason and I'm about the same. Full lobby I can clear, or get up to half the counselors. Small lobby, I can clear the entire roster of players. And I wouldn't call myself a experts Jason player. ETA: I would say grab and weapon hits are the biggest gripe. Counselors can run circles around for minutes while I try to grab and swipe. But shift and grabbing is pretty fun.
  8. I'm for any additions/mechanics... counselor or Jason... to the game.
  9. What the fuck

    I'm on Xbox, major issue is being sent to the Xbox home screen... especially after playing half a match.
  10. Creighton Duke would also be good as another Tommy type character.
  11. A counselor based on the first guy, (Rob Dier) killed in the opening match cutscenes. Alt costumes, color schemes for clothing can be bloodstained, or wounds.
  12. Thick Skinned Perk

    That, plus the perk to start with a med pack.