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  1. Thats why I think shift should work better. It's faster to activate.
  2. It looks unmissable... I'll be more alert next time.
  3. Very clever indeed. How the sound alert looks like? 'Cause I really didnt remember hearing it.
  4. Yesterday, I was killed as Jason for the 1st time. And although I was able to kill 5/8, I'm thinking how could I have avoided that tragedy (specially because I was killed by toxic kids). Some signals and situations about the match: - Counselors were overly agressive since the very beginning and they didnt seem worry about fix the phone or do anything else. - Even so they managed to fix the blue car (which made me to stay instead go away from the hot water) - I was getting a beating, my mask fell off, but in the meanwhile got some of them murdered. - I saw Roxy wearing the sweater and realized their intentions. - I used only weapon, I only grabbed to take driver out of the car and one time when I was dealing with 1 Counselor (who had 2 pocket knives) - When I saw Tommy, I had a little opportunity to shift, but I hesitaded then Roxy use the sweater and Tommy made the most of it. Damn! It was fast!! When should I get away from there (in the beginning when they were trying to hurt me as a team? When I saw the sweater?) What should Ive done and I didnt? The map was Packnack and the whole match happened around the 2-3 cabin from the lodge. Now Pamela lost her son again. Can you imagine the feeling?
  5. I thought about this strategy. The chances you get kicked are quite reduced, but I dont think they worth due to long time needed to fill a session. And even after that, crashes and servers bugs will still be haunting you.
  6. The things are tough this week. I took sometime off. I hope when I comeback the things are better.
  7. In theory, it doesn't worth $40. However, the game is so fun that I've been playing for hours and hours. I'm not a good reference though, since I always dreamed about a Jason's game. At this point (I'm level 67), the game is becoming more frustating.And dedicated servers are 100% required to ensure the future of this game. The last 2 days, I barely play. I was kicked so many times.
  8. It happenned to me a couple times with Vanessa. I hide When I noticed Jason morph and he went straight to the wardrobe I was in. But I think he saw The circles sound, so he knew there was someone in the cabin. I think the better way is to hide as soon as you realize you're at the phone house.
  9. If it's possible to find the 2 keys on the same (small size) cabin, why the same couldn't happen with pocket knives?
  10. Yep, that bug has a small chance to happen. In my case, it only took longer, but it goes away though. However, in the other day the match started while the message was on the screen and I was Jason and had to play the entire match with message on.
  11. I think the most different one would be Manhattan. It would offer a different dynamic to the game. But any map is most than welcome.
  12. Not to mention when Tommy arrives and passes by the fuse box, which the fuse is right before the box and does not repair it!!
  13. Geeeez... I thought it was because the lag. I had no clue about this change. One more thing to adapt.
  14. Folks, I'm facing a dilemma with AJ. She doesnt wanna take off her skull swimsuit, cause she loved it so much and she wont be able to wear it back. However, she wants try her costume for the halloween. She will be the only one among her Friends without one.
  15. I dont agree, but one thing I dont understand and I think it is related with topic is how fear really works. More especifically, Jason can find me through sense even If my fear is low (since we dont have how to know this exactly, I use the stamina color). I know cant see me in the beginning of the match (when fear is low), but how can he see me later on when I didnt see any dead bodies, stay in the dark or encounter Jason?