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  1. You're an outlier and do not represent the average player. I have a psn friend who only plays F13, seriously, Ive never seen she playing another game in almost a year. Shes's an outlier too. Games should't be made to outlier. I mean, of course they're valuable, but they aren't enough.
  2. This is the most contradictory post ever. Dude, make a point or dont say anything
  3. I can only speak for myself. The game is not dead, but badly injured going to ICU. I played this game a lot,, but not anymore, and despite of small variety of maps, toxic players and balancing issues, the one thing that keeps me far from this game is THE TERRIBLE SERVER. I could play once in a while, but I don't do because I know I would finish only ~3 matches in 2 hours.
  4. As if the problems we already have aren't enough, look at this: I thought I could get it somehow, but no. I will take another time off the game. The past days server was almost unbearable. See you in 2 months guys (meanwhile, I'll be praying for dedicated servers).
  5. Yeah. I feel the same. I didn't expect it to be so cool.
  6. I agree with decrease n of items and may agree with a more powerful grab, but remove item marks? Too much whining. Before the update, people dropping parts everywhere was a pain in the ***. The other problem in a new mode is that will split the base of players. I think the base is not big enough for another mode, specially without dedicated servers.
  7. Just one more kind of bug. Another night, I was killed after escape. And it counted as a kill for Jason! (But it showed "escaped").
  8. I dont understand the window argument. You already are damaged by broken Windows. Look my last match as Jason. I was chasing Tiffany who desperately jump through a broken window. As I enter in the cabin, she jump through again and got injured, making my job easy. Why fix something doesnt need to be fixed? Broken Windows should avoid exploit, nor surviving tactics. If so, all I need to do as Jason is broken all windows and wait. I never ever had trouble with someone get in / out windows as I had several times circling sofas and tales.
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