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  1. Anyone else in this forum have any additional answers for my questions? Feel free to chime in, I’d love to hear your thoughts.
  2. No worries. As I said before, it was from my understanding that Victor would only receive the rights to the first movie. I don’t know how that would effect the progression of the game when the updates would be for movies that were made after. I’m just looking for some clarity due to all the rumors floating around out there. This whole deal just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t know how this effects GUN.
  3. I understand your point of view and it is a fair point, however I feel if they would of told us about this lawsuit from the beginning, it may have been bad for business. I’m just curious to know why they continued to develop this game knowing this day would inevitably come. I feel this contradicts their standard of transparency and feel betrayed in a sense. To me, it’s like they baited millions of people into investing their time and money into the game, with the player’s continual motivation being progress and future content, but now that’s completely halted and now we’re all stuck with a stagnant game with nothing new in the future to show for it. Read my most recent post. This should explain things further. Your response is not “clear enough.” How do you think the millions of people feel knowing now that GUN was aware of this lawsuit all along, still sold the game to millions of people, knowing that their operation would be halted eventually? Personally, it leaves me with doubt and distrust.
  4. From my understanding, the copyright law that affects this case stated that there needs to be at least a 2 year notification that rights are terminated or taken away. It seems that you guys would have had knowledge of this way before you announced this lawsuit not too long ago. Why weren’t we given any information on this way prior? And why can’t you make any new content if the lawsuit will only affect the 1st F13 of the franchise?
  5. When I try to search on quick play it keeps saying “can’t connect host, please verify internet connectivity.” I’m hard wired to my console at 200MPS. Please help!
  6. Anyone else experience this BS when playing as Jason? Whenever I use the morph ability, Jason never spawns where I indicate him to spawn on the map. It's extremely frustrating, especially when trying to morph in front of a car that's getting away as it morphs you 50 feet into the woods when you put your marker on the road.
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