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  1. Euro lobby? Does that mean players on console actually have regional servers? Because PC players do not.
  2. How can you have a game that requires cooperation but not have a way for people to communicate? I know, the emotes are coming, but unless they are coming over braile over the walkie talkie, they are almost useless. Every 10th game am I able to communicate with the team. Most people have mute players on because they are sick of being drowned out by people screaming Fuck America, or being laughed at as the chat is filled with Russian. This sort of environment only seeks to further divide player base by race and nationality, as assume speakers of other languages must feel when they are stuck in-game with only English speaking players. We need regional servers. Most people I know that have paid money for this game, do not play anymore for these very reasons. I feel like I have been swindled, and cannot justify paying for any DLC until the primary tool of the game i.e. communication, is fixed.
  3. The fact that it happens mid kill and not after, shows that it is deliberate on the part of the sore loser, and I think the quitter should take extended time bans for every instance, unless of course Gun can fix it to where the kill happens as the cinematic begins making it impossible for there to be any repercussions from the quit. Add a bonus on top of that, and we might see a higher rate of sportsmanship, and a larger player retention, as this is one of the things I dread most about playing.
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