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  1. I have been emailing Gun back and forth a couple times: they ask the most obvious questions like "Have i unlocked part VII"? I mean come on, how would i know they weren't available otherwise? I also messaged this Shifty guy, but he is pretty much useless from what i can tell. He didn't bother responding.
  2. Thanks for the help. The new disk contains each of the different dlc's that will download once inserted; no codes or anything like that. I also cannot hear other people on Xbox as well. I don't have any issues on the PS4 version.
  3. Hello, I recently purchased the ultimate edition to replace my normal disk version on xbox one. I am having an issue with part VII kill pack not showing up. I made sure it was installed and even deleted and installed again. I had read that if i deleted the bloody skins it would work so i tried that, and its still not showing up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
  4. Well...Truth, maybe you should just keep your opinion to yourself. Dont tell me how to play; if i want to play quick play thats my business. But i shouldnt have to start 5 or 6 games just to finish one.
  5. Since last Friday, I havent been able to complete a match as Jason without some bitch host quitting. It ruins this game.
  6. Please add me. Ps4, bmwhee0009 have mic, no tolerance for bullshit cheaters
  7. Bmwhee0009, ps4, please invite to match. Thanks
  8. Bmwhee0009, have a mic, please add. thx
  9. Bmwhee0009, please add. Thanks
  10. bmwhee0009 , please add me. Thanks
  11. Bmwhee0009, please add to game. thanks
  12. Please invite me, bmwhee0009. thanks
  13. Bmwhee0009, please add. thanks
  14. Bmwhee0009, please add. thanks
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