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  1. I'm disappointed to hear about the Paranoia game mode being put on the back-burner, but dedicated servers should definitely be a top priority. @wes When you guys get back to working on Paranoia, maybe you could involve the community to help you flesh out your ideas? Like an alpha/beta test or something.
  2. The status of the Paranoia game mode will be revealed sometime this week:
  3. I think they did a good with Part V Jason/Roy Burns, but they definitely need to makes some changes in a future update. Roy shouldn't be able to hear Pamela's voice, so they should either remove/mute her voice when playing as Part V Jason, or hire a male actor to do some voice over work as Joey. I do like that when Part V Jason/Roy is unmasked, you see Roy in the mask with the hole in the center like in the movie. Roy's outro is another nice touch.
  4. Rain!

    Did they get rid of the rain weather effect? I've played a lot of matches lately, but I haven't seen the rain weather effect in a long time.
  5. I just read that article about 20 mins. ago. Either they mistakenly said Roy would be a new counselor, or they accidentally let slip a detail about Paranoia mode. The link which mentions Roy being a new counselor takes you to the Part V content trailer on YouTube. This is part of GunMedia’s description for the Part V trailer: “Along with the new map is of course Roy -ahem- Jason Voorhees as he was seen in A New Beginning.”
  6. Oh, interesting. I’ve never heard of a drag harrow before. I think it would be a nice nod to the movie to be able to knock Roy (if the right conditions are met) off the loft of the bar and on to the drag harrow. I also wouldn’t mind seeing the tractor come into play as well. A random outside location would make sense for Roy. That’s a good idea! It would make using the chainsaw be more of a challenge. And using the chainsaw and a pocket knife could be part of the requirements to kill Jason/Roy. You’re most likely right. I just think it would be a huge missed opportunity to only treat Part V Jason/Roy as a new Jason skin instead of an entirely new character, which he is.
  7. I'm excited for this DLC, but I'm quite curious to see how they handle adapting Part V Jason. I hope Roy won't be just another new Jason, because he should be treated as being an entirely new character. This is what I would like to see with Part V Jason/Roy: new spawn location (Roy being in Jason's shack wouldn't make sense), have Joey's voice driving Roy instead of Pamela Voorhees, reveal Roy in a ripped mask when his hockey mask gets knocked off, and the way to kill Jason/Roy should involve a bed of spikes like in the movie.
  8. Between Jason being nerfed and the ridiculous amount of pocket knives, shotguns, and med sprays on maps, people are no longer afraid of Jason, and troll him super hard as a result. It’s gotten to the point where I actually feel bad for new players playing as Jason, because they end up being trolled by counselors the entire match. That’s the exact opposite of what a Friday the 13th game should be.
  9. I found my first tape today! I’ve been playing since launch. I’m level 31 btw. After first spawning, I went inside a cabin, radioed for Tommy Jarvis, and opened a drawer right afterwards, which contained a tape (it was Tape #1). They said there is a secret to collecting tapes, but I don’t feel I did anything different that match compared to the other matches I played today.
  10. Allow myself to introduce... myself

    @NthnButAGoodTime Lol! So close... I love Wayne's World. Thanks for the welcome, guys!
  11. Snow confirmed

    So does that mean there will be snowball fights? Because I would really like to hit Chad in the face with a snowball. Same goes for Jason.
  12. Gamer Tags for F13!

    Xbox One: Masta Dragon
  13. Single player news + DLC roadmap

    Does this mean we will be playing as Jason in the single player mode? Because I remember reading we would be playing as a counselor in single player.
  14. Allow myself to introduce... myself

    Ha ha, points to you, sir! Thank you for the welcome. I play on Xbox One. I played the beta on PC, but my computer isn't powerful enough to run the game smoothly, so I ended up getting it for XB1. I'm also more of a console gamer these days. That's cool. When the new counselors are released, I'll definitely give them a try. That's actually not a bad strategy. If I find the car keys before the car is repaired, I'll drop them by the driver's side door if I feel I'm in danger of being killed. That way the car keys won't end up getting lost somewhere. Ha ha, thank you! Nice! I play F13 on Xbox One as well. I haven't checked out the virtual cabin on PC, just watched videos of it on YouTube. It looked really interesting, so I'm excited to be able to explore the cabin for myself. Thanks, I'll check out the thread! You know, your name looks familiar... I think I may have played some matches with you before. My gtag on Xbox is Masta Dragon.
  15. Bonus points to you if you get the reference in the topic title. My name is Geoff, I'm 29 years old, and I'm interested in video games, comics, cars, movies, music. When it comes to horror movies, I'm a fan of old-school horror movies (Friday the 13th, Halloween). I think Friday the 13th is a great game, and I'm looking forward to checking out the single player mode, virtual cabin, new maps, new counselors, etc. I prefer to play as a counselor (my go-to is Kenny, balanced stats), because I have more fun fighting Jason than I do playing as him.