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  1. I’m not sure how many other people have experienced any of these glitches, but I’ve encountered these ever since the latest patch was dropped: - Me and my friend haven’t been able to join each others in-game party. We both get the error message: “Could not retrieve party connection details!” As long as I’ve played this game, I’ve never had this big of a problem with the in-game party system until now. We can’t even play together. - On the clothing select screen, both me and my friend couldn’t change our outfits, because it was saying the “Halloween Pack” and “Spring Break Pack” were locked, even though we both purchased the packs. This issue resolved itself, but it shouldn’t be happening. - I’ve also noticed there is a lag with deaths now. I’ll be swinging a weapon at Jason, and then all of sudden the game changes to the death screen without showing me actually being killed. It is ridiculous to have glitches like this in a game that has been out for over a year. I love F13, but the amount of glitches makes me want to take a break from the game for a long time.
  2. At this point, I would be surprised if we got dedicated servers. I haven't even touched F13 for a month or so now, because the enjoyment I got from playing the game just isn't there these days.
  3. It is pretty apparent that Gun Media is done with this game, other than patching the core game and possibly adding dedicated servers. Like I said before, they have given up too easily. They are shooting themselves in the foot with the way they are treating the F13 fan base, because we all know they are developing a new game, but I don't think anybody who knows better will buy a game with Gun Media attached to it.
  4. Does Victor Miller know something that we don't? When I read "the game will go forward" part, I got a little hopeful. I mean, once the lawsuit is settled, there is nothing stopping another company from making a new Friday the 13th game, or maybe even another company coming in and continuing to work on this game (with Gun Media acting as a publisher only, no development/designing). A guy could dream, right?
  5. Damn... I had a glimmer of hope we could get new content after the lawsuit was settled. It looks like this game is officially dead now. I have to say, it seems like Gun Media has given up too easily. Let’s say hypothetically, the lawsuit is settled within two months, but Gun Media says no future content is possible... Sorry but that seems like a cop out.
  6. I still plan to play this game, and I look forward to the inclusion of dedicated servers for consoles.
  7. I still can't believe this... Victor Miller had all these years to file a lawsuit, but waits until 2016 to do so? Pretty shady that he files the lawsuit around the time the hype for F13: The Game was building up. Victor Miller doesn't care about the F13 franchise, he just cares about the money now that the franchise is popular again.
  8. This is actually constructive compared to that ridiculous “RIP F13” thread. You make some really good points. Another big problem is, is that PC players are hacking the game (and streaming it) by unlocking Jason X, giving themselves CP, and editing files to prevent them from being put in the salt mines. All this has been happening, but it doesn’t seem like Gun Media has taken any action against these exploiters. That makes them look like they don’t care about their own game. That’s not the kind of message a company should be sending about their own product. I really enjoy this game, especially when I’m playing with friends. But if Gun Media wants to prevent F13 from losing more players from their already dwindling player base, they need to make some major changes.
  9. I believe your F13 progress is actually connected to your Xbox Live profile. Just go to the manage game option, and make sure to only uninstall the game, nothing else.
  10. Hmmm... try launching it from the game hub. If that doesn’t work, I would suggest uninstalling the game and reinstalling it.
  11. When you try to launch the game, does it take you to the Xbox Store? That’s what happened to me. I was able to launch the game by going to the F13 game hub and pressing the “Launch Game” option from there.
  12. Hmmm... apparently, rebooting your Xbox causes the update to appear. Yup, the update is 8.98 GB.
  13. I have my Xbox One set-up to automatically update games and apps. I just checked my update history, and the only thing that was updated was HITMAN. I’m sure it won’t be much longer for the F13 update.
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