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  1. I'm sure there would be some way to make it work, like the gestures you mentioned. Or counselor bots could be programmed to drop items before they hide. Or if it is for private matches there could be choice like the "rain off/on" toggle. You could choose to have bots that only run and hide to distract Jason, or bots that try to gather resources, or try to escape. All of my friends feel the same way; they don't want to play online with strangers. There might not be many in the current F13 community who feel that way, because the game was mainly marketed as an online game. My friends only got it because I told them about it and said we could all play together. But we only get together a couple times each month. I think a lot more people would buy the game if it were more fun for just 2 or 3 friends to play it together.
  2. I have a couple crappy old MacBook Pros I used for work (design) purposes and similar reasons. Two have Thunderbolt 1 and one has Thunderbolt 2. The Thunderbolt 1 laptops are hooked up to external 1050Ti cards (the black boxes under the white router) and the Thunderbolt 2 laptop is hooked up to a 1060 card (the giant black box on the the bottom). The other 2 computers are real PCs with some recent AMD cards. My main PC (the Jason PC) has a 1080. MBP graphics cards suck, but the processors are ~2.5 GHz i7s with 8 or 16 GB RAM, even from 6 or 7 years ago. With the external graphics boxes they are able to do 60 FPS on medium-high settings with the 1280x800 screens. They are all running Windows (Bootcamp) and I have my friend's passwords to get them all tested before we play.
  3. LOL! I just set up 5 computers around the kitchen table for tonight's match. My main gaming PC (the Jason PC) is back in the corner. A couple more friends are bringing their laptops to join in for tonight's game. Two new people just bought the game to join us. I'm not sure how many in this group will be up for the "strip" version, or getting photos taken, but if they are I'll let you know.
  4. Put traps outside the windows. Break the windows to injure them. Use shift to zoom up and grab them.
  5. Now that counselor bots are out I see a lot of people saying they like the game again. Many say they are dumb and easy to kill, but still like playing as Jason. There are also plenty of people still complaining about playing online with jerks, or not having enough friends to play the game with. Why not let counselor bots fill in the gaps? They might be dumb and not know how to strategize, but they would be distractions for whoever plays Jason while the few real players try to get away. The bots could even help find supplies and call the police. It is hard for a couple counselors to survive against Jason in a 3-player private match, but with bots, it would make things easier. If real players who die could take over a bot, that would make it even better. It would even make 1-vs-1 matches not only possible, but fun. Now that I've seen how the offline bots work, it seems like this would be possible. I often play with 5 or 6 friends, but it would be great to have a few bots take up the slack. I have a lot of friends who would actually buy the game if they could play it that way.
  6. Strip Monopoly? No! Strip Friday the 13th! My friends and I hate playing online so we get together periodically for Friday the 13th LAN parties. The counselors sit around the living room. Jason sits in the corner with noise-cancelling headphones. The only trouble is after an hour or two all the computers make the place pretty hot, even with the window open. The solution? Strip Friday the 13th! The survivor with the most XP plays Jason next. The dead counselors lose an article of clothing. Works pretty well with a good co-ed group. But for some reason, nobody ever wants to kill me!
  7. On the flip side, 2 people (regardless of gender) should be able to make out in a bed (as shown in the recent trailer) and get some extra CP or a stamina boost or something, for taking ~20 seconds to do that when Jason could be nearby. And if he catches them, he could spear them both! By the way, the characters in that trailer looked horrible. Nobody makes out like that. I swear the girl was already dead!
  8. I'm not sure when the game was in its glory, but I still enjoy it. But I mostly have a LAN party and play with friends. The bots are fine, but kind of dumb. Online play is a mixed bag (because people suck). I like to play with friends, but it is hard to get more than 3-5 people together. I wish they would add bots to online (or at least private) games to fill out the empty slots. It would be even better if live players who die could take over the bots. Even if the bots were dumb they could be a distraction. They could even help collect car parts and drop them by a car. If you only have 2 friends to play with, it is nearly impossible for 2 people to escape from Jason. But if bots could take up the 5 empty slots, and even be taken over by dead players, it would make the game a lot more fun for a few friends playing together. I know tons of people who would buy the game if they didn't have to only play online with a bunch of jerks or have to plan a time when 6-8 friends can get together.
  9. The emote wheel is inverted when you choose to invert the camera Y axis. I don't know if that is considered a bug, but it is definitely an oversight. I don't think anybody who inverts the camera wants to invert the emote wheel arrow. They are two totally different functions. It just goes to show you that developers really don't understand the whole inverted camera thing, which is a shame. I'll take being able to invert the camera over not, but I wish they would fix the inverted emote wheel, not that I would use it much anyway.
  10. I agree as well. I was just posting about how I get together with friends to play (to avoid all the horrors of online play that people constantly bitch about) but there often aren't 8 of us, and it is nearly impossible for only 4 counselors to survive against Jason. It would probably be more difficult to make counselor bots interact with real players instead of only other counselor bots. But even if they just flailed around to distract Jason, or maybe found some of the items and brought them to the boats and cars it would give the few real players a chance to escape instead of having to resort to just hiding and surviving. They don't have to interact completely believably. They just have to be there to fill up slots. That would help immensely for games with fewer total players.
  11. Yeah, sometimes the host quits due to crashes, but a lot of people do quit on purpose. I wish they could take away all the perks or kill types from people who purposely quit mid game. It is plenty fun to watch for 10 minutes without playing. That's one of the reason I mostly play with friends. But I was playing with half a dozen friends tonight in the same room and we found out that a few of our computers were not good hosts. One of them was a powerful new desktop PC with Windows 10. Another was a wimpy laptop with Windows 7. A 2-year-old MacBook Pro running Boot Camp was the best. We went 8 hours with absolutely no problems. Go figure.
  12. I rarely play online with strangers. I just don't usually enjoy it. I got a 5-pack of Steam keys from the Kickstarter and gave them to friends. A few other friends also bought the game. Sometimes we can all get together and play, and sometimes just a few of us make a party and go online. But we really prefer to play among ourselves. The only problem is with less than 7 counselors it really makes it hard to find all the items for a few to escape, and just trying to hide gets old. 6 of us got together on Friday the 13th and had a great time for nearly 10 hours. 5-vs-1 is pretty doable. But as the night went on and people had to leave it got down to 2-vs-1. Jason always won. I thought the smaller maps would help, but they just make it easier for Jason to find people. Heck, one time I was Jason and started helping the 2 counselors find the car parts and they still barely got away in time! Granted, it took them 5 minutes to get the car onto the main road. But still, I wish there were more options for 5 or less players. One of the only times 3 or 4 people got away in the car was when Jason kept putting the controller down to eat pizza! We've made our own rules to make it more fair like: no Stalking or no Jason traps. But I wish there were a built-in way to help even things out. Someone suggested shortening the play time for less counselors, but surviving and hiding isn't that fun. I like to escape, but that is nearly impossible with only 4 total players. Perhaps private matches, even if we get less or no XP points, could have some selectable options, for those of us with fewer total players, such as: •Jason's abilities take twice as long to recharge before they can be used again. •Jason's abilities are cut in half: Sense has a smaller radius, sense, shift and stalk last half as long, etc. •Twice as many batteries, gas cans, car keys, etc. •Counselors can find a bike (Ralph's bike from the first movie?) to fast travel between cabins, or quadrants, to compete with Jason's morph. •Counselors have a "backpack" to carry more items at once, or at least a car part AND a weapon. •Counselor's stamina, etc., are increased. •Counselor's have a pencil to X off cabins they have thoroughly searched. Or cabins that were entered but still have a needed item are highlighted. •Counselor players each have 2 lives and re-spawn elsewhere as a new counselor after their first death. •Each player can control 2 counselors and switch between them, similar to spectating when dead (and the non-controlled character is hidden from Jason?). It is a great game, and lots of fun to play with 8 players online when everybody is behaving, and not acting like a bratty 12-year-old. But it is still way more fun with friends, especially in the same room. We put Jason in the corner with a loud volume and noise-cancelling headphones. Just putting a few option boxes to double or halve some abilities would be relatively easy to do and make the game a lot more fun for those of us who aren't really into online games in general and don't have 7 friends with Steam accounts, gaming PC, all with loads of overlapping free time. We shouldn't have to rely on Jason stopping to eat pizza to have a chance at escaping!
  13. I played a few dozen matches online and about half of them were flawless. The other had angry rage quitters, annoying 12-year-olds, Jason-helping counselors and all that stuff. I played last night with 5 friends at my place and we just had our own small games. I wish there were options for starting with fewer counselors than 7, like a few more gas cans and batteries or something. But it was much more fun than the online matches with the whiney masses. Has anybody formed a Steam group of decent people that would follow basic rules like "Don't quit if you aren't Jason" or "Don't help Jason when you're dead"? I'm sure there are some out there. Some friends used to play TF2 on a decent server that had good 18+ players when they were still able to run their own servers. Something like that would be great. But playing with "friends" seems to be the next best option.
  14. Games and movies can be pretty violent and not get the equivalent of an M rating. But this game went far enough to get the M. They might as well have thrown in some T & A, and maybe some buns & wieners, if they were going for an "M" as they always said. I can't believe people (parents) care more about sex and nudity than graphic violence. Don't get me wrong; I love them both, at least in the safe fantasy world of games and movies. I saw the original Friday the 13th with my mom when I was 9. It had the gore and the nudity. And I turned out just fine. I know this is an action/horror game, but I think they could have squeezed in more nude scene than that loading screen of the girl in the lake with no top. Some people don't try to escape in the boat or cars. Some people just try to move around and hide/survive. I didn't even know there was a shower room until I played tonight. Maybe you could get extra XP or CP or whatever for taking a quick steamy show. If Jason catches you, you would be extra vulnerable, but if you succeed, you'd get a worthy bonus. The same could happen for a couple counselors who meet in some cabin and decide to get it on. It might take a minute (in game time) and alert Jason somehow, but maybe if they succeed they get a huge stamina boost for a while or something. If they really wanted to, they could have fit it in, so to speak. The sex and nudity is a huge part of the F13 movies (It was the reason Mrs. Voorhees started killing people in the first place) and the horror genre in general. Even though this is an action game, and I'm not 12 and can find actual porn elsewhere if that is what I were actually after, I still think the game is lacking in that respect. I had 4 people over this evening playing the game for the first time with me and everybody was wondering where the T & A was, and speculating on how they could have implemented it.
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