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  1. Killing Jason noobs is easy, I with more than 2000 hours played and playing alone with really experienced and organized people they've never managed to kill me ::) as the last alternative you have the chance to go into the water if you are in danger. (experience I never had).
  2. ''- Leave his grab distance as is, but widen the cone! This way he can't elastic arm anyone like before, but he does not have to be facing a counsellor perfectly to grab them. They could be mostly beside him, and he could get them as long as they are close enough. '' completely disagree, to catch someone you must be at least 10 cm away (something unrealistic) And if you don't stand up and try to throw a grip like Jason and you'll see how far your arm goes.
  3. Leave the traps back as they were please, and the grip too, it's very easy to escape and get evade Jason now, 90% of the games managed to escape always.
  4. They should remove the self-pointing towards the fellows, it is very annoying when someone crosses and the blow is directed towards the fellow.
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