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  1. As a backer and long time defender its over.  You guys have managed to take a die hard fan and make him hate this game.  Every patch breaks this game more and more.  There are no lobbys on PS4. Iv spent my two days off from work sitting at the main screen like it's launch day again.  This wasn't an issue before the last patch.   Before people come on here saying they are having no issues. Great! Wish I were you!  

  2. Just now, Ghostboy20 said:

    So let me get this straight, if the lawsuits ends and you guys can go back to working on the game you can't? Because you guys will be rusty or something? I mean postal 2 got a DLC after years of it being done and the team worked on other projects over time and then made a new DLC for the game. 

    They made their money and they're done. As a backer I feel embarrassed 

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  3. After one year of patches that broke the game each time we all awake to the news of no content ever. Go fuck yourself Wes, gun media.  People backed this game, in some cases donated thousands of dollars just for a year of a broken experience and a poor attempt at single player.  Close up shop. Don't ever make video games again.  Refund your backers and let's pretend this never happened. 

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