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  1. This has happened to me since day 1. I've never been able to host a room. Not once have i got a response. Go figure.
  2. JasonVoorhees

    Questions About Future Content

    I hate being so blunt but it needs to be said. Each patch fucks the game up more and more. Having the creator basically saying "were done" just really puts a pitchfork in my ass.
  3. JasonVoorhees

    Questions About Future Content

    They made their money and they're done. As a backer I feel embarrassed
  4. Holy shit dude, you came back just to do that. Why'd you even pick that name way back when?

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    2. Slasher_Clone


      Me too, that's why it hurt me to see the person who got the coolest name on the forum, drop in to bomb Wes. Respect though, I was there on the weekend, when it finally clicked. 

    3. JasonVoorhees


      Lol yea. Iv been lurking in the shadows since day 1. In my part 6 mask. ;)

    4. Slasher_Clone


      Now you decide to become active, that is pretty funny. Stick around, it might be fun for awhile longer.

  5. JasonVoorhees

    Questions About Future Content

    After one year of patches that broke the game each time we all awake to the news of no content ever. Go fuck yourself Wes, gun media. People backed this game, in some cases donated thousands of dollars just for a year of a broken experience and a poor attempt at single player. Close up shop. Don't ever make video games again. Refund your backers and let's pretend this never happened.
  6. Jason Lives is the one I want the most.