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  1. @Thatguyinktown Thanks for all the info! FYI: The "Victor Miller's 45 page summary judgement" link also leads to the Hollywood Reporter article (where I did find the Miller filing).
  2. MadMike

    Is the Game over now?

    Cool, thanks! Link for anyone else who is interested:
  3. I'm not going to defend the fact that this news was broken elsewhere, as opposed to directly to the fans that made this game happen, but I do feel that attacking Wes for a short and simple statement on the matter is a bit unwarranted. I get that everyone is shocked and pissed (myself included), but having been entangled in legal B.S. before, I understand that it's hard to speak out on a legal matter with out screwing yourself. This seems to be Wes' concern here, quote: "Once I have a clearer picture of what details I can discuss, I will." So, for now I'll be upset about hearing the news second-hand, but not the lack of an in-depth response on the ongoing matter. Just please don't go radio silent on us Gun, even regularly checking in to tell us that there is no news to report would be appreciated!
  4. MadMike

    Is the Game over now?

    It's nice to see that Sean Cunningham has some pretty strong arguments in his favor here. I would love to see the original court filing that Victor Miller made that started the lawsuit to contrast the arguments. Has anyone seen Miller's filing anywhere?
  5. MadMike

    Question on Savini Jason's Mask

    Looking awesome!
  6. MadMike

    The Jason X Hackers

    I can't even count how many times I've started as the wrong counselor as well!
  7. About 4 mins on PC.
  8. MadMike

    Question on Savini Jason's Mask

    Np! Those are straight from the game itself, so you can't get more accurate than that. Thanks so much! I hadn't thought about taking the Savini beyond the mask (I originally made it and a Part 7 to get signed at a con). I have started a Part 3/4 costume, and I have some stuff for a Part 7, so who knows... Can't wait to see the figure when it is done!
  9. MadMike

    Question on Savini Jason's Mask

    Wow, it looks great so far! For my full sized mask I did a base coat in gloss black and then sponged on matte black with a drop of white in many areas and it gave the effect that you see in game, sometimes shiny, sometimes flat, a little black, and a little gunmetal. There's significant melting on the left and bottom, causing the chin to be slightly stretched, one of the holes on the left to have expanded, and a chunk to be missing on the left side as well. Also, add a little bit of material to the ax damage edge to give it a raised melted look. Here's the image I made for reference (if you need any of the views larger, let me know): And my semi-adequate paint skills:
  10. MadMike

    My wishes for Retro Jason / Breakdown

    Thanks to @Cokeyskunk @Slasher_Clone @The Wolf with that Toast and everyone else on here for the love!
  11. MadMike

    Legendary Perk Bonus Stats

    @AdmiralJT Thanks for the clarification! What did the perk do in the beta?
  12. MadMike

    Legendary Perk Bonus Stats

    I read somewhere (but I can't find it now) that the image that was posted of that the so-called "pocket knife" perk is actually labeled in the game code as "Weapon Expert", so it probably has nothing to do with starting with a pocket knife. Plus, they just reduced the number of knives in the game, so this would be counter-intuitive. On a related note, that "crystal ball" perk image that was going around is just an earlier version of "Psychic".
  13. I can't for the life of me understand the Jason teamers. It's a game, the points mean NOTHING in real life. Winning or losing is irrelevant, just have fun. That's what this game is for me. That said, the best way I've found to deal with Jason teamers is to suicide. There's nothing more satisfying than getting to the match summary screen and hearing those d!ck-bags cry about lost kills.
  14. 1) Less environmental snags. This is the only thing in the game (trolls and toxic players aside) that can get me heated. Make items that are relatively easy to move in real life, like trash cans, pails, wheelbarrows, and even some of the chairs, able to be knocked over/moved instead of stopping (and trapping) everyone in their tracks. Jason can rage through a wall, but watch out for that cardboard box! Make it possible to traverse any rocks below knee height as if they were just hilly ground. I'm tired of breaking out of a tree blind only to get stuck on a pebble! Make larger obstacles, like rocks above the knee, kayaks, and tree stumps, repel the player so that we kinda glide around them. Even in a real life tense situation one wouldn't generally run straight into these items. Make fences interactive. As a counselor, you can climb over them, as Jason you can destroy them (I know destructive fences for Jason exist, but 9 out of 10 times it's a swing and a nothing!) 2) Combine the Scoreboard & Map/Objectives screens for quicker use. What it was in the Alpha was pretty great. Hold tab to quick look, toggle with M to leave it open (Sorry, PC player here, so I'm not sure of the console buttons). Combined Scoreboard & Map from Alpha 3) "Create" a character. Create is in quotes, because I feel for the sake of balance, it can't be a full on creation of our own using the standard 35 point spread (I'm sure everyone will be running around with 10 Stamina, 10 Speed, 10 Repair, and maybe the rest on Composure). However being able to choose one of the established character types along with their set attributes, but putting our own faces/looks on them would be fantastic. Who doesn't want to be killed in a Friday the 13th? 4) Larger perk library. Opinions on the usefulness of various perks aside, I might be willing to try more of the different perks out, if I didn't have to dump them all the time to make room for better ones in my library. Being forced to sell back a perk just to have room to roll for another sucks. How about one slot for every perk + 5 for alternates/rolling for better ones. With "Legendary" perks coming this will be especially painful. Am I going to have to dump "Epics" just to make room to gamble for the "Legendary" ones? Which leads me to #5: 5) Quit it with the rolling for perks in the first place! Let us just buy perks for CP, and then upgrade the perks for more CP. This way I have more to play towards, and less RNG to bitch about!
  15. Sorry to resurrect an old post, but now I'm having this problem (I actually have to pint the mouse 1 inch lower than where I want to click). Did anyone ever find a solution?
  16. Which one of you Tommy's resurrected my post? It's even more powerful now! Thanks to everyone for all the compliments! Also, I made an updated version, with a bigger lake/outlet and a few more spawn points for your eyeballs to take in:
  17. MadMike

    4 new kills for 3$

    I'm ok with the paid kills, it just sucks that they are tied to only one Jason. They need to bring back the ability for Jason to change weapons and tie the kills to the weapons. If I could go from a machete to a spear, each with a different kill set, just by grabbing one in-game that would be awesome. Just make these Jason weapons impossible for the counselors to grab, by maybe leaving an ax so buried in a stump that they can't get it out or have you rip the spear out of the graveyard fence. It might even help end the string of "asphyxiation" kills that I constantly see.
  18. Same happened to me yesterday...
  19. I can't find where I read it (late last night), but they said that they hot fixed Jason's kills being locked and tapes not being saved. Found the image, not absolutely sure of the source:
  20. I love this idea, so I whipped up a map that shows how it could work:
  21. MadMike

    Is using Discord cheating?

    Yes, it's absolutely cheating. Even if everyone has found a walkie, or uses the perk to start with one, it still circumvents a major part of the game: the risk of talking and being heard by Jason. With discord you can scream at the top of your lungs freely without Jason hearing you, which is definitely an advantage to the counselor side of things. There's also the incredibly annoying fact that most of the Discord users I've encountered only talk among themselves, putting them right up there with those that don't have a mic at all in terms of helpfulness.
  22. PC Player here. A lot of games have a "block player" option, so these players won't show up in future matches. Can this be added to F13? That way many of these arguments would be moot. The first time some troll drives the car in the lake, or hides an objective item, or body blocks, or intentionally runs me over, etc., etc., etc. I'll just block them and not have to deal with them again. If everyone eventually blocks these trolls for similar behavior they'll just end up playing in matches with other like-minded trolls. Please look into this option!