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  1. I'm enjoying the bots a lot and I'm currently obsessed with the offline mode but has anyone had a bot hide inside a tent? I've yet to see one hiding in there... And, yeah, I also think the chances of a bot hiding should be reduced. It's not fair when you wanna use an awesome kill but can't as they're simply hiding. But, sometimes, I just wait for them to come out. It does waste a lot of time though...
  2. I'm loving these bloody skins. I'm at level 113 currently. I can't wait to unlock the heavily bloody ones.
  3. I've been addicted to the offline bots. I'm enjoying the mode so much. It's nice to play a game without getting frustrated or having people quit on me. I love it!!
  4. No. I'd rather just have Roy and Uber Jason. But, if they're going to make more content beyond the DLC map, then sure.
  5. I agree with this. XP should definitely be stored into your account due to the host leavers, etc. It's just not fair when you do a lot of stuff in the game, have the host quit, and lose all your XP. I played 4 games with my friend last night and 3/4 times the host quit mid-game.
  6. Superb! ...Are you sure you're not really Roy...?
  7. Just found 2 more tapes. #11 in the normal, big Packanack map and #14 in the Higgins Haven small map!
  8. I realised yesterday when playing the Jarvis House map again that the basement doors had been removed. I wonder why they totally removed them... It looks really silly now.
  9. Sounds like you're having really good luck with finding the tapes. Have you found any Tommy tapes yet?
  10. Definitely. It would be fun to see him running around and a nice little extra/easter egg to the game.
  11. Sometimes other players that make fun/antagonise others make me feel bad for being a gamer myself.
  12. He meant a preference to which you never get chosen as Jason...
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