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  1. King Penguin

    Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    Yep, that's pretty much what I do too.
  2. Found a Tommy tape yesterday in the big Crystal Lake map. I got #7.
  3. King Penguin

    Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    I'm enjoying the bots a lot and I'm currently obsessed with the offline mode but has anyone had a bot hide inside a tent? I've yet to see one hiding in there... And, yeah, I also think the chances of a bot hiding should be reduced. It's not fair when you wanna use an awesome kill but can't as they're simply hiding. But, sometimes, I just wait for them to come out. It does waste a lot of time though...
  4. King Penguin

    Bloody Skin Unlockables?

    I'm loving these bloody skins. I'm at level 113 currently. I can't wait to unlock the heavily bloody ones.
  5. King Penguin

    Jason Part 7 Kills

    When will the kill pack be available in the UK!?
  6. King Penguin

    Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    I've been addicted to the offline bots. I'm enjoying the mode so much. It's nice to play a game without getting frustrated or having people quit on me. I love it!!
  7. Found my very first Tommy tape yesterday in the normal Higgins Haven map. I got #9.
  8. No. I'd rather just have Roy and Uber Jason. But, if they're going to make more content beyond the DLC map, then sure.
  9. I agree with this. XP should definitely be stored into your account due to the host leavers, etc. It's just not fair when you do a lot of stuff in the game, have the host quit, and lose all your XP. I played 4 games with my friend last night and 3/4 times the host quit mid-game.
  10. King Penguin

    My Roy Burns Costume

    Superb! ...Are you sure you're not really Roy...?
  11. Just found 2 more tapes. #11 in the normal, big Packanack map and #14 in the Higgins Haven small map!
  12. King Penguin

    Poll: Do You Want Better Gore?

    Yes, I do want the gore increased.
  13. I got a Pamela tape today in the Packanack small map! I got #4.