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  1. Hancove

    Come on guys

    I had problems to even close doors while chased by Jason... And died because of it... The update is a joke, it was all good until yesterday I really don't understand... Just fixing Jason combat system and glitches like rubber banding was more than enough but that's still there and we have lot more issues now.
  2. Hancove

    Jason's New Grab...

    What a joke... I don't know what was wrong with last grab... Old important issues are still there plus some more added to solve irrelevant problems...
  3. No, I just disagree with the logic. A proper report system, a proper bug fix and dedicated servers would solve this issue. Good players that refuse to play with cheaters, with players teaming with Jason, or are unable to hit counselors as Jason due to bug, or game crashes are going to pay for issues that are not up to them to solve. I know that if you do it rerely you will not be penalized but even risking it it's ridiculous imho And you really think that this will be a "bridge" before dedicated servers will come in "near future"? Come on...
  4. Yes and if you dare to leave because you see two lowlife players doing it you go to salt mines.
  5. Hancove

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    New features are very nice but bug fixing is horrible. A lot of useless fix and important issues still there. Already said many times my opinion about salt mines...
  6. I hate it and I hate Pinehurst. The atmosphere is great but there is no game and action. Map is too big and parts and objects are too far away meaning that especially in QP it's a too easy job for Jason and boring for the counselors. If it were for me Higgins Haven small would be the bigger map in the game.
  7. That's why salt mines are not a good idea. You're going to pay for something that the devs should have fixed.
  8. Hancove


    Do you know the meaning of rare? It means it's rare. That's why you didn't find it after 2 hours.
  9. Couldn't agree more with the bold sentence. How could you even remotely think that hosts were not going to leave after being killed in an online game. They should have been a thing from the very beginning. It's so frustrating because other aspects of the game are awesome and you ask yourself how is possible that the same people who built a great game like this is the same who thought hosts were not a big issue (and many other weird decisions).
  10. Me too I prefer to tank traps but in the situation of OP using pocket knife is the best solution because you don't alert Jason and they were the last two survivors. Generally if I am near the phone box and using a good repair character I can think to sacrifice a pocket knife in order to be able to call the police. Normally I prefer to tank traps as well though.
  11. We should take into consideration the fact that we will never have dedicated servers. Why implementing salt mines? And why all this wait?
  12. "Jason, mother is talking to you, I'm shitting right now, so please come back later because here it stinks the hell out of it".