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  1. At this point the later the better. Everytime the fixed bugs are lower than the newly created bugs. And often it's almost never a "fix" but a quick work around that worsen the game in other areas. Since the game is still playable I really hope it stays as it is and no more damage will be added. Bye
  2. It is as fun as it is frustrating
  3. I agree with you on this. But what sprays have to do with this? If you tell me that Jason needs more fluid combat system I'm all with you, if you tell me throwing off Jason's mask should be at least 2x more difficult I'm all with you. But reduced sprays spawn, especially on secure locations have chaged the game in bad. Don't you think?
  4. I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about the general gameplay I find in lobbys. Contrary to some people that wrongly talk about balance only looking at themselves and at their playstyle I do it looking at the game as a whole.
  5. The game is now a boring limping party. Please do something to address it, no challenge if you are Jason and useless play if you are a counselor especially on big maps
  6. I think it's very easy to understand that with "having fun" I mean to play a game worth playing, not to laugh while playing. Should I really explain this?
  7. How can you guys like this? I'm finding myself more and more often with people limping mid-game. It's boring as Jason and as counselor. I really don't understand, to me it makes impossible to play the game in a more funny way.
  8. The best way to deal with trolls is not taking them too seriously or humiliating. Then you stalk morph away (not too much) and shift toward them and slash the hell out of them until they stun you again. then you go combat stance and block a bit and try to slash from time to time until you have stalk/morph and stun available again and repeat. Never try to grab if they are in group, especially with the new grab it's a stun sentence. Use Jasons with high weapon damage. You will still get stunned but you will end up killing everyone. I find funny to deal with trolls, and sometimes I do troll as well, it's funny both ways. You should enjoy as well instead of asking nerfing and buffing continuously.
  9. Me too I agree Jason should be more powerful on combat and grabs. Also he can be demasked way too easy, as part IV I've been demasked just with a shutgun and a vertical stun by Tommy Jarvis, I didn't like that but also don't like to have everyone limping around me and kill everyone without having a real challenge.
  10. That's what people that want easy 8/8 cried about the whole time. We should do the same to have them back. Anyway if they wanted to decrease them they should have keep the sprays in the bathrooms, and delete them elsewhere. Now it's completely pointless to go into the bathrooms. It made even more sense to have them there. A medkit in a campfire or in a boathouse has less sense.
  11. Hancove

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    The double spawn was a bug. Good they fixed it but I can't find them in the bathrooms
  12. Hancove

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    aren't there less sprays than before? you whiners seems you have won again
  13. At the end of the game it makes a copy. Maybe it is the possibility to use the game client side when online will disappear. I don't like the update if this is the reason
  14. Hancove

    Why always Packanack small?

    I understand bigger maps pros and I'm sure that especially on Private Matches they can be very good maps. Pinehurst and Jarvis House though, I still don't get them and not for the reasons you mentioned. It's not about just me being lachappa and having to cross the map, it's about me as player of the game: everytime I'm on Pinehurst I don't play the game, simple as that, even if I'm Bugzy. It's just a wait until Jason do 8/8 or someone survive by time. It's boring as Jason as well, there is no challenge. Of course if you find 7 150s with mics it can be funny as well but it never happens.
  15. Hancove

    Why always Packanack small?

    I like it, together with other small maps. In my case it's not because counselors win easier but because people play the game more when items are closer to cars and phone. On Packanack Small (but also Higgins) it's more fun for me both if I'm Jason and counselor. On the contrary I hate Pinehurst and Tommy Jarvis that are better for immersion but worse gameplay wise. I think, as some already said that Crystal small is the most counselor favoured map, items are too close to objectives. Very often when I'm Jason people repair stuff while I didn't finish to trap yet. That's maybe too much.