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  1. I would not use marathon to Vanessa. I've almost never had problem with stamina with her, even when fear is highest level and believe me, I sprint a lot. I would save that spot for some other perk. I use hypocondriac, medic (you can climb broken windows as they are not broken with those two) and sucker punch (that's personal, I beat Jason often with melee weapon but if you don't do it much you can use something else).
  2. I've played random for a longtime. I can tell you: 1) I was sure that Jenny was the most useless untile I actually used her. Do not understimate high composure, Jason will not literally sense you, especially at the beginning of the game, giving you the freedom to bring parts to objective almost unnoticed (you have to add a decent stealth stat to that also). You also regain stamina faster and it is hell useful when the bad boy is chasing you. 2) The same goes to Vanessa. I was afraid to chose her because she can be heard from the other side of the map but now I only play with her. She is badass. I can resist Jason for a lifetime chasing me when I'm Vanessa and that 2/10 instead of 1/10 allows you to use her for repair as well. 3) Imho the most useless characters are those with 1/10 repair. You can't just repair if Jason is decent. You have to rely to the other counselor to do it (good luck in QP without friends), if you stay alone in the game it's just a matter of time until you get killed.
  3. Agree they are not that valuable help or a top priority for counselors gameplay but they're not even useless. Especially when at the end you can just survive the night. That 3 seconds can make you rest a bit and regain stamina or give you time to go to another cabin not yet destroyed.
  4. Glad that other players are doing this! I searched for similar threads but didn't found yours @RAGEVIRUS . Your idea about trapping car and phone is nice!
  5. So, let's talk about how traps have been used by counselors and how they can be used more effectively. This is just my humble opinion. Would be happy to know if you agree or use them differently. Firstable I have to say that I am not the kind of guy who is placing traps all the time. I actually give priority to find parts and repairing. Anyway I use them from time to time... Let's start with what you should not do imho: 1) Don't place traps too far from the door. I've found a lot of time traps placed in the middle of the cabin. It's not funny when Jason is chasing you or if you have not med spray with you. 2) Don't just open traps in the place you find it to take a bunch of XPs. It's useless both for us (they should trap Jason) and for people who do this (the amount of XPs is insignificant). 3) Don't place traps in the entrance of a cabin where the door is destroyed. This is the move I really don't understand. It's ok if you are the only one alive but if a door is destroyed that trap could damage and kill very easily other counselors. Really, why people don't get that? My suggestion to use them more effectively: Instead of placing trap INSIDE the cabin near a locked door we should all place traps OUTSIDE the cabin near a locked door. This move has many advantages because Jason can not shift or walk around the trap. He is forced to stop to destroy the door and cannot avoid the trap. Also, when he stays stucked in the trap you can flee from that cabin and use that house again later to escape from Jason because the door will be still locked. And even if you stay inside the cabin, with trap being placed outside, you are also able to wait for Jason just behind the door with a melee weapon and stun him both when he is destroying the door and/or just after he destroyed it. I've never seen someone doing this but I find it much more effective for the reason I explained above. What you think? how do you use traps?
  6. At this point anything that prevent him to keep being the joke he is now is welcome. 2-3 patches ago we were happy people regarding the balance of the game. The only crying boys were kids who didn't want to learn how to play. They are still crying over other stuff and the game is ruined for all of us who seeked a real horror experience. The only change I like are items on maps but even them should be nerfed, or at least the phone fuse should not appear. I've lost the count of Jasons leaving the game. Yesterday we killed him 3 times in a freaking row. If you are Jason and are against 3-4 decent players you have no hopes. Jason is lethal only against beginners or the crying boys that even with all the help are not able to bring a battery to a car and repair it. My suggestion is to go back to 3 patches ago and add items on map but as I said anything that buff Jason is welcome from me. And hope it will come very soon.
  7. 1) How can you pretend to be Jason 24/7? other people wants it, so if you play with other people you can't pretend to be Jason all the time. I don't think this is that hard to understand. 2) "I want, I want, I want". Do you realize you sound like a brat? 3) Do you realize that quitting the game ruin the experience to other 7 people who bought the game the same as you, you special boy? Jason preference works very well. Sometimes you are Jason twice in a row, sometimes you have to wait 10-12 matches. That's normal. 4) Let your achievement go and if you think the game is broken just stop playing it so that we can enjoy it without histeric people leaving the game early and ruining the experience to all the others.
  8. I think no one is using tinker. And who use it is because did not understand the real (useless) effects of that perk.
  9. I would also add to stalk before morph and shift. In this way they will not see you in front of them and they will not reverse the car while you shift preventing you to stop them. If you have morph+stalk+shift available and they are not near the exit this will ensure you a very high possibility to actually stop the car, even with -shift jasons (but I agree that for practice he should not use them).
  10. Use sense. You will quickly recognize people on the car. Or quickly open the map to see where you are heading and where car is going to.
  11. I still like to play with it after a day of work. Overall, despite everything I enjoy my time with the game. But it is undeniable that there are big issues that affect it. Bug and glitches are multipling instead of reducing. 2 months ago the game was better balanced and with less glitch (when you killed a counselor he did not stay still by his feet, he went in the freaking ground, lol). Connecting issues in consoles are still the same after half a year and dedicated server will be there in the "near" future since forever. I agree that "they/we are a small studio" can't be an alibi forever. I hope they will make real and serious improvements in the next patch. Personally there is no problem for me to wait maybe longer than usual or than expected but we need a real patch that fix problems and that will not create more. And bug/glitches apart, Jason should be buffed again. It has been said several times and I don't want to be rendundand but just look at the previous gif about grab: it shows very well the fact that the game was better the patches before, and if a game was more playable, balanced and debugged in the previous patches there's something wrong in the path that they have chosen. I hope they will change that. Anyway since, as I said, I'm still enjoying this game (and I wasn't even a big fan of the franchise), I still think that there is something good and brilliant in it. So I'm grateful that I have the possibility to relax and have such fun after a day of work but after so much time I think it should work better than he does. I want back the same feeling of fear and scare when I'm near Jason and the same feeling of power when I'm personifying him.
  12. Happened to me three times, always at Jarvis map but as you are reporting it, it's not a matter of maps. It's frustrating since you have waited patiently to be Jason,struggled with all the recent nerf but still going to kill everyone or revenge some kids that were yelling insults from the beginning of the game. and then this happen. And maybe when you are Jason again after 5-6 matches (average), you kill the host and he leaves and then again you have to wait other 5-6 matches.
  13. Oh that's nice. Didn't know that! I play with ps4.
  14. I knew about that but in that case there is no much point to complain. You chose your friends in private lobbyes. Change them. I know it can be annoying to wait for them just dancing but I don't think that's something to get frustrated for. Just take it easy. It won't change...