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  1. I had stop playing the game for nearly two weeks. Restarted today to try offline mode. Hard mode. I go in a house and lachappa went out from the window just in front of me. Dead. Go in the big house: Jenny escaped IN THE LAKE and started swimming in circles. Dead. Let's go in another cabin: Kenny hided under a bad and Vanessa was running toward a wall. Dead. Change cabin: Tommy Jarvis was opening and closing the same drawer over and over. Stop game. Let's try online mode! After 10 minutes of lobby waiting: connection timed out. Closed the game. Farewell everybody-
  2. And most important, nobody needs this. I mean, we have much higher priorities than items on campsites. Really, who cares about this? Nobody was asking for making campsites more worth visiting. Our issues and concerns are about many things but not that. IMHO it's a useless effort that could have been dedicated for much more important rebalances.
  3. Let's wait tomorrow for clarifications guys. Let workers enjoy their well deserved weekend. I don't think they're going to increase the total number sprays and pocket knives. If there will be even more defensive item then I will be done. For real. But I think the total number would be the same.
  4. Of course they are not reliable data but even counting all the non players and, say, considering the half of those percentage, they are still sad numbers imho. Anyway, even without taking those number into account the qp solo experience can be really frustrating, and not only because of bugs and glitches. I play with friends sometimes, but sometimes I am alone and those situations I've described in the first post are common unfortunately.
  5. That's even more frustrating because you bring items to objectives and people leave them there. I do the same as you with Vanessa but I end up fixing them alone... Also whenever I have two sprays and I am near a Jason's trap I go in the trap, heal myself and go away. Except for a friend of mine who I play with sometimes I have never ever seen anybody else doing it. Lame
  6. Today I found myself in too many matches being the only one who was looking for parts and repairing cars and objects. I've lost count of houses looted with doors left open and batteries/fuel tanks left where they spawned. Sometimes some player was "smart" enough to leave the part so that it appeared on screen (but why don't actually bring it to the car/boat?). I understand that this can happen with new players, maybe they didn't notice parts, or have to understand game mechanics, maybe some players is stupid and prefer to keep the shotgun instead of keep the gas. But really, you see this also from high leveled players as well. And you see this definitely too many times. I don't want to be mean but I find this behaviour rather stupid. I am a normal person but sometimes it seems I am the only smart person in planet when I play this game. A guy shared some statistics here in the forum, he was very cleverly looking at PS4 achievement percentages and that statistics are sad: 20% have never finished a match as Jason. 50% haven't killed more than 13 counselors. 55% have never driven the car out. 77% have never driven the boat out. I would love to know why so many people didn't make a repair yet. I was very angry with the latest patch but I hoped that at least the items showing on map could have helped those people to actually play the game. It seems now it's much worse since they don't bother anyway. Why do you guys think those people don't actually play the game? What's the reason? I really can't understand the psychology behind the ignoring the parts that you need to survive the night which is your only goal in this game. Sorry for my english which is not perfect.
  7. Impossible. A lot of people wanna be Jason. In that case, if you chose Jason you will not play a single game for hours. Spawn preference is the best solution. If they will manage to introduce "only counselor" option would give Jasons more chance to have been chosen as him.
  8. Not an expert but from my side I think that if that was the problem they could have just implemented a proper tutorial for the game. They also could have solved other problems because a tutorial could have educate beginners to play the game properly on other aspects. Now you have solved the original problem but created new ones. I think the way problems are addressed is not the most profitable.
  9. My opinion is: 1) A lot of people here is disrespectful towards other forum members and the work of Gun and Illfonic. Critic is good (I made as well) but often tones are way to brat-ish and arrogant. 2) Point 1 doesn't mean producers and devs don't have a communication problem. There is no way to keep all that silence for that longtime. Take for example "dedicated servers" they said they will be implemented 3 months ago and now silence, after 3 months of people raging against that silence they said that there are NDAs but they're working on it. WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU SAID THAT SOON? Everybody is ok with that. We understand that NDAs means you can't update us. After that statement nobody asked for dedicated servers anymore. But why wait 3 months just telling everybody "near future" and "soon"? 3) All games have bugs and glitches but after so many months this game have too many of them. There could be reasons behind this but I think that's a bit too much because the game is sold as a finished game and not as a beta. This situation doesn't help an healthy discussion.
  10. Can you please guys remember me why they made this change? What was the problem originally? I don't remember any issue with the previous system.
  11. This is one of the worse forum I've never been. It's impossible to have a healty discussion without insults, bashing, flaming and so on. And we are talking about a videogame, which is supposed to entertain us, not politics or job. I really don't envy the mods for having to deal to such kind of people. I think I will limitate my visits here if this kind of behaviour persists. Grow up.
  12. I mainly use Vanessa with medic and hypocondriac. To me it's a bit useless to trigger a trap with pocket knife since when attempting to fix the phone I usually make a mistake at the finish of the minigame alerting Jason with that. So I prefer to use one of my sprays for that and keep the knife with me. I use it on traps only if I'm a smart character and only with the phonebox (or if it is the last part missing in the car and I have the keys). In all the other cases I prefer to keep the knife with me because it's a second life you're bringing with you. Regarding cops I agree with you, you don't need it, you can just sprint around Jason and it's done.
  13. Nope he doesn't. Regarding the XPs. I've never understood why a lot of people are so obsessed by XPs. They could give me millions of XPs, if a decision will make me survive the night I would not care if that will give me XPs or not. I just want to survive the night, not collect XPs. What do you do with XPs? Just level up, but you will still do it eventually, maybe taking 1-2 weeks more and then reach the cap. Not arguing against it, I just really don't get it.
  14. Definitely. I think they were ok one month ago, now you have to face on more, and it's Tommy's with high stats that have it. They added it to make him use it with traps but I barely never met a Tommy using it for traps. Usually traps are already triggered when Tommy arrives, thanks to the millions of sprays in the game and even if they aren't he prefer to keep him for himself.
  15. I don't think any kind of penalty can be given since you can't be 100% sure that he didn't crash. As @Moe9999633 suggests you can reward those who remain but the game is ruined anyway for them, and unless you are one of those who play for XPs you don't care too much about them.