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  1. BillyBallo

    Jason is weak

    My friend, please, open google.com, write inside the box the word: "punctuation", open the first result and please read what is inside it. You will discover a new, wonderful, world. Thanks, The Community.
  2. Your attempts at trying to justify this situation are moving.
  3. I would troll the hell out of me and make me go mad lol Ok jokes apart, if there is not a collaborative team the only way to survive is to pick Vanessa since Jason would chase smart characters in the first half of the game and prepare a lot of traps, open windows, collecting weapons, sprays etc along the way to survive the last 10 minutes alone. But even doing this it is very very hard. If the other counselors will collaborate as a team then I would still pick Vanessa just to bring items to the objectives and in a small maps we would have a chance but everybody should collaborate.
  4. As always some useless and nonsense suggestions. If there's one thing that developers do right is to ignore them.
  5. Just get out of the game and start another one.
  6. Imho the problem is at the origin. In all the patches released till now most of the times the problems/bug have not been "solved" but just worked around. This is good low-term but long-term it will be more and more difficult to address issues in this way. Also, we don't know the budget that Black Tower Studios have at the moment, maybe it is too low and they can put enough effort. Maybe the same was with Illfonic. We actually can't know that.
  7. Don't be so demanding. That glitch is there for only 9 months, wait at least another year and the problem will be solved by creating other 3-4 bugs. Cross fingers!
  8. I'm not criticizing the fact that they didn't work at thanksgiving, I'm criticizing the fact that their patches don't patch. PS4 have matchmaking problem since dedicated servers release. There have been tons of working days to fix it and the result is a patch that completely avoid some of us to play. Are we allowed and entitled to say that this is just ridiculous?
  9. You don't have to justify their incompetence and lack of respect to the people who gave them money over and over
  10. Before the patch was as you said. We waited 2 minutes and then try again which is already a shame because we wasted a lot of time with that. Now after the patch is released it's IMPOSSIBLE to find a dedicated server. The only 2 games I've played have been with private host that left when I killed him, like the old times. There is not justification for this. I've played to tons of videogames in my life and I've never seen so much incompetence and couldn't-care-less attitude like this one.
  11. BillyBallo

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    It seems to me that there is a place where the counselor cannot be reached by the grab. Isn't it?
  12. BillyBallo

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Because if other toxic players that don't know about that glitch find it here they will start exploiting it... He should actually remove it from Youtube as well...
  13. Well you guys have suffered so much that you fully deserve it. I'm sincerely happy for you lol
  14. It's a shame. I wasted hours as well yesterday. I ended up playing in private hosting lobbys like before the dedicated servers. There is no reason that can justify this situation after more than one year from the release of the game. Every patch is getting worse. I don't know how to code but I've never seen something like this both from big and small companies.
  15. BillyBallo

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Remove this before someone takes note. Are you all this smart in this forum?