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  1. I forgot to mention those who think that Jason should not get stunned. My bad, apologies.
  2. Lol you serious? After counselors leaving doors open and pretending to handicap Jason doing that we also have those who don't break windows as Jason and those who think that a completely destroyed wooden door that leave space for a giant killer to pass on it, should damage a human body of a person half his size. Let's see what we have next.
  3. That doesn't make any sense and it's not true. If you close doors you can use windows and Jason not. The cons on leaving the doors open in a Jason chasing scenario are too many. I hope you don't give this a try in a lobby where I play
  4. If we want a more leveled game we should also play with people of our level. 150s should play with 150s and 1-10s should play with 1-10s. I know that this is quite impossible for a game that after 2 years takes a lifetime to start a game without filtering players... but it would make it more even and less pinata.
  5. It depends on what others do. If I've been chased by Jason all the time and manage to repair the car by myself I will go out alone. If other helps I try to pick them up. Generally, if I'm in a 4-seater I try to pick up at least 2 people but they have to play nice and collaborate. I don't mind to kill someone if he deserve (Jason helpers, sabotating trolls etc)
  6. Lol you're right I was confused. Too much time since I've watched them haha
  7. I was joking since your video is an extract from the movie dumb and dumber
  8. Well if Jason is "dumb" then that's Jason problem
  9. If you had a fluid combat system the healing would be less frustrating because you would be stunned less times. And I have Jason as my spawn preference. And also, I don't agree with this "heal over and over again", first you have alternatives: you can grab and kill and he can have all the perks he wants, he dies. Second because only counselors with medic are the ones who heal more times than others, and only those who find more sprays or are skilled enough to optimize their use and escape in the right places and find new ones when Jason chase them. As Jason I know it is frustrating but only because you get stunned more often because of broken combat system and bad grab not because of sprays. It's about fixing the cause of the issue, not its consequence.
  10. BillyBallo

    victoria sterling outfit

    I think her clothes are cool. Sometimes I like to find the worst combination possible of shirt and throusers. What I find strange in Victoria is her posture. She's almost deformed lol
  11. Finally some intelligent reasoning on the matter. People claming to make Jason invincible because of trolls doesn't consider the consequences on that in a normal match with leveled players. A broken combat/blocking in combat stance and a too narrow grab cone are the real reason Jason is not feared of. All the rest is just problems that derive from that. I don't see why make sprays disappear (Crystal Lake and Packanack before last patch were a boring limping party) or avoid stunning which is a key mechanic of the game. It's just stupid.
  12. I've witnessed only the first and maybe the thirs one (I don't think it's a big lag, Jason just hit you a bit earlier than you and you die, it's not smooth but not a big problem imho). The first one is annoying though. I often play with friends and it's difficult to join session. I always have to wait them to finish get out from the lobby and invite me (and after that we will lose 5-10 minutes more to find new lobbys because the dedicated server search is also broken). I couldn't agree more that it's ridiculous that this kind of things happen after so much time. This is what happen when you decide not to completely solve the issues when they come out but to implement easy and fast work around. It solves that precise issues but it opens the door for new ones.
  13. For the interation lock there is a work around. If you can't use your pick-up button (X on ps4) just smash hitting button (R2 on PS4) and it will unlock. That's valid also on the other way around. If you can't use your weapon smash the pick-up button. As for the camera it happened to me as well and it's so much annoying I decide either to suicide or let Jason kill me if he is nearby. I think as well this has to do with closing doors/drawers. I hope they give high priority to this one because even if it doesn't happen often it just kill your game.
  14. I would not even bother explain them anything. A pity you were counselor on Jarvis map, that's not a good map to prove your counselor's skill (not that you have to prove anything to anybody). Yea, agree on that. Stalk is a great ability, very much useful against aggressive counselors.
  15. Me too I've been killed once by a good group. Me too sometimes I use dance emotes to annoy Jason. It's funny. And me too I don't trash talk and find it stupid. Let's be friends!