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  1. theres something off about this post I bet you wanna kiss me
  2. Are they releasing nothing on Halloween
  3. Are the pumpkin and snowflake hiding dlc content
  4. Honestly i dont like copycat jason he ruined the movie for me but he could be a differnt type of jason with some different abilities and a regular face when his mask comes off what do you think
  5. I'd rather have these they would be hilarious
  6. I just thought I would bring a new and fun dynamic to this game
  7. The movie is pretty popular could bring in new players lol
  8. Wow this thread breaks my heart
  9. Would you want any other horror icon because the only other one that would make sense running around crystal lake would be Pamela
  10. Dead by daylight I don't like
  11. He has supernatural powers and could bring his own kills into the game