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  1. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    And they shoudn't call their customers by "jerks", but oh well... That's okay, then
  2. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    Shifty used the word "jerk" a lot of times and that's okay. All the people on this forum use "bad words" all the time and I'm the person who needs some etiquette. Do you have a problem with me or something like that? Just asking.
  3. Same! And I'm having this feeling about some hint about our mean girl during the SP challenges, since people already found things about her in-game.
  4. This. I'm a counselor main since day 1 and all this "love" for Jason annoys me so much lol
  5. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    Some people say it's related to memory (RAM), but I have 12GB and the game only needs 4GB, so...
  6. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    This. I can understand the complaints about the console version, but we (PC players) don't have to deal with "host problems". Sometimes, after the intro, I get stuck and I can only see the map. There's no way to fix this, I always need to quit the match and try to join a new one (my PC works pretty fine, so don't blame it, thank you very much) Which REALLY annoys me is the thing about being forced to watch other players. Sometimes I can manage to fix the boat and escape during the first 5 minutes of the match. And then I want to play again, so I just leave the match and that's all. Now Devs are trying to call me salty because of this. LOL
  7. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    I know, right? Worst idea ever. What the fuck are they thinking???
  8. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    2 - What do you mean by "early"? During the intro or when the first person killed by Jason doesn't want to wait 18 minutes to be able to play again? 3 - Jason players will get the same treatment when they quit as soon as the sweater girl do her magic? 5 - How the game will know if people are leaving because they want to or because of the internet, real life problems or something like that? Btw, you chose to use the word "jerk" too much. Jerks or not, those people bought the game. As the guy who works with the game that those jerks bought, well... You know. You can send the message with more profissional words.
  9. I remember when I used to play the "hero" in QP, always giving one of my med sprays to injured counselors, always using my knife to help others with the phone. But you know the feeling when you try to help and the others simply gives 0 fucks to you? How many times I helped people and then ended up being left behind by the driver of the car, boat or whatever. Not anymore. If the boat is ready and I can't see any person close or playing with my friends, then I'm out. Same with the car. Call me selfish, but that's how life works. I had enough of frustrating times by being the nice lady (except when I'm Tommy). I still help, but people can forget about my sprays and my knifes. Now I use Thick Skinned, Hypochondriac and Medic and I eat all the traps. Btw, yes, I will always be "that guy" at the exit of the cops and there's nothing you can do about it lol
  10. Jason Selection Update

    And that's all for counselors. Btw, 80% of the perks are stupid, so...
  11. Jason Selection Update

    I'm sorry, but I don't know how to fake any excitement about the "Only for Jason players" update. First Roy clothes and now this. Seriously? I can't stand the fact that a BIG UPDATE like that will not have a new map or counselor or even a silly clothing pack. Cmon, do you want my money or not??? This is a fucking joke. You. Know. What. The. Majority. Of. The. Players. Want.
  12. Now I'm hoping to see a teaser of her during SP challenges.
  13. I can confirm this. Last night I saw 2 players using hacks. The funny part? Both of them were playing with Savini Jason. Nonstop shift. And they were able to go inside of a cabin even from a reeeeally long distance. Seriously, Devs need to do something.
  14. From part 1 till part 7 I like all of them. The other girls are just... Whatever. Oh, no. My mistake, I like Rowan too.
  15. Roy's Coveralls

    Great. I was hoping for bugs plus exciting things. Now I'm only hoping for bugs.
  16. Patch Notes - 02.19.2018

    I saw Uber Jason last night in a QP. You guys didn't fixed anything lol btw, I'm seeing people with Savini (low levels) and with impossible achievements (the one about repair the car 100 times, but with less than 20 hours played)
  17. No, my friend, because one of them already said that we won't see the mean girl, Jason X and Grendel in the next update. We will see a new color option for Roy, but not what a lot of people really want. Now you can see why I'm mad. "Let's waste our time by recoloring the clothes from the dumbest "Jason", forget about other things, important things"
  18. They are posting new things only for Jason. No news about our mean girl. They give attention to recolor Roy's clothes, but they give 0 fucks about what we want. Who cares about Roy's clothes? Mean girl FTW.
  19. Roy's Coveralls

    No Jason X, no Grendel and no Mean Girl in the next update?! Wow, now my hype is dead.
  20. Roy's Coveralls

    Okay. The next update will be full of love for Jason, but how about the counselors? New counselors? Clothing packs? Emotes? Anything?
  21. Sometimes when I use almost all my stamina, it doesn't matter which female character I'm using, I always hear A.Js breath.
  22. And I think you might be one of those Jason players who cry a little every time you don't get the famous 8/8. Dude, I paid for the game, you can't tell me how to play. I'm not cheating or doing something against the rules. Wait for the day when the Devs will say something like "Hey, you can't bully Jason, it's against the rules!" lol, bye. Go play with bots if you want counselors without brains and freedom to do whatever they want. When I play as a counselor, I only care about my team. Jason can go fuck himself. The guy is trying to kill me and I'm the rude person in the camp? hahahah no.