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  1. Only Shelly?

    Okay mean girl, we are waiting for you. You can come now!!
  2. They were talking about "unlock counselors" in the thread about the new update, so maybe the mean girl is already in the game.
  3. Unpopular counselors

    I'm always playing as Jenny. And even before the patch that made Jason "broken", I was able to escape a lot with her.
  4. AJ will always be my favorite, but I'm a little tired of her lol
  5. You guys have no ideia how much I'm hoping for the mean girl lmao
  6. Only CP or XP as well? Or both? It's the XP that make us level up, right? Thank you for your answer, btw!
  7. We had Mitch and Fox with a month of distance between both of them, if I remember correctly. Maybe the mean girl isn't in the new update, but she's coming. Edit: nevermind, we had both of them during October.
  8. OMG, you are right! They said "A couple more counselors"... What if the mean girl is already in the game, we just need to unlock her?
  9. I think we might get new emotes and new lines very soon hahaha
  10. Okay guys, the new counselor is Shelly. But... But... Let's keep waiting, okay? She will be the next one, I'M SURE!
  11. And in the trailer for the spring break DLC
  12. Pretty please, let us scare other counselors with him for real. Please! LOL