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  1. Pocket Knife Solution

    I'm so glad to read this! Sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable on this forum (I always think twice before text something to some member using Jason's face as the avatar), because some of the "Jason mains" likes to be a little "agressive" when they think someone is trying to hurt momma's boy. They want the famous 8/8 very easy, all the time, all the matches, but we can't have a fucking pocket knife as a counselor. Are you kidding me?????? They should search for "balance" in the dictionary. It doesn't mean "One of the sides will have more advantage and the other will have 0 chances". No, I'm not a Jason hater lol. I really enjoy playing as Jason! I'm not the best one, but I can manage... He isn't that broken like some people like to point here, at least not the Part 8 (my favorite, btw) - And my day isn't ruined if some of the counselors have the chance to escape with the police. If you feel miserable when you aren't able to kill eight pieces of graphic humans all the time, then you need help. Or maybe a hug. Some fresh air One of my friends who plays the game is a beast playing as Jason. When I mentioned the grab nerf to him the answer was "What grab nerf? lol I'm cool!". I don't care if Jason is OP or not in the movies. I didn't bought a movie, I bought A GAME! No one wants a game with 0 chances of success. This is frustrating as fuck. Challenging, HELL YES!... But not impossible. remember: Pocket Knife: you can use just once. Jason's grab: unlimited.
  2. New DLC for Jason. Hopefully there will be one for counselors as well. Btw, they never mentioned a kill pack as one of the surpriseS, so maybe we can expect more surprises tomorrow!
  3. How dare you call Deborah's sweaters ugly?
  4. Pocket Knife Solution

  5. Devsssssssssssss!!!! We had costumes for Halloween! So... Nothing for Christmas? Nothing at all? Not a single red scarf for Chad? Winter clothing? Nada? You still have time to give us some nice coats and boots. January, maybe?
  6. I'm so excited for tomorrow!!!
  7. Pocket Knife Solution

  8. Only Shelly?

    Okay mean girl, we are waiting for you. You can come now!!
  9. They were talking about "unlock counselors" in the thread about the new update, so maybe the mean girl is already in the game.
  10. Unpopular counselors

    I'm always playing as Jenny. And even before the patch that made Jason "broken", I was able to escape a lot with her.
  11. AJ will always be my favorite, but I'm a little tired of her lol
  12. You guys have no ideia how much I'm hoping for the mean girl lmao