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  1. Thanks for the honesty, but this is SO lame. You guys are not even trying. You guys are done with the game and this has nothing to do with lawsuits. How I wish I had some glimpse of the future before buying this game. F13 and Jason deserved so much better. Maybe I will keep playing for some time (IF the servers allow me lol), but only because of the good memories and the good friends that I had the chance to find in-game, not because of you guys. Now I know that some people are simply right about some things. Hope you guys enjoyed my money. I'll mark the name Gun/Illfonic. Never again. Bye.
  2. This can't be hapenning *Tommy Jarvis voice* I REALLY enjoy new content, but the lack of it will not make me stop playing for good.
  3. But... But... Cmon. Can we do something? I mean it.
  4. I play with Medium settings. And even if I change the settings to medium again, as soon as the match starts, the game go back to epic AGAIN. Well, at least I'm not the only one with this problem
  5. My game keeps going back to epic settings no matter what. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  6. Blah blah blah. The same old arguments all over again. The point is: no one wants to play a impossible game with a 100% OP killer. The game isn't the damn movie. There's something called balance in video games and if you can't deal with teams/good players as Jason you should play bots instead of demanding the game to favor only your side.
  7. You guys spend the day trying to make the game easy for Jason and terrible for counselors. THANK GOD the Devs won't listen
  8. No. I need to make sure that I will have a place in at least one of the cars lol I always drop the fuse as soon as I find it, but forget about the keys. MY KEYS! Oh, the only thing that can make me drop the keys is a second pocket knife haha
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