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  1. Thank you for your incredible opinion! I sure would hate to get caught talking about something i knew absolutely nothing about... oh, and I am way past an hour here, my time counter goes by days... but thanks again!
  2. I found 2 tapes on Xbox since the update, and unfortunately I did not receive either tapes...
  3. Thats a good point, I did not think about items disappearing, but what if no one is dead yet? Maybe there is a way to choose someone who does not hold any vital items. Or a preference system as a backup Jason/Roy. I also like the idea Ashtray900 mentioned as well. Somewhere in all these concepts there is a good way to use Roy for sure!
  4. Not sure if it has been mentioned yet... Thought it might be a cool idea if when Jason leaves the match, instead of it ending, another player still in the game is chosen to become the fake Jason "ROY", and finish off the match. Maybe he arrives with his ambulance as well... Someone has to avenge Joey's death after all... and his candy bar...
  5. I can tell the difference between the cars depending on the lighting and area they are located in, but that's not really how colorblindness works. It has to do with certain surrounding colors around what you are focusing on. There are different types of colorblindness as well. So for someone with normal eyesight they can clearly tell that a color is blue or purple, but I won't be able to tell. Personally I also have issues with some greens and oranges as well. But it really depends on the surrounding colors around what you are looking at. The color coded perks system for the counselors consists of thin colored borders around each perk, but I have a hard time differentiating between the perk colors more in the red/orange spectrum of the perk system. Same with the glowing JASON red that I am told exists when he is underwater. Due to whatever surrounding colors around that jason red glow, it does to even register to me as existing. Like I mentioned as well, I also have other friends who have had similar issues as well, mostly with the perk color system.
  6. Thanks, I am also surprised I have not seen this issue come up yet. Here's hoping they can address it in a future patch!
  7. Hello, I have been playing on the Xbox One since launch and was a backer. I am loving the game and enjoying seeing it's evolution. I was wondering if it is possible for some tweaks to some of the menus based on the colors. Myself and friends of mine are colorblind and have had some difficulty with the color system used for the perks. I also am incapable of seeing Jason when he is underwater, everyone else I know claims they can seem him no problem, but I cannot. One last thing too, would it be possible to enlarge the text on the maps some, I am playing on a 55 inch screen and still cannot read the areas well. Just some suggestions. Thank you for your time, and keep up the Good Work!
  8. First off, just want to say I am loving the game, and I am anxious to see this baby completed. After putting many many days into this game, one enhancement I think it could use is a perk that increases the final girls stats, or final player. For those sticking around to watch the games play out, it would be nice to see the final person alive get a stamina/strength boost of some sort to try to battle Jason. It could fill up like a meter as counselors are killed similar to the rage meter, or it could come in the form of a perk that you equip and becomes active only if you are the final survivor. also... a small thing... it would be cool if when the Tommy Jarvis killing Jason sequence is activated and in slow motion, if the F13 machete music cue plays when Ms Voorhees is decapitated, or the when Ginny is hacking into Jasons shoulder. Just to give it that extra bit of awesome! Keep up the good work!