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  1. Nah not a necropost! and yeah man I cant wait for the 10th!
  2. I have done another Jason Voorhees Cosplay! this time being CJ Grahams own Part 6 Jason! also known as The Original Zombie Jason! Here is a link to a few of my Photos! Jason Todd Voorhees Photo Set 1 Jason Todd Voorhees Photo Set 2 Jason Todd Voorhees Photo Set 3 Jason Todd Voorhees Photo Set 4 (Part 6/7 Jason Combo!) I am planning on doing more and more cons in the future so stay tuned! Note: Part 6 Hood/Mask is coming in the mail soon so stay tuned!
  3. https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3595452/pumpkinhead-remake-still-planned-exciting-news-coming-soon-producer-teases/ I can't wait for this!!!
  4. Happy Thankslashing everyone!
  5. This! but Adam Marcus said that for Jason Goes to Hell was that he was told to ignore Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason takes Manhattan by the company.
  6. I have nothing as an alternative game-wise but if this was about films that would be different.
  7. I dont know the actual material but it did look decaying. LOL its another good reason man its not stupid.
  8. I mean from what I know about fabrics it could easily been ate by fish,microbe bacteria, and or from currents because of storms and etc but overall the research they did to have all that displayed damage is amazing.
  9. Why is he so hated??? All I seen him do is preach abiut the game.
  10. Wish we had more news on thos secret collab with gunmedia and blumhouse.
  11. Its not really overpowered if you can place traps fast or save pocket knifes and a shotgun.
  12. I mean this is a new license holder I believe so why not?
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