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  1. James Jude Courtney better be the man behind the mask..... I know Nick Castle is back but.....James did an amazing job.
  2. I heard originally he was planned for a cameo or something.
  3. If its not originally within the game pre-features then yeah its considered new.
  4. Basically this.....that would be a new mechanic/feature for the game.
  5. Your dad is a good man!! How can anyone dislike Jason X....Part 5/9 is logical....
  6. I havent seen it brought up but will the Kill glitches be fixed? And what I mean is when a jason player grabs a counselor and goes for lets say...a environmental kill it gets them into a force choke type animation and counselors are marked dead but they really arent, and so you got to chase them again, and so I havent heard Matt or Gun or the F13 official twitter addressing this issue because I would love to perform a enviro kill without this specific bug making it complex.
  7. Likely will be fixed hopefully but its unknown.....but due to current information likely yes.
  8. I'm excited for the patch stream update....but what about the kill glitches? Is that also planned for this upcoming patch?
  9. Agreed, I would say Friday the 13th is a globally love franchise. I believe all the movies are loved by all fans.
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